I Broke 17 Different iPhone 12 Screen Protectors. Which One Was Strongest?

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What's the best screen protector for the iPhone 12? I got 18 different screen protectors and put them a gauntlet of different tests involving:
1. Coverage - How much of your iPhone get's covered?
2. Quality of Installation Tools - How easy is it to install the screen protector
3. Oleophobic Coating - How strong?
4. Impact Protection - Who has the strongest glass?
5. Scratch Resistance - Which screen protector is least prone to scratches?
Think you don't need a screen protector? kgpost.info/will/video/rprSu5WCynJqc90
Top 10 iPhone 12 Cases - kgpost.info/will/video/2KKtm2Snn4WHfpo
Best Accessories for the iPhone 12 - kgpost.info/will/video/127Tq32s0XV3c6c
Here's are the power rankings (and corresponding affiliate links/codes for the Top 10):
1. FLOLAB NanoArmour - "MRE10" @ www.flolab.io (I think this code still works)
2. Otterbox Amplify - mreh.ca/32NVtrM
3. Shellrus Sapphire X - "MREH10" @ www.shellrus.com/
4. Rhinoshield 3D Impact - mreh.ca/357hTWv
5. Zagg Invisible Shield Glass Elite - mreh.ca/2IJ8bB2
6. ESR Tempered Glass - mreh.ca/32NrUX9
7. Mous Hybrid Glass - mreh.ca/GetAMous
8. Spigen Glas.tR EZ Fit - mreh.ca/3nrnJbp
9. DBrand Tempered Glass - mreh.ca/2UrE2Zx
10. Otterbox Alpha Glass - mreh.ca/38ShGIO
11. Mous Tempered Glass
12. Zagg InvisibleShield Glass Elite Anti-Glare+
13. Belkin UltraGlass
14. Smartish Tuff Sheet
15. Whitestone EZ Tempered Glass
16. Whitestone Dome Glass
17. Atouchbo -
In this video:
0:00 Intro
0:35 Ceramic Shield?
1:35 Coverage
2:44 Installation Tools
4:34 Oleophobic Coatings
8:29 Impact Protection
11:05 Scratch Resistance
13:38 Top 5
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It can't rain all the time
It can't rain all the time 19 саат мурун
The voicing over of the shots with the female hands is wicked funny
katscorps Күн мурун
Thank you for your advice and testing! Got the Flolab (through your link, of course). It took a few days to arrive but it was so worth it! You are right about the ease of installation. I love this screen protector.
tiamog1 2 күн мурун
I know you love your iphones but do you have anything for Samsung on your links? I would like to buy from your link if possible. Your videos don't deserve 1 thumbs down. They're great!
Robin Padliya
Robin Padliya 2 күн мурун
Thanks for the advice. Wanted the Shellrus, couldn’t stomach the cost. Got the FloLab. It’ll pair well with my new Mous case!!
Susahnn Valente
Susahnn Valente 2 күн мурун
Thank you for the video. I purchased the Flolab on your recommendation, but was disappointed. I had my screen protector for 4 days when it broke and cracked without major incident. No drop, no forceful scratch. I did register my screen for warranty and was asked to pay the $8 in shipping to replace the screen. I can't keep paying $8 every 4 days because the screen is breaking for no reason? I'm really disappointed in Flolab's customer service. I'll be purchasing a screen from another brand in your video.
Jake Yeager
Jake Yeager 3 күн мурун
You should look at Linklike. The top speaker has a metal mesh so dust doesn’t collect. And it’s pretty durable
Carlos Gabriel
Carlos Gabriel 3 күн мурун
Pro tip: use a lint roller instead of those little dust stickers 🤘🏽
Mary Sabijon De leon
Mary Sabijon De leon 3 күн мурун
That dog made my day! So cuteeeeeee❤️ thanks for the reviews exactly what im looking for!
Michael B.
Michael B. 4 күн мурун
You need to install the protectors in the bathroom. Let the shower run 2 minutes before, so there is no dust in the air. Works 100%.
Min Blue
Min Blue 4 күн мурун
To be honestly Your channel is underrated. You are kinda like The nerf they don't need but the one we deserve
Min Blue
Min Blue 4 күн мурун
Also one tip from me , wear a non stick silicon glove when installing the glass . It will reduce the lints and dust particles from your hand fell down to the glass .
chuuuuuuus 5 күн мурун
Do you have links for Canadian amazon ?
NikaAdelie :v
NikaAdelie :v 5 күн мурун
What's the screen protector used at the phone at 1:35?
Sim 6 күн мурун
Thank you Sir!
catski23 6 күн мурун
I’m interested in buying the FloLab screen protector for when I upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro Max. Has anyone had any experience with the two protectors they sell; the 12 PM NanoArmor screen protector vs the 12 PM NanoArmor Best screen protector? The only difference that I can see is the fit of the “Best” model doesn’t cover the entire screen and a criticism I read says that the screen surface that isn’t protected, becomes a “trough for dust to collect.” Any other problems or cons? I’m wanting to have the best protection, but torn because I’m leaning towards the Otterbox Defender, which it says is not a compatible fit for the full sized protector. Thanks in advance for any advice!
moneyshotsfired 6 күн мурун
Check out the dog 🐶 😂😂😂 cool 👍🏾
Marco Mendoza
Marco Mendoza 6 күн мурун
thanks for all the reviews. Helped me make my choice. Thanks for the discount code as well. :)
Roman Kr
Roman Kr 6 күн мурун
Same protector another packaging
Wathek Hazeem
Wathek Hazeem 7 күн мурун
Thank you very much for your fantastic reviews. I got a brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max and followed your recommendation picking up cases and screen protector. Flolab (full cover with no notch) is fantastic. Worked charm with Mous carbon fiber and they worked together like a charm. My phone is surely protected. Sound advice and recommendation. You saved me a lot of money. Without your thorough videos, I would have ended buying many cases and screen protectors and try them myself (I bought 5 screen protectors for my Note 10+ and none worked). Thank you again I really appreciate it.
James Steffans
James Steffans 7 күн мурун
Love the videos. Would love to see your opinions on the resolution threw the screen protectors and if they differ from touch resistance.
Jonathas Junior
Jonathas Junior 7 күн мурун
Did you tested Baseus ?
Nik Nak
Nik Nak 7 күн мурун
I feel like the ratings should’ve been out of ten, the comparison would be fairer that way. The results are skewed
Carmel Pauline Valdez
Carmel Pauline Valdez 7 күн мурун
Definitely answered all my questions. Thank you, doggo. 🐶❤️♥️
Andrew Leaming
Andrew Leaming 8 күн мурун
How does the flolab screen protector fit with the rhinoshield mod nx case?
Ethan Millar
Ethan Millar 8 күн мурун
Absolutely love you reviews. Having issues sourcing some products now I’ve moved back to the UK but still, always use you recommendations. Question!? In your previous thin case for iPhone 12 video I noticed you were using a matte/anti glare screen protector. Those are my go to alway, personally I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want anti glare. Do you have any too recommendations for a solid IPhone 12 anti glare/matte screen protector?? Thank you so much for everything. Keep it up 🙏
ㅤㅤㅤ 9 күн мурун
esr just released a new iphone 12 screen protector they claim withstands up to 110lbs
Leo Abundez
Leo Abundez 9 күн мурун
That dog is the goodest of them all man. Wish I found this video sooner
Dean Etheridge
Dean Etheridge 9 күн мурун
Great review thanks
Drewphysiq 10 күн мурун
I'm looking in to getting a new phone in 3 months, a bit early i know but i like the time to search for accesories and other screen protectors and cases. I dont live in the US and can wait for orders.. altho for warranty im looking to buy stuff in my counter. A bit side note story, but i must say i love the energy of the channel. good job! and goodluck with your channel.
Drewphysiq 10 күн мурун
Edit Canada! sorry after watching for the third time i noticed xD
readerrabbit8 10 күн мурун
Mine too. While shooting a recent food video I thought I'd use the phone to get an occasional overhead view. An onion on a cutting board fluctuated between a properly exposed onion and a burning ball of white glare. The footage was useless. Thank God it wasn't critical.
Sander 10 күн мурун
Isn't the black border around the Flolab bothersome?
Sander 10 күн мурун
Great video! Do coatings really matter? I mean they'll all disappear eventually, right?
Benjamin Batchelor
Benjamin Batchelor 10 күн мурун
Just received my Flolab screen protector the packaging was great, the install process was amazing, I LOVE THE DUST REMOVER, and I got it because I watched this video thanks
JustSimplyBrandon 11 күн мурун
The Project Farm of smartphone accessories!?
Seabass 11 күн мурун
Why is nobody talking about the dog with glasses
Grabis boy HD
Grabis boy HD 11 күн мурун
Why am i watching this video on an iPhone 7?
Frozen 12 күн мурун
2:08 music to my ears
Mazakan TC
Mazakan TC 13 күн мурун
how come there is no panzerglass?
rmoore07 13 күн мурун
Can you test the amFilm screen protectors? They are usually recommended by the Wirecutter, but we need Monty to check them out and give us the truth.
Erick Ferrini
Erick Ferrini 13 күн мурун
Does the flolab full 3D screen protector work with mous cases
Fred Astaire
Fred Astaire 13 күн мурун
I heard bumper plate!? Are you physique, bodybuilding, oly lifter, CF, or a combination of all of the above? I ask because I, too, am a tech nerd/professional who lifts!! 🏋🏿
Sriram Subramani
Sriram Subramani 14 күн мурун
I watch your videos before buying any iPhone accessories. You are very honest with your reviews and it had worked great. Could you suggest a Case-friendly screen protector for the Catalyst influence case for my 12 pro max?. I selected catalyst influence for my case and Rhinoshield impact protector for my screen protector from your videos and I didn't know they both don't go well with each other :| Please suggest to me a screen protector that would be friendly with my catalyst influence!.
Piotr Poznański
Piotr Poznański 14 күн мурун
What is the case on the right at 13:30 mark?
normanoid 15 күн мурун
One metric that is missing from your tests is user experience - how does it feel vs. the naked glass. Even if this a subjective test it would be nice to know you're opinion. One of the reasons I don't like to use screen protectors is because of how they feel when you glide your finger or thumb across the surface. Otherwise I found this review to be very informative. Thank you for all your work to do this!
Just a Dude
Just a Dude 11 күн мурун
You need a screen protector bro it’s a possibly 1000 dollar phone please case screen protector , try some out when you have time. Anything is better than nothing
Nicole 15 күн мурун
Great review, thank you very much
Nathan Ascue
Nathan Ascue 15 күн мурун
Thank you!
Rhein Amacher
Rhein Amacher 16 күн мурун
Are there any sapphire screen protectors for the iPhone 12/Mini//Pro/Pro Max?
Euthymios J Euthymiou
Euthymios J Euthymiou 16 күн мурун
Spectacular review, Aaron! Thanks and Happy New Year 2021! I just bought here in Brazil an iPhone 11 and our options here for screen protection are truly scarce. That is how I found your posts, and inscribed in your channel. Just FYI, Belkin’s thru Apple Store here costs even more = equivalent to USD 80 :-(( Aaron, I’m very grateful to have you as a fellow (and Aaron’s wife too) willing to invest so much time and effort to provide such unbiased and useful information. With this in mind, I would like to share some potential points for technical improvement. As a Mechanical Engineer, I liked more the BALL DROP TEST, which you formerly did. That one which had a mass equivalent to most cell phones - or standardized for a give test. And the height of drop would transfer that Potential / Kinetic energy to measure how the screen layer would manage that. Using the thicker quartz-like as counter-surface also standardizes the test - although I would have detailed comments about that if you wish to explore more, we can chat about this. This latest test device (I don’t know this one) seems more practical and faster to do, for sure. But it made me remember of indentation-hardness tests (like Rockwell or Vickers), somehow measuring the ultimate compressing force before rupture, instead of measuring Toughness as a test (e.g. as ‘material science’ properties in Wikipedia). That first method seems to measure mostly the hardness or ultimate strength while the second measures the amount of ENERGY that can be absorbed Before breaking the screen. A comparative toughness test, as being obtained in a systematic way as you formerly did, seems to be more useful and the most important property to evaluate the Drop-protection of the Cell, in my opinion. I would be glad and honored to chat more with you in case you wish to exchange ideas - email me at “ejeuth at gmail dot com” Thank you for all this great sharing. Euthymios
DJ Hixson
DJ Hixson 16 күн мурун
Such a well behaved dog. I lov him. Thanks for all the helpful videos.😍💕😘
J J 17 күн мурун
I want a dog that just stares at me like Monty does
Di 17 күн мурун
Amazing review!! Thank you!!
Xcraz3d 18 күн мурун
Which Flolab screen protector did you use? they have 4 of basically the same ones.
beylals 18 күн мурун
If the protector is covering the front camera, it's bound to effect the image quality right?
jamison korando
jamison korando 19 күн мурун
Thank you for this video, going by your very thorough testing i went with the FloLab NanoArmor. Appreciate the quality content, keep doing what your doing. 👍🏼
Zoza Oberle
Zoza Oberle 19 күн мурун
What other KGpostr puts in this much work? Like legit, hard work? None that I know.
Adam Clodfelter
Adam Clodfelter 19 күн мурун
I have the survivor extreme case and the flolab seemed not to work with it (corner kept bubbling) what protector do you recommend? Should I just get the survivor protector as well. Love your videos
Emiliano 19 күн мурун
Thank you for all the work you put on your vids
Tore L
Tore L 19 күн мурун
Is it possible to reapply oliophobic coating on the sapphire glass?
1HeavyHitr 19 күн мурун
Trying to decide between the flow lab best and full size screen protector for the iPhone 12 Pro. Planning to use a case as well as the case screen protector so I was going to go with the smaller best version. Anybody have problems under a case with the full-size one?
David Michaud
David Michaud 19 күн мурун
Just wanted to drop you a note that I got the Catalyst Influence and ESR Tempered Glass on your recommendation and could not be happier. Thanks. Catalyst Influence - mreh.ca/32r1NFs ESR Tempered Glass - mreh.ca/32NrUX9
Domen Fajfar
Domen Fajfar 19 күн мурун
Hey first time watcher, awesome content. How about the Casetify tempered glass?
myahm11 19 күн мурун
What’re the best Amazon protectors?
phillguy 19 күн мурун
Surprised you didn't throw whitestone dome glass in the mix
Jacob Turnblom
Jacob Turnblom 20 күн мурун
CeRaMiC sHiElD is marketing drivel. My 12 Pro was scratched up the first hour I had it in my pocket. And my screen broke into a spider web the first time it fell off my lap when I got out of my car on the asphalt. The glass is just as fragile as it has been since my Iphone 3GS.
Leo Garcia
Leo Garcia 20 күн мурун
Do you have a video on Android screen protectors??
sanjay Radia YTB
sanjay Radia YTB 20 күн мурун
Fantastic review.Easy to see results and decide. Only thing missing is whether or not thefront camera should be covered or n (some of scrrenprotectors have a u cut on top while others have a hole for the speaker.
Alex Butts
Alex Butts 20 күн мурун
Thanks for the info. Used your link to buy Flolab Nanoarmour great price for a great product.
Tom Birkland
Tom Birkland 21 күн мурун
"Antibacterial..." shows a stylized image of a virus. Nice.
Nate Tabbitas
Nate Tabbitas 21 күн мурун
I love your channel. When it comes to anything phone related I refer to your channel. I have a mous limitless 3.0 and I love it thank you. I purchased the Flolab screen protector. A couple hours after installation I accidentally bumped against the corner of my wood countertop and the screen protector shattered/cracked. Super disappointed really thought it could handle more than that. Emailed Flolab and they are sending me a new one but I have to pay for shipping. Hopefully the next one is a bit stronger.
Nate Tabbitas
Nate Tabbitas 15 күн мурун
**Update** Both my wife’s Flolab NanoArmour screen protector and my screen protector have shattered and cracked from everyday use. My screen broke from slightly bumping against my wood countertop. My wife’s broke from being placed in a cup holder that had nothing else in it. I’ve never had a screen protector break like this ever. To sum it all up FloLab is trash.
Mathew Dennison
Mathew Dennison 21 күн мурун
Went to order the Shellrus Sapphire X, added to the basket, added P&P to the UK Total $104.78..!
huggieboii 23 күн мурун
fucking great review m8
C.E. Brady
C.E. Brady 23 күн мурун
I would love to know your thoughts on the FLOLAB Nano Armour Matte Anti-Glare screen protector and the write-on screen protector. Thanks. Happy New Year.
yomofoindahouse 23 күн мурун
top fiiiiive... just like a native )) aha)))
Robin Maron
Robin Maron 24 күн мурун
Which one is the best for me? One my last device I had many scratches but it only fell down twice should I buy the Shellrus Sapphire ?
|FADE|point 24 күн мурун
Best reviewer on the planet. Cheers man! Keep up the fantastic work.
Sara 24 күн мурун
I wish he would add the privacy screen protectors to review as well. I feel like thats important as well
Benchmark 25 күн мурун
Good Doggie give him some treats for his Coolness
Rickyrea Alvarez
Rickyrea Alvarez 25 күн мурун
Am I the only one that stared at the dog the whole video
Sona Tishchyan
Sona Tishchyan 27 күн мурун
This was Soo soo helpful! I really appreciate the effort it took to make this video! Will definitely be buying through your links🤗
Wraith x
Wraith x 28 күн мурун
0:41 charge your phone
jakaboy01 28 күн мурун
Would you consider all these screen protectors as "case-friendly"? IDK if that's a common term, but what I mean is whether these screen protectors are compatible to whatever case you use? Love your reviews, btw! I'm using these as my buying guide
jakaboy01 28 күн мурун
nvm, I rewatched the video and it was mentioned that only the flolab and belkin fits most haha
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos 28 күн мурун
Hey everyone, these guys are giving a BRAND NEW iPhone 12 away, you can check out this link if interested. Their purpose is to help the people that can't afford it
C Knight
C Knight 28 күн мурун
Anyone else having trouble finding FLOLAB nano screen protector for iPhone 12?
Monica Wilson
Monica Wilson 28 күн мурун
Love the dog and the good info
Jose Honorato
Jose Honorato 29 күн мурун
16:15 that dog is looking at him like dam this human is crazy talking to himself 😂
Lex Mark
Lex Mark 29 күн мурун
Just because of Monty wearing sunglasses , I’m subscribing.
GreenKrokodile Ай мурун
This channel deserves more attention
Jean Laforest
Jean Laforest Ай мурун
Can anyone suggest a good screen protect that will fit the iPhone 12 Otterbox Defender? I've tried 2 so far and Both have been too tight for the Otterbox case. Screen starts to lift at the edges and bubbles get in. This really sucks! :/
She Rockz
She Rockz 25 күн мурун
@La3man TY SO MUCH!
La3man 27 күн мурун
@She Rockz I just found a solution... I used a screen protect designed for the iphone XR and it fits just right... no bubbles and no screen lifting. It seems that the XR screens are just a bit more narrow that it makes the Defender work. I hope that this helps you. The Otterbox screen protectors are sooo expensive... :/
She Rockz
She Rockz 27 күн мурун
@La3man Hey La3man. I gather that you have yet to find a way to combat the bubbles? I'm sick abt this because I need ascreen protector/ However, I just cant send my case back because it's custom.
La3man 27 күн мурун
@She Rockz Hi, I ordered the ESR screen protector from Amazon as a cheap one to have. Then I ordered the MOUS screen protector as well. Both fit nicely on the phone when the case is not on but as soon as the case is on, the fit is so tight that when you squeeze the side to adjust volume, etc, it start to put pressure on the screen protector and the protector starts to lift, letting in bubbles. I never had this problem with my old defender on my iphone X...
She Rockz
She Rockz 28 күн мурун
Hi. I ordered the defender and it’s shipping. Can you elaborate on which two screens you already purchased? And also, for clarity, are you saying that the friction from being inside that otter box case causes the screen to lift along the edges over time? So glad I saw your reply before I purchased one of his #1-3 suggestions.
earthwormjim Ай мурун
Do you think you could do a review on the top selling screen protectors from Aliexpress? They are typically $1 or less each and often come with 3 in one pack. So if you screw up the install, you still have two more tries to get it right. I know you did one for the X, just wondering how things are today. www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?trafficChannel=main&d=y&CatId=0&SearchText=iphone+12+screen+protector&ltype=wholesale&SortType=total_tranpro_desc&groupsort=1&page=1
Jennie Davis
Jennie Davis Ай мурун
What is your top recommendation for protection from toddler roughness/throwing? You said Zagg would be better than otterbox because of the warranty. But the Zagg doesn’t go all the way to the edge of the screen. I’m a little confused about what you’re top recommendation is.
Berkan Işık
Berkan Işık Ай мурун
Hi, I'm using this product and I'm very happy that it's completely organic, it doesn't hurt your phone and it's very convenient amzn.to/2WoACYt
Pete Rawlings
Pete Rawlings Ай мурун
Cool pooch! Thanks for the detailed tests as pricey iphone needs protection. 👍
MADGOD Ай мурун
Sir i am from very poor famly i am from india for you it is just a iphone . For me it is a lifeline for my future . It will help me to make content in gaming but i dont have device you can easly help me
Stephanie P Shannon
Stephanie P Shannon Ай мурун
I want a screen protector that I don’t have to keep cleaning fingerprints off of
The Texas Duke
The Texas Duke Ай мурун
I don’t use a screen protector and I’ve never had a issue just a black case
jeronom0 Ай мурун
Would you consider doing a video on privacy screens?
D C Ай мурун
Thx for sharing! ❤️ you dog
Mr Mr
Mr Mr Ай мурун
Just used your referral and saved some $$$!
Joe Hollyrock
Joe Hollyrock Ай мурун
Can I have your dog
Joe Hollyrock
Joe Hollyrock Ай мурун
Your dog is sooo cute! Looking at you so loving
Jduth Ай мурун
So glad I discovered this channel. I have been subscribed and watching for about a month now. I just recently picked up an iPhone 12 Mini and an Apple Silicone case to pair with it. Are you aware if any of these cases don't work well with that case, particularly the ones in your top 5? @MobileReviewsEh
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