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Esteban Araya Porras
Esteban Araya Porras 23 саат мурун
DC: It takes 4 years to get the Snyder Cut out Marvel: It takes 6 days to get the Zemo Cut out
Kerrie Anne Coates
Kerrie Anne Coates 23 саат мурун
vinay kumar
vinay kumar 23 саат мурун
Loki fans and anti fans Fans : Hero Anti fans : villian
Warcorpse'sMissingSixPack 23 саат мурун
Marty McFly: "So Doc, what do you think of the music". Doc Brown: "It's got a beat I can dance too". Marty McFly: "Wait Doc, someone wants to dance with me". Doc Brown: "Great Scott, Marty can dance?".
Entertainment Nation
Entertainment Nation 23 саат мурун
I see this trailer in 2021 why?????
Stock Portfolio NEPSE
Stock Portfolio NEPSE 23 саат мурун
john lopez
john lopez 23 саат мурун
Man this show went from dancing zemo to raging killing captain America real quick
darknessplague 23 саат мурун
The chill down my spine when he says yeah we doooo, ITS GOING DOWN JOHN WALKER
CJ 23 саат мурун
Go get that shield
Rebel Friend
Rebel Friend 23 саат мурун
Bring it back, Marvel. For the love of God, just bring it back.
Shipra Mishra
Shipra Mishra 23 саат мурун
Unique loki perspective dayyuuumm🔥🔥
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody 23 саат мурун
John Walker remind me bullseye from daredevil... I love it!
AumErika Chan
AumErika Chan 23 саат мурун
0.03 Login sound in Ragnarok Online 🤔
Monkey Kill
Monkey Kill 23 саат мурун
Hell yea Zemo
Tassles 23 саат мурун
Something ain’t right about the white outfit she wears... that’s Yelena’s look. Hmmm
Elvice 23 саат мурун
I love the part where zemo dances.
Ricardo Rojas Vazquez
Ricardo Rojas Vazquez 23 саат мурун
Zemo so lovely
Travis Wei
Travis Wei 23 саат мурун
Give me Power Bohner plzzzzzzzz !!!
ShaKK DiseL
ShaKK DiseL 23 саат мурун
Marvel vs. Zack Snyder What a Summer!
Keegen J. Nellans
Keegen J. Nellans 23 саат мурун
There has to be a season 2
Santiago Avellaneda
Santiago Avellaneda 23 саат мурун
Mike P
Mike P Күн мурун
vaping is the only thing that got me off of cigs. So is it better for your health against smoking? YES 95% better than smoking in fact go ask the UK
SilverSharky Күн мурун
Tired of replaying..
Edgar Garcia
Edgar Garcia Күн мурун
She “thinks” having a TikTok account or a fitness insta is a “personality”, so she "thinks" everyone with a TikTok or an insta account are the same… that only proves how prejudiced and shallow people like Vita are.
cloudyyskies Күн мурун
Vietnamese Cowgirl
Vietnamese Cowgirl Күн мурун
I hope Marvel releases a film about Silk in the future
lI Mania Il
lI Mania Il Күн мурун
Just happy this isn’t canon to the MCU
Shorts Millionaire 1M
Shorts Millionaire 1M Күн мурун
LordKendrick Күн мурун
GodEmperorOfDune Күн мурун
So, I thought Heroes Reborn was the name of the storyline with Franklin Richards resurrecting heroes after Onslaught.
Badboi Gaming
Badboi Gaming Күн мурун
Could buckey be next captain America
MAXZ GG Күн мурун
Deepak Күн мурун
This captain not perfect I Evans is best🥺
NotThatGuy Күн мурун
It might be good. I'm just happy Robert Pattinson is not in it.
Alfredo Ivan Villa Santos
Alfredo Ivan Villa Santos Күн мурун
Los pasos prohibidos del Barón Zemo
Barry Ranney
Barry Ranney Күн мурун
Shame on Marvel for this. I will no longer watch or read anything from you ever again. I was a fan for over 30 years but no more
RIM Gaming
RIM Gaming Күн мурун
Did they had to the CAPTIN AMERICA ACTOR?!!
Cesar Borja
Cesar Borja Күн мурун
Name of this song? This is amazing!
Harry Hermes
Harry Hermes Күн мурун
I'm so hyped to see the next episode but before it's released, may you guys please upload the entire fight scene between the Dora Milaje against John Walker, Battlestar, Sam and Bucky? Please Please Please 🥺
Chasing Clouds and Flavor Reviews
Chasing Clouds and Flavor Reviews Күн мурун
Completely false and unfair to adult smokers trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Not okay Marvel not okay!
world Peace
world Peace Күн мурун
Banner finally meets his alter ego hulk outside the body
jack he
jack he Күн мурун
Strange way to say "I could do this all day."
MannyKunV Күн мурун
1:00 and 1:08 there is blood on the shield. these scenes must take place right after walker kills that flag smasher guy in episode 4. 0:29 the inner design on the star is different. this may mean in the next ep bucky and sam fight walker and take the shield. and some how walker gets a new shield (or his own). maybe it was one built by the us government or maybe its isaiah bradley's shield (if he had one during his time as a captain america).
Keira Mahon
Keira Mahon Күн мурун
That last scene oh my
Jerry G
Jerry G Күн мурун
U see folks...he aint such a bad guy now is he
Liam's Animation world
Liam's Animation world Күн мурун
Fun fact: Red Hulk is voiced by Clancy Brown (aka the voice of Mr. Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants)
Kyle Li
Kyle Li Күн мурун
Spoiler: That new captain America that’s gonna be COMIN is a bad guy cuz he murderered a flag smasher
WeeD_SlayeR Күн мурун
This is fan service at its best
Yon_ Cpt
Yon_ Cpt Күн мурун
I didn't think I would like this show but so far I love it! I love how the story plays out, I hate John Walker but great script for him.. When you really think about it, he really is Captain America in his own way symmetrical to the way Steve portrayed him. Steve didn't really accomplish anything before the serum but he had a good heart and after that he showed his good intentions and actions with the serum. And John had many accomplishments before the serum but still felt undervalued and out of his lust for power we see his downfall.. John is exactly what Steve would've been if he had been different or in that case Gilmore Hodge (The bully from the first Captain America movie) if he had taken the serum.
Louis Andrei
Louis Andrei Күн мурун
Marvel is pog
Sean Law
Sean Law Күн мурун
My man lemar is just sleepin due to partying in madripoor
Sethpai Күн мурун
Sebastian acting like Bucky Barnes still.. 😂
no contact
no contact Күн мурун
I in Singapore why u never upload Tamil language please
Edgar Garcia
Edgar Garcia Күн мурун
How are your sales doing, Marvel?
Brandon Carroll
Brandon Carroll Күн мурун
Got chills at the end.....dayum!
Edgar Garcia
Edgar Garcia Күн мурун
Vita Ayala is what happens when you commission a work based on all that crap the crystal generation is obsessed with, instead of talent, knowledge and experience… pure and plain mediocrity.
Lola Ellis
Lola Ellis Күн мурун
I like her hair
kpalms 1001
kpalms 1001 Күн мурун
“We’ve bled for this country, and shield or no shield...I’m not gonna let anybody tell me I can’t fight for it.” I really hope Sam is talking with Isaiah.
hoodedshadow7 Күн мурун
Awesome story. Next video Cables origin story, deadpool's marriage, blade & Howling Commandos, and gwenpool
bedri tümtürk
bedri tümtürk Күн мурун
Türk lokunundan da belliyle bu adamda bizim genler olduğu yoksa bu club dansını isteyerek yapamazsın.
The zemo cut
Triet Lam
Triet Lam Күн мурун
With Justice League, we had to fight a 4 years battle. With Zemo, we just had to really like this scene
Nate Escobales
Nate Escobales Күн мурун
10:08-1015 Believe me dude, I will literally be tracking it down in local comic book shop, for certain.
Cherilyn Lacy
Cherilyn Lacy Күн мурун
Stop postponing this and get it in the theaters ASAP! GAH!
ElKiwi Күн мурун
Lo acabé 😎👍
Michelle Күн мурун
Loki is my favorite 💚🖤
Nate Escobales
Nate Escobales Күн мурун
9:35-10:07 That belt thing that Hyperion has? Seriously!? What's wrong with just getting Hyperion's symbol? I mean...tch, that would make much more sense, it be practical even.
DILLI YM Күн мурун
Nobody can replace to Captain America place we love Chris Evans 🔥🔥🔥
Muhammad molan - haffeez
Muhammad molan - haffeez Күн мурун
rafikz77 Күн мурун
Marvel : hey Zemo you wanna ho dance? Zemo : I thought about nothing else for a year
Monoblock Adi
Monoblock Adi Күн мурун
0:54 spidey?
Walker: I can do this once a day.
Riq Stark
Riq Stark Күн мурун
Did I heard "I am Batman"
Yokkabai Күн мурун
Sebastian Stan is playing this role wonderfully. I can feel that Bucky just want’s to rip that shield out of John Walker’s hands, but he’s restraining himself. Sam helps him stay level headed, but Bucky is at the end of his patience here.
SinghzyYT Күн мурун
Without iron man avenger series is dry like leaf😑
ALPONAT yildiz
ALPONAT yildiz Күн мурун
Trust me listenig never gonna give you up and watch this video
GAV Күн мурун
“Yeah we do” Civil War part 2, Electric Boogaloo
Lisa Samir
Lisa Samir Күн мурун
The chills this give me
Ivan Lozano
Ivan Lozano Күн мурун
What if he brings back black widow from whenever she had to sacrifice herself for the soul stone ?!
Foot Black
Foot Black Күн мурун
John Walker: Karen America