Evaluating the story of every major Pokemon game from generation 1-7

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The Salt Factory

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Well that took way longer than expected.
Join me in this feature length film as I slowly lose my sanity over Pokemon stories from generation 1-7.
All drawings (except for the really bad ones) are done by my personal art goblin, the talented Leonie: cakebunn
For those who want shirts: crowdmade.com/collections/thesaltfactory
Hey I stream on twitch: www.twitch.tv/thesaltfactory_
Twitter: SaltiestFactory
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A handful of songs from all the main Pokemon games
Ketamine by Versatile
Sexually Suggestive Knuckles Theme by Swordy: soundcloud.com/lightsword/sexually-suggestive-knuckles-theme
In The Hall Of The Otamatone King by andrew_howes: soundcloud.com/andrew_howes/in-the-hall-of-the-otamatone-king
Prancing Dad by Prince uf Darkness: kgpost.info/will/video/mq7XxYal2KCfl5o
Title theme from Solstice
"Legendary Slam" part of "The Great Pokeslam" by ZVAARI: kgpost.info/will/video/uo3Zt5Oe3GeklKs
Outdoor Lounge from the Huniepop OST
This video is brought to you by please no more pokemon games for awhile.
Thanks for watching!

The Salt Factory
The Salt Factory Жыл мурун
Here's some timestamps for those who want to skip around between games in this feature length film: 1:01 - Red/Blue 9:57 - Gold/Silver 20:31 - Ruby/Sapphire 34:31 - Diamond/Pearl 51:10 - Black/White 1:19:55 - Black 2/White 2 1:37:14 - X/Y 2:15:51 - Sun/Moon Next video is Skyrim. Sorry this one took so damn long, and sorry for the ads. I kind of need them just because I didn't get anything out for 2 months. Thanks for your patience!
pro plays to win
pro plays to win 7 күн мурун
I like how you passed over the biggest story detail that can be read into on a philosophical level and that’s the fact that you can fight red after getting the kanto badges
tussalghost 1
tussalghost 1 8 күн мурун
Fun facto silver is giovani's son
Nicholas Stavash
Nicholas Stavash 8 күн мурун
The fact that u said nothing about pushing A to pound the ingredients makes me sad
Wolf 9 күн мурун
Kevin H
Kevin H 12 күн мурун
@M e K u D u - man i knew he missed leafgreen and firered but never heard about this
Stefan Reindel
Stefan Reindel 2 саат мурун
You missed 2 games, Colosseum and Colosseum 2. I'd like to see your takes on those. I feel that they are different enough from the handheld games that they warrant their own video. Thoughts?
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson 12 саат мурун
I would sit and listen and watch to a 10-hour video of you just bitching about the plot of every major final fantasy game...
LazOps 14 саат мурун
Out of all the places I least expected a Jojo referwnce, here we are
Sol_Invictus Күн мурун
Still prefer Pokemon Colosseum my self
I don’t really Have a name for this channel
I don’t really Have a name for this channel 2 күн мурун
someone named mr pokemon is like someone named mr animal
Bepis Gaming
Bepis Gaming 2 күн мурун
Don't got a pokemon just grow a pair and fight em like a aman
Arcadian Fire
Arcadian Fire 3 күн мурун
But if they stopped using Pokémon to fight, Gyrados would kill them
Red 3 күн мурун
Hate to be that guy, but does Anyone know what the song is at 59:52?
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson 3 күн мурун
My friend: not your intentions I'm sure but this video slaps to fall asleep to. Very soothing to think about the fun of the old games while drifting off
Yagi Toshinori
Yagi Toshinori 3 күн мурун
You forgot green and yellow 🤣
Cosmic K13
Cosmic K13 4 күн мурун
Similar to the whole "Mario games are just Theatre plays" theory, what if the pokemon games are, in-universe, also some form of teambuilding game, to basically mass-produce battle-ready trainers. The badges would kinda be like Boyscout badges IRL, whereby you participate in simulations and situations st up to teach you how to do important survival things. This would explain why the adults seem incompetent, and kids are able to outdo the police; They're supposed to. and maybe every trainer gets a similar experience, kinda like an obstacle course. Or maybe I'm looking a little too hard into this.
Uzi Tay
Uzi Tay 5 күн мурун
“Take care of Pokémon” - Lance. *names Pokémon “Fuckyourself”
Woopity Scoop
Woopity Scoop 5 күн мурун
This guy is definitely thinking too hard about it, but someone's gotta do it
Kix Musaid
Kix Musaid 6 күн мурун
Why did you play the same game over and over
C_TDD 6 күн мурун
“Diantha’s theme is the weakest of the champion themes so far” have you heard Alder’s theme??
8bit- pug2
8bit- pug2 3 күн мурун
Well Alder really isn't the Champion, N is and you defeat N so that makes you the Champion, I know why people hate Alder theme, because it doesn't fit a champion, instead it fits his character, and to be honest, Alder just cared about caring for his Pokemon, and this theme does fit hih personally well
Molotov's Сука
Molotov's Сука 6 күн мурун
This video made me play my first actual Pokémon game (Go doesn't count), Emerald (the emulator didn't have red/blue by default and I didn't want to go find good rooms for them because I'm lazy)
Petrichor 6 күн мурун
Thoughts ?
pro plays to win
pro plays to win 6 күн мурун
I have grown a distaste towards glistening cave after I ran out of pokeballs trying to catch a Cubone Go on tell me I’m overreacting
manyy maldonado
manyy maldonado 6 күн мурун
The elated seagull structurally shop because correspondent interestingly prevent regarding a calculating dollar. abusive, nervous domain
pro plays to win
pro plays to win 6 күн мурун
A few things In the manga falkner is a police officer Roxane was the strongest trainer in the school and in the anime is a teacher In the anime brawley is a professional surfer Team flares orig[by the way if you want an achievement kgpost.info/will/video/xmbYqnR8qXVknMk ]ins are explored in the anime as a group who started in a famine by handing out provisions and then people started to get greedy Malva saying “hero” isn’t an insult but a hint that that she’s connected to team flare and follows there beliefs, while others call you a hero you stopped her beliefs from coming true to her you would be a villain this is also supported by the fact she says big,bad team flare name one time big,bad ____ was used seriously. In omega ruby, alpha sapphire it’s implied AZs story continues as a person in sootopolis says a tall man planted the tree in the city and looking at the tree you can see AZ’s floettes flower By the way the reward above was a rickroll Guzma says that nihilego( the big jellyfish) was capable of possession The anime says that if lusamine isn’t freed from the motherbeast nihilego then she will die due to her life force slowly being drained by nihilego
pro plays to win
pro plays to win 6 күн мурун
A few things means a full length novel
TeeOneZee 6 күн мурун
Kyureshirem is a cool name...
TeeOneZee 7 күн мурун
When you are the Champion, your job is to challenge opponents IN THE CHAMPION'S AREA.
I'm Ikarus
I'm Ikarus 7 күн мурун
What? I just wached an 3 hour Video?
pro plays to win
pro plays to win 7 күн мурун
Magnolia is a disgrace of a professor she enslaved not 1 child not 2 children but no one
Kora Destiny
Kora Destiny 7 күн мурун
Think he'd talk about the remakes, platinum? And sword and shield
dead inside
dead inside 7 күн мурун
> reviews the story > doesn't play the better of the three games in the series that refines the story In Emerald team Magma and Aqua come off as actual eco-terrorist organizations (albeit kid friendly ones that are mostly staffed by shallow college students) rather than idiots that like to swim
Kora Destiny
Kora Destiny 8 күн мурун
The heartgold and soul silver rival i hate so badly. I'd rather have bede from sword and shield and i really don't like that guy
m 8 күн мурун
how can you complain about pokemon being formulated and then during b/w be like "i just wana challenge a gym :("
Lil Kags
Lil Kags 8 күн мурун
Pokemon games have storylines??
Bao Doan
Bao Doan 8 күн мурун
1:13:54 I'm surprised that you were baffled by the fact that there is an older one and a younger one in a pair of twins. Naturally a woman can only let one out at a time, therefore one will be older according to convention because they were "born first."
Lucas Soares
Lucas Soares 9 күн мурун
that huniepop soundtrack though
Arrosto Di Polenta
Arrosto Di Polenta 9 күн мурун
i really don't like when videos like this compare a fantasy world to the real world...
Johnson John
Johnson John 9 күн мурун
The apathetic slave crucially jam because tramp compatibly divide than a ludicrous stop. sable, male scarf
Yetiquatch 10 күн мурун
Team aqua and team Magma are basically flat earthers lmao.
Un Sombrero Guy cualquiera
Un Sombrero Guy cualquiera 11 күн мурун
N is a dumb character in Black and White and no one can't say otherwise. Don't Fight me.
Arrosto Di Polenta
Arrosto Di Polenta 9 күн мурун
*you* are dumb. also, if you want to comment back, do it! comments are good for the youtube algorithm
Justin Villamonte
Justin Villamonte 11 күн мурун
I’m gonna go drown myself ‘K?
SmolFruitGaming 11 күн мурун
Andrew Mashtakov
Andrew Mashtakov 12 күн мурун
1:55:15 that guy has all his story and explanations In ORAS
Cardboard Crafter
Cardboard Crafter 12 күн мурун
Will you do gen 8?
Mr. Rude
Mr. Rude 12 күн мурун
this is still to this day the funniest video on the internet
sandhya sen
sandhya sen 12 күн мурун
R 12 күн мурун
So just finished watching the silver/gold part of the vid...soo no mention of the Red battle? Okeh...
Questionable Consequences
Questionable Consequences 12 күн мурун
Team skull is one of the best teams, they must be a 10/10
The0mega79 12 күн мурун
I'm just wondering about your opinions on the characters and Team Yell on Sun and Shield?
Acsis 12 күн мурун
I think what makes a good rival is if they make you want to beat them to a pulp and you feel good while doing it. Thus always making you want to one-up them and be better.
Ryder Tom
Ryder Tom 12 күн мурун
Hey jackass play emerald it’s different in the way that it’s just better
Suren Mathura
Suren Mathura 13 күн мурун
4:53 ♪Americaaa!!!! Fvck yeeeaahh!!! ♪
GlitchImprover1 13 күн мурун
3 hours? HELL YES!
Noah Gabel
Noah Gabel 14 күн мурун
ultra sun and moon you get your starter like right away
Timothy Carruthers
Timothy Carruthers 14 күн мурун
It’s about honor .
Timothy Carruthers
Timothy Carruthers 14 күн мурун
This dude is so critical and has such a non understanding of Japanese culture it’s almost embarrassing to watch this lol joke video but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt
Timothy Carruthers
Timothy Carruthers 14 күн мурун
Considering Pokémon green was the first one out of that one version you should’ve started with Pokémon green instead of red
L N/A 14 күн мурун
You either loved or hated b&w
AJ hedler
AJ hedler 15 күн мурун
Great video I wish I could replay every game now being 26 without knowing every single part of each game.!
Das Institut
Das Institut 15 күн мурун
Ruby and Saphire are my favourite games. Ebah
Spike Spiegel
Spike Spiegel 15 күн мурун
The cops in Gold/Silver don't help solve problems and just harass and attack the player? I don't know man, seems like the most realistic thing in the game.
pearl dab
pearl dab 15 күн мурун
Diantha had so little presence on the plot I thought the twist was going to be she was part of Team Flare.
Kardino 15 күн мурун
And then Ultra Sun/Moon actively made the plot worse.
V-jes 13 күн мурун
But made everything else WAY better that regular Sun/Moon is now irrelevant.
James-Robert C.F.
James-Robert C.F. 15 күн мурун
Honestly, my least favourite games are sun and moon, it has the best dialogue but I dislike Hau intensely and the cutscenes really drag... also it's my least favourite in terms of pokemon design , I like the grubbin line and mimikyu and the rest fall below my 25% least favorite
God Magikarp
God Magikarp 15 күн мурун
ok the fire type elite 4 member in kalos is the news caster and a team flare member. Which is why she covers up the “team flare doing bad shit” stories and scolds you for saving the world
Candido Villanueva
Candido Villanueva 16 күн мурун
Gaia is the best gba game by far
Inpy 16 күн мурун
Gary beats the Elite 4 with 10 years old, just to hear his grandpa saying he is disappointed with him because he lost to Red. Seriously fck Dr. Oak LMAO
Zonicspeeder 16 күн мурун
In the pokemon manga the gym leaders have a large selection of pokemon teams that they have and select from based on how many badges the challenger has. Leaving it to be in the manga most of the gyms can be tackled in any order you please
Kefla S
Kefla S 16 күн мурун
Ultra ball thought you needed a master ball
PowerOfThePick 16 күн мурун
Platinum will forever be my favorite game. I still play it on my original DS.
MEMEy Buoy
MEMEy Buoy 16 күн мурун
2:19:56 near paniola, his raichu did give me real shoots!! As raichu is like the *most irritating pokemon in history!!* Literally I had to use 15 paralyze heals and about 10 super potions. Damn I needed a rock/ground pokemon!!
eathams 16 күн мурун
I can't imagine playing all the games and writing a 3 hour script about em. Good stuff
Sarah Nova
Sarah Nova 17 күн мурун
Fun fact, even though the video is old: There is kind of an alternative ending in the Pokemon Ranger series. At one point, you have to safe a boat and if you fail putting the plug back in (yes...yes, an actual plug), the boat actually sinks, pretty much alluding to killing everyone on board.
Poppywoo 17 күн мурун
Btw the reason tierno shauna and Trevor have high level Pokémon is just for a gameplay thing so the fight isn’t just oko everything they have it doesn’t mean anything lore wise
Poppywoo 17 күн мурун
Except for the harsh plot criticism which IS mostly true I really love this vid how it’s just almost 3 hours of really funny Pokémon gameplay in the style that I love
TheCephalon 17 күн мурун
There is a reason why sun and moon cost $20 while black, white, heart gold cost $45-50 despite being older games
V-jes 13 күн мурун
Because you can still buy Sun/Moon on stores and digital stores like the eShop as new while you can't buy the DS games in either of those ways...
Jaiden Baird60
Jaiden Baird60 18 күн мурун
Black and white suck in every way
Christian Griswold
Christian Griswold 18 күн мурун
Team Rocket are my fav villians. its a pokemon Mafia and they are fairly good at their job when Red isnt around. the manga shows how brutal stuff is, like a scyther cutting a arbok in half. red is powerful and then becomes a boss in the next game. most trainers in the world arnt nearly as strong as he is so team rocket can easily beat them. Team Yell are my second favs just cause they arnt bad, they just wanna support their towns main trainer. i also like the sun and moon villian team (not the scientists) because they arnt actualy evil or trying to destroy the world, just wanna be gangsters.
Nakishodo Glitterfox
Nakishodo Glitterfox 18 күн мурун
20:30 always get the third version of the games salt. ya can get everything then. so emerald and Platinum were my faves. especially emerald.
JerkWarlord 18 күн мурун
"I'm telling you right now that this ginyu force pose could cause my Pokemon to animorph into a human that has the knowledge to cure cancer and I wouldn't do it if I had stage 4 Leukemia." My Dad died from brain cancer. I fucking howled, bruh. SUBscribe. Holy shit. 😂😂😂 PS What's ginyu(?) force?
freshmadgod 18 күн мурун
Getsis was way harder than N
Mousek801 X
Mousek801 X 18 күн мурун
I've watched so much Pokemon 'Bridged, those voices are canonical in my head.
Justice Graceful
Justice Graceful 18 күн мурун
blue is an anagram for lube
Noside Noside
Noside Noside 19 күн мурун
i think it'd be neat if there were pokemon villains that had common sense but followed the orders of a kind of crazy boss, and like have them blame management when they lose or something
Jaiden Baird60
Jaiden Baird60 19 күн мурун
The sinnoh game’s are my favourites because the where my first games
Knightstromer 19 күн мурун
b&w was awesome
Matt 19 күн мурун
A jellyfish alien randomly appears from a wormhole, so lovecraftian that its mere existence is slowly tearing apart the fabric of reality itself Your trainer: 0u0
Kermit F
Kermit F 19 күн мурун
Can we all just apprecaite that team aqua leader called his gang “simps”
Kermit F
Kermit F 19 күн мурун
It’s also worth mentioning part of Silver’s arc was him bonding with his Golbat which will only evolve to Crobat with enough Friendship.
Noside Noside
Noside Noside 19 күн мурун
'pokemon swold'
Shadethewolfy 20 күн мурун
You can have twins that are of different ages. One simply came out a few seconds before the other. Boom, older brother, younger brother. This does in fact happen.
Just some guy
Just some guy 20 күн мурун
I always fall asleep watching some random video on KGpost be it something I like or something I’ve watched before but then when I wake up without fail for some reason this video always ends up playing...
frumpis bumba
frumpis bumba 20 күн мурун
30 minutes in and all I'm hearing is a snarky dismissal of children's games through nitpicks and plotholes. Do you understand what a children's game is? Your analysis is useless if you can't understand the games on their own terms. This whole video is just an adult squinting at a children's story and nasally deriding it for being a children's story.
Spicy Love
Spicy Love 20 күн мурун
Your surprised kids have authority in this world? This is the same universe that sends 11 year olds out in the wild with supernatural creatures by themselves.
Christoph 20 күн мурун
You probably aren’t allowed into the area with blackouts because of all the looters there
True Adam
True Adam 20 күн мурун
Standing by for Sword and Shield thrashing-I mean, review.
Cat 20 күн мурун
Salt is such a good dude. Puts out these huge videos that take a ton of work, and rarely has ads, and when he does... he apologizes for it and gives a good reason as to why he had a couple ads. Such a chill guy. If I had money to give, I'd give it to you my man
Fell 21 күн мурун
Oh boy I get to bully another person who pronounces "Chasm" with a soft Ch.
Page Clayton
Page Clayton 21 күн мурун
"Team Plasma comes in on their final fantasy airship and just. Blizzagas the city.
Kay Varg
Kay Varg 21 күн мурун
Wow.. Pokémon really sucks
jake hensley
jake hensley 21 күн мурун
How did I stumble upon an incels of America meeting?
ProjectEchoshadow 21 күн мурун
You should have done emerald instead of Sapphire, the plot of two idiot teams competing with each other while some ten year old takes them all down is great
Evan The great gamer
Evan The great gamer 21 күн мурун
You should do sword and sheild
The Burning Ruler
The Burning Ruler 22 күн мурун
Actually in the gen 3 games there is a trainer on cycling road who says that your bike has Rydel written all over it, so it's kind of like you advertising for him, he just doesn't tell you that you are
alt Ramen
alt Ramen 22 күн мурун
I had no idea Steve Buscemi played pokemon and had a youtube channel. Really mind blowing.
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