How Star Vs the Forces of Evil Fell From Grace

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Star Vs. the Forces of Evil used to be my top favorite show by a longshot, but throughout its 3rd and 4th season, I noticed a decline in its writing quality.
In this video, I go through what exactly made this show fantastic, and how it "fell from grace."

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TBlofeld's Rewrite:

00:00 - Introduction

00:55 - Overarching Story/Plot
03:31 - Side Note: Bon Bon the Birthday Clown
05:23 - Antagonist/Toffee
08:39 - Continuity
11:20 - Characters
14:43 - Shipping
15:42 - Shipping: Jarco
17:42 - Shipping: Starco
18:08 - Side Note: Blood Moon Disqualifier
19:18 - Positive Overview
19:45 - Seasonal Story/Plot
28:47 - Antagonists
31:59 - Antagonists - Meteora Butterfly
33:08 - Antagonists - Mina Loveberry
34:05 - Antagonists - Moon Butterfly

37:34 - Continuity 2
56:27 - Side Note: Marco's Cheekmarks (and cheekmarks in general)
57:50 - Side Note: Beating Around the Bush
58:55 - Side Note: The Magic Book of Spells
1:00:50 - Side Note: Eclipsa's "Darkest Spell"

1:01:32 - Characters 2
1:04:17 - Side Note: Marco and Star become terrible people

1:10:10 - Shipping 2
1:10:30 - Shipping 2: Jarco
1:14:08 - Shipping 2: Tomstar
1:16:24 - Shipping 2: Kellco
1:18:46 - Shipping 2: Starco
1:23:53 - Side Note: Teenagers are Dumb

1:27:30 - Post Wendy Era
1:27:50 - Post Wendy Era: Doop Doop/Britta's Tacos
1:30:39 - Post Wendy Era - Beach Day/Gone Baby Gone
1:32:23 - Post Wendy Era - Sad Teen Hotline/Jannanigans
1:33:34 - Post Wendy Era - Mama Star/Read Aim Fire
1:35:11 - Post Wendy Era - The Right Way/Here to Help
1:39:31 - Post Wendy Era - Pizza Party/The Tavern At The End Of The Multiverse
1:43:11 - Post Wendy Era - Cleaved
1:53:10 - Post Finale Disaster
1:58:19 - What Went Wrong
2:01:45 - The Potential
2:04:15 - The Potential: 1. Toffee's Death
2:05:03 - The Potential: 2. Toffee's Backstory/motives
2:05:49 - The Potential: 3. Little to No Loose Ends
2:07:23 - The Potential: 4. Good Old Fashioned Montage
2:08:01 - The Potential: 5. Shipping
2:08:44 - The Potential: Shipping - Ending A. Jarco
2:09:17 - The Potential: Shipping - Ending B. Starco
2:10:38 - Ending

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this took six months to make-

Blue Order
Blue Order Жыл мурун
I used to put Star Vs. the Forces of Evil on a very high pedestal. After all, it was the show that became my # 1 favorite _within its first season._ But throughout Season 3 and Season 4, I noticed a decline in its writing quality. Plot points were dropped or ignored, huge things would come out of seemingly nowhere, and the story seemed become more and more neglected by the writers (who seemed to have favored shipping-drama more). In this video, I go through what exactly made this show fantastic, and how it declined in quality. *_[TABLE OF CONTENTS]_* (Credit to Headband Guy / Blier for getting the timestamps) 00:00 - Introduction *[POSITIVE REVIEW]* 00:55 - Overarching Story/Plot 03:31 - _Side Note: Bon Bon the Birthday Clown_ 05:23 - Antagonist/Toffee 08:39 - Continuity 11:20 - Characters 14:43 - Shipping 15:42 - _Shipping: Jarco_ 17:42 - _Shipping: Starco_ 18:08 - _Side Note: Blood Moon Disqualifier_ 19:18 - Positive Overview *[NEGATIVE REVIEW]* 19:45 - Seasonal Story/Plot 28:47 - Antagonists 31:59 - _Antagonists - Meteora Butterfly_ 33:08 - _Antagonists - Mina Loveberry_ 34:05 - _Antagonists - Moon Butterfly_ 37:34 - Continuity 2 56:27 - _Side Note: Marco's Cheekmarks (and cheekmarks in general)_ 57:50 - _Side Note: Beating Around the Bush_ 58:55 - _Side Note: The Magic Book of Spells_ 1:00:50 - _Side Note: Eclipsa's "Darkest Spell"_ 1:01:32 - Characters 2 1:04:17 - _Side Note: Marco and Star become terrible people_ 1:10:10 - Shipping 2 1:10:30 - _Shipping 2: Jarco_ 1:14:08 - _Shipping 2: Tomstar_ 1:16:24 - _Shipping 2: Kellco_ 1:18:46 - _Shipping 2: Starco_ 1:23:53 - _Side Note: Teenagers are Dumb_ 1:27:30 - Post Wendy Era 1:27:50 - _Post Wendy Era: Doop Doop/Britta's Tacos_ 1:30:39 - _Post Wendy Era - Beach Day/Gone Baby Gone_ 1:32:23 - _Post Wendy Era - Sad Teen Hotline/Jannanigans_ 1:33:34 - _Post Wendy Era - Mama Star/Read Aim Fire_ 1:35:11 - _Post Wendy Era - The Right Way/Here to Help_ 1:39:31 - _Post Wendy Era - Pizza Party/The Tavern At The End Of The Multiverse_ 1:43:11 - _Post Wendy Era - Cleaved_ 1:53:10 - Post Finale Disaster 1:58:19 - What Went Wrong 2:01:45 - The Potential 2:04:15 - _The Potential: 1. Toffee's Death_ 2:05:03 - _The Potential: 2. Toffee's Backstory/motives_ 2:05:49 - _The Potential: 3. Little to No Loose Ends_ 2:07:23 - _The Potential: 4. Good Old Fashioned Montage_ 2:08:01 - _The Potential: 5. Shipping_ 2:08:44 - _The Potential: Shipping - Ending A. Jarco_ 2:09:17 - _The Potential: Shipping - Ending B. Starco_ 2:10:38 - Ending *_Credits:_* Antagonist 1 - TBlofeld Shipping 1 - Matthew Antagonist 2 - Tblofeld - Moon section (More Soup) - Edited by Matthew Continuity 2 - Edited by Headband Guy Characters 2 - Rainbow - Tom section (Rainbow) - Eclipsa/Globgor Section (Rainbow) - Edited by Matthew Shipping 2 - Helped by Matthew - Star was a terrible girlfriend (World of Meli) - Star selfish genocide (sloppyjeaux) - Edited by Matthew Post Wendy Era - Edited by Headband Guy The Potential - Edited by Headband Guy And I just want to give another megalodon thank you to Headband Guy (Blier) and Matthew for editing/adding the visuals to the large majority of this video. Seriously, this video would not be releasing ANYWHERE near today if they had not helped out. Matthew / Matthematical Reactions - Blier / Headband Guy - *TBlofeld's Rewrite:* *_Music:_* Intro - Mark Sparling - Day 10 Overarching Story 1 - Louie Zong - The Lost Library - Potsu - Take me there Antagonist / Toffee 1 - Brian H Kim - Toffee Vs Marco - Louie Zong - Floating Fortress Continuity 1 - Aimless - yours truly - Louie Zong - The Town Library Characters 1 - Pandrezz - Takin’ You For a Ride - Louie Zong - The Jazz Club Shipping 1 - Potsu + Land - breakfast - Louie Zong - on the move Title + Seasonal Story (2) - Jinsang - Island - Louie Zong - backpack heavy, mind light - Louie Zong - half asleep - Kudasai - dream of her Antagonist 2 - Potsu - gogo - Cloudchord - Sunlit - Louie Zong - Orion - Crinkles - chronos Continuity 2 - Potsu - food court - Ibrahim - Bullet Train Fantasy - Potsu - have you heard - Louie Zong - Florida - Louie Zong - images - Louie Zong - racing theme - Louie Zong - struttin’ - Idealism - phosphenes - Louie Zong - here he comes - Louie Zong - Charlie brown’s day off Characters 2 - Potsu - I’m in space - Potsu - fall apart - Louie Zong - curly Shipping 2 - Brian H Kim - I Don’t Wanna Know - Potsu - Turtleneck - Louie Zong - steaks - Louie Zong - comforter - Crinkles - Gravity - Potsu - lovesick - Louie Zong - Allison - Potsu - Moments Notice - Louie Zong - Gretchen - Crinkles - Hydrangea - Mark Sparling - Mystery Post Wendy Era - 90s Flav - call me - The Deli - Vibes - Louie Zong - rain - Leaf Beach - Keef - The Deli - Flowers - Potsu - bird Post-Finale Disaster - Aso - Ultra Violet What Went Wrong - Mark Sparling - Day 10 - Crinkles - Countess The Potential - Kudasai - the girl I haven’t met - Louie Zong - ice pond - Louie Zong - The Big Wave - The Deli - Sleepy Vibes - Louie Zong - Matter over Mind - The Deli - Water Ending - Louie Zong - End of the Show - Dunderpatrullen - Face Against The Gardin *[Fair Use Disclaimer]* Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. 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Andrej Skenderija
Andrej Skenderija 12 күн мурун
Why is this your description
• Elliana •
• Elliana • 28 күн мурун
unrelated to the video but nice ralsei plushie
SquidPW Ай мурун
Where you talk about how the plot of meteora going into the portal and they’re teens. I thought about it and maybe that’s how meteora can turn into a butterfly at the final episode. Because she went through muberty while being there
Jonathan Paul
Jonathan Paul Ай мурун
Does that mean the author of it is as bad of a girlfriend as star like she was the problem of her relationships
Jon Barrionuevo
Jon Barrionuevo Ай мурун
Celeangie club
Celeangie club 3 саат мурун
A Headcannon that my brain created for the “Cheekmarks are caused by magic exposure” excuse: The cheekmarks are caused by magic exposure from the wand. When someone first uses it, it shows their cheekmarks for the first time (aka how marco got his when he first used the wand) and if you use or posses the wand for long periods of time, (or are born in the buttefly family) they stay on your cheeks permanantly “But marco used the want a second time, why didnt the cheek marks appear then?” It could be that A. He isn’t part of the butterfly family, and B. He could need to use more powerful spells with the want to make them appear If i missed anything im sorry im hust trying to make this work skdnbdjd
Finn Hack
Finn Hack 11 саат мурун
Memorable Mewni Character: Eddy the bog beast hunter only featured in i believe 2 EPs but i still enjoyed his time on screen
I've been thinking about the whole cheekmark thing, and I thought of a way to not make it a plothole, sorta. Maybe. So, if the cheekmarks were limited to royalty only, then Star, Festivia, Moon, etc. should not have cheekmarks since they're pie folk, however, Meteora, Eclipsa, Solaria, etc. have them since they're actually royalty. Maybe this could've been explained to Meteora in "Heinous", so that she would have a reason to go back for the throne (Her character would still be kinda flat though). Then, this could've been explained to Star in Eclipsa's trial, revealing the reasons she, and Moon, didn't have cheekmarks like everyone else and who is actually royalty. The reason as to why the cheekmarks are only limited to royalty could've tied back to the first Butterfly, and Glossaryck made it so only they would have them. I don't know if this makes sense, I mean, there probably is a lot of things that would contradict this, but I thought of it and kinda wanted to share.
ulises armenta
ulises armenta 14 саат мурун
Unpopular Opinión, maybe... I dont think Meteora is a good person, remember back when she found Out what actually happen to her. In that Episode she also kills the servant that was completely loyal to her for no good reason, and everytime someone tried to talk with her, she never listen and continue with her tantrum of taking the throne of Mewni. You might want to make a case that she was abused by that mom robot her entire life, but I can counter argue that she defended herself from her, she disconected her mom robot and eventually destroy her, and I highly doubt that the robot advised her to steal the princesses life force to keep her alive for 300 years. I didnt make this comment to bash the people behind the show, the Rise of Meteora is one of the few things I think they made completely right, my issue is the fanbase, who think that she is good, I personally dont see it that way. In Conquer, I was happy that Eclipsa had her daugher back, not that Meteora was alive.
ulises armenta
ulises armenta 14 саат мурун
I want to add that I havent seen an episode from Star vs. in a long time, so maybe I am missing something. I also didnt like that Star decide to give Ecplisa the ENTIRE kingdom in Conquer. I know that she felt guilty because of the actions of Shastacan the MHC(and Yes, it was their actions, Stars family NEVER did anything against Eclipsa or her family, they just were lucky to have the kingdom and the wand handed to them), but is not a family fortune, a house or even just the wand itself, is the ENTIRE Butterfly kingdom. Basically, in Order to make the most "moral" decision, Star didnt consider all the people who lived in Mewni, includig her mother, who was the queen before her. Maybe is because Eclipsa is the rightfull heir, but honestly, her backstory and her actions gave me the impresión that she never wanted to be a queen in rhe first place, and that she only wanted her family back, which is not a bad thing, and Eclipsa is one of my favorites character of the show, but I believe that the first time that she left Mewni, she didnt have intensions of coming back, and she only came back this time for her family. I gave the show the benefith of the doubt at the end of Season 3, thinking that Star was going to realize that what she did was wrong, but we all know how that turn Out. NOTE:I am mexican, so my english is not perfect, so I did this the best way I could.
Rufus Morris
Rufus Morris 18 саат мурун
A final kiss at the end would have been nice. 🥳
aye 21 саат мурун
one of my favorite in-depth reviews of a show ever. outstanding job.
Elementa Games
Elementa Games 23 саат мурун
This video speaks facts! 👏🏽 I used to love the show like you did but it honestly could've had a better season 3 finale and season 4 even though the animation got better the story line and plot was completely useless like the season 4 finale of Mina had no point to it because in the season 3 finale Meteora defeats Mina as they said Mina had failed so why couldn't they do the same thing in season 4? Just use Meteora's powers against Mina and they wouldn't have to destroy the magic. At least in season 1-3 we could actually see the plot coming together and it had more excitement to it. Without the Toffee being in the show it probably wouldn't even last up to season 2 because every episode would basically be filler.
Mayson Wade
Mayson Wade Күн мурун
I had my earphones all the way up at 1:44:35 why
Syrup on cereal
Syrup on cereal Күн мурун
Wait you liked season one the worst season. And hated the best one season four
Syrup on cereal
Syrup on cereal 21 саат мурун
Idk I just hated the first season but I did really hate the whole globgor thing
•• 22 саат мурун
Stfu idiotic moron
•• 22 саат мурун
Dude you lost your brain cells lol
Ace Күн мурун
I just they paced it slower in the last season like one more season
That Other Boi
That Other Boi Күн мурун
one of the most put together and well done videos on youtube no capp
bigjake360t Күн мурун
I disagree with some of your opinions. However I respect you well constructed arguments, the time you put into making this video. For that reason you get a like.
Tobi Tube
Tobi Tube Күн мурун
I just finished the show, And I already miss it. Even tho the ending was a complete mess I still didn't want it to end, I really miss season 1-3 as well.. (Nice video btw.. Idk why I am saying this because nobody will see it since this video got uploaded a year ago, but if anyone sees this... Give this video a like man..)
Tobi Tube
Tobi Tube Күн мурун
And I really wished that we could see Toffee more :P
Jay draws
Jay draws Күн мурун
To me, Meteora is best antagonist when it comes to the post season 2 villains.
Nice Guy
Nice Guy Күн мурун
Blue Order: the dude with 200 IQ and an Ear Rapist
Draco Murdock
Draco Murdock 2 күн мурун
Two changes which would radically improve the stupid choices they made with the same outcomes: Tom says 'I was willing to change who I was for you, yet... It's clear you're not going to do the same.' instead of the different direction crap. Toffee appears when they start the whispering spell and offers a smiling nod to Star. When Mina interrupts, he distracts her since he killed her queen, allowing the spell to be completed.
Tobi Tube
Tobi Tube Күн мурун
That would be so good, I really wish we could see Toffee one more time.
IbrahimArna Gaming
IbrahimArna Gaming 2 күн мурун
I just want it never end 😿
Tobi Tube
Tobi Tube Күн мурун
True, this show was great. Even tho the ending was a mess. I am still sad it ended
cloud 3 күн мурун
I really love Tom, but I don’t understand why they could’ve put him in. There were so many chances for starco to have a proper relationship if the writers weren’t too keen on putting on jealousy and drama into this show- that was already packed with a multitude dramatic of plot lines. It was a hell of emotions and I really got attached to Tom and his development- only for him to be shoved to side for starco. I felt like he should’ve either been put it for Tomstar (assuming star would change for tom) or not put him in at all. How tf did they make a filler ship more appealing then the original cannon one
cloud 2 күн мурун
@RobKuro85 I agree completely which is why I despise the writers for doing such a shit job and dragging the relationship on for so long. Starco was perfect in seasons 1&2 but them waiting until the very last three episodes to pack it all in was horrible. I just felt like this could’ve easily been avoided if they broke up Tom and Star’s relationship sooner. It just ended up making Marco and Star look like a bunch of two-timing freaks. Personally, I felt like Tom and Star did have the possibility to work if Marco and Star remained friends (after the blood moon curse was lifted). I feel like Tom was only envious of their journeys because he was aware of the blood moon curse and the impact it had on the two. Tom also didn’t hate all adventures as he really enjoyed spending time with Star. They did have disagreements during the adventures but I doubt it would have a been a downfall. Tom and Star’s relationship also had a lot of meaning with Tom being a monster and Star being a Mewman. Their relationship easily fit into plot and made complete sense where as Starco was put it out of nowhere and really only worked in the first two seasons. I feel like tomstar could also help Star improve from her “adult like” character. Maybe she could change for Tom as Tom did for Star? Of course, this would be nearly impossible because of the amount of foreshadowing for Starco etc. but I felt like their relationship could have really amplified the story if it was endgame. It’s totally cool if you disagree. What I was trying to say was how horrible of a job the writers did getting their point of Starco across by putting in these pointless ships like Tomstar and Kellco. There was no change in Star or Marco as characters (other than making them hella bitchy)- so I found the drama unnecessary and conflicting. Starco was foreshadowed for so long- it deserved more than complete scrap of Tom and 3 horrific episodes.
RobKuro85 2 күн мурун
StarCo was meant to be endgame, even the writer said many time that it would be, and I also read in a interview that they wanted Star and Marco to interact with other characters for development and different dynamics. In Tomstar's case, overall it wasn't a bad ship, but the thing that everyone has to see, is that It was never gonna work between them. And not just cause for the sake of the plot, you have to see it from the characters' perspectives and feelings. Eventually, Tom and Star reconcile and start dating again. Unfortunately, I think they both made the same mistake and rushed into it without questioning why they were doing it or what they really wanted. It simply ‘felt right’, so they went with it. Again, for Tom, even though he certainly liked Star superficially, her life - one that was very focused (for the moment) on being ‘an adult’ and doing something good for the kingdoms (since the Butterflys are still the dominant Mewman kingdom, whereas the Lucitors aren’t); and one that was full of adventures (that usually involved Marco) - was just not something that Tom really preferred. Same deal, we see when Tom forced himself to go on Marco’s dragoncycle trip that he wasn’t really enjoying himself. Tom liked Star on the surface. Cute, fun to be around; but he himself finally figured it out that their lives would never intertwine. She could never be his “best friend” - someone who wants the same things as he, someone who shares his values and wants to be with him, all of him. Star could never be that. Rather than force her to be something she’s not, it means Tom can find that special someone, and everyone can live happily ever after.
Dimitri Felder
Dimitri Felder 3 күн мурун
Star reminds me from Mabel from Gravity Falls
Tobi Tube
Tobi Tube Күн мурун
a little bit yea xD
just me
just me 3 күн мурун
marco x star was the most forced thing ever and didnt need to happen
Softly Meowgical
Softly Meowgical Күн мурун
They should've spent the first few episodes of season 3 actually focusing on resolving the confession debacle from the end of season 2 and had Star and Marco stay as friends with the former choosing to stay single and independent plus having the latter bring Jackie over to visit Mewni so their relationship doesn't break down like it did in canon! This could send a good message to younger kids that Platonic Life Partners can exist in a kid's show.
Tobi Tube
Tobi Tube Күн мурун
It had to happen, We all love Starco xD
greenlightapart 4 күн мурун
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Nice Guy
Nice Guy Күн мурун
@Nivedita Srinivasan maybe
Nivedita Srinivasan
Nivedita Srinivasan 2 күн мурун
Eman Cham
Eman Cham 4 күн мурун
Yo holy shit wait what if they made Marco's family an offset from eclipsas through her dad so the dad was just trying to put Marco's family back on the throne by having Marco and star be together so the rightful heir Marco was royalty again that would have been amazing but also what if they thought that would be to yikes if they went with it so they stopped it and forgot to right it
L.A.Studios Sonic Fan!
L.A.Studios Sonic Fan! 4 күн мурун
I remember when the show was good(specifically 1-3) and I remember when the characters weren't flenderize and weren't horrible people.
C1oudS 4 күн мурун
Please Blue, release the list of the songs you used here it feels heavy not to be able to find songs used somewhere and when I watched this for the first time I was really hoping to find songs list in the description :p
C1oudS 4 күн мурун
@Blue Order oh.. well, I guess it is inconvenient that they're not in the description, but I am dumb for not noticing them at least in the video. Thank you for responding and helping to solve the misunderstanding anyway. P. S. maybe you could write in the desc something like "songs are in the pinned coment", and sorry for my screw up again
Blue Order
Blue Order 4 күн мурун
The song list is included in the pinned comment, it's also shown at the end of the video itself. :)
Fx McTommy
Fx McTommy 4 күн мурун
why is this 2 hours long wtf
Nice Guy
Nice Guy Күн мурун
Because its so fucking bad that he needed two hours to explain
just nicole here ._.
just nicole here ._. 4 күн мурун
i watch this video religiously. it's just so good and it feels like a lifetime has passed since the svtfoe series finale. but since i found this true gem of a video again in these dark times i tried to think about how i would have handled all the starco/raptor god lord/bloodmoon ball situation: i would give the series finale the ending with seth being the main antagonist of the fourth season and him using the current weak state of mewni and the dark goo in the realm of magic for his advantage. which means that toffee's plan all along was to smh bring back seth from where ever he was (maybe captured in the realm of magic and by destroying the magic seth would be free?) and conquer mewni with him. Toffee probably knew that through his "death" Eclipsa would be free which would cause the whole drama of the butterfly family (he read a book abt mewni and the butterfly family in the episode mewnipendence day) and which also explains his last words. i would let that transition to eclipsa and her dark magic which makes marco posessed by it. this would smh trigger his monster arm and create eViL mArCO lol but since Star's and Marco's souls are bonded by the blood moon she would suffer from all the dark magic and they will have to fight together against each other (nefcy originally wanted marco and star to be enemies) which then would explain the title of the series and the design of marco's wand perfectly. it's just an idea and not completely thought through but i would die to actually see evil marco lmao and star using her development and growth as a person to handle this situation... sad that the writers didn't pick up so much cool stuff that they wrote themselves in the finale ...
Naima Jamal
Naima Jamal 4 күн мурун
I mean Star could still be unhappy about never seeing Marco again since they're friends. I mean actual friends despite what the show does. Great video 10/10 would watch 2 hours again.
Nice Guy
Nice Guy Күн мурун
Thats the 6th time I am watching this video
은Alois 4 күн мурун
Starco felt so forced the further you got into the show, it was honestly annoying. They just shoved it in your face, especially in seasons 3 and 4. It was absolutely ridiculous.
Softly Meowgical
Softly Meowgical Күн мурун
I'm exceedingly glad I unintentionally jumped ship (a cable network switch prevented me from getting any further through the first third of the way into season 2) when I did and forgot the show existed until after the series finale aired. By then, I had Final Space, Bob's Burgers and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power to enjoy watching.
Karen Gae
Karen Gae 5 күн мурун
did I just watch this whole thing at fucking 5 a.m.? yes because I agree with EVERY. FUCKING. THING. YOU. SAID
CartoonFan1994 5 күн мурун
Jackie was given an LGBT+ girlfriend; Chloe, but the show did fuck all with their relationship. Not to mention, Chloe has no memorable personality. Why not Janna? At least she HAS sufficient presence and development, but nope, we need a severely underdeveloped one-off side character we can easily omit for the homophobic nations market.
UltraNinja 5 күн мурун
Content is important for Cartoons but at the same time the logic of Cartoons are illogical
Guts 5 күн мурун
I remember that show ... good thing I stopped at season 2...
Jessica Hawks
Jessica Hawks 5 күн мурун
Toffee is a lizard 🤣
Strife 5 күн мурун
What I thought was going to happen was that marco was revealed to be a munni and was going to be toffi one day and the fear and confusion caused drama and I thought Jarco was going to happen and marco goes on a journey through dimensions and talks to everyone he knows and loves to find himself and what is going to happen and a big climax where something to split marco and everyone else and all the dimensions collapse and are fixed.
Strife 5 күн мурун
Or that all of season 3 and 4 was all of a illusion or dream and a lot of shit happened like apocalypse level shi*.
Vesper River Rose
Vesper River Rose 5 күн мурун
whenever i think about this show i watch this video lmao
Quinctilius Varus
Quinctilius Varus 5 күн мурун
Подписываюсь под каждым словом
Iroh 6 күн мурун
The fact you still respond to comments is amazing
Zosonte 6 күн мурун
Shipping is already a bad enough concept that turns fandoms into rabid dog pits, but when the writers actually respond and shape the story because of it, you get a cesspool of writing whose entire premise is alienating all to please one instead of just writing a good story and letting the relationships develop naturally.
You see me Everywhere
You see me Everywhere 6 күн мурун
Wait if bullfrog can't write how did he write in the binder he gave to marco and star on how to to take care of his babys
Theodoros Savvidis
Theodoros Savvidis 2 күн мурун
Matthematical Reactions
Matthematical Reactions 5 күн мурун
The fact that even a year later after this video is out we're still finding issues speaks volumes
Blue Order
Blue Order 6 күн мурун
Lmaooo holy shit you're right
Fairy Mystonight
Fairy Mystonight 7 күн мурун
Every time I see Star vs the forces of evil on Disney plus I feel deep disappointment and cringe. I’m hoping the owl house and amphibia won’t end up like this show. Amphibia seems really promising though!
f l x r e s
f l x r e s 6 күн мурун
Yees! the owl house seems very promising too 😍👌 they're doing well
• zeeb •
• zeeb • 7 күн мурун
i hate gay ships
• zeeb •
• zeeb • 7 күн мурун
@Nivedita Srinivasan what the heck??? me??? homophobic??? how dare you accuse me!!!!! :((( ;-; owo
Nivedita Srinivasan
Nivedita Srinivasan 7 күн мурун
@• zeeb • just saying that sounded lowkey homophobic
• zeeb •
• zeeb • 7 күн мурун
@Nivedita Srinivasan ??????????
Nivedita Srinivasan
Nivedita Srinivasan 7 күн мурун
now just hold on one second
KING RAT 7 күн мурун
It's not good that I was more worried about mariposa and meteora not getting to grow up together, rather than Marco and star not getting to see each other again.
Excellent_salamander 7 күн мурун
Yeah I didn’t even like the ending before I thought about the it deeply. Tbh I never liked how the human world and mewman world mixed together. It felt very random and stupid
Obsidianskin 7 күн мурун
this is a great channel. subbed
krieger maria
krieger maria 7 күн мурун
They should have used seth not mina he ordered comets death and is still out there the ending was rushed steven universe ending was rushed to hey arnold had a great ending with jungle movie,still want a season 6 of hey arnold ,invader zim continue with comics
Analia Diaz
Analia Diaz 7 күн мурун
When you realize to video is two hours long: nope *clicks off video*
Analia Diaz
Analia Diaz 4 күн мурун
just nicole here ._. I know it was a joke
just nicole here ._.
just nicole here ._. 4 күн мурун
i guarantee u every single second of this vid is worth it. at least in my opinion...
I'm stupid But
I'm stupid But 8 күн мурун
It's amazing and sad how comments here are filled with people who actually understand Tom is a great character and has one of the best developments, but when you walk into SVTFOE community it's like "NOPE TOM SUCKS STARCO 4EVER" bs. That's why I don't hang with them, Starco shippers are pretty toxic actually.
I'm stupid But
I'm stupid But 2 күн мурун
@RobKuro85 first of all, there was this indication that the Blood Moon curse has actually worked and Marco is kinda drawn to Star. There was literally a lot of stuff indicating this. Also, Marco acknowledged he probably idealised Jackie and knew nothing about her - that is actually a part of their relationship they get throw while Marco and Star are creepy and borderline obsessed with each other in later seasons. They don't grow and do not become better people. Also, I think there was a different topic in this comment section.
RobKuro85 2 күн мурун
@I'm stupid But Before the actual breakup, there was some indication of Marco shifting less and less attention to Jackie: "Raid the Cave","Just Friends", him leaving Jackie hanging a few when there's something involving Star. Jackie’s “reading your mind” game from “Starcrushed” and “Sophomore Slump” seems silly on the surface, but the fact that Marco could never guess within the ballpark indicates that he hadn’t really taken the time to know Jackie as a person. For instance, in “Starcrushed,” Marco assumed that Jackie wanted him to kiss her, something that only displays physical attraction rather than something related to her personality.
I'm stupid But
I'm stupid But 2 күн мурун
@RobKuro85 so what? Relationship with her still worked and she has shown that she is a really good person. She liked Marco for who he was and have never held any grudge about him lately. They had fun together, they had chemistry and it pretty much made sense. So who cares what nature his crush had, while the nature of his crush on Star is also pretty questionable.
RobKuro85 2 күн мурун
@I'm stupid But But you could clearly see that Marco's crush on Jackie, though 10 years buildup, really didn't flourish much. Cause during that time, Marco barely, or never talked nor hung out with Jackie...just nodded the whole time. Till Star showed up, and gave him the confidence to actually build his relationship with Jackie. She was more of an "ideal" girl, then someone Marco should've tried to get to know better.
I'm stupid But
I'm stupid But 7 күн мурун
@f l x r e s yeah, poor Jackie too. Not to mention she's supposed to be a CANON love interest whom Marco liked since forever.
Leander St.
Leander St. 8 күн мурун
He realy has not a bit of shame that he loves a TV-seres for 10 year old girls...😅🙃
DarthSilliest 7 күн мурун
yeah, why should anyone have shame for liking a "show"? I mean cartoons aren't always meant for a precise demographic. for instance gravity falls was beloved by all ages. on the subject of another girl like show boys like... MLP grew the Brony fan base by the reboot by Hasbro but I don't think it something to be shamed about, I never watched MLP personally but every time my sister watched it I'd take a peek to see what's going on and it didn't seem like it was mainly for girls it had moments that felt like it was for anyone, I can even say I laughed at a few joke. Star Vs. felt like it was meant for anyone sure it has some moments you could say are girlish but your main character is a girl so there would be some moments of girlish acts but the rest of the show felt like it wasn't for just girls, I found the show while I was bored and it aired on tv so i watched and i enjoyed it so blue saying he liked star vs. isn't something he should have shame for... *but if someone said they liked the last 2 seasons and mainly for Starco then we need a talk* *(jk) sorry that this is so long, if you disagree ok opinions are valid as long as it isn't racist sexist or homosexual and thank you for listening to my ted talk
ExOtIcVeNoMz 8 күн мурун
Tom was the only character that stayed consistent throughout the whole show and started improving as a person unlike star they just throw all her build up as a person out the window when she starts dating tom
f l x r e s
f l x r e s 7 күн мурун
Not when she started dating Tom... *When she cheated on him in Booth bodies* , that's were Star started to become a jerk.
Matt Warkoski
Matt Warkoski 9 күн мурун
I find it ironic how Daron based Tom off of all her ex-boyfriends, yet he's one of the only good characters in Season 4... ...if that doesn't tell you something, I dunno what to say...
Latrell Mcknight
Latrell Mcknight 9 күн мурун
What was the music in post Wendy era?
Sammy’s Little Workshop
Sammy’s Little Workshop 3 күн мурун
C.A.A.N 9 күн мурун
I can tell why this is your only vid that will reach this high. No concrete analysis just opinions.
RobKuro85 2 күн мурун
pretty much, doesn't give any in depth reasoning for his "Blood Moon Disqualifier", and everything else, he thinks is fact.
Markus Scott
Markus Scott 9 күн мурун
I love this video and almost agree to a t but the only thing that I disagreed with is the cheek marks bit because what I think they met by magic exposure is using the wand an casting a spell because Marco didn’t get his cheek marks until he did a spell and that star was born with cheek marks mostly because she was a Mewman thank you for making this video this is just my opinion an you don’t have to agree with it sorry it’s long...
mike Dempsy
mike Dempsy 9 күн мурун
It became too political
Sus 9 күн мурун
The writers pulled a bites za dusto on star's character for the last two seasons.
Sus 9 күн мурун
Here is a way to redeem season 4, because this simple change changes the entirety of the last season. Star's mom dies when fighting meteora and star is now queen. How do you think this would change the story. And i want to hear the whole thing. (And i mean the whole thing)
Turtle Smeller29
Turtle Smeller29 9 күн мурун
Dang, this masterpiece is a year old already....
Gorilla-grip-pussy-support-hotline -69
Gorilla-grip-pussy-support-hotline -69 10 күн мурун
To credit the writer though, Disney being the shitheads they are, WERE fickle about having female leads for some reason. They thought boys were a more gender neutral option for a protag and were more relatable.
Lauren Bingham
Lauren Bingham 10 күн мурун
Ok but like I’m thinking Star is pan like look at her magic
KickXWeeb X
KickXWeeb X 10 күн мурун
1:01:03 it's bullshit info you need to know from the "mAgIc BOok oF sPellS"
RoRo Billy
RoRo Billy 11 күн мурун
Wow your ending would have been so hype I wish they thought of making Marco fall out of love with Jackie so I could get fully on board with starco without it feeling rushed
Nibba Keyes
Nibba Keyes 11 күн мурун
Yoooo steven universe art
Jessica Wiseman
Jessica Wiseman 11 күн мурун
In terms of the cheekmarks, I'm completely willing to accept meteora gaining cheekmarks through eclipsa being pregnant with her. As it basically is implied the princesses are born with them. (Plus considering eclipsa left the wand behind in the kingdom way before she got pregnant and can't do magic without it there's pretty much no other way) However, the inconsistencies with who gets them is still confusing regardless. By the logic the show gives us, way more of the mewmans/humans should be able to have them. Janna should have them, marco’s should actually be permanent and its not explained why they aren't, the settlers of course, the diazes possibly for yknow...just having star live there and perform magic. Mariposa from her adventures in the neverzone with meteora (she wants to have magic in that episode but logically her exposure to it should just give her powers because of the mewman/human twist). River should also technically have it, as should Shastacan and just literally anyone who spends any long amounts of time near a queen and their wand really. Hell, tom, star's boyfriend whose half mewman and spent EVEN LONGER in the magic dimension then the others doesn't get any. Like if meteora can get them, he should be able to as well. We could nitpick to find some excuses for some of these but not all of them. The first queen of mewni got cheekmarks before the wand so its not like the wand is the single determining factor either. (Besides all the ppl with marks who would never hold the wand). The show isn't consistent with this logic so it comes off confusing and just raises more questions. They just would've been better off making it a rare thing for this royal bloodline only, had star be related to eclipsa through festivia being i dunno jushtin's secret daughter or something? Like the commission found out about her and instead of mentioning jushtin had a baby with someone that wasn't his wife, they played her off as eclipsa’s child to both ignore meteora and avoid jushtin getting into trouble i dunno. And star gives the wand to eclipsa because eclipsa’s line should have it and festivia was born a peasant despite being royalty. And her line made things worse. And have marco have a distant relation to celena, maybe have that tie into toffee or Seth. Sure, it'd make starco wierd, so just don't bother with starco. Keep it platonic, maybe star or marco end up with tom or Kelly minus these love triangles. At least this would make for a more interesting story that would explain some mysteries that got ignored and keep the logic of the marks consistent. If you can't keep this logic consistent, people will start doubting most stuff that happens because the logic just can be whatever the writers want it to be. They clearly never intended for the marks to be how they were but if they actually put effort into it it could've been cool to see everyone in a big final fight with glowing cheekmarks as they fought mina and her army.
KickXWeeb X
KickXWeeb X 11 күн мурун
I just hated how they did star's character with shit like teens are dumb!!!! instead of her being reckless and missing mistakes they randomly just made her character mature teen ruler by season 3 and plus it made me have distain towards star and Marco by cleaved I hated them she commited genocide to be with her boy toy
Yolanda 11 күн мурун
i regret wasting 3 years of my life following this show lmao
aslak bech
aslak bech 12 күн мурун
So if you’ve yet to see the series, just watch the first two seasons and the TV movie and pretend it ended after that, right?
Kayden Tilus
Kayden Tilus 12 күн мурун
Bear Luke
Bear Luke 12 күн мурун
I know this is pretty late, however, Ludo was my favorite character of the show. He was funny, but his development into one of the show's best antagonists was amazing to watch. His transition felt very real, but he still retained what people liked about him in Season 1. After Battle for Mewni, I was hoping for a sort of redemption arc. When Ludo says, "I need to find myself." I always thought that would lead to something more. Ludo had a lot of potential. While we do see him interact with his siblings, I wanted more. When he went into the void, he thought that all he had done was for nothing since he was controlled by Toffee, and Toffee outright stating this to be the case. Ludo was now in a position, where he could transform. He still had the same characteristics, however, now he felt a void in his soul. Ludo is a more complex character than people might realize. He has resentment towards his parents, however, he also wishes to prove his power to them. This is one of the main motives behind his acts across the series. When Dennis reentered his life, I wanted to see that resentment go away. For Ludo to move on from that pain. If Ludo had more episodes, then I think it could have been something special. Imagine Ludo and his family joining forces with Star. Afterward, his parents decide to reaccept him into their lives. Ludo, however, denies them, because he now knows that he has nothing to prove to them. He didn't join with Star because he wanted to prove anything, he just did it for his dimension and his family. The family that cares about him and that doesn't look down on him for being the "runt," of the family. He denies them because they don't deserve him. Imagine Star, as well as his family backing him after his parents get angry. All of this would have been so satisfying. Instead, the writers decided to throw Ludo in the garbage. I will always remember my love for Ludo and his character, and I will always imagine the alternate reality where my wishes did come true. That's because Ludo deserved better.
Malena Ávalos
Malena Ávalos Күн мурун
OMG YOU ABSOLUTELY READ MY MIND!!!!!! I love so much this lil boy and he is also my favourite character, but man, he's so underated, c'mom, i just want to give him the love that he deserves, but the writters had to send him to the oblivion, like, i bet my right arm that if he were more explored on the last seasons he would be one of the fan favourites, like Doofenshmirtz or Simon (The ice king).
Alfredo T. Velbis Jr.
Alfredo T. Velbis Jr. Күн мурун
Yeah, I agree with you, Bear Luke. Ludo is one of the best characters in the series and had so much potential for the show. It's such a shame to see him get scraped by the writers. Ludo's redemption arc would have been more interesting than the majority of season 4. I love Ludo as a character and I truly miss him. Ludo does deserve better!
Sammy’s Little Workshop
Sammy’s Little Workshop 7 күн мурун
I loved (and honestly still love) Ludo as well. His character arc was really good, and I wish they gave it more screen time. Alan Tudyk was done dirty :(
Never Shade
Never Shade 12 күн мурун
The Butterfly Effect
Andrej Skenderija
Andrej Skenderija 12 күн мурун
But... I thought Star vs The Forces of Evil was good......
Anakin SkywaIker
Anakin SkywaIker 9 күн мурун
It was till season 3&4
Nivedita Srinivasan
Nivedita Srinivasan 12 күн мурун
Zee Hodge
Zee Hodge 12 күн мурун
My main problem with the finale episode is this, even if they still had to destroy magic with a more justifiable reason, the universes didn’t need to merge, Star and Marco didn’t need to LITERALLY ATTEMPT TO COMMIT SUICIDE, for one main primary reason, The underworld is canonically connected to both Mewni and Earth and even if they way between them is magic, they could have written that off in a way that made sense.
Samuel 12 күн мурун
There’s no season 3 and 4 of STVFOE in-... nowhere.
Thatguyjk 14 саат мурун
Seasons 3&4? Of star vs? Sounds fake.
Declan Hyer
Declan Hyer 13 күн мурун
And then the clown f u c k i n g *e x p l o d e d*
FBI OPEN UP 13 күн мурун
650 bucks tho
Xavier Cahuasquí
Xavier Cahuasquí 13 күн мурун
This man.....this man is basically a young god of animation analisis, you gained a new subscriber, great video.
C.A.A.N 13 күн мурун
Better ending then garbage fire of gravity falls
Sidney Wade
Sidney Wade 3 күн мурун
@C.A.A.N ok, now that i've calmed down, please remember that any insult placed on your name or anything of the sort is only out of a joke. okay, commence the callout post. "mabel is an awful character who purposefully screws up the town for her own greedy pleasure that the show brushes off as nothing" here's the problem with your criticism: mabel didn't do it on purpose. she never meant to destroy the town, nor did she know what the rift was, because she wasn't there when ford announced, "there's a rift containing all of the portal", only dipper was there. she ALSO didn't know that it was bill, because well, listen to blandin's voice. it doesn't even sound like bill in any way. bill is too smart to actually reveal his voice during a big moment in his plan to conquer the world, for goodness sake rofl what's your point man? also, i fail to see how this is worse than star LITERALLY COMMITTING GENOCIDE? "the circle they've been alluding to all shown to be nothing for a brother vs brother conflict that's barely fleshed out" barely fleshed out? so a nearly 30 minute episode and a whole 2nd half of the 2nd season is somehow "barely fleshed out." yeah, ok then, makes sense lol "the bait and switch ending that's there to manipulate viewers because they weren't smart enough to add an actual ending in" that's hilarious. you don't even know what a bait and switch is, do you? then again, it's the internet, people are bound to make misinformation lol a bait and switch is an illegal marketing strategy from companies that promote what they say is a good product with the actual intention of promoting an expensive or horrible product. now tell me again, *how is the gravity falls finale a bait and switch?* if you had a brain, then if you compiled dipper and mabel vs the future and weirdmageddon parts 1-3, you would realize that this is the ENTIRE FINALE OF GRAVITY FALLS. how are you this stupid, you patrick star wannabe? it's one thing to say that the gravity falls finale is trash, it's ANOTHER thing to say that disney performed an illegal action. this is legitimately one of the funniest things i've ever heard in the entire world lol. every single criticism of yours is just an absolute dumpster fire amongst another dumpster fire, filled to the brim with terrible points and nonsensical, dishonest, and idiotic rambling about how disney is an illegal company. you fail to pay attention to the basics of the writing of gravity falls and you present your opinion as if you're this all-knowing man who says, "if i don't like this specific thing, that means i'm right and everyone else is wrong!" when really, it's just you who doesn't like the finale of gravity falls. the vast majority of the gravity falls fandom loved it to bits and saw it as a proper conclusion to a great show. the public loved it as well. were there things that could've been done better? yes, there were, but they're all few and far between. aside from a couple nitpicks, this finale is what alex wanted and what the fans wanted. it's fantastic and judging from how many likes nivedita got on her comment, then that says a lot about your opinion doesn't it? there are things such as a dumb take. they exist. this was one of those bad takes. just do better, take the L, and i won't reply to you anymore. and no, don't continue. i don't want to hear your writing tips. i gotta go to sleep. have a good rest of your day, buddy
Sidney Wade
Sidney Wade 3 күн мурун
@Sammy’s Little Workshop yeah it can be heavy at times. it's worth it tho lol.
Sammy’s Little Workshop
Sammy’s Little Workshop 3 күн мурун
@Sidney Wade I’ve heard it’s really amazing, but I can’t watch it yet because it’s apparently really heavy and mature
Sidney Wade
Sidney Wade 3 күн мурун
@Sammy’s Little Workshop it really was, fr. we need more quality stuff like gravity falls. you heard of bojack horseman?
Sammy’s Little Workshop
Sammy’s Little Workshop 3 күн мурун
@Sidney Wade yeah, I’m honestly nitpicking lol. The finale for Gravity Falls was phenomenal, and is what really made the show.
Inzilla Saher
Inzilla Saher 14 күн мурун
I want season 5 😭😭😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭 it was so fun to watch it is it going come plz tell I'm really was 😟😟😟...
HEXAN2015 14 күн мурун
I believe the ransom gram girl was talking about nether zone months not earth months I get the mix up though nice vid
Jad_n 14 күн мурун
One thing I really hated about the show Is Starco. Marco and Star should've remained best friends
I'm stupid But
I'm stupid But 8 күн мурун
@ramdelure excuse me, Ron and Kim weren't borderline OBSESSED with each other sniffing each others dirty clothes, carrying a bawl of gross cereals with them ect. And people didn't mistake Rufus for their son lol
KickXWeeb X
KickXWeeb X 8 күн мурун
I think season 2 with more development on Marco's feelings to Jackie and star could've been grand and created a great ship season 1 I saw them as bros and then in season 3 and 4 I hated the ship hated both star and marco and wanted them to be friends
ramdelure 14 күн мурун
Like Kim and Ron, don't you think?
Jad_n 14 күн мурун
Other than that the show was coo, ending could've been better
HYRI :3 14 күн мурун
Loved the show overall actually But watching this video, man I am having mixed feelings cuz I agree everything in this video
Ava O'Hara
Ava O'Hara 14 күн мурун
Tom deserved better
I'm stupid But
I'm stupid But 8 күн мурун
@ramdelure no.
ramdelure 14 күн мурун
Emanuel Delk
Emanuel Delk 14 күн мурун
I think marco was better with jackie.
Maya Norman
Maya Norman 14 күн мурун
I also have to say. Love options A and B for how you would’ve ended it
Maya Norman
Maya Norman 14 күн мурун
A crap load of plot holes and decisions bothered me. Also some of the characters choices within the last 2 seasons. And even though I’ll admit it didn’t fan out the way I thought it should I’m still fan of Starco 😬
Onivious 15 күн мурун
Season 1 & 2: Shrek 2 Season 3 & 4: SHREK 3
Malena Ávalos
Malena Ávalos Күн мурун
Am i the only person who actually likes shrek 3? *runs of to hell*
Onivious 14 күн мурун
@ramdelure you monster
ramdelure 14 күн мурун
Season 5: Shrek Forever After
Green Rain
Green Rain 15 күн мурун
This was a painful video to watch but it was worth it to put the show behind me and move on to something better.
ramdelure 14 күн мурун
No freakin'way
RM's Dimples
RM's Dimples 15 күн мурун
I remember watching this when it first came out, I remembered being hyped for it and i would always watch when its airing for 2 years but in some point it seemed it wasn't interesting anymore...
Jakayla Patterson
Jakayla Patterson 15 күн мурун
I am addicted to watching this. Keep up the good work✌💜🖤💛 P.S. Blue whenever my show comes out can you react to it.
hunter tayler
hunter tayler 15 күн мурун
Im here i m hunter
Nivedita Srinivasan
Nivedita Srinivasan 15 күн мурун
Wow I can't believe hunter is here
jaedmanuel 15 күн мурун
star vs the forces of evil's finale is so disappointing, like, really disappointing
Mahalha Chalulu
Mahalha Chalulu 15 күн мурун
Toffee’s back is hurting from carrying the show, that’s why Daron decided to kill him off
Game Addictz
Game Addictz 16 күн мурун
This is my favourite video to watch after finishing the whole series 😂I’ve watched the full series twice and it was last October the first time and this morning the second and I’ve watched this whole video both times after 😅Thankyou for giving me more svtfoe content to watch after knowing there will be no more😂😂
toy foxy 1239
toy foxy 1239 16 күн мурун
Hey blue do you plan on making a video about Steven universe and how that fell from grace or just talk about the problem the show
Sammy’s Little Workshop
Sammy’s Little Workshop 7 күн мурун
Actually, Blue really liked the ending to Steven Universe, according to his reactions.
Jennifer Province
Jennifer Province 16 күн мурун
king crimson
Nivedita Srinivasan
Nivedita Srinivasan 13 күн мурун
i disagree.
Unknownfanatic0 13 күн мурун
I'm sorry but seeing a white kid in a reddit webcomic hat complain about fake racism not being immediately solved is so funny
Sidney Wade
Sidney Wade 3 күн мурун
lol hello racist
Blue Order
Blue Order 16 күн мурун
Lmao yeah
Kaitsar Naoval
Kaitsar Naoval 17 күн мурун
1:41:41 is that Steven's voice ? Lmao
Sammy’s Little Workshop
Sammy’s Little Workshop 7 күн мурун
Yeah it is haha
Quenteb 17 күн мурун
Star vs Forces of Evil is like the Twinmold Fight in Majora's Mask 3d It starts increfible, but than after some time everything goes downhill
Pines' Hazel Videos
Pines' Hazel Videos 17 күн мурун
1:25:56 Im sorry _what-_ Why would they even tease that if it was NEVER even close to happening??? In all seriousness Star vs. The Forces of Evil has SO MUCH POTENTIAL, and honestly, if they fixed seasons 3, 4 and 5, it would be, without a doubt, my absolute FAVORITE show.
jae 18 күн мурун
I just finished the series with my boyfriend and while i admit season 3 and mostly 4 werent what i expected and the ending wasnt quite what i pictured i didnt hate it Its so weird reading through comments tearing apart characters i enjoy 😅 i hope to watch this review at some point because it looks exceedingly in depth but at the same time i enjoyed the show and dont want to walk away despising it
40hamp 18 күн мурун
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Көрүүлөр 533 миӊ.
Tucker Budzyn
Көрүүлөр 266 миӊ.
Trump Fires His Lawyer for Wild Conspiracy Theory Claims | The Tonight Show
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Pranking a Private Tutor!
Baylen Levine
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CONFRONTING MY BULLY Who Hacks My YouTube Channel!
Chad Wild Clay
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It Finally Happened...
JJ Olatunji
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I'm a Mobile Game
Көрүүлөр 5 млн