All Official Horizon Teasers So Far! Abilities & Blisk Ash Nemesis Theory - Apex Legends Season 7

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The Gaming Merchant

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The Gaming Merchant shares all Horizon teasers so far, talks about Horizon's abilities, and her potential as the season 7 legend in Apex Legends. Merchant also talks about the Horizon lore theory that suggests she is Blisk and Ash's nemesis.
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The Gaming Merchant
The Gaming Merchant Ай мурун
Pretty excited for Horizon! I'm curious to see her other abilities but for now the lore is what excites me the most! What about you?
Slisaey Ай мурун
hmm idk im disappointed AGAIN
Hera Ай мурун
omg im sooooo happy that shes scottish im scottish so it makes me soooooo happy for representation!!!!
John Widor
John Widor Ай мурун
Gravity lift I bet also is tactical
@baradiel death lmao they tripping
baradiel death
baradiel death Ай мурун
@THE APEX VET right havent had one since crypto
tsundoku owo
tsundoku owo Күн мурун
In 4:40- I literally just realised horizon is in Hammond labs lol
JAMIE DIETZ 25 күн мурун
Me seeing this knowing he got the abilities reversed
jaydijn twitch jaydijn
jaydijn twitch jaydijn Ай мурун
In titan fall 2 blisk was shown to be a white skinned red haired man with a wacky accient. In the new horizon trailer, horizon has a son, she promises him she would be back to see him not matter what. Later in the trailer dr mary sommers and her team are next to what looks like a black hole. Dr mary sommers is betrayed by on women and left by the black hole. I believe firmly that horizon is blisk's mother. Literally the only other ginger in the universe. Anyway the reason blisk might look older than horizon is the time dilation between when horizon was left to die and when she figured out a way to control gravity. And warp out of the danger. Lots of things could have kept her alive but being that close to a black hole would cause time dilation. The woman who betrayed horizon would go on to be ash. I think that the lady who betrayed horizon wanted to keep a public image. Adopting the "lost" doctors son would be good. When she gets old and probably dies. Blisk in a fit of anger toward his biological mother, gives robot life to ash. In ashes facility in titan fall 2. A child's toys and drawing can be found in a hidden corner of the map. Blisk being a good off scientists son would have access to some tech that would allow him to find himself a hideout. I do believe blisk started the games when the war ended or he got too old to keep fighting himself so that he could repair or start a new civilization from scratch with his money
Alfie Malins
Alfie Malins Ай мурун
U googled it
niiema colbert
niiema colbert Ай мурун
sigma from overwatches dad
Raymond Morris
Raymond Morris Ай мурун
Ok hear me out she returned to olympus 80 years later without aging. Let's keep in mind that that's where revenant is from before he was basically a brain controlling robots. Perhaps she is revenants mother.
Julie Steffen
Julie Steffen Ай мурун
quick theory now that the new stories from the outlands is out the person who berayed her might be ash post death btw she is a simulacrum like revenant but then she returned and the thing horizon was trying to stop happened and ash died then the crystal creats antimatter or something witch ties into her ability
Tazz Snj
Tazz Snj Ай мурун
Funny ... ima get horizon but I still haven't gotten crypto lol I don't plan on it
Eli River
Eli River Ай мурун
Y'all do see that thing in the air near air base right?
nico martinez
nico martinez Ай мурун
She is pathfinders creator and her son is path. Horizon is new map and she is actually working with bad people. Used by them and will help take down apex games vs blisk
Boy Human
Boy Human Ай мурун
Guys what if Lifeline or octane is horizon grandson
Nathan Ermac
Nathan Ermac Ай мурун
In the new stories from the outlands, she has got an interstellar like story
Giuseppe Coppola
Giuseppe Coppola Ай мурун
idk why but i like the word horizon, it just gives me a sense of opennes and freedom
V3N0M1X3D Ай мурун
The milita made the dimension shifting device but the IMC wanted to make their own hence the phase shift pilot and wraiths dimension program thingy
Arixse Ай мурун
Ash and blisk were both Apex Predators in Titanfall 2, working for the IMC on Olympus. They were guarding the ark for the fold weapon, but at the same facility they developed the time/dimension travel device. I feel like Wraith's lore somehow ties into all this too considering she was working on that tech and was then forced to be the human test subject
paco8512 Ай мурун
I think horizon’s passive will be able to use the gravity lifts around the map
Ocbar The eldest
Ocbar The eldest Ай мурун
I think that horizon has robotic arms, only because her body/head proportionality is way off
Aus Agharr
Aus Agharr Ай мурун
I don't think new legend is horizon because respawn never show new legend face
AdventureKitty101 Ай мурун
Anyone know who voices Horizon? She sounds like the Jodie Whitaker to me(The 13th Doctor from Doctor Who) But I just know it isn't her.
WOLFDawg 606
WOLFDawg 606 Ай мурун
Sebastian Chiat
Sebastian Chiat Ай мурун
IDC if i hate her abilities. Im maining her anyway based on her character SO COol omg i love her accent too
A unknown Name740
A unknown Name740 Ай мурун
I’m sure in tfall2 the phase puts you in space and that’s why pilots can’t use them and only robot pilots can like ash
Biscuit Ben
Biscuit Ben Ай мурун
What if horizon is paths creator as well as ash's
Aus Agharr
Aus Agharr Ай мурун
You did a good job
Andreea Pandia
Andreea Pandia Ай мурун
Just a random guess, but what if horizon was pathfinder’s creator. If it isn’t her, then I am sure that they will reveal his creator one day.
Mr brainexploded
Mr brainexploded Ай мурун
Is horizon an apex predator because ash and blisk are
*_ Rook _*
*_ Rook _* Ай мурун
Imagine if they pulled a forge
GITHC Ай мурун
Guess Caustic has a new friend.
Tiptop Ай мурун
As much as I think it’ll be horizon it could be a forge scenario
Bravo Tango 7274
Bravo Tango 7274 Ай мурун
This is precisely why I think Horizon isn’t gonna be the next legend. They’re ALL official teasers. It’s similar to Forge where we don’t have a complete database of Horizon’s abilities, but Valk has been leaked for longer, and was even in the legend roadmap leaked before even Revenant came out. As for the gravity lift, I think might also be a tease for Valk. Because her abilities have been centered on aerial movement through a jet pack. Gravity lifts do feel like the anti-gravity created by jet packs. It’s almost unstable and the speed feels slow and steady, like a jet pack. As for the Blisk quote, he also said that he’d be watching. Maybe like he’s not expecting things to go smoothly with Horizon, and that a big plot point is about to occur. Horizon just becoming the next legend just fine isn’t a very dramatic thing for the story.
Gamer boi Streams
Gamer boi Streams Ай мурун
Horizon might me paths creator
Gamer boi Streams
Gamer boi Streams Ай мурун
I wanted another uk legend
Zai Vid
Zai Vid Ай мурун
Another female legend... I feel overwhelmed
Jabibbee Ай мурун
What if Horizon is actually Ash trying to create a new identity for the games?
skullman 2.0
skullman 2.0 Ай мурун
Her ultimate is the gravity star from TF2
NeonAce Ай мурун
She’s Ms Frizzle from Magic School Bus but she left to pursue creating great things with her Masters Degree in Physics
Karl Steinhauser
Karl Steinhauser Ай мурун
Am I the only one who noticed that she probably has cyborg arms?
Fish Nation
Fish Nation Ай мурун
Why does horizon look like my spanish teacher
g-man Ай мурун
I really hope she has a connection to pathfinder, maybe shes nice to pathfinder unlike some other legends, i can see her doing tests on him as well. Maybe changing his grapple cooldown?
TheMastarAlex Ай мурун
Get_dumked_on Ай мурун
2:42 *gasp* shes GLaDOS
Chazz Ай мурун
A scientist huh? I ship her with caustic.
Jafar Murtaja
Jafar Murtaja Ай мурун
2:48 why do you have a Mozambique when there is 3 squads left 🤔
Varrio Warlock
Varrio Warlock Ай мурун
I feel like you’re the MrBossFTW, and the Ali-A to apex
stephen Linn
stephen Linn Ай мурун
Everyone else: wow so cool Me: dang your so lucky having octanes heirloom
Kade Bass
Kade Bass Ай мурун
The “wee bit of betrayal” thing isn’t a hint at a legend persay but it’s a code, use of code phrases and such go back even to MW2 (a lot of respawn devs worked on that) with star and Texas in the campaign. Also horizon Is a simulacrum more than likely it’s robotic arms that give it away also allows for better travel with gravity in mind (since being crushed by gravity isn’t nice)
MistyMoonstone Ай мурун
You're getting confused with Valk Horizon is a confirmed human
Ethan Hernandez
Ethan Hernandez Ай мурун
U get the fase
Ethan Hernandez
Ethan Hernandez Ай мурун
Yes yes
Ethan Hernandez
Ethan Hernandez Ай мурун
.... That why we need titanfall3 otherwise she will be a random person no matter what happens
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez Ай мурун
Since Horizon is the new legend, I notice the text conversation between Octane and Lifeline, in one of the text, Lifeline said "a wee bit" Scottish, that shows that Horizon has been tease since Season 5
Jake Marr
Jake Marr Ай мурун
I scoured the comments and it seems as though I am just about the only one that didn't get to see the video parts play in the firing range, all I got was audio and a black screen 🥺
Max Silvernail
Max Silvernail Ай мурун
fairly low chance of dismemberment hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm who had no legs and no arm
My profile pic is noice
My profile pic is noice Ай мурун
I think horizon is from Olympus
Shamiela Fredericks
Shamiela Fredericks Ай мурун
Another girl legend?
Ixam der Gnadenlose
Ixam der Gnadenlose Ай мурун
Since Horizons body somehow looks ... kinda inhuman, what if she IS Ash? Also the statement about "Dismemberment". All very suspicious 🤔
Octane Main
Octane Main Ай мурун
Took you long enough... lol
senor ola
senor ola Ай мурун
Purple mastiff skin how
Byron Morley
Byron Morley Ай мурун
I din it curious that Mirage still descibed the legends dying as complicated. you would assume it's a tongue in cheek kind of reference, but maybe its not and the big conspiracy is that all the legends are from different dimensions and are actually dying in the arena, food for thought!
netslave Ай мурун
the badge, its a black hole, reference event "horizon"?? makes me think that her identity is something to do with time manipulation, maybe teleportation? maybe her main mite be something to do with a black hole of sorts teleporting you to different location or somethin?? or maybe to the gravity lifts locations that are not working in game currently?
MistyMoonstone Ай мурун
Respawn knows that's too OP
gjinius Ай мурун
Horizon looks like a human head with a robo body
James the Chonky pizza boi
James the Chonky pizza boi Ай мурун
What if horizon was related to demo man from team fortress 2 ya know because their Scottish
titanfall •_•
titanfall •_• Ай мурун
gibraltar : part of titan war octane : part of olympus war lifeline : part of olympus war wraith : part of test wraith mirage : part of ________ rampart : part of aftermarket loba : part of olympus war wattson : king canyon war horizon : crypto : &;8,!4&3&8jebdyak8452 revenant : hammond robotic bloodhound : jungle hunter is that all of them? ok we done now
XPxMeliodas Ай мурун
I think Horizon will be teased in labs like crpyto was :thinking:
alireza sedaghat
alireza sedaghat Ай мурун
I think she will die like forge
Beast_2104 Ай мурун
ScOtLaNd 4EveR
Lölyta Günol
Lölyta Günol Ай мурун
Apex is making it a little too clear that she’s the next legend I honestly think that they might kill her off like they did forge lol
TeiZenVer Ай мурун
caustic will care for her too.
Possessed Demon
Possessed Demon Ай мурун
Him: blisk says this: AN ADD FOR KGpost PREMIUM COMES UP.
MetalMagnetik Ай мурун
Excellent usual! Keep em coming bro
Pizza Wizard
Pizza Wizard Ай мурун
She's the new legend if she lives till season 7
Finalgamer2278 Ай мурун
So sigma?
ricardo padillo
ricardo padillo Ай мурун
The Horizon teaser doesn’t show up even tho I did all the challenges the screen was black
Jocean Traveler
Jocean Traveler Ай мурун
I saw a leak of a legend who had gravity-related abilities called Reckoner. This was back from when Apex started but the ties between gravity-related powers could be the same. Here were his abilities: -Passive; Shield Break -Tactical; Shield Stealer -Ultimate; Gravity Orb (The ultimate just made me think of Horizon because of the whole gravity thing)
MistyMoonstone Ай мурун
That was probably horizon.. Just her beginning name
Patrick Sheldon
Patrick Sheldon Ай мурун
worlds edge new areas are building rockets to send us to outer space, i think we crash on a jungle planet (someone teased a loading screen and datamined map name?) Horizon comes to rescue/help us... hmmm
Ethan Romain
Ethan Romain Ай мурун
merchant I'm telling you man horizon is not the next legend. Horizon will come in season 10, Valk is coming season 7 I'm calling it
MistyMoonstone Ай мурун
MAF_Overlord Ай мурун
Here’s a theory she join the Apex games to find wreath and take her back into containment
Pobeman PlayZ
Pobeman PlayZ Ай мурун
*W r e a t h*
FBI OPEN UP Ай мурун
*W r e a t h*
Jesse Munoz
Jesse Munoz Ай мурун
Hey guys what if it's like force
Lazy Hitman
Lazy Hitman Ай мурун
This is probably just me but I find Horizon kind of unnerving
Jonathan Lutz
Jonathan Lutz Ай мурун
Jeez louise this is cool and all but some decent servers and audio fixes would hype me sooo much more. The thought of another bug-ridden update when they STILL haven't done anything about either of these huge issues is really disheartening and horrible for the longevity of this game that I love so much.
Thorn Pestun
Thorn Pestun Ай мурун
Am I the only one that thinks 1 legend per season is really underwhelming?
Felix. S
Felix. S Ай мурун
I feel Horizon's skins will be so cool.
GoblinSlayer 9996
GoblinSlayer 9996 Ай мурун
the technology in titanfall 2 was time travel not dimension although the ability phase shift was but in the campaign was time travel
William Hendry
William Hendry Ай мурун
Apex: Introduces Scottish legend People named Willie: Jizzes themselves
Big Bully
Big Bully Ай мурун
1 like for the word jizz
Zephyrus Ай мурун
And actually, at 4:49, I don't think that is Horizon hiding. If you notice, Horizon seems thin and nimble... Whilst this hidden character seems thicker and has a huge jetpack. Why the jetpack? It's because this is in fact... Valk.
Zephyrus Ай мурун
At 4:05, I actually think this will be the height and speed of Horizon's tactical. Like a mini gyser.
Parzival 237
Parzival 237 Ай мурун
What if apex keeps on teasing horizon but then ash kills her then ash becomes the the new legend
Chesquik Ай мурун
horizon looks like she is going to steal the declaration of independence
boş boş
boş boş Ай мурун
She looks Like crypto's mother
Spitfire X1
Spitfire X1 Ай мурун
There needs to be a game mode where you can choose to play as just lifelines, crypto’s, and horizon’s drone
No Diggity
No Diggity Ай мурун
So they are running out of ideas. This legend is just Wattson and lifeline mixed together. Sad glad I stopped playing. The characte r writer is an idiot
Kev G
Kev G Ай мурун
I was here when u just posted this but I just got this Idea but wraith kunai only like what u did with octane and bloodhound
TheBreadLord Ай мурун
When are we ever going to get a male legend it's been 3 seasons since Revenent so ya...
Vigil 707
Vigil 707 Ай мурун
Female sigma in apec
Dr Muffins69465
Dr Muffins69465 Ай мурун
Wait if you already have all the legends when you buy the championship edition how does that work?
Dr Muffins69465
Dr Muffins69465 Ай мурун
I had to go back and watch the trailer.
The Wild Sinner
The Wild Sinner Ай мурун
Hmm this could tie Bangalore’s lure some how she’s been trying to leave the games to get home she join the game to raise money to pay someone to take her home if this Horizon character could travel from plants using the void most likely Bangalore will attempt to get her hands on this Teknowledge put that’s just a theory.
MistyMoonstone Ай мурун
A S Ай мурун
Horizon low-key looking like The Gaming Merchant lol.
That NocturnalOne
That NocturnalOne Ай мурун
Horizon is a beautiful character
Retronyx Ай мурун
While I love her scottish accent and the fact that she might have a black hole style ability, her "tactical" kinda just slowly float up ability looks slow and pretty lame. In terms of movement octane pretty much covers all of the possibilities that small raise in elevation could do and is MUCH faster and allows for quick movement. I just feel like I'm riding a slow elevator or basically an invisible "zipline" going straight up and it's not that exciting. I'd much rather see her have an ability like the massive jump that Merchant did at 4:06 but I guess we'll see what they do to make it more interesting
MistyMoonstone Ай мурун
Chill bro it'll probably be more exciting then you think
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