How to build budget $500 PC, but using mayonnaise as thermal paste

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Life of Boris

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00:00 Intro
1:11 Rules of build, components
4:38 The build
14:51 First boot, on thermal paste
16:37 Testing on thermal paste
18:19 Installing the mayonnaise and booting
19:17 Testing on mayonnaise
20:09 Results
Boris here to show you how to build your own PC. The thermal paste substitute we have is mayonnaise.
Today we build a budget PC with a price point of under $500. There are some rules to the build. All components have to be new and from the store. Also no scavenging parts from old PCs. All components have to be available to buy in store. This way we get a very nice budget PC build that actually can run games.
Instead of thermal paste, we use mayonnaise to test if it is a suitable substitute. Imagine this: you build your new PC but run out of thermal paste. Run to shop but shop is closed. What you do? You of course use mayonnaise instead.
This custom budget PC is tested to play these games:
* Metro Exodus
* STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl
* Cyberpunk 2077
(wanted to test Doom Eternal too but disk was full)
Along with mayonnaise thermal paste, the vodka cooled PC that I have built before, they should make up a very powerful device with ultimate slav cooling solution. But that is something for another upcoming video.
Low budget PC builds are always fun to do, but always have to check that all parts are compatible with each other. Here is the full list of components along with details that make the $500 budget mayo PC run smooth.
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.6GHz
Motherboard: Asrock A320M-HDV (falsely used Gigabyte A520MH before)
RAM: 8GB DDR4 G.Skill Aegis 3200MHz CL16
SSD: WD Green 240GB M.2
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1050Ti 4G GDDR5
Power supply: 450W Corsair CV450 80 Plus Bronze
Cooler: AMD Wraith Prism RGB M4
Thermal paste: Arctic MX-4
Mayonnaise: high quality stuff I found in fridge
Case fan: Deep Cool 120mm Blue
Case: Deep Cool Smarter mATX
Wi-Fi card: TP-Link 300Mbps ETL-WN881ND
Mayonnaise cooling is here to stay.
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uamee 2 ай мурун
Boris, the absolute madman actually did it!!!! 😂😂
Sleepy 9 күн мурун
Love ur music uamee always been a fan.. hah get it "fan".. okay that was dry
Terry Madden
Terry Madden Ай мурун
@Kieran Rayden wow! It took roughly 15 mins but it reallyworked!
Bibi Seereana
Bibi Seereana Ай мурун
@gamercat maser cut the crap already
Bibi Seereana
Bibi Seereana Ай мурун
@gamercat maser No,In respect for those who never respected me,I play Along of boredom and it doesn't help boredom anymore so I write my poetry and draw a Lot more than have the same stereotypical insults thrown around,insulting my intelligence and strength with smart ass remarks too But I am a smarter ass😅😅So I laugh my head off right now
Hufana 23 саат мурун
That *budget* pc is better than mime lol
Cukyx Күн мурун
Will Zvijezda mayonaise do the job?
Hexablox Күн мурун
Never thought that Mayonnaise actually can get you a higher FPS!
wifiboino the gamer
wifiboino the gamer 2 күн мурун
who else is going to use this as an actual tutorial to build their first pc
MrTrashAround 2 күн мурун
Неправильное история появления гопник приседа. Появилось оно от зеков, ЗеКа - заключенный красноармеец. Временами зекам приходилась много стоят в строю на улице. Проверки в бараках или еще что там. Стоят часами, да еще на морозе было тяжело. Садиться на землю, да еще в морозы - потерять уважение. Поэтому и появился подобный образ снять усталость с ног.
Weaver 3 күн мурун
1050ti in Russia : 120 bucks 1050ti where I live: 600 bucks
groszek76 3 күн мурун
Zamiast jakiegos ruskiego gawna zastosowac polski majonez - na kieleckim temperatura spadnie ponizej 0!
MrLespaulfan 4 күн мурун
Dont believe in thermal paste its just western propaganda.
ReTr0 4 күн мурун
I'm learning to be party of my slav side and squatted the entire time for 5 of boris's videos
The Insane Rikki
The Insane Rikki 4 күн мурун
Every time I've worked on a pc, it takes it's toll in blood. I have come to realize that a small sacrifice of blood is need for them to work if you build them yourself.
kapisrapi_1243 6 күн мурун
16:41 remember how he mentioned DOOM? yeah, never played it in the video.
Rimashi 6 күн мурун
Мне слышется русский акцент....
Nikt Ważny
Nikt Ważny 7 күн мурун
3:15 lol mem for intel
Claves Septem
Claves Septem 8 күн мурун
That is......utterly mad. I sat here shivering, thinking the PC was going to fry!
Octavian Rusu
Octavian Rusu 11 күн мурун
this guy is linus if he made good life choices
Ádám Mészáros
Ádám Mészáros 12 күн мурун
Mayonnaise is fine to use, but it will dry out really quick then your PC will burn down.. :D
Garchamp 12 күн мурун
Even with the mayonnaise, this PC build guide is a thousand times better than the one The Verge provided.
Filip Janković
Filip Janković 12 күн мурун
Boris tech tips
Commander Codeh
Commander Codeh 12 күн мурун
mah man boris is one of those youtubers who can post any content they want without making the audience triggered
23. Panji Eka Ramadani
23. Panji Eka Ramadani 14 күн мурун
This tips very useful, I build Athlon 3000G for $299 few months ago, I wanted to use GPU, but my budget are very low, so I use IGP Radeon Vega 3 Edit : sorry for my typo, my fingers wet
M4t3us 14 күн мурун
Ummmmm cheirinho de câncer kkkkk
Koli kk
Koli kk 14 күн мурун
16:01 whats the name of that hot keyboard tho
sanshd 1-6-2
sanshd 1-6-2 14 күн мурун
hi every one in Australian Dollar the price of all of the components are $803.06 and US dollar is $611.95 at the current time in Australia
Канал Канал
Канал Канал 14 күн мурун
U just built my pc
Burger Birger
Burger Birger 14 күн мурун
Only explanation is that russian mayo is based on real thermal paste 😁
idk idk
idk idk 14 күн мурун
Corsair spotted power supply(Teos sponsors)
Muqri Luqman
Muqri Luqman 14 күн мурун
wait... what's the monitor??
paawian 15 күн мурун
Squatting low, moving fast, GENERATION HARD BASS Umts umts umts umts umts umts umts umts
Yağız 16 күн мурун
professional gaming pc
ASCuber 16 күн мурун
Boris: AMD not support old series in same socket. Also Boris: This is basic knowledge! Me, whose entire knowledge comes from pc building simulator on xbox one: *interesting*
Alessandro Deidda
Alessandro Deidda 16 күн мурун
there exists modular powers, but it costs twice, so not for me!
Alessandro Deidda
Alessandro Deidda 16 күн мурун
this is the best video of 2021. HAHAHAHAHA
Robert Maidan
Robert Maidan 16 күн мурун
Petros CWG
Petros CWG 17 күн мурун
If at least half of this pc was buildet with used parts it could by even better
XrazgarX 17 күн мурун
I am convinced that when Boris dose make that Vodka Cooled PC, with Mayo as thermal paste. He is going to either make a cold fusion device or time machine.
Dani LP
Dani LP 18 күн мурун
we need a Boris and linus Crossover
Bi Al
Bi Al 18 күн мурун
That 1050Ti alone is $500 now D:
Annurissimo 10
Annurissimo 10 18 күн мурун
Maybe i3 10100 would be better because less cores means less heat which means more mayonez left to eat.
никито зубеннко
никито зубеннко 18 күн мурун
борис ты красава
phat retard
phat retard 19 күн мурун
the reason this works i think is because it is more conductive and it managed to fill in the little cracks in the metal enough but don't put too much might fry ur cpu and mother board
Niente Nessuno
Niente Nessuno 19 күн мурун
Russian LTT
Local Crusader
Local Crusader 19 күн мурун
noo i needed that pc.
Faust Dombrowski
Faust Dombrowski 20 күн мурун
Сметаной надо было
Cosmic Cactus
Cosmic Cactus 20 күн мурун
Love the videos bro from your local western spy with love... keep up good work
Gianny Crazy
Gianny Crazy 20 күн мурун
linus tech tips group is gangsta until boris is there with his vodka cooled PC and mayonnaise thermal paste
Gumba 54
Gumba 54 20 күн мурун
Just get a B450 board. It will run everything from 1st to 5th gen Ryzen CPUs.
doctor Lost man
doctor Lost man 21 күн мурун
Bulld0z3r 21 күн мурун
@linustechtips should run real tests on that mayo miracle
Big Chungineer
Big Chungineer 21 күн мурун
In Russia: 24$ In my country: 50$
mkgg boss
mkgg boss 22 күн мурун
this pc is better than mine :v
XyMark Rosales
XyMark Rosales 22 күн мурун
Linus Tech Tips: 👁️ 👄 👁️ Boris: I'm about to end this man's whole career
MagneticEnder 23 күн мурун
"If it's good for you it must be good for PC" Water:
Plot 22 күн мурун
You can water-cooling
Michael De Sentosa
Michael De Sentosa 23 күн мурун
yeah that's run perfectly, anyway just dont try at 7 y.o pc
Blaze Cat
Blaze Cat 23 күн мурун
My new bloody gaming laptop can run heavy games with little lag
Zielony XD
Zielony XD 24 күн мурун
fk, why windows?
Yvng Burger
Yvng Burger 24 күн мурун
bro u make me so sad, cursing on this build, like im running on my 1050ti and just upgraded from intel pentium to ryzen 5 1600 and now i feel worthless.
sanmybdbd 24 күн мурун
“Is MaYoNaIsE a ThErMaL CoMpOuNd?”
CelticVIking 24 күн мурун
i wanna see linustechtips review this video
siurson 25 күн мурун
you should try using the łowicz mayonnaise surely would have made up better
Turbo Gamer
Turbo Gamer 25 күн мурун
The pc is not that bad, a low priced pc, and u can game quite a bit, so if u have similar specs, don't feel bad, its a cool build
Emil Brolin
Emil Brolin 26 күн мурун
-rep so clickbait
bandicammanYT 26 күн мурун
david ilief
david ilief 27 күн мурун
with a mayonaise is a good idea, genius
AlexE 20102
AlexE 20102 27 күн мурун
It runs better with mayonnaise lmao
Kimikoru Sarutobi
Kimikoru Sarutobi 27 күн мурун
Mayonnaise is not an instrument , its a thermal paste
z a c k
z a c k 27 күн мурун
Mom: *comes into room Me: *applying mayonnaise Me: you weren’t supposed to find out this way mother
Pura Curiosidade
Pura Curiosidade 28 күн мурун
even your most cheap pc is better than mine
Wicker Man
Wicker Man 28 күн мурун
I've just realized i have to see a doctor!
Evanski 28 күн мурун
You mean to tell me mayonnaise is better then thermal paste
Rodder 28 күн мурун
2:46 I'm a proud 1050 Ti user for years, and my heart just broke here. It is indeed cheap as **** :(
Rodder 28 күн мурун
@James Stewart It is a fun journey for sure, but I usually get discouraged when I ask myself "what do I do with the machine when it's complete?"
James Stewart
James Stewart 28 күн мурун
I had a 1050 Ti which I recently replaced with a 1650 Super OC. This video is tempting me to try making a budget PC of my own.
RALPH PEREIRA 28 күн мурун
0:18 the need he said was satisfying
Kipras Mas
Kipras Mas 29 күн мурун
Well you can play without the thermal paste and get similar results because the fan is just a beast
Bernardo Alves
Bernardo Alves 29 күн мурун
Just give a crown to this guy!!!🤣🤣🤣 👑
Guy with 2 moons
Guy with 2 moons 29 күн мурун
wow 69$ for the quagmi- I mean cpu
Eric Wood
Eric Wood Ай мурун
This calls for a Gamers Nexus response xD
Eric Wood
Eric Wood Ай мурун
I bought the same Prism cooler for my Ryzen 3600 build. Definitely the coolest AMD cooler ever.
Nova Ай мурун
I actually want to use this build for my next PC XDDDDDDDDDD
Nova Ай мурун
Thermal paste tho because im not pro chef @Life Of Boris XD
M0rtys_CZ Ай мурун
Ahh nothing feels better than the smell of burning mayonnaise coming from your pc :)
#thekingofALLmonkz Ай мурун
Studies say Mayonnaise is thermal paste
fatihburek_99 Ай мурун
gtx 1050ti for 160$ new. gimme that gpu
Readingman Ай мурун
没一说一,phenom x4 9150e用联想散热不上硅脂就是玩在这玩意发布后四年的游戏都能压到65℃左右,性价比了
KevySann Ай мурун
Boris has given me idea to make a test rig for a gaming pc
Topias Ай мурун
End of month pc? Who the blin has $500 laying around at end of month? Best i can do is 50 cents
boris Ай мурун
This is Linus' Russian brother
xybersurfer Ай мурун
i wonder how long it would last though
Edmar A. Liwag
Edmar A. Liwag Ай мурун
Intel 10th Generation With , Thermal Paste(Mayonez)
Pallando Rómestámo
Pallando Rómestámo Ай мурун
I never use oil to fry eggs...never had any problems
Александр Вашкевич
Александр Вашкевич Ай мурун
No . Boris is a true meme slovian
Eternal Suffering
Eternal Suffering Ай мурун
Slav level: 99999999999999
SCMG gaming 86
SCMG gaming 86 Ай мурун
Use toothpaste
Portal Mind
Portal Mind Ай мурун
I literally built my own pc while watching this video
Alexandreyu Ай мурун
This is it. The thermal mayonnaise from the vodka cooled PC.
Sebastian V
Sebastian V Ай мурун
lubricant + deodorant works also.
фанат Oxygenium 'a
фанат Oxygenium 'a Ай мурун
a520M H? Why not s2h?
so cool alex ceezes
so cool alex ceezes Ай мурун
Jeez at this rate hes gonna make a gaming pc out of gremlin toys and vodka
cockroach man
cockroach man Ай мурун
Is this real?
Bunta Fujiwara
Bunta Fujiwara 11 күн мурун
No, its all CGI
Navid Zendler
Navid Zendler Ай мурун
B - Eugene Ricaro De Luna
B - Eugene Ricaro De Luna Ай мурун
i need to remayonez
Varsha Navghare
Varsha Navghare Ай мурун
Scam 2021
number 9
number 9 Ай мурун
Честно говоря ... термопаста - это буквально шутка
The vodka cooled PC
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