Evanescence's Amy Lee Urges Fans to Vote on New Single "Use My Voice" | Billboard 5-Minute Interview

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3 ай мурун

Evanescence front woman Amy Lee explains why the group is getting political for the first time with new release “Use My Voice,” which features Taylor Momsen, Lzzy Hale, Lindsey Stirling, Sharon den Adel and more, plus what it’s like making music in a bubble during quarantine, and what’s next for the group.
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Evanescence's Amy Lee Urges Fans to Vote on New Single "Use My Voice" | Billboard 5-Minute Interview

Álvaro Luna
Álvaro Luna 2 күн мурун
Queen of Rock!
Anca Schiopu
Anca Schiopu Ай мурун
Amy has the most beautiful voice on earth
Anca Schiopu
Anca Schiopu Ай мурун
I love her
Sy Benson
Sy Benson Ай мурун
Goz2Fast Ай мурун
Voting for Trump...
Todd Davis
Todd Davis 2 ай мурун
Amy Lee should do so.thing with Gamazda.
Jason Carrington
Jason Carrington 2 ай мурун
Seeing this queen's smiling little face in my recommended feed made my morning.
Craig B
Craig B 2 ай мурун
celinda rivera
celinda rivera 2 ай мурун
Amy porque tu cabello es un desastre?🙄
JIM DONNELLY 2 ай мурун
She is just gorgeous. The most beautiful voice as well. God bless you Amy WE appreciate you. Holy crap her eyes are Mesmerizing.
Miguel Romero
Miguel Romero 2 ай мурун
Use my voice videoclip was one of the best from their career. You guys should check it out.
ahmad 2 ай мурун
I love u Amy, U so pretty 😍
Byte Me
Byte Me 2 ай мурун
Do you support open borders? Marxist utopia? One world government?
Byte Me
Byte Me 2 ай мурун
The choice this year is between America or Marxism. Choose wisely.
Vasilije Rajović
Vasilije Rajović 2 ай мурун
Can't wait to watch reaction of all those vacuous celebs once Trump wins again.
Xo_amber 133
Xo_amber 133 2 ай мурун
Her singing and speaking voices are different
dave houk
dave houk 2 ай мурун
yea, vote for who?
Illuminati10101 2 ай мурун
K,..... new drinking game. Take a drink every time Amy says "Ummmmm.....".
Jaskeerat Singh Sandhu
Jaskeerat Singh Sandhu 3 ай мурун
She’s so fun Imagine knowing her in real life She will be the coolest person you’ll know😍
Isa Mor
Isa Mor 3 ай мурун
La cantante mas hermosa de el mundo, y con la voz mas hermosa del mundo.
Christian Luczejko
Christian Luczejko 3 ай мурун
Her eyes man... 🤯
Melissa Ivy
Melissa Ivy 3 ай мурун
I apsolutly looooooove "use my voice" you tapped into phsychy on this one...I love your voice don't ever stop speaking from your heart cause you use your voice for my heart as well!!!!love you Amy❣️🖤🤘
Mina Weyer
Mina Weyer 3 ай мурун
They got my vote for sure. Love them🥰💖
david fish
david fish 3 ай мурун
Love you music stay out of politics do what you best amy lee sing and keep do it so beautiful lol david
Anakin Shark Suerink
Anakin Shark Suerink 3 ай мурун
I LOVE YOU AMY LEE😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Murv 3 ай мурун
Preslee Carson
Preslee Carson 3 ай мурун
She is gorgeous love her
Cheeseburger Eddy
Cheeseburger Eddy 3 ай мурун
A very very awesome song, I love this song. one of my top 5 evanescence song.. oh yeah cant wait until there is a tour.
Tori Patrick
Tori Patrick 3 ай мурун
so happy amy’s held this band together for 25 years. despite the breaks, she’s still thought “evanescence.. we NEED to keep evanescence together!” or something for the band the years it was t active. and after having a baby i guess it was discontinued but i didn’t know if she was just taking a years of break or if she said that evanescence was cancelled. also how do the band members get paid when they were t part of it? and does the band even get paid for each release or something? i was wondering how this worked for the payment stuff bc i know theyre not super rich but still
Bass Nazi
Bass Nazi 2 ай мурун
Usually comes down to a percentage, kinda an agreed percent for a contract period. Sometimes hired guns are used, if they want an extra guitarist for a tour or to record a track they will offer a set amount to play per show or for an entire tour. With her being the primary writer, she will probably receive the highest percentage, along with most if not all the actual royalties.
Ipickedaname already
Ipickedaname already 3 ай мурун
I thought there wasn't anything amy could ever do to make me not love her. The only person I ever idolized. Then she got political and tried to tell her fans what to think. And I was all like damn she seems like a shitty person now. What an act of narcissism. I want to be excited about her music that I spent a decade defending but I'm not. Hope it was worth it to divide her fan base.
Eudes Rodrigues
Eudes Rodrigues 3 ай мурун
coletteleto 3 ай мурун
Amy 2003: 22 years old Amy 2020: 25 years old
Halo4Lyf 2 ай мурун
Yeah, no, she looks every minute of her age. A beautiful 38, mind you, but still obviously 38.
Jamez EmeraldAutumn
Jamez EmeraldAutumn 3 ай мурун
Love Amy
Jean Walker
Jean Walker 3 ай мурун
Love u amy
Franco Tapia
Franco Tapia 3 ай мурун
Mmm. Okey,, only SHE IS THE BEST!
Gin Rummy
Gin Rummy 3 ай мурун
🤩 AMY!!!!!!!
58vamp 3 ай мурун
Need voices like yours!! Love this song❤
Chico 12
Chico 12 3 ай мурун
We should make a baby to keep those eyes between our baby
Juliana Jonas
Juliana Jonas 3 ай мурун
Chuy Noh
Chuy Noh 3 ай мурун
jason sims
jason sims 3 ай мурун
the older she gets the more beautiful she gets.
ČäřýŠmïťh 3 ай мурун
Beautiful voice and face to match. Love her.
ZomBot39 3 ай мурун
Queen! She just gets prettier .
justsome guy
justsome guy 3 ай мурун
EvNick 3 ай мурун
You're the best Amy! You rock!
Chris Fugate
Chris Fugate 3 ай мурун
Geez she is beautiful.great lead vocalist too.evanesenve is awesome too
Tania Carson Dias
Tania Carson Dias 3 ай мурун
Amy ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Adrianna Cabrera
Adrianna Cabrera 3 ай мурун
I love how Amy lee sing this song together with your band because there amazing musicians and I can’t wait to hear it live in concert because that song is amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Satan_ 666
Satan_ 666 3 ай мурун
beautiful artist
Riley kazama
Riley kazama 3 ай мурун
Kelvin LG
Kelvin LG 3 ай мурун
🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💅 Amy I love you
snowwhitewitch 3 ай мурун
This is what a real artist looks like💖✨
Lynette La Roche-Cervantes
Lynette La Roche-Cervantes 3 ай мурун
“Bring me to life” will Always be my #1 jam! Love Evanescence💕
Hugo Sarceño
Hugo Sarceño 3 ай мурун
Amy lee is amazing
MrSoccerball100 3 ай мурун
Magically voice
Alfredo García Balderas
Alfredo García Balderas 3 ай мурун
Emily (Amy Lee) is so beautiful same as when she was younger!!!!! So perfect to my eyes!!!!!
Alfredo García Balderas
Alfredo García Balderas 3 ай мурун
If I was a better and attractive man and she´s alone,,, Id love to marry her first!!!! It is sad for me to know that is not possible, just because the other reality is freedom!!!!! and she will dissapear from me as fast as I know!!!! and me too!!!! I'd love to be with Taylor Swift too,, with Carla Morrison!!!.... This is the biggest dream I have never known before these days of wonderful power!!!!!!!!!!
Musician 3 ай мурун
I love you so much Amy Lee ❤💚💛❤💚
Irene Bustos
Irene Bustos 3 ай мурун
¿Cómo no amarla? 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🤘
Ty Feelis
Ty Feelis 3 ай мурун
That lil hair toss omg😍😍
Eddieisherenow 3 ай мурун
uni corn
uni corn 3 ай мурун
I will us my voice...TRUMP 2020
Dana K
Dana K 3 ай мурун
Trump 2020💜
Robin Howell
Robin Howell 3 ай мурун
YES she is. She's absolutely beautiful and her voice is so angelic. I could listen to her all day long and never get tired of listening to her.
SLowMercy 3 ай мурун
I like the message. Voting for Trump 2020
Slukas S
Slukas S 3 ай мурун
Thanks Amy, will be voting for the lesser of the two evils! 😍 Daddy Trump.
Dana K
Dana K 3 ай мурун
RICARDO 3 ай мурун
Thank you AMY, God always bless you.
David Farley
David Farley 3 ай мурун
Amy Lee Chester Bennington and Katie Cassidy are my motivations love them all
DADKING Coffey 3 ай мурун
RIGHT @ LEFT are wings of the same bird .LUSIFERIAN agenda empowers both . i wish Amy would repair her relationship whit CHRIST . she would see the world for what is really going on.
DADKING Coffey 3 ай мурун
@Trae Ashleigh well i commend you for your study and truly sorry that man has hurt you . but GOD is so undeniably real and absolutely will make himself known to you or anyone who seeks him . he wont push himself on anyone that just doesn't want him . iv walked away many time but he won't leave me alone so even outside of scriture study's he interacts with ower lifes . Im not one to set and argue . i get no enjoyment out of it . you seem to have a lot of knowledge .it would be a awesome testimony if you built a RELATIONSHIP with it . GOD Is LOVE
Trae Ashleigh
Trae Ashleigh 3 ай мурун
DADKING Coffey Fyi, I grew up with a born-again Christian mother, for whom I did the bibliography that her masters thesis - focused on religious cults in America - required. Further, my wife’s family is Catholic and she and I have been together for 20 years. I’m not at all unfamiliar with the differences between Christianity and Catholicism. And, as I said previously, I did my collegiate study with a focus on comparative religions. Religion has been prominent in my life for all of my years. However, I was also raised by an emotionally, psychologically, and physically abusive father who insisted that I and my brothers attend the church of his choice (Lutheran) for his own biases. I learned, due to the extremes within my own family, and my own courses of study, plus the interactions I’ve had with devotees of varying religions, that the concept of “God” is man made, as previously stated, and that “God” is a man, for that matter. Still, I do believe that a compassionate man by the name of Jesus existed, particularly given historical references with regard to the Roman Empire. Nevertheless, I don’t believe that he was the “Son of God” (for which the Romans crucified him, because his claims threatened their rule), because I don’t believe in “God.” I don’t believe that such an entity exists. I believe in evolution, and science supports it.
DADKING Coffey 3 ай мурун
@Trae Ashleigh there is a realy good video that will lay things out for . THE TRUTH BEHIND THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH . the video is not a faith thing its its historical and accurate .
DADKING Coffey 3 ай мурун
@Trae Ashleigh i would be into putting together a good replay if you are genuinely interested and not looking for something to mock .and no spelling is not my strong suit .do i hqve to spell well for you to learn from me ?
Trae Ashleigh
Trae Ashleigh 3 ай мурун
DADKING Coffey So, school me in Christianity vs. Catholicism! You can’t even spell correctly! And she is a FORMER nun!
Maireny Salas
Maireny Salas 3 ай мурун
Psalms 17:11 They have now compassed us in our steps: they have set their eyes bowing down to the earth; Psalms 37:23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way. Psalms 37:31 The law of his God is in his heart; none of his steps shall slide. Psalms 44:18 Our heart is not turned back, neither have our steps declined from thy way;
Miguel Romero
Miguel Romero 3 ай мурун
So far the bitter truth looks promising ! ❤️
David Martinez
David Martinez 3 ай мурун
Vote?? So in other words your trying to say vote Trump out eh? The Two party system IS divisive the way it's set up. Hmm.....ill check out the new music. If it's got that tinge of Liberalism or ANY Political b.s. I'm out.
Amesthys 3 ай мурун
So if people vote, Trump is out?? Wow I truly hope everyone use their voices and go voting 👊
Costantino Abosi
Costantino Abosi 3 ай мурун
Oh wow what a lost...
rednand 3 ай мурун
I've always admired Amy Lee as an artist and as a person.
Letícia Ballarin
Letícia Ballarin 3 ай мурун
Love Amy ❤️
Marcos Junior
Marcos Junior 3 ай мурун
Queen of rock!
kk 3 ай мурун
Beautiful inside and out ❤️
Francês com Rodrigo
Francês com Rodrigo 3 ай мурун
My biggest inspiration in Life. Amy 🇫🇷🇧🇷♥️
Fede Lee
Fede Lee 3 ай мурун
Jessica Nuttall
Jessica Nuttall 3 ай мурун
As an Evanescence fan for many years now, its weird seeing Amy taking a political stance on something. But I'm glad she did. Use your voice 🤘
snowwhitewitch 3 ай мурун
Jessica Nuttall I know that lmao, still.
Jessica Nuttall
Jessica Nuttall 3 ай мурун
@snowwhitewitch Amy Lee is also a person and has political opinions just like everyone else. She isn't shoving it down everyone's throats. She's saying use your voice, speak up, don't let anyone else speak FOR you.
snowwhitewitch 3 ай мурун
That's what I actually always liked about her. If I look at all he feminist cringe bs Lzzy Hale posts on Instagram I would be grateful for an artist that just shuts up so to speak, because music is our escape I don't need constant reminders of what's happening in the world 24/7
Svarog EUROPE Identity
Svarog EUROPE Identity 3 ай мурун
Amy don't do any political statements, you will only lose fans believe me, don't be like these pedo perverted hollywood stars!
2345teeth 3 ай мурун
Can't wait to vote for Trump.
MeanMadMonkey 3 ай мурун
@Trae Ashleigh Dude if I was you, I get out of this country as fast as you can. You're not gonna like it here, America is not about cummunisn and socialisn... We can disagree on certain politics, but yours don't fit in this country and its not going to turn into the eutopia you think it can. That eutopia only exists in Heaven . You whole paragraph is lies written straight from a script. Its obvious you're young with little real world experience and thats ok... But I begging you to be careful in the next few months and years, cause things could turn for the worst.. God bless and enjoy one of the most heavenly voices known man,,,, Amy you are an angel😇😇😇😇😇😇
Trae Ashleigh
Trae Ashleigh 3 ай мурун
@Vse Taia, the only morons here are those who are enthused about voting for chump. If you all can’t see just how narcissistic, racist, xenophobic, sexist, hypocritical, divisive, unintelligent, illiterate, and insecure he is, then you can all be characterized similarly. Sure! We’re each afforded and allowed our own voices, opinions, choices, and the like, but if you haven’t witnessed the demise of our country under his supposed “ leadership,” then you’re wearing blinders. The resident in the White House has alienated our country from all our allies and sides with dictators like Putin, Kim Jong Un, and Rodrigo Duterte. In fact, he’d prefer to be a dictator himself! He swore an oath to serve the American people when he took office, and the only Americans he’s served in that time are himself, his family members, his companies, his investments, and the corporations of his fellow billionaires. In no way, shape, or form will I ever see that this imbecile has been good for America! Just why do you think he won’t allow his high school and college records to be revealed? He’s an idiot! He has no knowledge of the Constitution! He thinks his powers are unlimited and that he can do anything he wants! A president cannot circumvent Congress! He doesn’t get to do all he thinks he can do! And, that which he does is do only in his own self-interest! HE SWORE AN OATH ... and he’s failed in multiple ways. If you can’t see that, then you’re not just wearing blinders, you’re willfully blind to his actions.
Vse Taia
Vse Taia 3 ай мурун
@Trae Ashleigh Why? Because someone has a voice of their own and they're gonna use it as they think is best? Isn't this the meaning of the song? It's seems to me that the moron here is you.
Kitty Divine
Kitty Divine 3 ай мурун
Trump 2020🇺🇸
Trae Ashleigh
Trae Ashleigh 3 ай мурун
2345teeth What a moron you are!
Alfian Wahid Saputra
Alfian Wahid Saputra 3 ай мурун
evanescence colab axel rose
Hirushan Malindu
Hirushan Malindu 3 ай мурун
Maryann Dahl
Maryann Dahl 3 ай мурун
Luiz fernando Farias
Luiz fernando Farias 3 ай мурун
Evanescence the best
Luiz fernando Farias
Luiz fernando Farias 3 ай мурун
Amy lee The best
Jonathan Adriel
Jonathan Adriel 3 ай мурун
I hope Amy is just not suddenly flabbergasted in November when Trump wins again. 😅
Kitty Divine
Kitty Divine 3 ай мурун
Jonathan Adriel YAAAAS!!!! 🙌🏻
Victoria Hodges
Victoria Hodges 3 ай мурун
I Love you Amy Lee
chloe vogurt
chloe vogurt 3 ай мурун
i deeply understood...your gracese sad..mad....and truly beautiful opinions....in the song.. and it will be helpful to many people like me.. you're my true stunning star always....( massive hug from s.k)
Trae Ashleigh
Trae Ashleigh 3 ай мурун
I so appreciate your response, Amy, because I was in a nationally touring/performing band for many years before this election cycle began.
Edil Hairon
Edil Hairon 3 ай мурун
Wow ❤️
Tio Taylor
Tio Taylor 3 ай мурун
Amy sua linda
Tcold 7
Tcold 7 3 ай мурун
I love you Amy!!! 🤗❤
Avatar Kyoshi
Avatar Kyoshi 3 ай мурун
Love you Amy!! ❤️❤️❤️
Francês com Rodrigo
Francês com Rodrigo 3 ай мурун
Queen of rock! Love you Amy ❤️
Fernanda Abilio
Fernanda Abilio 3 ай мурун
Awesome Amy Lee!!! Proud of you!!!!!
Kevin Jordan
Kevin Jordan 3 ай мурун
So beautiful love the song
Micaela Haunted
Micaela Haunted 3 ай мурун
I love her so much ❤
Christopher SaRaM
Christopher SaRaM 3 ай мурун
Iconic amy lee queen❤🔥
Donny Winter
Donny Winter 3 ай мурун
Love Amy and Evanescence!!
Raul Santos
Raul Santos 3 ай мурун
Amy is one of the most beautiful and powerful voices in the industry! love evanescence!
Imperfect Myst
Imperfect Myst 3 ай мурун
GOOSE BUMPS - Evanescence - Ft. A Lot Of People - Use My Voice [REACTION]
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