Disney Singers THEN vs NOW (Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake, Jonas Brothers & MORE)

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5 ай мурун

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Disney's child stars then vs now!
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There are tons of famous singers who got their initial taste of the limelight from Disney productions. The Mickey Mouse Club, Wizards of Waverly Place and Camp Rock are all Disney classics where the child stars went on to be famous as adults as well. The question is whether they went on to get better or worse? We have singers such as Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake, Jonas Brothers and more.
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Edited by Dylan Locke

Kay Pearson
Kay Pearson 4 күн мурун
Roomie: "Idk is it chair or is it cheer?"
Paolo Titus
Paolo Titus 4 күн мурун
Daaaaaang roomie you be having a bad hair day
Jen X
Jen X 7 күн мурун
Wasn't raven simone also on the Cosby Show?
Just Flamingo
Just Flamingo 10 күн мурун
He makes sponsors fun!
Night G
Night G 10 күн мурун
You should hear the real live recording fan u would hear her voice in my opinion she sounds better on the fan’s recording
Phillip Hamilton
Phillip Hamilton 12 күн мурун
Phillip Hamilton
Phillip Hamilton 12 күн мурун
When you raven after Disney I was like she is still on Disney She is the main character in Ravens home
Naama Perets
Naama Perets 15 күн мурун
Like, really? THAT is the example of old JT? He is soooo much better than that. I'm disappointed.
S K 15 күн мурун
The ad spot gives me serious Dave-o vibes. 😅
amandda m
amandda m 19 күн мурун
The Demi screenshots were proved to be fake and there’s no feud or anything between them. Selena supports Demi and congratulates her and Demi hasn’t done anything bad to Selena
Xo_amber 133
Xo_amber 133 20 күн мурун
He looks like Cole Sprouse
A normal person
A normal person 21 күн мурун
u lost all ur credibility when u said Selena is better at singing than Demi Lovato. I’m clicking out bc of this 💀
naz five
naz five 26 күн мурун
disney doesnt know what kids want lol, they just throw shit out there and kids will watch it cuz its kids... they dont have expectations
Rez Tanner
Rez Tanner 27 күн мурун
I remember wizards of waverly place
The Adorables
The Adorables 28 күн мурун
This is hilarious cause I just started re watching wizards of weverly place
Amelia Mask
Amelia Mask 28 күн мурун
Bring back this hair Joel!!
Tala Ahmad
Tala Ahmad 28 күн мурун
the relationship with selena and demi was kind complicated but selena didn't care about demi went to rehab she became best friends with taylor and the account is real ik and no hate to all of them
Viola Krüger
Viola Krüger 28 күн мурун
Anyone else wanting e-guitars back in pop music?
Lexci623 Ай мурун
I’m glad that you really love Selena because I really do too. But let’s not forget of her health issues that take into effect of her singing. I love this woman so much though!
BLAHbl AHblah
BLAHbl AHblah Ай мурун
Raven Symone is actually back in another Disney channel show based on her kids and it has some of the original cast from the other show she was in.
Nicol Nicolaou
Nicol Nicolaou Ай мурун
He has to do Ross Lynch!
NiefaCob Ай мурун
Whatttttttt he did such a good job at the accent justin.
The Life of Leslie
The Life of Leslie Ай мурун
That's so Raven was soooo good!!
Young Bob
Young Bob Ай мурун
Charlie Kreisenkamp
Charlie Kreisenkamp Ай мурун
best add ever
Rebecca Myott
Rebecca Myott Ай мурун
Selena Gomez sang the song Magic. It was written in 1972 by Songwriters: DAVID PATON, WILLIAM LYALL. The band was Pilot.
Akashdeep Kar
Akashdeep Kar Ай мурун
Disney has always been cringe. Kids should watch Family Guy.
Shwonak Ай мурун
I didn't realize Joel was ginger until today
What about Jonas Brothers AFTER???? :(((( rrrooooooooomieeeeeeeeeeeeee
IceMetalPunk Ай мурун
Whenever someone says they don't hear your accent, I should just remind them of that wonderful song "Believe" by the great artist Chair 😂
barbaraffalella 1
barbaraffalella 1 Ай мурун
You forgot Zendaya
Mandi Jonuzi
Mandi Jonuzi Ай мурун
Mandolin Buckles
Mandolin Buckles Ай мурун
She is still doing Disney raven
Steph Jean
Steph Jean Ай мурун
I love Raven and The Jonas Brothers
Beanie Life
Beanie Life Ай мурун
Raven is still in Disney she is in a show called ravens home it is a spinoff of the old show ok
Allen Asire
Allen Asire Ай мурун
At a certain angle Joel looks like the Sprouse twins
Dane Trotter
Dane Trotter Ай мурун
The demi lovato x selena finsta screenshots have proven to be fake btw
Dan JD
Dan JD Ай мурун
That’s so annoying that private account wasn’t bashing Selena, Selena Gomez stans faked screenshots of it to make Demi look bad
Everto Ashton
Everto Ashton Ай мурун
Idk, first time I heard Selena Gomez sing was on Hannah Montana and she was singing a hypothetical about if Cupid had a heart or something like that lol
Bloxies Ай мурун
Raven has playied on another Disney series named Raven but Ravens home or something like that
Maya Gray
Maya Gray Ай мурун
raven is on disney again
Tova From StateFarm
Tova From StateFarm Ай мурун
Raven symone is on ravens home is a disney show
IndyGamer317 Ай мурун
she also famous for being on barney
Dragon Queen
Dragon Queen Ай мурун
Raven Symone appear in Raven's Home
Feisal Ahmed
Feisal Ahmed Ай мурун
Allie Sanderson
Allie Sanderson Ай мурун
Joel, cher is pronounced share.
Karly Robinson
Karly Robinson Ай мурун
Omg yes! My Disney Chanel changed to “something” else and I found out the hard way on New Year’s Eve y2k after I left the street party to go watch tv 😳😳 My innocence was stolen that night 😂😂
thatgirl_Alex Ай мурун
Yas wizards from waverly place my show yasss
dany ghostly
dany ghostly Ай мурун
Oh yea Joe Jonas...... JOJO
Isabel Smith
Isabel Smith 2 ай мурун
Raven has another show called Ravens home with her as a mother
Cacie Jade
Cacie Jade 2 ай мурун
that so raven was an amazing show!! And still one of my favorites!!!!! Talked a lot about real life everyday problems. Taught you a lot!! And she did a few movies after❤️ I love her so much.
JOHN BRYANT 2 ай мурун
I love roomie vloggin NICE ROOM TOUR
Brendan Coen
Brendan Coen 2 ай мурун
bruh these examples didnt do JT and selena justice.
Lora K.
Lora K. 2 ай мурун
9:33 this sounds exactly like 99% of kpop, so the bigger the company the more opportunity, resources and sponsers they'll have.
maqs 2 ай мурун
Raven was actually one of the few people in disney back then that can actually sing.
Zefanya Wowor
Zefanya Wowor 2 ай мурун
Selena so Cute 😆💙selenator Forever! Btw...Justin Timberlake and Britney was so cute together 😆
Elanora-lynn 2 ай мурун
Does he not know raven is in a Disney tv show called ravens home
llama 2 ай мурун
No Disney didn’t change to adult swim that is Cartoon Network you are thinking of and I think raven is still with Disney
Maria Castillo
Maria Castillo 2 ай мурун
I'm not nostalgic when it comes to Disney as I didn't watch it that much when I was a little kid BUT CARTTOON NETWORK? HECK YEAH.
Agustya Vats
Agustya Vats 2 ай мурун
Do reviewing Bollywood songs...
Maiden DE
Maiden DE 2 ай мурун
That toilet skit Joel....😆 Your mind is a very interesting place.
CosplayMyFandoms 2 ай мурун
roomie that wasnt nick singing it was Joe in the disney days Joe was the frontman not nick that became the case more later on but then I think mainly because they were much younger and he was the oldest he was the main singer
KissMyAspergers 2 ай мурун
Oh, gaaaaaawd. Mickey Mouse Club. WHHHYYYYYYYYY do you have the WHITEST CHILD ON PLANET EARTH singing Patois?! BAD. BAD DISNEY.
Patricia Cruz
Patricia Cruz 2 ай мурун
I kinda want roomie to react to Selena's recent album. Or maybe just Souvenir, its unique in a way and I am curious to hear Roomie's opinion.
nockolos 2 ай мурун
Your vids are epic but your skit was terrible lol shoulda asked daniel to help you
jatjane 2 ай мурун
well her song feel me and her album rare was her going thru different emotions, so yeah she is gonna sound "Off"
Ayesha Izhar
Ayesha Izhar 2 ай мурун
Demi's ex max said to a fan in a gc that, "that finsta scandal is fake but you need to keep dragging her with it her fans get so stressed out" and that fan leaked the screen shots in social media. I don't know the rest.
Juliette Crispell
Juliette Crispell 2 ай мурун
the 8 pm switching from kids to adults happened for me too. one time the tv wouldnt turn off when it switched and i was terrified LOLLL
Juliette Crispell
Juliette Crispell 2 ай мурун
joel looks like ron weasley
Squibby Squibby
Squibby Squibby 2 ай мурун
Check out Demi Lovato's Move me :D
maeitrix 3 ай мурун
Anyone else who recognize the music when she sings "you know never believe its not so" from another song?
metalchik1976 3 ай мурун
Joel is such a doll 🥰 plus he's hilarious
Salty June
Salty June 3 ай мурун
Is it me or does his voice remind you guys of 2012 pewdiepie?
Jade Innes
Jade Innes 3 ай мурун
selena ruined a great song :(
Mariam Akerman
Mariam Akerman 3 ай мурун
Wow I really need to send you the content that u will never find yourself bc in my country, no joke🤣👌✨ every other person sing sooo amazingly you should watch Georgian talent shows and Georgian voice bc u will be blown away how so many young teen and adults have their techniques style and diverse voice ranges when our population is 3.4mil😊and at least 60% of the population is amazing at singing, not even exaggerating, plz check these out .plz like so he will see this and get a new idea for vid
200 subscribers before Covid-19 ends
200 subscribers before Covid-19 ends 3 ай мурун
Why does Roomie hate Selena Gomez so much?
Mia Sancto
Mia Sancto 3 ай мурун
She’s “taken a few steps back” because she can’t get there anymore due to an on going illness
Blaze Frost
Blaze Frost 3 ай мурун
I am disappointed roomie has soldout for a sponsorship from Raycon. DON'T BUY THEM, IT'S A WASTE OF YOUR MONEY! I'm still subscribed and will keep watching all your videos though.
sana 3 ай мурун
i love your hair i love you
Juliana C
Juliana C 3 ай мурун
I swear selena didn’t even sing in her past songs. She must have done playback
Tara Grant
Tara Grant 3 ай мурун
roomie in that raycon toilet ad is destined for an oscar
Dynamite Gaming
Dynamite Gaming 3 ай мурун
Selena Gomez got famous in Barney
Zelle Lietta
Zelle Lietta 3 ай мурун
The nostalgia is intense
Adalyna Sotelo
Adalyna Sotelo 3 ай мурун
Thanks for the tour of your house roomie....appreciate it
Solara 3 ай мурун
I don’t know if Roomie doesn’t know this or purposely chooses to ignore it, but Christina Aguilera was also on the Mickey Mouse Club with Britney, Justin and Ryan. And she was amazing 😍 would love to see him react to her
jna052 3 ай мурун
Raven Simone has a new show Ravens house
CK 3 ай мурун
lately joel has been sucking life out of everything. make me feel really down lol
Elizabeth Midford hates cops.
Elizabeth Midford hates cops. 3 ай мурун
You should do Palaye Royale. They were on Disney.
David Music
David Music 4 ай мурун
2:59 lmao that neck
cubbleshasreturned 4 ай мурун
I don't know why but at some point Kevin Jonas became just as relevant as Frankie
Olivia Carrender
Olivia Carrender 4 ай мурун
I don't get Disney Channel
MsLouisez 4 ай мурун
Disney channel is so niche in my country as well. So they do weird kid music videos?
Cindygr8ce 4 ай мурун
Is ur raycon ad a Davo rip off.
Cindygr8ce 4 ай мурун
No matter what you think of Selenas singing I think she isnt raunchy shes obviously goimg for sexy but I dont her trashy. Usually it seemslike a mashup of super classy and sexy i like it
Navin Brenneman
Navin Brenneman 4 ай мурун
Roomie saying that Selena's song Magic sounds like all other Disney songs despite being a cover is haha. He also said it sounds like it could be by the Jonas Brothers when they wrote most if not all of their own songs not Disney.
Leah Ladner
Leah Ladner 4 ай мурун
When he a called Joe Jonas Nick....
Melissa Maria
Melissa Maria 4 ай мурун
The second song Selena sings is a cover if an actual song
Aidan Thompson
Aidan Thompson 4 ай мурун
Owen Forrand
Owen Forrand 4 ай мурун
that wasn’t nick-
Sara 4 ай мурун
Roomie looks like a cross between Archie and Jughead from Riverdale...
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