Exploring Timelapse in Google Earth

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24 күн мурун

See humanity’s impact on the Earth through a global time-lapse video of the planet since 1984.
Explore the whole planet: goo.gle/timelapse
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JSindustry 19 мүнөт мурун
BrandonScott RobinsonMusic
BrandonScott RobinsonMusic Саат мурун
I cant wait for climate lockdowns
Dan Саат мурун
If we can't get to Mars, then let's bring Mars here :D
Rickenbacker Von Braun
Rickenbacker Von Braun 2 саат мурун
How is this humanity's impact? Got any proof?
Salman Khan
Salman Khan 2 саат мурун
I think we humans are not the part of ecosystem, we humans are actually a Virus to Earth and each day we are harming and damaging earth & its resources and as a medicine earth is using Corona virus as a antibody. This is alarming situation for humans, we need to preserve our mother earth and need to give respect to other life on earth too or it will be too late to realise.
Rhuam PFC
Rhuam PFC 4 саат мурун
E eu não tenho minha casa propria
straight white male
straight white male 7 саат мурун
Yea I see what you’re trying to do google, nice try but I’m not convinced
Michele Fortner
Michele Fortner 8 саат мурун
Very interesting
Steve Austin
Steve Austin 8 саат мурун
it's very sad seeing Amazon being destroyed
William Daroch
William Daroch 9 саат мурун
Populismo el hombre es el hombre y domina el mundo hasta que el mundo nos envía un virus 🦠
父GôD父 9 саат мурун
Everyone one will just watch and forget. (that's the truth)
Only Connect
Only Connect 10 саат мурун
Will this spur us into action? Or just be another ‘like’ before we move onto the next dose of virtual reality?
E Rea
E Rea 10 саат мурун
This is cherry picking locations to look bad in fact the planet is greener now than 40 years ago. Check out some William Happer videos for a realistic view of how CO2 is helping
E Rea
E Rea 10 саат мурун
This is cherry picking locations to look bad in fact the planet is greener now than 40 years ago. Check out some William Happer videos for a realistic view.
Alex Productions
Alex Productions 12 саат мурун
Can you do a time lapse of Annapolis Maryland
Christian Mejorado
Christian Mejorado 13 саат мурун
DAHAKA - ඩහකා YT
DAHAKA - ඩහකා YT 16 саат мурун
corona punished us. what we treat to mother nature and they will treat us by virus
VIJAY KOMAL 18 саат мурун
Good effort... Try to make a reverse video from 2050 to 2000 than I will Salute U... As our Ancient Indian Can See...🙏
pearl crochet and knitwear
pearl crochet and knitwear 19 саат мурун
حكمة اليوم 😂😂😂🚀🚀🚀🚀 كن مثل الصاروخ الصيني لا تخبر أحدا بوجهتك القادمة ولا بهدفك المستقبلي اجعلهم يخشونك حتى في سقوطك
Rutik Dakre
Rutik Dakre 20 саат мурун
Tacos de Cabeza
Tacos de Cabeza 22 саат мурун
They should have shown a timelapse of antartica
Tiago Күн мурун
Brazil is messing up big time. I'm from here, so I know it. For example, just today we learned that we had the worst April since 2015 in terms of deforestation.
Meg the Megalodon
Meg the Megalodon Күн мурун
Google, i have a question, why do moldova people speak romanian?
Dhruv Seth
Dhruv Seth Күн мурун
we give too much credit to humanity, earth has seen 5 ice ages before humanity existed. So, some of the natural changes are inevitable, Earth is in a constant state of flux. This flux is imperative for its survival . Great video though :P
Mehmet Yamaç
Mehmet Yamaç Күн мурун
Mehmet Abdullah yamaç
Gokul Barath
Gokul Barath 16 саат мурун
Kagura Hanasaka
Kagura Hanasaka Күн мурун
Is it possible to get google data from 20 years ago?
DARK 彡ROHIT Күн мурун
It's Depressed Me
zummon Күн мурун
just like SimCity isn't it?
India Crea
India Crea Күн мурун
I see lots of people's comments who really care about Our Beautiful Earth🌍. But we are just commenting and seeing that our planet is destroying so I call all the people to come together and start working on sloution. make a large community of nature lovers and start doing something. Thanks ❤
不過實況主 Күн мурун
Google is a scam group, the money is scammed
Afzaal Shah
Afzaal Shah Күн мурун
Everything will be and soon and last war on water
1:20 Greenland was White! &Now it's Brown!
Kim In The Mix
Kim In The Mix Күн мурун
We are just too blind to see this unique beautiful planet below our feet. Instead we search for rocks.
Scott y
Scott y Күн мурун
And guess what? When the Earth eradicates us like the parasites we are it has nothing but time to heal and once become the beautiful nature filled paradise it once was. Doing this much damage in such a short time is and will have repercussions that no human will be able to survive.
Watchandjewelryloft Күн мурун
Of those urban areas that contribute 70% of the carbon emissions......how many of them did Greta demonize. And how much of that 70% do each one specifically contribute? Asking for a friend.
Johnny Zakka
Johnny Zakka Күн мурун
we really do look like cancer
Tomás Grané B
Tomás Grané B Күн мурун
YAHUAH'S son & friend
YAHUAH'S son & friend 2 күн мурун
Always remember to repent of your sins (sin is transgression of YAHUAH’S LAW: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, & Deuteronomy) And Have Belief On YAHUSHA HAMASHYACH. HE Died and Rose three days later so that you can be forgiven of your sins! HE Loves you! Come to HIM!🙂🙂
musicspinner 2 күн мурун
A L E ay ЛOЛ
A L E ay ЛOЛ 2 күн мурун
Yo viniendo por una tarea
Alyssa Kelly
Alyssa Kelly 2 күн мурун
Please is there any way to pause Google Earth timelapse or display the dates?
류토릭_ryutoric 2 күн мурун
This is awesome...!
Brajil In
Brajil In 2 күн мурун
Stop this killing😭
yami 2 күн мурун
Nice seeing us kill ourselves
CINE STONE 2 күн мурун
Google watching around's the world!
СЛАВА ТРИЩЕНКО 2 күн мурун
Уничтожая планету уничтожаем сами себя. Вырубать растения и потом говорить что виноваты машины с ДВС. Со школы нас учили что растения дышат углекислым газом а выделяют кислород. И кто сейчас должен его выделять. И дожди идут там где есть леса. Всё меняется не в лучшую сторону. Очень грустно смотреть на это.
Absurd 72
Absurd 72 2 күн мурун
Creative 2 күн мурун
Connected with you
Creative 2 күн мурун
Registered and like for you 👍👍👍👍👍
Creative 2 күн мурун
Wonderful My Friend Wonderful My Friend Wonderful My Friend like IT very beautiful
_ see more
_ see more 2 күн мурун
were there google earth on 1984?
PunchisEpic 3 күн мурун
Super Actions
Super Actions 3 күн мурун
Lovely voice love it ❤️❤️
Eli Dekay
Eli Dekay 3 күн мурун
KTI Tech
KTI Tech 3 күн мурун
So beautiful❤❤❤❤✨✨✨❤😍😍😍
Eliezer Da silva
Eliezer Da silva 3 күн мурун
Some human beings are like viruses for this planet
Romi Agua
Romi Agua 3 күн мурун
E aí isso mostrado é positivo ou negativo ?
Let's Find Fun
Let's Find Fun 3 күн мурун
This is incredible and eye opening. Thanks for sharing.
Duane Oxford-Baker
Duane Oxford-Baker 3 күн мурун
Rivers and lakes continue to dry up. Oceans continue to rise. The planet continues to heat up. And the clock continues to tick.
Giulio Rivera
Giulio Rivera 3 күн мурун
Name Of Allah the first & last
Name Of Allah the first & last 3 күн мурун
Timo 1
Timo 1 3 күн мурун
Man, everyone needs to see these things
wswsws77 3 күн мурун
Ja pierdole.
Get set fly Whatt
Get set fly Whatt 3 күн мурун
No more earth 🌎 can survive if it is happening
Aoom Love
Aoom Love 3 күн мурун
It was a very sad story. Because the forests were destroyed by human hands
Coupe DeVille
Coupe DeVille 3 күн мурун
Hey dumb millennials, this Big Tech catastrophizing propaganda was done 40 years ago. This is an updated version of Koyaanisqatsi. I can selectively edit fake satellite photos too.
Donkey 9
Donkey 9 3 күн мурун
We can’t compensate the damage we do by planting trees. Rainforest are an ecosystem of co2 absorption powerhouses, they absorb much more than the same amount of a variety of different trees we plant for the lost rainforest. That’s why we have to save what’s left and let it grow on it’s own again
IronSimon X
IronSimon X Күн мурун
On the one hand this is right. But on the other hand we can thy to let grow eco systems with more trees
María Jesus Martín González
María Jesus Martín González 3 күн мурун
Ahora qito todo a buson
María Jesus Martín González
María Jesus Martín González 3 күн мурун
Porqe estaré móvil es tuyo
Mr Fender
Mr Fender 3 күн мурун
Nature doesn't need us, we can just step aside and it can heal, is not too late
Nicolas 4 күн мурун
Bruh really spent more money making this ad than doing actual change
Anthony J
Anthony J 4 күн мурун
nice but when i wanna look at maps its all censored
Umbrella Corporation
Umbrella Corporation 4 күн мурун
The human species will end soon.
Umbrella Corporation
Umbrella Corporation 4 күн мурун
Why does this have comments, but the official google earth videos have comments disabled?
ronak jha
ronak jha 4 күн мурун
Google earth was made in 2001 how could they record in 1984
Ameri Can
Ameri Can 4 күн мурун
Yes. We're all very scared google. Of your agenda.
Dudam Asvith
Dudam Asvith 4 күн мурун
some times small some times big every thing is living on earth we are the worst creatures on the earth
Cometeer the Rocketeer
Cometeer the Rocketeer 4 күн мурун
Sad to see the lakes slowly dry up, ice sheets slowly melting, and more and more city taking over the wild.
Prasanna's #
Prasanna's # 4 күн мурун
Let's say we remove humans from the earth: 1. Cities will gradually turn into forests 2. Animals move back in and create new habitats. 3. Life in the ocean flourishes 4. In 450 years, plastic waste will gradually start to decompose. 5. CO2 levels in the atmosphere fall reducing the planet's temperature. 6. Melted ice at the poles might reform. 7. Earth would be a better planet. Despite all this restoration, it only takes a large asteroid to perish all life on earth. I believe evolution created humans for a reason, to spread life & consciousness to the worlds beyond. I hope humans will make things right and build an exciting and invaluable future.
Steven Br
Steven Br 4 күн мурун
Animals(your Point 2) would populate and increase in numbers of billions, exponentialy. Plenty Herds of Buffalos, cattles, chickens like thousands of years ago the world looked like. All breathing out C02 more than nowadays through domestic flesh production. They would spread out immense. Natural Hunters would not be enough. or Raptors which blow out CO2, too.
Aswin Sundar
Aswin Sundar 4 күн мурун
Akhil Vangala
Akhil Vangala 4 күн мурун
I HUNT MAINS - King Of F2P 5 күн мурун
Consequences? This is what the Planet is here for. For us to use it's resources to advance as a species. Sure there's ways we could change in order to put less stress on the planet but we have to reach that milestone first and in time we will but it's not something that you just jump right into. That part comes naturally, later on. We're doing exactly what we're supposed to do at this point with the Planet. Surprised you didn't add a black person in the video to seem like you're advocating for diversity as well.
i Lovetone
i Lovetone 5 күн мурун
Thank you for 91 ab sirf 1k karawado guys Love you all ❤❤️
Help me Reach 10K Sbs without any Video
Help me Reach 10K Sbs without any Video 5 күн мурун
Best Hope -Allah ? Best leader - Muhammad (S.A.W) Best lyrics - Azaan Best guide - quraan Best request - Dua (please see my Name)
Help me Reach 10K Sbs without any Video
Help me Reach 10K Sbs without any Video 4 күн мурун
@Umbrella Corporation why..?
Umbrella Corporation
Umbrella Corporation 4 күн мурун
No. I reported and flagged you for spam.
muhammad dng
muhammad dng 5 күн мурун
Humans kill the planet, and the planet may decide to get rid of this destructive creature in alliance with viruses
Zalman SHALTUPER 5 күн мурун
Gailm Rutland
Gailm Rutland 5 күн мурун
Ahmed GABR mohamed
Ahmed GABR mohamed 5 күн мурун
Someone controls people's memory by opening and closing them and by playing with the hormones of the body. How do they do that and how to stop them
Sebastian beleño Daza
Sebastian beleño Daza 5 күн мурун
amazing video!
arigato დლ
arigato დლ 5 күн мурун
Amjâd Khañ Mêngal
Amjâd Khañ Mêngal 5 күн мурун
Broken heart 💔 selfish world
Captures Smile
Captures Smile 5 күн мурун
Students Reaction After Cancellation and postpone of board exam 😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂 kgpost.info/will/video/0pfOunSFrol1qN0 😂🤣🤣😂♥️
Vas Vryus
Vas Vryus 5 күн мурун
Foreign aid = overpopulation & destruction aid
Raine c gojo cruz
Raine c gojo cruz 5 күн мурун
Sorry for the people earth :(
necromancerisme 5 күн мурун
AD by Greta Thunderbird! How dare you??
Prince NS
Prince NS 5 күн мурун
The Lord Jesus is coming soon... (2 Peter 3)
Carmine Todaro
Carmine Todaro 5 күн мурун
Wojciech Orłowski
Wojciech Orłowski 5 күн мурун
Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every "superstar," every "supreme leader," every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there-on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam. Carl Sagan Astronomer 1934 - 1996
Johny Alex
Johny Alex 5 күн мурун
Makes me feel sad...,.,..... 😐😑
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