Every Student at Hexside Explained! | The Owl House Season 1 Yearbook

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2 ай мурун

One of the coolest parts about watching the Owl House is seeing all of the recurring background characters. Even though we don’t even know most of these characters by name, any Owl House fan can spot their favorites time and again, studying at magic school or out and about on the isles. I’m Whitney Van Laningham, and this is your season 1 Hexside yearbook!
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Peter Parlee
Peter Parlee 6 күн мурун
A random imperial gaurd commissar on a patrol with around 50 or 60 guardsmen: *Oh my emperor... what in the warp is this place.... we must find these daemons, and purge them all! Right from the shadows... AFFIX BAYONETS! AND CHARGE!*
Ashtyn Jackson
Ashtyn Jackson 6 күн мурун
My boy Jerbo better make a return Or Barkus he's cool i guess
Redmi 8
Redmi 8 7 күн мурун
"Being gay make you stronger" -Amity 2020
Fercy Lugue
Fercy Lugue 7 күн мурун
2:27 this kid is literally shigechi from jjba pt4 diu
Sha'teeq Smith
Sha'teeq Smith 9 күн мурун
I think Bo is kinda cute.
Cotton Candy Kitty
Cotton Candy Kitty 9 күн мурун
I love puddles
Nightwing4380 Jian Roman
Nightwing4380 Jian Roman 9 күн мурун
You forgot a student in the plant track
Misterio y ciencias con Jero
Misterio y ciencias con Jero 11 күн мурун
I like the ship skara x king
sophie 13 күн мурун
It could be cool if they made a hexside yearbook that you could buy
Dilbert Bilbert
Dilbert Bilbert 15 күн мурун
Id’d guess the history teacher is bard coven as they’ve got red on their uniform.
Margrett Trance
Margrett Trance 15 күн мурун
6:34 this made me think that "History" is more interesting than "History Class"😂
Big D
Big D 16 күн мурун
As a Wiccan every time you say which is all I hear is they're the strongest Christians and Christian School
Kim Elmi
Kim Elmi 20 күн мурун
Michel Keable
Adarsha‘s Galaxy
Adarsha‘s Galaxy 25 күн мурун
She called amity lumity that was PRICELESS
Petey Cø
Petey Cø 26 күн мурун
In the plant track you forgot the wolf fox lookin dude with the 2 fangs out there mouth
Sydney Parsons
Sydney Parsons 27 күн мурун
I love Owl House as much as I love Steven Universe because it essentially says ITS GAY TIME
Titan Randle
Titan Randle 28 күн мурун
You forgot about the blue guy behind thangs and the bat kid those two guys are in the plant track and the girl being pranked by the guy in the orcal track in the constitution track
PlagueKidd Ай мурун
3:43 Favorite background character
Mon trainer ash D
Mon trainer ash D Ай мурун
Looking at some of these people makes me think about how hard of a job Optometrist in the boiling Isles would have. Like look at these peoples eye arrangements!
Im_ Jooish
Im_ Jooish Ай мурун
I’m pretty sure the girl with the mouth head is named Jackie tho I might be wrong
Ella Docherty
Ella Docherty Ай мурун
is it just me or do we all immediately start screaming little miss perfect whenever we hear the words "straight hair"
LukeMartin 1738
LukeMartin 1738 Ай мурун
Who is ready for season two of the owl house around January 10, 2021? If you have another number than 10 pick your guess if you want to.
Roman Natividad
Roman Natividad Ай мурун
Eileen looks like Janna form the other Universe
Mariano Ай мурун
Which magic school would you choose? 1. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry 2. Hexside School of Magic and Demonics 3. Luna Nova Academy Or 4. Auradon Prep Academy?
Phoebe LaRose
Phoebe LaRose 7 күн мурун
Hexside, easily
Szal000na Wiki
Szal000na Wiki Ай мурун
Yellow beak boy is my comfort character
jf k
jf k Ай мурун
So many amazing students and few interesting teachers. I hope that we learn more about them in the next season.
Shiny hand Man
Shiny hand Man Ай мурун
4:09 THE WHAT!?!
LeeAnn Morrell
LeeAnn Morrell Ай мурун
Luz and Amity remind me of me and my girl, to whom I love dearly, she's my Amity, and I'm her Luz!!!!! LUMITY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mikaela Susada
Mikaela Susada Ай мурун
but Willow and Boscha is better than beek boi and Willow :
Cinnamon Tha Rose
Cinnamon Tha Rose Ай мурун
2:13 Ok but she said "Lumity" not amity....YASS GIRL LUMITY FOR LIFE
Blue The Rabero
Blue The Rabero Ай мурун
I want to learn about Selena
Shadow loves Watermelon
Shadow loves Watermelon Ай мурун
What if braxus(idk how to spell) is the warden's kid?
P K Ай мурун
Just ran across this video. I actually have a spreadsheet with every single appearance of every single background character, I was wondering if you’d been referencing it for some of these :)
Erik Olson
Erik Olson Ай мурун
We need to see the Troublemakers again (Viney, Jerbo, and Barcus) 🙏🤞.
Erik Olson
Erik Olson Ай мурун
I think I found/heard somewhere that Principle Bump was in the Bard Track 🤔.
Erik Olson
Erik Olson Ай мурун
From what I read on TV Tropes, Eda was looking towards Luz when she said that it took some powerful magic to animate a whole house 🏠 🤔. Since Willow Park is a powerful witch, it could've been Willow, Gus Porter, and Luz all together that the Owl House move on two legs 🤔. Luz might actually be very powerful, in that she is strong when performing wild magic and with other participants assisting her as well hmm 🤔.
Erik Olson
Erik Olson Ай мурун
Skara, Amelia and Kat are much nicer than Boscha ever could be 😤 (proud). Hopefully in Season 2 they'll cut ties with Boscha completely 🙏🤞.
Ruby Tuvera
Ruby Tuvera Ай мурун
Guys let’s sing Little Miss perfect
Pudding J
Pudding J Ай мурун
even though selene is seen dancing with mattholmule, later in the episode selene is seen alone and mattholemule looks grumpy (like he got ditched maybe ?? I'm not sure) Selene is by far my favorite though
Chloe Gilchrist
Chloe Gilchrist Ай мурун
I like the little triangle person fro the first episode who was in the conformatorium, she's hilarious to me
Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido Ай мурун
11:10 I did not know her name was Amelia I actually freaked out because that’s my name too :)
Bryon Yamada
Bryon Yamada Ай мурун
16:30 The original reason for the Single Tracks was because of Emperor Belos's LAW of "NO MIX MAGIC", which is now broken because of the Principle of Hex Side now due to this episode. Lets see how long he stays as Principle or if allowing this makes Hex Side a target for a future episode for attack.
Nick P
Nick P Ай мурун
Just a quick reminder. Luz is bi. One of those guys who danced with each other could be another sexuality that is not straight. They shouldn’t be defaulted to gay.
DL Jas
DL Jas Ай мурун
4:49 that’s... not the same character? Who the heck even is that? I believe that’s the only scene he’s ever appeared in haha
Limeade Ай мурун
Limeade Ай мурун
@Son Gohan I don't but okay lol!
Son Gohan
Son Gohan Ай мурун
Villiami De Luna
Villiami De Luna Ай мурун
Plant Coven Bat Bpy
Villiami De Luna
Villiami De Luna Ай мурун
islandicedragon Ай мурун
The wolf boy and blue finger head students with Amelia in 'something ventured someone framed'. Also did anyone else notice the Grom decorating committee poster on the wall just before Gus runs into bartholomew and that when Skara is picked up by the griffin she is dropped into a basketball hoop not a grudgby hoop/post.
The Abomination Track professor being disabled would make perfect sense. Cause by looking at how he uses his Abomination, along with the notion, the Abomination is like the assistant or caretaker for people with disabilities.
Jesse Days
Jesse Days Ай мурун
frangs looks like beast boy
Jaylendreemz x3 Dreemz
Jaylendreemz x3 Dreemz Ай мурун
6:34 I don't think the cyclops unicorn is a female. Sorry, I disagree.
Sxmply Aliy
Sxmply Aliy Ай мурун
Is it just me or do you sound kind of like Luz-
Sxmply Aliy
Sxmply Aliy Ай мурун
The minute you said Boscha and Amity’s moms are competing, all I can think of is dance moms-
Sxmply Aliy
Sxmply Aliy Ай мурун
I’m getting a yearbook soon so imma watch this- and u h also because I forgot a lot of the extra characters names-
Syver Phantom
Syver Phantom Ай мурун
Isn't the last person from the baby class the kid that had the moments were almost all kids can relate .
BrownieGhostie Ай мурун
metholemule is honestly my least favourite “antagonist” :,/
ItsDannieTho 7 күн мурун
Same I hate him so much
Giovana Dreemurr
Giovana Dreemurr Ай мурун
foda-se irei falar em portugues mesmo porquê? eu sinto uma dor intensa a cada vez que uma pessoa fala isto, porque está fazendo isto comigo? Talvez eu mereça essa punição, mas ainda assim me da muita tristeza
Kermot Tho Fraggot
Kermot Tho Fraggot Ай мурун
no sé que haría sin la traducción automática :')
Juan Valdivia
Juan Valdivia Ай мурун
Fangs could belong to the same species as Kikimora, I think
nobody Ай мурун
I have something to say why does the spider teacher have something that says eat spiders
Jacob Biggs
Jacob Biggs Ай мурун
I'm just glad I'm not the only one giving the orange-beaked Oracle demon some attention. I kinda like him, it'd be nice to see him crushing on Willow in the future.
Jacob Biggs
Jacob Biggs Ай мурун
@Mario Alberto Fernandez I like that name. He seems like fun.
Mario Alberto Fernandez
Mario Alberto Fernandez Ай мурун
I nicknamed him Casey.
Amanda Letcher
Amanda Letcher Ай мурун
I really wish we will someday see the detention track students again someday
TruSkeleZ - Unturned and more!
TruSkeleZ - Unturned and more! Ай мурун
Bashca. Her parents must hate her if they named her that.
Skint G
Skint G Ай мурун
If I attended hexside I’d definitely be a beast keeper
entitled untitled gooseTM
entitled untitled gooseTM Ай мурун
I. Love. Skara.
White Fire The Dragon
White Fire The Dragon Ай мурун
12:31 Three words that rhyme.
hugh hogan
hugh hogan Ай мурун
It’s pretty exciting how in this series a characters dynamic and role in the series can change at any episode.
PaperCrane 09
PaperCrane 09 Ай мурун
Fun fact; the name luz means light and belos means lord
Melani Choco
Melani Choco Ай мурун
I love the characters, the kids, the animals, the theme, and the colors. Just everything about it is so good but most of all, our tiny demon pup is adorable🥺
Memento Mori Unus Annus
Memento Mori Unus Annus Ай мурун
2:13 heh ✨ *lumity* ✨
Jose the beast
Jose the beast Ай мурун
That’s what we’re all thinking about
Mixed Bag
Mixed Bag Ай мурун
The Oracle teacher is the same species as Toriel.
Vollie Espérer
Vollie Espérer Ай мурун
selene is one of my fav backgrounds. I hope they give her more spotlight
Trainwreck Apple Cake
Trainwreck Apple Cake Ай мурун
Ok now you have to do one on the background characters that aren't at hexside because I really want to have the character that's just a pale head with legs and arms explained to me like I'm a toddler so I can know everything about them because I love them
II Fangirl II
II Fangirl II Ай мурун
Fun fact: I nick named Amelia, the green haired plant girl Bijuu Mike before I got to know her name.
Son Gohan
Son Gohan Ай мурун
G R E E N.
-Hope Bagels-
-Hope Bagels- Ай мурун
Bijuu Mike lol
Funworks 163
Funworks 163 Ай мурун
I like that the show makes these characters seem like they have lives outside of seeing them with other main characters. They're not just reused models or put in to fill backgrounds, they actually do things related to their personalities and make sense.
Trigger Teddy entertainment
Trigger Teddy entertainment Ай мурун
Is anyone else wondering if the abomination professor is related to amity
Victoria Ай мурун
4:07 Kropotkin was right Let's get this bread!
Th3Qu33n OfDarkn3ss
Th3Qu33n OfDarkn3ss Ай мурун
2:13 yes "LUMITY" jumps out of a tree......
jbleichman Ай мурун
We finally have a name for Lenny-face girl!
Lexa The Snake
Lexa The Snake 2 ай мурун
Was his name actually Usurper? I thought that was just what king called him when he was... uh, usurped? (I learnt the word in English lit a while back and have forgotten how to use it in a sentence, sorry)
Amanda Hinojos
Amanda Hinojos 2 ай мурун
I called saline the crossoint girl I do not see the moon shape i see a crossoint
Jahdari TV
Jahdari TV 2 ай мурун
If I wanted to be in a track it would be Oracle
Floofy Cloud
Floofy Cloud 2 ай мурун
but you said every STUDENT not teachers not trying to be rude but if you can change the name to every person at hexside explained
Alejandro Kaplan
Alejandro Kaplan 2 ай мурун
I want to see more of the one eyed girl
Blue Wolf
Blue Wolf 2 ай мурун
boshcha x willow is the second best ship
Phoebe LaRose
Phoebe LaRose 7 күн мурун
Bo X Skara: ♪That's right, I heard the story over and over again
J :D
J :D 2 ай мурун
nah vimera is where it’s at
Blue Wolf
Blue Wolf 2 ай мурун
Rick W
Rick W 2 ай мурун
I think you forgot the plant track kid at 15:15
Lil S
Lil S 2 ай мурун
the only thing I said at the end: "that's a red squirrel ma'am!" **cries** (not really but I was confused, also, good job spotting all the background character's relationships and preferences! And true, the Beast Track guy that asked her to Grom was so sweet ^^
j conner
j conner 2 ай мурун
Who else is so use to saying limits that they only say it when they are trying to say amity or Luz
rexistyping 2 ай мурун
NerdWire: It'd be cool to have a disabled witch Eda: Hold my apple blood
joshua areta
joshua areta 2 ай мурун
haha Skara is a brony-i mean pegasister wait so that means that the writers are also...
Yzzy World
Yzzy World 2 ай мурун
i think the cyclops goat was inspired by that mutated goat in the 19thcentury
Eric the pan panda
Eric the pan panda 2 ай мурун
The gay oracle track boy is me Like he looks exactly like me Just look up jenson graham from brave and that’s basically me
Painfulldarksoul 2 ай мурун
Eyeleen is cutest prettiest girl and best waifu.~
Carlos Lorenzo
Carlos Lorenzo 2 ай мурун
Anyone else getting Jojo vibes at 7:57?
Son Gohan
Son Gohan Ай мурун
lolly yolo
lolly yolo 2 ай мурун
it's a shame we don't get to see more of the construction coven, surprised that it's Dana's favourite to
lolly yolo
lolly yolo 2 ай мурун
9:15 I'm sorry but "average white dude"? not only is there not really such a thing but if I called skara an "average black girl" I'd get a lot of people on my case.
Son Gohan
Son Gohan 5 күн мурун
Oh speaking of which what about the “exaggerated swagger of a black teen” meme? I’ve never heard anyone get mad about that
Floofy :P
Floofy :P Ай мурун
I mean- You have a point
Son Gohan
Son Gohan Ай мурун
lolly yolo true but it’s 2020, race is probably the worst thing to talk about rn
lolly yolo
lolly yolo Ай мурун
@Son Gohan I'm genuinely not trying to start an argument, just annoyed that I know what the reverse reaction would be.
Son Gohan
Son Gohan Ай мурун
Let’s not pull the pin on that grenade before the replies explode
Robl0x GamEr
Robl0x GamEr 2 ай мурун
Favorite quote in the show: "KID FIGHT!!"
Furqan Mohammad
Furqan Mohammad 2 ай мурун
Big fan mam big fan
Irishman from England
Irishman from England 2 ай мурун
King for Emperor!
LukeMartin 1738
LukeMartin 1738 2 ай мурун
you want season 2 episode 1 of the owl house then pick one of these 5 months in early 2021. January February March April or May. One of these 5 months will be the release date of The Owl House season 2 episode 1. If you get the month right then I will give you a shout out on KGpost. If you can answer this question. So who want the Owl house season 2 episode 1?
Jose the beast
Jose the beast 2 ай мурун
I like the kid who has a crush on Bosha
Moonguy 2 ай мурун
4:58 those eyes remind me of Malachite.
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