GIANT Pumpkin Carving Contest

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Dude Perfect

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Hide and seek in a HUGE store, carving massive pumpkins, plus your two favorite segments all in Overtime 19! Special thanks to Bass Pro Shops for sponsoring this video! Click HERE to shop:
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Deborah Moon Account
Deborah Moon Account 59 мүнөт мурун
I love Joe Gonzalez and Cory and Elliot Moon from Self Advocacy Class at NOCE.
Deborah Moon Account
Deborah Moon Account Саат мурун
I love Frosted Mini Wheats Cereal
PAARTH BHARDWAJ 3 саат мурун
The captions say "dead" forester
Carson Rentmeester
Carson Rentmeester 3 саат мурун
is it just me or did they say first ever on location cough cough episode 10
Greyson Bamonte
Greyson Bamonte 6 саат мурун
its the not wearing a mask for me
Daniel Whiting
Daniel Whiting 9 саат мурун
We need OT 20 soon
Brayden Tan
Brayden Tan 10 саат мурун
no hate or anything, but why are none of them wearing masks...?
Earth Worm Sally
Earth Worm Sally 13 саат мурун
I feel like I could smell the catfish bait through the screen...
Hud Alt
Hud Alt 10 саат мурун
Lol same
Dawn Hepler
Dawn Hepler 13 саат мурун
they should do top ten pop or fast food placeson overtime 20
Tanner's outdoor adventures
Tanner's outdoor adventures 13 саат мурун
its a dolphin fish i think
Dawn Hepler
Dawn Hepler 13 саат мурун
when is anybody gonna land on be garrets butler for a day or own a cat
Elijah Estep
Elijah Estep 14 саат мурун
Elijah Estep
Elijah Estep 14 саат мурун
Elijah Estep
Elijah Estep 14 саат мурун
Raghav Ramji
Raghav Ramji 14 саат мурун
Wow it’s soon going to be 3 years since the first overtime
Lila and Cubby
Lila and Cubby 15 саат мурун
19:29 me and my friends during corona 19:29 my other friends who has corona
Hud Alt
Hud Alt 10 саат мурун
Kevin Hoffpauir
Kevin Hoffpauir 16 саат мурун
For OT 20 these segments are what I'm hoping for: Cool not Cool Get Crafty(Gingerbread house and I'm hoping Kris Tingle will be there) Wheel Unfortunate Top 10
Manju Lata Rout Rout
Manju Lata Rout Rout 17 саат мурун
Sumit Kingdom
Sumit Kingdom 17 саат мурун
Love from india.... ❤️
Davide Cova
Davide Cova 17 саат мурун
It's a really cool punks cody 👍🏻
Lachlan foreman
Lachlan foreman 19 саат мурун
🕺I'm not even lying but I'm a ballroom dancer 🕺
Anti JuDas
Anti JuDas Күн мурун
You know COVID-19 not real cause dude perfect never use mask.
Hud Alt
Hud Alt 10 саат мурун
Um It is real. And before the videos they all get tested none of them have it so then they just don't wear masks
EX0TIC. 11
EX0TIC. 11 Күн мурун
Yooooo I live therw
The Game Danalyst
The Game Danalyst Күн мурун
Is it a rule that Ty isn’t supposed to be chosen for the wheel or what?
Riley Sharp
Riley Sharp Күн мурун
Have y'all ever used beef jerky for bait for blue gills
Joseph L. Truly Random
Joseph L. Truly Random Күн мурун
Wow that was alot of ads
Levi McNutt
Levi McNutt Күн мурун
Does anyone else just binge all the Ots in a row?
Doyle Traci
Doyle Traci Күн мурун
Cody that pumpkin weighed more than your Grouper!! 😆
• Guardian of the Glitch •
• Guardian of the Glitch • Күн мурун
Nobody: My dad during nature shows: 0:40
Quarantine Kids
Quarantine Kids Күн мурун
That pumpkin on the cover is cool but creepy like if you agree
Terry Phillips
Terry Phillips Күн мурун
So cool cody
The Bassmaster
The Bassmaster Күн мурун
Tiger gar😂😂😂😂
The Rant Show
The Rant Show Күн мурун
Guys, are you antimaskers? Why aren’t you wearing mask?
Kelsi Placher
Kelsi Placher Күн мурун
I live in Missouri about 2-3 hours away from Springfield 😁
stunt bros
stunt bros Күн мурун
who wants more game time i do
EncaticPlayz Күн мурун
“I’ve always wanted to be the guy!”- Tyler Toney
EncaticPlayz Күн мурун
Ty is the guy from pool stereotypes activity guy bonus segment
Henry Danger
Henry Danger Күн мурун
Please release the overtime 20 I can't wait much long or can you please tell me when you are gonna release the next overtime video
Luke Rossi
Luke Rossi Күн мурун
Non maskers
HDT Tổng hợp
HDT Tổng hợp Күн мурун
Bộ ngũ siêu đẳng
SammyPoops :D
SammyPoops :D 2 күн мурун
I wanted him to jump out at the girl when she said "not real" so bad
Stephanie Ithivongkham
Stephanie Ithivongkham 2 күн мурун
Do more I spy ty
Fairy lover
Fairy lover 2 күн мурун
When was the last time they did mail time
NedandTheNeedlefishVEVO 2 күн мурун
Cory CLEARLY had the best pumpkin
Dallin Mecham
Dallin Mecham 2 күн мурун
someone else should do top 10
Jiang Yimin
Jiang Yimin 2 күн мурун
i just want to see tt spin the wheel
Samuel Tidwell
Samuel Tidwell 2 күн мурун
You guys are the best
Twin Hart’s
Twin Hart’s 2 күн мурун
They shouldve done give Cory a cat every time he got to the wheel he would have like 5 cats rn loll
Faisal Rania
Faisal Rania 2 күн мурун
I thought it was “tall guy, weird twins, purple hozer” for the longest time. Lmafo
Bonnie Chan
Bonnie Chan 2 күн мурун
Didn't even know it was overtime before the intro
Barbara Stover
Barbara Stover 2 күн мурун
Coby-Zeus is a tiger gar. Ty- infinite red button 🤣🤣🤣
Louise van Maren
Louise van Maren 2 күн мурун
Dose anyone miss gaming room?
Abu Naeem
Abu Naeem 2 күн мурун
When will it be own a cat
Akash Shedde
Akash Shedde 3 күн мурун
I still think they should've named their blooper channel "Dude Not Perfect"
Janaki Saravanan
Janaki Saravanan 3 күн мурун
Cricket challenge
Danielle Barnett
Danielle Barnett 3 күн мурун
One video you guys should do a wheel of fortunate rather then wheel unfortunate
Danielle Barnett
Danielle Barnett 3 күн мурун
At least once
Jonah Terra
Jonah Terra 3 күн мурун
Emma Engle yeah I would like that 🥰
Diego Pablo
Diego Pablo 3 күн мурун
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Charles Campuzano
Charles Campuzano 3 күн мурун
I thought it was “tall guy, weird twins, purple hozer” for the longest time. Lmafo
the Me_greatest
the Me_greatest 3 күн мурун
6:58 ty there
Brian Munaco
Brian Munaco 3 күн мурун
I live in Springfield illiois
Loki my tv Gamer Tv
Loki my tv Gamer Tv 3 күн мурун
Just a few of my favorite items man buys the whole store
Zx1'ce 3 күн мурун
Isn't this the second on location ot cuz ot10
Cole Hartley
Cole Hartley 3 күн мурун
dp should do top 10 favorite songs
Heidi Elbe
Heidi Elbe 3 күн мурун
cory cory
PHSYCO PATH 3 күн мурун
Zeus was really cool I saw that fish at that cabelleas
Dhruv Samthej
Dhruv Samthej 3 күн мурун
PLS do overtime 19
Ronald Reddy
Ronald Reddy 4 күн мурун
Anmonoir Hosan// Rasedul
Anmonoir Hosan// Rasedul 4 күн мурун
Huge giveaway going on right now 🔥 Check the last video for all the info
Carter Koning
Carter Koning 4 күн мурун
One of my favorite segments in overtime is cool not cool
best Clip
best Clip 4 күн мурун
We’re just gonna ignore the fact they trained a fish to give high fives
SubZeroDestroyer1 4 күн мурун
Tyler: I got a big one Me: was that a supposed to be a yoke Egg jokes!!!!!
Ian Taylor
Ian Taylor 4 күн мурун
Mom comes in.... what you watching Me: a grown man with a beard playing hide and seek
Josephine Smith
Josephine Smith 4 күн мурун
Oh come on did you really have to do that
allison bolivar
allison bolivar 4 күн мурун
Look at the bottom left Conner on cool not cool
Madden Champ
Madden Champ 4 күн мурун
Super Stuff
Super Stuff 4 күн мурун
Own a cat has got to be rigged.
Super Stuff
Super Stuff 4 күн мурун
If this didn't have cool not cool I would have gone boom
Brian Eschbach
Brian Eschbach 4 күн мурун
mmmmmmmmmmm buttss
DisneyGamerBoy 4 күн мурун
I have the dude perfect fishing pole I git is at bass proshop
uzma faraz
uzma faraz 4 күн мурун
Garrett’s face when the guy said “It kinda looks like Jabba The Hutt,” Was so funny.
Sore Loser Norris
Sore Loser Norris 4 күн мурун
Why dose ty always do the intro let somebody else do the intro because I’m mad at ty.
ChainSaw 97
ChainSaw 97 4 күн мурун
I have a suggestion for the ? consequence drink your own throw up 🤢🤮 lol it is gross and short and you have to drink 0.3 liters I don't know how much that is in the imperial system
Bryce McDaniels
Bryce McDaniels 4 күн мурун
You could see the wheel of fortune We are in the background when they were voting Cody For cool not cool
Punrik Jain
Punrik Jain 4 күн мурун
i love corry
Online gamer
Online gamer 4 күн мурун
11:13 He murdered Tyler
Pratibha Sharma
Pratibha Sharma 4 күн мурун
Did everyone forget about the super not cool suspension of ty ??
Sleeping Monkey
Sleeping Monkey 4 күн мурун
All time purple hozer... We are heading to the best moments of our liiiiife time... And that's what we call Overtimeee
CHEUK FUNG JETHRO YAU 邱卓丰 4 күн мурун
I dislike the fact that closed captions aren't provided even after a month of release.
ERMAK 5 күн мурун
Welcome dear friend. I subscribed to your channel. Please subscribe to my channel.
Amy Rodda
Amy Rodda 5 күн мурун
kata theon lype apostrepho
kata theon lype apostrepho 5 күн мурун
Karen at 8:41
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Relax Music Channel*Лучшая Музыка для Отдыха 5 күн мурун
visit my channel in Russia
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown 5 күн мурун
I’m from the Uk, what is bass pro?
Jude Luetchford
Jude Luetchford 5 күн мурун
Emma Engle it should be a live stream to
Bruno Alvarado
Bruno Alvarado 5 күн мурун
It weird that garret took the paper to check the name
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 5 күн мурун
Ummm can you do a mail time thingy magigy next time because i sent you a letter and i think you are going to like it :)
Eryn Norris
Eryn Norris 5 күн мурун
I was just there this summer and the Wonders of Wildlife Museum was amazing!!
JustinExtreme 5 күн мурун
8:42 if you wanna see a Karen Not even wearing a mask
Caroline Harmonosky
Caroline Harmonosky 3 күн мурун
@Liam C covid rules are different in every state
Liam C
Liam C 3 күн мурун
Love these guys, though I can’t help but notice none of the guys were either while they were running around the store
Caroline Harmonosky
Caroline Harmonosky 5 күн мурун
her body her choice
Terri Keul
Terri Keul 5 күн мурун
Zuez is awesome
bexten88 5 күн мурун
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