Mr Ingram
Mr Ingram Саат мурун
Tee Martin........ No
c mulholland
c mulholland Саат мурун
Urban wins every were he goes 9 wins 7 losses wildcard AFC is weak Chiefs Bill's rest of teams avg
c mulholland
c mulholland Саат мурун
Urban will win in Jacksonville AFC south easy division plus he knows how to get the most out of his players .
William Clarke
William Clarke Саат мурун
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William Clarke
William Clarke Саат мурун
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soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Саат мурун
I liked it very much i am very thankfull?
Abstract AT LAST
Abstract AT LAST 2 саат мурун
Feel bad he might fall to my Panthers, but I will take a blessing!!
Mo Vo
Mo Vo 2 саат мурун
JAX. 0-16
Mo Vo
Mo Vo 2 саат мурун
They will recruit a NFL coach
Trey Referee 100%
Trey Referee 100% 2 саат мурун
I agree with Keyshawn Johnson. Tee Martin should have been hired as head coach before Jeremy Pruitt...
BurgerSmooth Highlights
BurgerSmooth Highlights 3 саат мурун
Harold Leach
Harold Leach 4 саат мурун
The Don
The Don 4 саат мурун
He’s gonna be a titan
Xaverian3 4 саат мурун
Confederate flag at 0:26 yikes ESPN
Luke Moloney
Luke Moloney 4 саат мурун
Dan Orlovsky is the Marty Smith of NFL Live.
ScootMagoot46 4 саат мурун
How does Tennessee always hire the wrong coach.
ScootMagoot46 4 саат мурун
They literally self-reported these violations, because they wanted to fire Pruitt "for cause", so they could avoid the $12 million buyout.
David Kirkpatrick
David Kirkpatrick 4 саат мурун
I love Tee but he isnt worthy. Fat & lazy
Britton Thompson
Britton Thompson 4 саат мурун
This isn't journalism.... this is ridiculous. Its just three guys yelling into the camera to hire a garbage football coach without ever stating why they should hire a garbage coach
Ken Ashburn
Ken Ashburn 5 саат мурун
I love Tee but the one year he was an OC at USC went so well he got fired. He is a great recruiter but I think Tee needs more experience before coming a head coach.
Bearded RN
Bearded RN 5 саат мурун
Another incoherent, idiotic rant by Keyshawn Johnson. Tee Martin is already on the staff and was fired as an OC. Does this guy do any show prep?
John Smith
John Smith 5 саат мурун
Not a lot of scheme here, especially on defense. You have 1 corner and 3 safeties. You also have 4 inside linebackers and no pass rushers (no offense to the DL, they were all great and would do damage together) sabans defenses work because they are machines and use various pieces together. The three down lineman will get sacks but there job is to shut down the run and the outside backers get most of the pass rush. Occasional blitzes from inside backers and field side DBs. Saban hasn’t had a true LT great pass rushing outside backer but in practice they get the job done. Saban builds great team defenses. I’m saying this as an Auburn fan, trust me I know. I get it these are the “best” dudes but while that offense would work just fine (though I think there is a similar issue with the recievers with Smith and Cooper being very similar, probably better off with someone like ruggs with pure speed to get mismatches) but that defense wouldn’t work as well against top competition as a less talented better schemed unit.
harold Denton
harold Denton 6 саат мурун
Tee was not the best qb to play at tennessee in the mid to late 1990's. That 1998 team got lucky in several games to go undefeated that season. They beat a not so good FSU team that didn't have their star qb for the national championship game.
Bill Butler
Bill Butler 6 саат мурун
I believe UT has already hired the new coach and he is now in charge.
Brando M
Brando M 4 саат мурун
Steele?! LOL
a. stev
a. stev 6 саат мурун
I don’t think Smitty said a single word in this video
Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson 6 саат мурун
Hiring based on off white skin color. Yeah, that'll work.
J. Barnes
J. Barnes 6 саат мурун
Tee Martin's head coach record: 0-0. Tennessee needs power5 and/or SEC head coaching experience.
J. Barnes
J. Barnes 6 саат мурун
This guy is only pomoting Tee Martin because of his race. Tennessee does NOT need another unproven head coach playing in the toughest league in the Country. Tennessee also does not need to go bargain-basement shopping for another coach again. The only obvious choice is Gus Malzahn.
A Crazy Diamond
A Crazy Diamond 7 саат мурун
You can’t mention Reuben Foster and Leonard Fournette without showing “the tackle”.
Caleb Massey
Caleb Massey 7 саат мурун
I’m a Georgia fan but honestly if Tennessee doesn’t start giving coaches more time it will never get fixed cause right now UGA and UF are light years ahead of Tennessee right now
L W 3 саат мурун
@sNOReNADo 1 Georgia is light years ahead of Tennessee. And yes, winning 9 games at Florida is better than what Tennessee is doing. Tennessee would be happy with 7-5 about now. Ha.
sNOReNADo 1 6 саат мурун
I wouldn't say lightyears. The entire SEC East sucks. UGA won the Peach Bowl by 1 point vs Cincy and Florida lost 3 in a row to end their season. They aren't nearly as good as Bama, A&M at this time
Grayson 7 саат мурун
Please come to Carolina 😭
David Aziaya
David Aziaya 7 саат мурун
He should have stayed at school but should hope to end up with a team where he can sit and learn
Cameron Stacy
Cameron Stacy 7 саат мурун
Key call donde and tell her that!
jrh4lo 7 саат мурун
Tee Martin would absolutely suck as a head coach.
mcnulyt brendan
mcnulyt brendan 7 саат мурун
Keyshawn Tee Martin has proved nothing. Winning a chip as a QB 20 years ago doesnt transition into head coaching success. Believe he got the axe as OC at USC. Hire Martin be fire Martin in 3 years
j cherry
j cherry 7 саат мурун
mcdonalds is king
Kev 8 саат мурун
I love Narajee Harris and Devonte Smith man I’m not even mad they curb stomped us..
Predictor Bibulous
Predictor Bibulous 8 саат мурун
Chad Morris is looking for a job....
Robby Atwood
Robby Atwood 8 саат мурун
I watched him play live in the FCS championship last year and I think he’s overhyped. Yes he’s a great mobile QB and his decision making is excellent with so few INTs, but he’s not the kind of QB that can thread the needle into tight coverage when there isn’t a wide open man or an opportunity to scramble. And you have to be able to do that to be successful in the NFL
mwillblade 8 саат мурун
Did not the Spartans own slaves? Should we protest the name of the team?
Vin Pen
Vin Pen 8 саат мурун
Sincerely as a bama fan , please hire tee.... bahahaha
Too much Remy
Too much Remy 8 саат мурун
SAINTS period point blank if you gotta trade Thomas even doe I love the kid but do what you gotta do
Let There B Light TV
Let There B Light TV 9 саат мурун
Watson threw for 420 and 4 total TDs against BAMA!!! He shoulda been first QB off the board
Jessa Carillo
Jessa Carillo 9 саат мурун
Mr. Hardtruth
Mr. Hardtruth 9 саат мурун
Shut this guys big mouth.
mike allen
mike allen 9 саат мурун
honestly losing fulmer is prob the best thing that could happen to UT
Mark ONeill
Mark ONeill 9 саат мурун
Tez Mo
Tez Mo 10 саат мурун
The problem is: Herbstreit is tired of seeing Alabama dominant and win. Face the facts which was the reason for the playoff system and Bama still overcame it. All these kids that come out of high school to college level, stop hating cause Bama get so much more talent than other schools.
Mountain Man Gaming
Mountain Man Gaming 10 саат мурун
As of this point they have nothing to lose.
Romi Arkan
Romi Arkan 10 саат мурун
You tell me with this quality of play the man fell into the sixth round of the draft!? First round draft pick stuff right here. You're not gonna find a guy like him in the sixth round, because nobody would let him slide that far today.
Claytonius Maximus
Claytonius Maximus 10 саат мурун
jim mcdonald
jim mcdonald 10 саат мурун
you wouldnt say that if he was white
Manny Strowman
Manny Strowman 10 саат мурун
Tennessee wants Tee Martin to fix this mess more than ever.
Charles Dean
Charles Dean 10 саат мурун
Yes Tee Martin
brad wilkens
brad wilkens 11 саат мурун
Tee martin was a coach stuffing money into the Mickey D's bag
Frye 7 саат мурун
Tee wasn't fired & no he didn't have any involvement in it.Two stooges from ALABAMA were & some stooge who's parents gave him a name that rhymes Shelton Felton!Tee & Jay Graham are VFLS who weren't that stupid to do that BS ruining their names as well as careers.
Christopher Mcdavit
Christopher Mcdavit 11 саат мурун
I'm embarrassed we gave syracuse their only win of the season.
Jonathan Morris
Jonathan Morris 11 саат мурун
I love Tee Martin, all Volunteer fans do. It’s not the worst hire they can make, but I don’t know that he’s right for UT given all the circumstances. They need a proven, veteran coach at this point. Gus Malzhan is the only thing that makes sense.
Paxton Martin
Paxton Martin 11 саат мурун
Tee martin is on staff, do you’re research 😂
Second Sons
Second Sons 11 саат мурун
These old heads just don't understand. Joel Klatt has the perfect solution. 3 ways it can work too.
Dawveed 11 саат мурун
hire t martin
Cossus Tettienus Fulvianus
Cossus Tettienus Fulvianus 11 саат мурун
What about kellen more 50-3 it’ll never be done again
Dales Faulkner
Dales Faulkner 11 саат мурун
The icky pisces theoretically scrub because wood regrettably fire atop a zany recorder. long, whole bronze
Myers Pennypacker
Myers Pennypacker 11 саат мурун
The fact that his last name is Dickerson and he's number 69 is just legendary
Butters The dog
Butters The dog 11 саат мурун
17:49 ahh f*k it
The Crimson Knight
The Crimson Knight 11 саат мурун
Making "McPayments"
Nima Khazeie
Nima Khazeie 11 саат мурун
whole new definition to the term happy meal.
Justin R
Justin R 12 саат мурун
Tennessee needs a proven head coach. Somebody like Mack Brown would have been perfect if he hadn't gone to North Carolina. He is proof that an experienced head coach can do wonders for your program.
Jamey West
Jamey West 12 саат мурун
Keyshawn why did USC fire Tee Martin again? Oh yeah he was bad at his job. This is clearly a race thing for Keyshawn. He wants a black head coach because Tee Martin only had one OC job that he was fired from and that was at Keyshawn school USC
Claytonius Maximus
Claytonius Maximus 10 саат мурун
Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia 12 саат мурун
The best lesson I learned from trevor is make it easy on the receiver. All my quarterbacks never made it eazy for me to catch a ball and I always the one to blame.
LonghornsLegend 12 саат мурун
Tee Martin has never ran his own program anywhere. Tennessee doesn't need to be hiring first timers to run that type of program. Get Jamey Chadwell who is from the area and has showed the ability to run a program. If Tee wants to be a HC bad enough he'll go to a Group of 5 job and get a few years experience. Hiring guys purely because they have a tie in to Tennessee is crazy
LonghornsLegend 10 саат мурун
@Darius Williams yes, so note the keyword I said which is "purely". So take the location connection out of it, and Chadwell is one of the hottest coaches to land a huge job soon. He's also had experience running a program, hiring coaches, etc. He makes a good candidate for any school. Now what other schools would even think about hiring Tee Martin? That's the point. Location is a nice cherry on top, not the whole sundae.
Darius Williams
Darius Williams 11 саат мурун
Either you didn’t elaborate enough or you contradicted yourself because you just said hire this guy because from he’s from Tennessee while also saying don’t hire guys purely because they have a tie in to Tennessee is crazy.
HottyToddy24 12 саат мурун
#1 greatest team of all time: 2015 UCF
dhurt8955 12 саат мурун
Do not hire Tee Martin as head coach
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson 12 саат мурун
Someone needs to do this on NCAA football 14
Elmer Fuddrucker
Elmer Fuddrucker 12 саат мурун
Ohio State who?
r8d4tube 13 саат мурун
Just because T Martin won a NC for UT decades ago does not make him a good coach. He is not even a good OC at USC.
Patrick Counts
Patrick Counts 13 саат мурун
need too hire a coach with head coaching experience so not witten,peyton or tee martin those guys are vols for life but their not head coaches
Wes Smith
Wes Smith 13 саат мурун
Tee Martin has been on staff...........
Jim Ike
Jim Ike 13 саат мурун
When college head coaches are given multi million dollar contracts today, the boosters,alumni,an fans expect to win NOW,not take three to four seasons to build a program! The team better start winning in his 2nd year or BY BY! An if the team makes a run at the CFP, odds now another school with the deep,deep pockets will buy him out! SHOW ME D MONEY!
corey stanfill
corey stanfill 13 саат мурун
Is COACH Kline from the WATERBOY still around?????????
Cedric White
Cedric White 13 саат мурун
Hire Tee Martin Stop playing!
James Mayden
James Mayden 8 саат мурун
@Iowa State you don't think they would have promoted sark?
Iowa State
Iowa State 9 саат мурун
Tee is already on the staff, you don't see Alabama hiring former QB to the head coach lol😂
Gary Cantu
Gary Cantu 13 саат мурун
Why is this being brought up? It seems thet are trying to something away that they worked really hard for. 13-0. That was a stupid question Greenie