19 Secret Minecraft Features You’ll Use Right Away

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19 Secret Minecraft Features You’ll Use Right Away! Minecraft doesn't tell you much about what to do in the game, so sometimes the best features can pass you by. In that case, let's go over some of the best 'hidden' or untold features in Minecraft 1.16 that you'll start using right away. From the sneaky F3 debug commands to the fastest way to grow your crops and more, let's see what features exist in minecraft that you maybe didn't know about in this Skip the Tutorial minecraft list video!
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Footage collected by Frankie Mundo
Research and map by Jonah Walters
Edited by www.haleyascharf.com
Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks vanillatweaks.net/picker/resource-packs/
Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow their tracks at kgpost.info
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How to Properly Use an Anvil and Apply more than 30 Enchantments to an Item.

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SEGA IS AWSOME 12 саат мурун
@Lazy potato double same
SEGA IS AWSOME 12 саат мурун
@Creepo_J same
TheGamingDragon123 12 саат мурун
I love threats😁
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 13 саат мурун
So you know that I watch p-p-puppy’s plz no
aiafinellasilla 22 саат мурун
Dont pls
mickey mouse
mickey mouse 30 мүнөт мурун
What about sideways stairs? It could be useful for funneling a players movement into the opening of a hallway making for easier entry
Dr OmniSpank
Dr OmniSpank 46 мүнөт мурун
The load up screen hints tell you about the magma blocks
mustafa ÇELİK
mustafa ÇELİK Саат мурун
Boi i cant get the debug stick...
Friendly Mountain RockyAntelope
Friendly Mountain RockyAntelope 2 саат мурун
I have no connection at all to this channel nor does my context but can you give my Channel a chance
Melwin Blesson
Melwin Blesson 2 саат мурун
Actually, The Shift key activates sneak in which if you see in Minecraft PE it says that "Sneak or Wear Frost Walker boots to walk safely on magma"
Spicybeen 2 саат мурун
Walking on magma blocks is an official feature because on bedrock the loading screen tips tell you about it. You can also use frost walker
lollypolly 3 саат мурун
b o n e j u i c e
IzzyBill 7 саат мурун
4:53 That's actually a feature, not a glitch. In Bedrock Edition, the loading screeen has tips on it, one of them is "Sneak or wear frost walker boots to walk safely on magma blocks."
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 8 саат мурун
When you know all the secrets: Could I be the green ninja?
EZ PEEZEE 8 саат мурун
I subscribed upside down.
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 8 саат мурун
standing u are putting ur leg on lava part too XD
E3 Hilolit
E3 Hilolit 9 саат мурун
You can use frost walker on boots to walk on magma blocks
Tinyfire 55
Tinyfire 55 10 саат мурун
Guys the stone axe has higher DPS than the diamond axe
Liam Marryatt
Liam Marryatt 10 саат мурун
pog i knew every trick
Lil_Nate 123YT
Lil_Nate 123YT 11 саат мурун
My mind is expanded with more minecraft knowledge
11 саат мурун
ah, yes, Moe Yang
Dezi Hernandez
Dezi Hernandez 12 саат мурун
Did you know if you hit f3 then press f3+a it tells you some things you can do with f3
Mott O
Mott O 12 саат мурун
I knew all of these for a long time.
KinForr 776
KinForr 776 12 саат мурун
4:20 4:50 who doesn't know this?
sirv0lcano3xploive 12 саат мурун
Did anyone catch they he was using Mario music
Nicholas McAleavey
Nicholas McAleavey 12 саат мурун
How do u shif click on ps4
Flamimgo !
Flamimgo ! 13 саат мурун
*laughs in PE*
Nathan Urquhart
Nathan Urquhart 14 саат мурун
Perhaps.. an SCP Joke? (6:08)
sans the comic
sans the comic 14 саат мурун
Wait the magma block thing isnt just a common fact I always known to crouch on magma that's how I get air underwater
Kim 15 саат мурун
I subbed upside down!
darth Jar Jar
darth Jar Jar 15 саат мурун
so if u can put that many enchants on an item...does this mean i could put loyalty on a hoe?
SuspiciousStuff 15 саат мурун
magma block has some logic according to me, when u squat or sneak u can assume u are actually standing on the cold dark part of the stone and when u are carelessly standing u are putting ur leg on lava part too XD
Tyler Grima
Tyler Grima 18 саат мурун
Oh so you play Minecraft? Name every item then
Raphael Corduneanu
Raphael Corduneanu 18 саат мурун
I did
Kim Thompson
Kim Thompson 19 саат мурун
these are all so bad every1 knows allready
Huxley Andrews
Huxley Andrews 20 саат мурун
U should do a video of secret combat features such as w-tapping and hotkeys.
Reymer Jhon
Reymer Jhon 20 саат мурун
I subscribed upside down
Kriss Da Punk Cat
Kriss Da Punk Cat 20 саат мурун
POV who uses the stick: I BEAT YA WITH A STICK!
Itz_AyubZ 21 саат мурун
I used to think the Debug stick was Herobrines wand Ye im flexing
Cosmin ovidiu Butuc
Cosmin ovidiu Butuc 21 саат мурун
I sub upside down XD
G- Bro's
G- Bro's 21 саат мурун
No one has subscribed upside down Australians who subbed: we did
Mohammad PRO607
Mohammad PRO607 22 саат мурун
When I find out the debug stick rotates blocks Me: Vertical Slab
bounded scythe
bounded scythe 7 саат мурун
What that's illegal
Guru Prasad
Guru Prasad 22 саат мурун
btw if you want to know all the f3 commands, just hit f3+q
Starzard Gaming
Starzard Gaming 23 саат мурун
Me: cries in controller
Pogge 24
Pogge 24 23 саат мурун
The only ones I didn’t know is debug stick and the gamemode fast thingy
Multigamer 23 саат мурун
I did a handstand and subscribe
Leo Whyton
Leo Whyton Күн мурун
McMassGamerz Күн мурун
I know A LOT of these
Bot Adda
Bot Adda Күн мурун
17th one was the one we always wanted.
ツXeonVoidツ Күн мурун
The sneaking on magma block is an intentional feature
Quinn Derp
Quinn Derp Күн мурун
i already new most of these things.... then again iv bin playing this game for 9 years
EGG EJK Күн мурун
I subscribed upside down 👍
[unnamed] Күн мурун
"KGpost for some reason tells me you can't subscribe upside down, so flip your device and turn on notifications" Me who is already subscribed and charging my laptop with my mouse plugged in already too lazy to do that:
PRO GAMER Күн мурун
How to get the same item in mcpe
Lets get to 1mill without vids
Lets get to 1mill without vids Күн мурун
The debug stick isn't a secret Neither is shift delete in creative
Lets get to 1mill without vids
Lets get to 1mill without vids Күн мурун
The magma thing isn't a but it was designed like that
Hmm, what’s this?
Hmm, what’s this? Күн мурун
Ah yes, i can shift click with my ipad, lets go
Lo AS Күн мурун
I did it
Zefanya Sibarani 1412058
Zefanya Sibarani 1412058 Күн мурун
is the debug stick available in the minecraft pocket edition?
Rheinz xhamylle Tanador
Rheinz xhamylle Tanador Күн мурун
I subscribed upside down
Chester Cleveland
Chester Cleveland Күн мурун
I know how to use debug stick
Strider Loki
Strider Loki Күн мурун
If you're on Bedrock Edition, you can bone meal any flowers to have infinite of it.
Eventful Күн мурун
So your saying i could go inside of a volcano, get into a squat position, and step on the hot rocks? This video should of been called 19 Secret Minecraft/Real Life Features You'll Use Right Away
random is epic
random is epic Күн мурун
there we go, i flipped my pc and i have subscribed upside down.
peter z
peter z Күн мурун
Everybody gangster until you realize that you are on controller
Matthew Schwartz
Matthew Schwartz Күн мурун
Subbed upside down know I’m gonna unsub
Evan Smith
Evan Smith Күн мурун
Wow, I thought everyone knew about crouching on a magma block prevents damage.
Ajana Karan
Ajana Karan Күн мурун
Does the debug stick work in Bedrock Edition?
Russian Life
Russian Life Күн мурун
I can sudscride up sibep down and tips up sine bown
griskatt Күн мурун
“Throw a stone shovel in there” Literally putting in a wooden shovel
JayJayBacon Күн мурун
I wanted to be the firts upside down subscriber but i already was subbed haha
TheRealSonGokuGamerYT GREECE PC
TheRealSonGokuGamerYT GREECE PC Күн мурун
I PLAY MINECRAFT IN MY PHONE THE REAL ANYWAY I SAID TO COMMAND THIS ( /give @s debug_stick ) and dont work can you help me please
Mr.5tarwarsn3rd 06
Mr.5tarwarsn3rd 06 Күн мурун
Am i the only one that knew all of them...?
Randomtangle Күн мурун
Fun Fact: Subscribing upside down is the only way to evolve Minecraftian Inkay.
Michael Barrett
Michael Barrett Күн мурун
The magma block thing has been in a long time
Fire Boy BR
Fire Boy BR Күн мурун
I think the sneak on magma is kind of a representation of taking care to step on the stony part, not on the lava
Professor Hobo
Professor Hobo Күн мурун
Is the game mode menu in Bedrock?
doliio volay
doliio volay Күн мурун
8:16 chest with specific item? Dosent that mean its duplication glitch?
ButterflyHalo Күн мурун
can you do the same thing but with xbox and play station
Leona Gonzalez
Leona Gonzalez Күн мурун
The automatic activity desirably test because year histopathologically lock per a stale foot. draconian, concerned pumpkin
Joringas Jurša
Joringas Jurša Күн мурун
im using f3 and f4 i actualy never used comand
shirlyn santos
shirlyn santos Күн мурун
What about console controls for these. 😔
Alien scope
Alien scope Күн мурун
Pillageking ALT
Pillageking ALT Күн мурун
did people really not know this?
Jocelin R
Jocelin R Күн мурун
Mumbo needs to know about the walls
Ann-Marie Lemdani
Ann-Marie Lemdani Күн мурун
I subscribed upsidedown
jose Cortez
jose Cortez Күн мурун
I just saw soul speed on a diamond sword really should speed is for boot
I sub upside down
Joshua Coker
Joshua Coker Күн мурун
Ponçikgamer Күн мурун
Elzar Күн мурун
In minecraft you don't even get to skip the tutorial since there isn't one
Seppe Van den Broek
Seppe Van den Broek Күн мурун
so ur telling me u dont have any australian subscribers?
Vinay Thakur
Vinay Thakur Күн мурун
When you realise you knew 80% of these tips an tricks Edit: and
B3t4 S1X
B3t4 S1X Күн мурун
8:16 chest with specific item? Dosent that mean its duplication glitch?
Marasmus Cidillac.
Marasmus Cidillac. Күн мурун
/give @p Minecraft:debug_stick
Catsmoo XcP
Catsmoo XcP Күн мурун
2:55 you can even get sharp 3 with looting 2 with that thing mr smarty dumby dont judge a book with its cover
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin Күн мурун
Hmm I unsubed😀 you have good Content but do you want to many people to subscribe so yeah
Harshit Mudgal
Harshit Mudgal Күн мурун
These are not secrects dude , these are common
Kate Briones
Kate Briones Күн мурун
I did it 🔥🔥:-P
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Күн мурун
Oh wow it wasnt clickbait
Michael Cortez
Michael Cortez 2 күн мурун
Shift in magma block Me:I have watched alot of dream videos
Gaming Trifle
Gaming Trifle 2 күн мурун
IronYT 2 күн мурун
so how the f*** do i turn my laptop upside down without breaking it
WaffleSquid 101
WaffleSquid 101 2 күн мурун
Wait can this work on Java?? Someone please answer
iamZiQian 2 күн мурун
this is the way
_a.s.h_ 2 күн мурун
Uh- shifting on magma blocks have been in the game for ages- thats not a bug-
Arconis The Wolf
Arconis The Wolf 2 күн мурун
i know a secret you missed ;)
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