Event 5 - Ranch Loop - 2020 CrossFit Games

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CrossFit Games

Ай мурун

The final five men and women have emerged from Stage 1 to battle for the title of Fittest on Earth. The in-person competition takes center stage all weekend long.
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The Fittest On Earth™

Paul Slowey
Paul Slowey 4 күн мурун
Props to the Demo team!!!! Crash Test Dummies make sure it's a great challenge for all the competitors.
power house
power house 5 күн мурун
Matt is so good because he's short and strong. He dominates those tall boys!
David 6 күн мурун
Castro: "Run the whole course in reverse" Mat: "chill"
Nikolas Garza
Nikolas Garza 8 күн мурун
Yo let Jordan Burroughs give this a shot.
Aaron Kristien
Aaron Kristien 8 күн мурун
it good to see these crossfit do there thing but when it come to running very poor
Gantz:0 8 күн мурун
Damn what a mind job 🤪🤪
Matthew Hammond
Matthew Hammond 9 күн мурун
What’s up with the constant helo in the background? Can we not tune that out?
Ron Sexton
Ron Sexton 9 күн мурун
If your thighs rub and they get damp/sweaty, they can chaff and get really sore and that hurts! Slippery clothing!
Zion Bayewu
Zion Bayewu 9 күн мурун
" run in reverse". That was the trick? Not cool. This is how soo many of them go through Rhabdomyolysis. Which could potentially kill them.
Patrick Browder
Patrick Browder 10 күн мурун
As a soccer player and cross country guy growing up in So Cal where we trained on trails like this daily, Matt's downhill game is Wizardlike. Those mincing little steps where he's actually pulling away - what the heck was that?!
Goop Man
Goop Man 11 күн мурун
Holy meathead mania!
Tori rosenthal
Tori rosenthal 12 күн мурун
I absolutely love interviews with Katrin!!😍
Alexander Grosse
Alexander Grosse 13 күн мурун
I bet my left nut that frazer is doping. No one at Crossfit is testing the athlets like they do at olympics, Tour de france etc.
Donteven Fuckintalktome
Donteven Fuckintalktome 14 күн мурун
Hi attention seekers of crosshit
Renart le fox de Berwyk
Renart le fox de Berwyk 15 күн мурун
Did you all see the pictures of Haley Adams's ankle that she twisted 2 weeks before Aromas ? So purple and green. A nasty sprain. Never once mentioned by anyone during the competition. Notice all the tape on her ankle/foot.
CrossFit Games
CrossFit Games 15 күн мурун
Yep: instagram.com/p/CHjNxoZpuEU/?igshid=1aep47kec0oyn
Therock James23
Therock James23 16 күн мурун
So cool
karuna g
karuna g 16 күн мурун
It's not worth it Because Black Athlete not participated.
maximiliano oviedo
maximiliano oviedo 16 күн мурун
The RedChili
The RedChili 17 күн мурун
Do they test for PED's in crossfit? I don't they should but just wondering.
Brandon Ammon
Brandon Ammon 17 күн мурун
Such a polite way of calling Mat Fraser old. lol
ciaran richardson
ciaran richardson 17 күн мурун
Matt is definitely a terminator, I’m convinced he’s not human 😂
Sinan Erem
Sinan Erem 18 күн мурун
Ted Davidsson
Ted Davidsson 19 күн мурун
maaan theyre big nowadays. too much lifting for those guys. look at them running lol. great warriors tho
Murph Media
Murph Media 19 күн мурун
Buff people running down a hill needs to be a meme
keully Holanda
keully Holanda 20 күн мурун
Even endurance itself got tired.
M Hashemi
M Hashemi 21 күн мурун
Gud lack Brodar 100 100 ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️100 100 💕💖💗💜❤️💝🎉🎊💐✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🌹🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Hezekiah Shipman
Hezekiah Shipman 23 күн мурун
Chandler Smith is the real star here!
Suetam Tv
Suetam Tv 24 күн мурун
Best part 53:34 Mat fraser: my knees, My Knees, MY KNEES Justin Medereiros: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Eric Hui Fitness
Eric Hui Fitness 24 күн мурун
I hope the rest of the events are like this! This was epic!
Bobby Z
Bobby Z 24 күн мурун
crossfit: a "sport" for people that aren't able to get good enough to go pro. they're like cuba gooding jr in that radio movie, dumb as a rock, but they sure do try hard... i go to my local park to workout, it's across the street from a crossfit "gym." they stop their workouts to watch when i show up ;) they're my bitches, lol. doesn't matter how many times you can squat that bar, bro, you're still a B tier athlete, lol
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe 22 күн мурун
@Bobby Z no, they're thinking, Look! That weirdo who works out by himself in a fucking park across the street from a gym is back again. What a freak.
Bobby Z
Bobby Z 23 күн мурун
@Joe Schmoe bro, i've got real goals, things that can't be accomplished with half reps and poorly conceived exercises. just face it crossfitters are the jv squad of sports. i was pro for 10 years, you know how many top level athletes use crossfit? zero. you know how many people at the olympic training center do crossfit? zero. dude, i'm not lying when i tell you that i go down to workout by the crossfit gym and show those guys up on the regular. they stop their workouts to watch. when their women notice me, they all start looking pissed, lol. if y'all were half as capable as you think you are, you'd actually be a pro and make real money. take it from a guy who's done the thing you can't: you're not on the level.
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe 23 күн мурун
@Bobby Z every loser's answer: I could do it, I just don't feel like taking the easy $300000.
Bobby Z
Bobby Z 23 күн мурун
@Joe Schmoe nah, i've got better things to do than train a bunch of bad form in order to get ready for a competition i view as beneath me... i was actually a pro athlete, bro. crossfit's for casuals.
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe 23 күн мурун
Funny you haven't shown up to take the easy $300000. Keyboard warriors never do
Audio Books Shelf
Audio Books Shelf 25 күн мурун
Do they sleep before this competition?
Mark S
Mark S 25 күн мурун
26:46 Medeiros and Fraser remembered me of Fikowsky at the first event of the 2018 games
Steve Ruppel
Steve Ruppel 26 күн мурун
Regardless of how many times I watch them compete, I’m still always amazed by how fit they are
Jesus Christ is LORD
Jesus Christ is LORD 27 күн мурун
Such a diry twist. Dat mindfuck That half defeated, half angry look they have when told
leroy billip
leroy billip 28 күн мурун
he would rather go up hill?? GTFO
dailylife learning
dailylife learning 28 күн мурун
Brooke Wells is basically an Instagram fitness chick, not really an elite athlete
L. P.
L. P. 29 күн мурун
when are they going to allow natural female athletes??
Candace Holmes
Candace Holmes 28 күн мурун
What are natural female athletes?
Myles Bishop
Myles Bishop 29 күн мурун
What happened with katerin last game she gave up?
Morgan Vadas
Morgan Vadas 29 күн мурун
I’m so impressed by these humans. I still can’t get behind the low rise shorts and tights though. Running? My shit would slide!
Happy Planet Green Planet
Happy Planet Green Planet Ай мурун
I felt backpain when watched girls lifting heavy metals
Bryce Erickson
Bryce Erickson Ай мурун
Fraser and his hatred of Castro fuels me hahaha
3am Ideas Australia
3am Ideas Australia Ай мурун
hahahahahahaha. I'd die
Liam Needs
Liam Needs Ай мурун
Can someone explain what the f they do to be so fit in every department. For example, Matt is a beast at EVERYTHING. I know he’s obviously gifted etc but for the normal lifter what would be a good split to be an all rounder??
z x
z x Ай мурун
Dave packing heat for more than Rattle snakes, Reverse Course!
Luke Mackie
Luke Mackie Ай мурун
I watched this whole thing this morning, I have to say I consider myself to be fit.. But when they got finished and were then asked to do it in reverse I was PISSED for them. Such an intriguing watch, and for sure the best test of fitness I've seen so far on the Games.
Patrice Ай мурун
Looks like Katrin knew what was going to happen...
Javi Ай мурун
Dave Castro plays too much
Spark 515
Spark 515 Ай мурун
Honestly asking Matt vs a elite marine?
Stephanie MacPhee
Stephanie MacPhee Ай мурун
My only question is how the women run in heat in short shorts. my thighs would be on fire with chafing honestly.
Jimena Gudino
Jimena Gudino 21 күн мурун
I thought the exact same thing 😂 like WHAT ABOUT THIGH RUB?? 😭
Chris O
Chris O Ай мурун
In 2020 I figured at the end end, they'd be like, 1000 burpees for time!
Green Grass
Green Grass Ай мурун
An hour to run 6 miles........EASY!
Manual Batt
Manual Batt Ай мурун
Brooke has the best BAWDY !!
Jernej Glavic
Jernej Glavic Ай мурун
using gym shoes, just dumb to be honest haha
Randall Lederman
Randall Lederman Ай мурун
Jernej Glavic
Jernej Glavic Ай мурун
They now they will run and they chose this shoes?? wut
jeremie092 Ай мурун
Being Mat I would totally just turn back at the end just to mess up with Medeiros!
Humberto Vargas
Humberto Vargas Ай мурун
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Sam Blustein
Sam Blustein Ай мурун
Would've loved to have seen Sam Briggs in this event. Sorely missed
Eric Wright
Eric Wright Ай мурун
Sad to see so many female roid guts in crossfit
A K Ай мурун
Brayan Bryson
Brayan Bryson Ай мурун
Camera man needs to chill bro 59:35
Caden Phillippi
Caden Phillippi Ай мурун
coming from the view of a cross country runner, they are killing themselves on the downhills. You can tell that they are stomping and when you do that it kills your momentum.
Deborah Arnaut
Deborah Arnaut Ай мурун
Katrin, amazing attitude and performance. Inspiring!
H. Cortez
H. Cortez Ай мурун
Ok here’s what you wanna see., 6:46, 10:40, 12:20, 12:40, 16:41, 19:54, 32:40, 39:38, 48:05, 53:43, 1:04:21 - he doesn’t get interviewed even though he won.
SuHasini Madhurya Chennubhotla
SuHasini Madhurya Chennubhotla Ай мурун
these are the people who inspire me a lot!!! not just by being athletic, but also their mindset. they have the winner mindset.
trebor222 Ай мурун
This run proves that the most important muscle in the body is the heart...and these folks have neglected it--despite their other impressive performances.
Tunnel Vision
Tunnel Vision Ай мурун
Have these people heard of skin cancer?????????? Smh...
Nikolay Tonev
Nikolay Tonev Ай мурун
Way too brutal! Don't tell me they have another event on the same day!
Gloria Ampaire
Gloria Ampaire Ай мурун
woow this was brutal
kyle truchard
kyle truchard Ай мурун
I like how the announcers try and reason away what is essentially a costly prank in a tournament with money and livelihood on the line for some. Frasier and the guy in second sprinted at the end, Frasier even stopped completely. That's an immediate handicap given to the other competitors which makes the entire event in any other competition a wash. But only in crossfit do you get, "well we ran out of ideas, but a champion can handle it right?" It's like if Usain bolt sprinted a 400 only to be told as he slowed and finished up that it was actually an 800 dash. Just because one or two people are dominating an event doesn't suddenly mean it's acceptable to throw a handicap in for everyone not in first. But that's crossfit for ya.
Luke Borg
Luke Borg Ай мурун
Its called off camber!
PriSimoes Ай мурун
MDS eu ri demais desses comentários, e tava torcendo fervorosamente pro Chitão
Joseph Huff
Joseph Huff Ай мурун
katrin is the best!
Carol Hernandez
Carol Hernandez Ай мурун
Brook my love you're the best
LoneSoldier29 Ай мурун
Dave Castro, savage AF. That's fine, flip me off, doesn't affect whether you win or lose. Move your ass.
Carol Hernandez
Carol Hernandez Ай мурун
Wow this's amazing
Arvin Ken Ramirez
Arvin Ken Ramirez Ай мурун
Pretty sure they are the closest real thing that can pass the hunters exam
Sue Knoll
Sue Knoll Ай мурун
Katrin is really a class act when she wins
sandyMlud Ай мурун
'Weeeeeee' hahaha
Taz17Cha Ай мурун
Tia and Matt are friendship goals
Jared Z
Jared Z Ай мурун
Athletes should know exactly what there doing when the event starts. Castro is f ing a hole.
Wesley Gade
Wesley Gade 28 күн мурун
I have to agree, this seems like a bad precedent, the Chaos event a few years back was boarderline, this seems over that line especially as a 5th event on day 1. Hope they got a full rest day after this.
mark edwards
mark edwards Ай мурун
Lol. Why don,t men wear proper running shorter shorts like we do in Europe. It would be much more easier to do so!
A •
A • Ай мурун
Really played football with Justin in 7th and 8th grade glad to see you here ! Support from home brother .
arrozinflado inflated
arrozinflado inflated Ай мурун
¿A cuánto han ido el kilómetro?
Nickster Ай мурун
Again, will someone please consider, for next year's games, having a different color-person, one who occasionally values silence.
Joshua Lindsey
Joshua Lindsey Ай мурун
The lead pack does not benefit from not knowing you have to run it again. They went out and did their thing. If Tia knows she has to run it twice, she wins it easy with her strategy.
Hoby Schweikert
Hoby Schweikert Ай мурун
Mr Breaker
Mr Breaker Ай мурун
Imagine saying you are an elite athlete and struggle on that short distance run. I admire what these people do with the sport they practice, but they should definitely leave running biking and swimming out of their competitions because is painful to watch how much they struggle to do any of this activities due to how hard is for them to carry they bodies. Keep non cross fit related sports out of crossfit
Kaleb Tourist
Kaleb Tourist Ай мурун
I love the commentary at 53:30 sooo funny 😆
Candace Holmes
Candace Holmes 28 күн мурун
Monique Brown
Monique Brown Ай мурун
Tia got robbed🤨
that_ fitz
that_ fitz Ай мурун
This “surprise” is BS. Dave probably thinks it’s funny. Major props to the athletes tho. They not only gave it their all once but twice!
Fitness Addict
Fitness Addict Ай мурун
They all aren't human, They're superhuman 👑👑👑👑
Mikael Lundgren
Mikael Lundgren Ай мурун
That was a brutal run
Jesse Compton
Jesse Compton Ай мурун
haha, these people who have 0 endurance trying to lug their muscle mass up hills so slowly is hilarious to watch
Jacob Henwood
Jacob Henwood Ай мурун
I am not even a runner and this was my favorite event so far.
HashBrown Doyler
HashBrown Doyler Ай мурун
MrFherpitt Ай мурун
Y de repente los escenarios majestuosos de los "cross fit games" se convierten en una "spartan race" jajaja......... And suddenly the majestic settings of the "cross fit games" turn into a "spartan race" hahaha
Cristian Ай мурун
Anyone know if there's a trail like this(with elevation) in NYC? In Queens preferably? Not too far into long island if possible though... I don't want to drive 2 hours lol.
Cristian Ай мурун
This was brutal for an event 5 on the same day bro hahah... Imagine if these MFs made them do this with weight on their backs? Rucking? Brah... 🤣 ☠️
Mirjam Bürki
Mirjam Bürki Ай мурун
What a twisting point damn
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