HOW TO GET A FREE PROMO FROM JAKE PAUL! Ft. Cody ko | Jeff’s barbershop

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Jeff Wittek

Жыл мурун

In this episode we give Cody Ko a haircut!
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People in this vid:
Cody ko
toddy smith
Jason Nash
camera man

Jeff Wittek
Jeff Wittek Жыл мурун
Everyone calm down. I’m just a guy trying to promote his haircut video here. The whole concept of Jeff’s barbershop is to keep the guest on edge while getting a haircut from a new barber that is slightly psychotic. Yes some bits are scripted and some are designed to get a genuine reaction. I’ve made that clear before. But the whole point is to create an entertaining talk show. Cody was never in any danger, me and my crew were all prepared to stop any violence from happening. And Jake was supposed to come in showing that he can take a joke and he agreed to not be aggressive. That is why I asked him to redo his intro and “come in nicer” The only person I owe an apology to is Cody which I already have made and we’re obviously still friends and have both benefited from the situation as I had planned the entire time. So any negativity after this will just be blocked because you don’t understand the humor of the show. Thanks for washing and thank you for your support.
Michelle Garcia
Michelle Garcia 16 күн мурун
wash ! :) lol yeah 😎
William Salame
William Salame 19 күн мурун
Well done
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer Ай мурун
i love washing jeff
Sal Chill
Sal Chill Ай мурун
Cringe worthy
Neo Hero
Neo Hero Ай мурун
Friends don't set friends up to be shat on
HAYDEN BARTON 6 саат мурун
Jake looked more scared then Cody did ngl. The way he timidly says “u bully kids”
lucia mack
lucia mack 20 саат мурун
cody: “i’m never like ‘ *fuck* this person, this guy *sucks* ’ ” also cody: has a series called “Fuck This Guy”
Xia Taima
Xia Taima 2 күн мурун
Ball busters
Danyl’s Studio
Danyl’s Studio 2 күн мурун
Jake: “He cyber bullies kids” Cody: “I’m sorry for cyber bullying you” Ah yesss Cody showing superiority
Sarah Joyce
Sarah Joyce 4 күн мурун
Have Cody on again
Sariah poulsen
Sariah poulsen 4 күн мурун
The way Jake Paul acts tough makes me cringe
Tara STracuzzi
Tara STracuzzi 4 күн мурун
I friggin love cody
Bound Bow
Bound Bow 6 күн мурун
“You bully kids.” “I’m sorry for bullying you.” *minecraft OOF*
Barron Forsythe
Barron Forsythe 7 күн мурун
Damn jakes an asshole lmao
nice kiki
nice kiki 7 күн мурун
cody is almost too nice to be a comedian
Brianna Casey
Brianna Casey 8 күн мурун
Just noticed the Maury logo in the bottom right corner when Jake came in 😂
dainty delusionalynn
dainty delusionalynn 8 күн мурун
I'm telling you guys.. I have two names for him 1) joke paul 2) jake lol
Seanna Rodriguez
Seanna Rodriguez 8 күн мурун
Can you please do the same video but with Jake being in the Chair and Noel coming to clown him🙏🙏!!
Tyler Houston
Tyler Houston 9 күн мурун
I wish I had the clout to be able to box that little bitch boy Jake.. Shit would be madddd fun and easy
Jawn J
Jawn J 9 күн мурун
Noel would’ve ended Jake
Big Beans
Big Beans 10 күн мурун
They should remake this show but with dentistry
Edgar Romero
Edgar Romero 11 күн мурун
I’d really like to see Jeff beat jakes ass
Merrian Webster
Merrian Webster 12 күн мурун
Every video makes me want to get ducked by Jeff. Love it
Deakie Herring
Deakie Herring 13 күн мурун
I love how he cut out most of the Jake Paul stuff
Tianna Gideon
Tianna Gideon 15 күн мурун
I can’t tell if he’s serious or not
Ahmad Nawaz
Ahmad Nawaz 15 күн мурун
someone get noel miller here
ALY 18 күн мурун
Cody looks so uncomfortable
Chaotiic 69
Chaotiic 69 18 күн мурун
kinda funny how jake says he cyber bullies kids then cody goes sorry for bullying u implying jake paul is a child we all love cody
Purple pink Panda
Purple pink Panda 18 күн мурун
Jake is so arkward in this video it hurts
The Derp Wad
The Derp Wad 19 күн мурун
I have mad respect to this guy for baiting Jake Paul so hard and then editing the episode to make him look like a moron. It makes me laugh to think about how pissed Jake was when this all blew up in his face.
Eva R
Eva R 24 күн мурун
How am I just seeing this video 😂 I love Jeff’s humor 🙌🏻
pee man
Nkamogeleng Mocheko
Nkamogeleng Mocheko 25 күн мурун
His manipulation actually worked! I'm here after the Jake paul vid.... He friken did it
Krishna Suhrut
Krishna Suhrut 25 күн мурун
Jeff tried his best to capture the situation with the editing but then 1000 IQ jake Paul gave it away
saw oo
saw oo 28 күн мурун
lil wayne
李晟 Ай мурун
Philip Nguyen
Philip Nguyen Ай мурун
That kaws x spongebob print is worth about 20k
morgan Ай мурун
Noel would've really said sum disrespectful and I would've been for it too...
Daniel Sujan
Daniel Sujan Ай мурун
this video was just too cringe
Jaysoddfutr Ай мурун
13:17 ahhhh this got me anxious lol. Just waitin 4 jake to walk in sayin cringey shit like a middle schooler.
Etjfhf Cjciff
Etjfhf Cjciff Ай мурун
I like how I’m Jake’s video he says he can come to his party,but in Jeff’s he just completely cuts it out🤣
ALLDocks Kitten
ALLDocks Kitten Ай мурун
get noel on
Lance _0923
Lance _0923 Ай мурун
Kinda cringe dude
The bread Man
The bread Man Ай мурун
The bread Man
The bread Man Ай мурун
Wave and Vada
Wave and Vada Ай мурун
Lol guys everyone hates Jake and likes Cody. Jake cry’s like a little baby every time someone makes a video on him.
Selvester Bobo
Selvester Bobo Ай мурун
Yeah cody’s never coming back😂😂
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed Ай мурун
??? This video is like hella old, you living under a rock? Cody Ko absolutely destroyed Jake Paul after this video on his channel.
Kit Taa
Kit Taa Ай мурун
This whole video had such a good vibe until jake Paul came in, was awkward for a minute and left lmao
Powers Ай мурун
why does jeff look a duisgustingly similar to eli merphy
Anther site
Anther site Ай мурун
Jeff Wittek used youtube drama for a giant prophet, smart.
Tobias Piper
Tobias Piper Ай мурун
Surprised cody didn’t cry
robbert snyman
robbert snyman Ай мурун
3:38 that was lowkey, SO Savage
Saban Abdina
Saban Abdina Ай мурун
Idk why you trick Cody to come and get Jake to bully him there just for your channel? Are you satan?
Sok Louka
Sok Louka Ай мурун
Have you guys seen the dislike ration On jakes vid 😬
Alexis Austin
Alexis Austin Ай мурун
dark deception
Ethan Murphy
Ethan Murphy Ай мурун
Jake is so awkward
Jackson Silva
Jackson Silva Ай мурун
At 8:10 Jeff broke character, he was genuinely mad.
Julvar Ай мурун
8:52 😂 that looks so much like Noel
Sharmin Jahan
Sharmin Jahan Ай мурун
Noel would have made Jake Paul cry 🤣
jaanki Ай мурун
yall need to bring noel
Aashita vashisht
Aashita vashisht Ай мурун
Dubla Pasun
Dubla Pasun Ай мурун
marc martel
The_Slim_Austina 2020
The_Slim_Austina 2020 Ай мурун
Jake is an idiot. Ugh
Cracc 216
Cracc 216 Ай мурун
Jake thought Jeff had his back. If shit popped Jeff would of swing on jake
Cracc 216
Cracc 216 Ай мурун
Jake Paul is a loser
Mardav Jain
Mardav Jain Ай мурун
You are a fucking asshole jeff why the fuck someone subscribe to this shit mam
JambJazz69 Ай мурун
This Cody ko guy seems pretty funny, he should be a youtuber
Lam XD
Lam XD Ай мурун
top 10 snake
Nick Frank
Nick Frank Ай мурун
Jake came in full autistic. Never go full AUT
Liliana Fernandez
Liliana Fernandez Ай мурун
Jeff and Cody in the same room, is a sight I love to see
Jordan Tipton
Jordan Tipton Ай мурун
dave chappelle sticks and stones
nour nour
nour nour Ай мурун
tool the pot
Maranda Roberts
Maranda Roberts Ай мурун
this was so ridiculous 😂😂😂
Claire McMillan
Claire McMillan Ай мурун
This is still my fave episode
damp sock
damp sock Ай мурун
Jakes chin is buff af
Swerve Money The Great
Swerve Money The Great 2 ай мурун
Cody got the Dre drexler kinda look
Emeluo Jones
Emeluo Jones 2 ай мурун
You know who I would really love to see on this show because there would be no reason to make fun of them? Jaiden animations :D
pot head
pot head 2 ай мурун
Holy shit i just got a barber ad
Pita Bread
Pita Bread 2 ай мурун
JulesDistrector 2 ай мурун
Jeff TMG collab?
Kushagra Sharma
Kushagra Sharma 2 ай мурун
jake paul talks like a 5 year old bro
KINGPIN MEDIA 2 ай мурун
Up next he's gonna make fun of a 12yr old with downsyndrome *5mins later Jake Paul walks in*
D Lop
D Lop 2 ай мурун
There's no one more trustworthy than an honest criminal
That Girl K
That Girl K 2 ай мурун
One funny thing about the whole thing is that jeff waited for jake to post his video and made him look like a clown
Cameron Tessier
Cameron Tessier 2 ай мурун
for once Jason isn’t the oldest guy in the room
Sara Clark
Sara Clark 2 ай мурун
wade doesn't burn
Musti Chanel
Musti Chanel 2 ай мурун
Jake looks so stupid
i_ was_ born _mean
i_ was_ born _mean 2 ай мурун
I am confused I thought Jake partly owned fanjoy. Does that not mean he earns a lot of money every time you sell merch? So how is this free promo? No hate just curious
Lane BENNETT 2 ай мурун
Cody ko and Jeff would be the best couple
Amy Bass
Amy Bass 2 ай мурун
jake when he walked in and “confronted” cody. “he cyber bullies kids🥺” “i don’t like cyber bullies👉👈” bro your twice his size and you look like you have a crush on him and are nervous 😭😭
Disaster_ Playz
Disaster_ Playz 2 ай мурун
jake paul is so awkward
pink_potato44 2 ай мурун
I still cannot believe how big of an L Jake Paul took in this
Evan Owens
Evan Owens 2 ай мурун
cody: "i dont ever directly say like fuck this guy" also cody: literally has a series called fuck that guy
jerimaya vondristen
jerimaya vondristen 2 ай мурун
Yous a bitch jeff, im gonna be honest. Your a bitch for this one.
NHL Heat
NHL Heat 2 ай мурун
How does this vid have 16k dislikes
Allan Henriques
Allan Henriques 2 ай мурун
Guess Jeff isnt getting invited to the next party after all...
Joseph Dubose
Joseph Dubose 2 ай мурун
yoav zafrir
yoav zafrir 2 ай мурун
Jason literally sucks up to every human being on the planet, like if he met Hitler he would say: I get what your doing for sure, like you make some good points. Like jesus jason have some backbone
Itz Spyke
Itz Spyke 2 ай мурун
They act like he hasn't been in David's vlogs multiple times
Renee Afram
Renee Afram 2 ай мурун
tom segura
Kaitlin Rollinger
Kaitlin Rollinger 2 ай мурун
the amount of money i would pay to see noel in cody’s position
Tommy Reilly
Tommy Reilly 2 ай мурун
Came here from the house tour
Sri Ram
Sri Ram 2 ай мурун
Me after reading half the comments section Who's Noel??
theo is smelly
theo is smelly 2 ай мурун
Sri Ram so watch some of Cody’s videos “that’s cringe: _______”’ll catch on quick
Spoopy Skeleton
Spoopy Skeleton 2 ай мурун
I don’t wike swiber buwies 👉🏻👈🏻
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