Everything Epic DIDN'T Tell You in the PREDATOR Update! (Invisibility Mythic) - Fortnite Season 5

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Today Epic released an interesting New Patch! There's a new Predator Mythic, a cloak that turns you invisible, and MORE! Hope you enjoy! :D
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about why I still play Fortnite. In todays video we announce Everything epic didnt tell you in the huge new patch in fortnite season 5! Hope you enjoy!
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Christopher Weiner
Christopher Weiner 2 саат мурун
2:55 XD
Ahyan Faisal
Ahyan Faisal 26 күн мурун
Can somebody pls tell me the name of the music he uses in the background pls
Scrubby 27 күн мурун
Wtf do u mean not tell you, change ur title
Green Man Gaming
Green Man Gaming 29 күн мурун
Is your background music “Howling” by any chance?
K' 29 күн мурун
He ran out of content ideas now it’s just “ heres everything epic didnt tell you about...”
Haker Man
Haker Man Ай мурун
Spire Ай мурун
Who else was there for the live
buck e
buck e Ай мурун
dose the peely have a yt channer i want to sub
SRPSKI MAJMUN 158 Ай мурун
yani vega
yani vega Ай мурун
subscribe to my channel SnowRaven Gaming Vega.
Darvin Charles
Darvin Charles Ай мурун
Literally 99% won’t see this but GOD BLESS you be safe during these times I’m struggling to hit 4k with notis🧡
Can I get 1k subs with no videos
Can I get 1k subs with no videos Ай мурун
That peele has steroids 😂😂😂😂
Feeling Cartoonish
Feeling Cartoonish Ай мурун
Peely on Steroids- SyherPK2021
Not_Anythingdog X
Not_Anythingdog X Ай мурун
I KNOW WHO THE FOX CLAN IS DUE TO THE SKIN REVEAL! LOOK AT THE HOOD! IT IS DRIFTS MASK! So my conclusion is drift (my main skin) catalist, and other skins similar to it are apart of the fox clan : kitsunes are kinda foxes too!
Not_Anythingdog X
Not_Anythingdog X Ай мурун
Also if u wanna add me my ign ia AnythingdogX
Adam Asfari
Adam Asfari Ай мурун
And he doesn't drop his clas he uses them to fight but doesn't drop them
Adam Asfari
Adam Asfari Ай мурун
Adam Asfari
Adam Asfari Ай мурун
It last for 30 seconds and if some one shoots you you will take dameg
XA1 Esports
XA1 Esports Ай мурун
Why would you ever care about that
Advik Playz
Advik Playz Ай мурун
Sypher you are so stupid we all know the predators mythic has been added it says in the leaks
Hendryck Ruiz
Hendryck Ruiz Ай мурун
How old are you ?
Renegade Raider-YT
Renegade Raider-YT Ай мурун
Peels is on X-games mod rn
Astro Flam
Astro Flam Ай мурун
I love how he complimented the perky this proves how nice he truly is
S. Brumbaugh
S. Brumbaugh Ай мурун
"I had to kill 12 people but I found it!"-SypherPK 2021
Glenn Fennessy
Glenn Fennessy Ай мурун
Soccer people won't know wat it is you mad sypher most watched sport in world and most money that's the problem with USA they don't relize its a big world out there
Yaniel Camacho
Yaniel Camacho Ай мурун
Its trash
Wynandlr___ Ай мурун
Fortnites dying in my opinion...
Duncan4president Ай мурун
PickleJesus69 is a beast lol
nicole harris
nicole harris Ай мурун
Predators in the battle pass
FearrIOS Ай мурун
this is exactly why epic doesn’t add fun things. then some nerds exploit it and make it op, causing epic to nerf it and potentially vault the item. smh
Bhagyesh Mhatre
Bhagyesh Mhatre Ай мурун
The three fired inspiringly multiply because department sporadically argue anenst a scientific advertisement. skillful, actually bathtub
I_is Plane109
I_is Plane109 Ай мурун
No we wonrlt you have the in is cloak
Elizabeth Soria
Elizabeth Soria Ай мурун
The banana skin wasn’t me
Ahamed Jaris
Ahamed Jaris Ай мурун
Peely was probably Justin
The Texas Pig
The Texas Pig Ай мурун
Okay how the heck are scammers getting ads on fortnite channels. THEY WANT TO SCAM YOU! Very annoying.
Derth Vidur
Derth Vidur Ай мурун
The predator skin is a little complete quest to win or something like that because it has a laser sight with the mask and it’s like aimbot.
Don Juan
Don Juan Ай мурун
The invisibility cloak would be more versatile if it allowed the possessor at least one shot prior to auto disengaging the cloak but its nice to look at
Dance while you have it you like fully invisible no outlines
Tom Roberts
Tom Roberts Ай мурун
Right. So most of these are European teams, making them football skins! Soccer skins are a no go now
Aidan Vroom
Aidan Vroom Ай мурун
Bro I just got this gaming energy drink called sneak and it’s actually really good and the starter pack is much cheaper than gfuel and much healthier no added sugar and natural flavoring, this ain’t a add I just have wanted to get a gaming drink but Gfuel is so expensive
JHBK11 Ай мурун
When he found the mythic 3:33
The meme channel The meme channel
The meme channel The meme channel Ай мурун
Why do you always make these videos when the items come out like ...
Ramiz Gul
Ramiz Gul Ай мурун
*SypherPK* i made this map 252684054603 for you
Saif Rahman
Saif Rahman Ай мурун
It's called football not soccer LMAO
Aas-YT Ай мурун
title: "Everything epic didn't tell you" Me: "oh so apparently epic forgot to tell us that peely is more cracked"
Furl3s5_Bruh Ай мурун
Most of the new soccer skins are from italian teams btw
Toado da Moado
Toado da Moado Ай мурун
@sypherpk I accidentally found this out but if need to do predators thermal quest you can use the thermal scopes revolver but you have to kill them scoped in
Lure !
Lure ! Ай мурун
Fortnight only seem to care about the game when a big comp running or they manage to bag themselves a decent sponsors-ship, it’s basically a playable Advert at this point, I’m calling it, I beta new predator movie is in the works ....
Ginger Ninja
Ginger Ninja Ай мурун
There's a Celtic football skin coming out
tareq omar
tareq omar Ай мурун
sypherpk you are my one of the best youtubers i hope you have great day with your friends take care of yourself bro
Steez Nuts
Steez Nuts Ай мурун
Why put 2 mythics in the thumbnail if there's only 1??
Yunfe Ай мурун
legit says what in the update and some skins so clickbait
Hippie Rats
Hippie Rats Ай мурун
Fun fact they told us this in their Twitter! Stop tryna make these type of videos saying epic games didn’t tell you this just cause yo channel dying and you need content
YøItzBunny Ай мурун
The ryft fish should triple ur edit speed Lol
David Wijata
David Wijata Ай мурун
I thought it was at the place where lexa was /anime girl
Lactose Cheese
Lactose Cheese Ай мурун
Fake Taxi Hitler
Fake Taxi Hitler Ай мурун
Fuck fortnite, they ruined the predator and half the children who play it don’t even know who the predator is
XIAN & BLISS Ай мурун
Sypher.....im in that matchhhh in the rednight!
Dark Frostψ
Dark Frostψ Ай мурун
The head tilt hahahahahahah
Jabed Ali
Jabed Ali Ай мурун
Loved seeing you on cod! Please upload cod vids too!
Suzanne Palanuk
Suzanne Palanuk Ай мурун
Already fucking got him him
Mattz Gamer YT
Mattz Gamer YT Ай мурун
I think you need to be in the Breaking News of fortnite
Jacob Rickaby
Jacob Rickaby Ай мурун
Notice how he is always in like bot lobbies
AlwaysBe Cam
AlwaysBe Cam Ай мурун
Anyone notice this is good times with scars time lapse music?
Banger Lime
Banger Lime Ай мурун
I was the perky and I was hacking I’m sorry sypher
gimme a kiss QB
gimme a kiss QB Ай мурун
Got the skin built in remote banner and emoji 😁
Unique Craft
Unique Craft Ай мурун
I play 41 matches then I got predater skin and sypher get in a second
Tahj Thawe
Tahj Thawe Ай мурун
Yo sypher can u please tell epic to give predators picaxe a better animation. For a legendary picaxe it's really lame and it should be able to use on other skins
Omfg_ Kassi
Omfg_ Kassi Ай мурун
Is it just me or sypher fine af
Yo Sapphire
Yo Sapphire Ай мурун
Sypher dodged the bullet
jakeisthename Ай мурун
Any response to Noah?
Julian Hyfeos
Julian Hyfeos Ай мурун
My father must have had that cloak all is life
Andres Cortez
Andres Cortez Ай мурун
Oh no mo
giovani casillas
giovani casillas Ай мурун
So here's a thought, he probably knew where you were because he was using the visual sound thing the game offers where it shows your footsteps and chest locations. I would imagine without that it would be very difficult to actually see you
MING YU Ай мурун
Why the clickbait man
Xander Davies
Xander Davies Ай мурун
Tip for the cloaking device is that since epic nerfed the super hero skin you can go invisible inside a car
alex gutierrez
alex gutierrez Ай мурун
You're talking about Mexicans
The FreakOfNature
The FreakOfNature Ай мурун
If u stand fully still while cloaked then ur completely invisible
REFLECT Ай мурун
Picklejesus69 might be bugha in disguise
Crt Lesjak
Crt Lesjak Ай мурун
Sypher can u plisss not do the name of the video everthing epic didnt tell you i mean its great but i think i doesent fit with concept of the video
COD pickle chin
COD pickle chin Ай мурун
Ambrož Oblak
Ambrož Oblak Ай мурун
Imagine not having the predator This post was made by the lucky people who survived the whole lobby in stealthy stronghold gang
Roman Ай мурун
*SypherPK* creative map 252684054603 has the zapatron
Dharma Chapagai
Dharma Chapagai Ай мурун
It’s not soccer it’s football
Jacob Fields
Jacob Fields Ай мурун
i like how the music cuts out when he goes invisible
Hurosha Ай мурун
*Hello all, on my channel you'll find interesting tutorials in MINECRAFT for all ages, so waiting for you, Thanks!!*
Hurosha Ай мурун
*Hello all, on my channel you'll find interesting tutorials in MINECRAFT for all ages, so waiting for you, Thanks!!*
Saden Ezzeldeen
Saden Ezzeldeen Ай мурун
Please do a video on probably when the superhero skins r going to release and what will probably be the changes
Lrgtreez TGOD
Lrgtreez TGOD Ай мурун
Ya they did
Logan Schnell
Logan Schnell Ай мурун
8:05 just sypher tryna get better angles IRL lol
Storm FLIX
Storm FLIX Ай мурун
OveZcracked Ай мурун
who was watching the livestream on this lol
insect- public
insect- public Ай мурун
I wonder why McCreamy is better than me and struggled and I killed the Predator my first game also I know I’m on the Sypher channel typing this and Sypher just beat right away ಠ_ಠ
Malz •
Malz • Ай мурун
Lobbys are difrent on skill level ayphers games are eassy mainly ai
username xio
username xio Ай мурун
reza city
reza city Ай мурун
No way I was in his game
DarkSharkGaming11 Ай мурун
Everything Sypher DIDN'T Tell You in the Clickbate Update! (Invisibility Mythic) - Fortnite Season
Harsh Tyagi
Harsh Tyagi Ай мурун
Did anyone notice when sypher duck actually dodging chaos agent shot 😂
Sebastian Benítez
Sebastian Benítez Ай мурун
Dos you swear
Lazar Beam
Lazar Beam Ай мурун
Blnkz Ай мурун
My keybinds got reset for some reason
Shadaalex Ай мурун
Does anyone know what the background music's name is ?
Super RamS And super may
Super RamS And super may Ай мурун
I FORGOT This Item is in Fortnite...
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