Ranking every Henry Stickmin Game
*New* Among Us map Analysis!
Rafy-Youssof Nejjari
Rafy-Youssof Nejjari 3 саат мурун
Rafy-Youssof Nejjari
Rafy-Youssof Nejjari 3 саат мурун
Like an Ender man
Like an Ender man 3 саат мурун
Bacon and his Soft Asriel skin for bunny
Bacon and his Soft Asriel skin for bunny 3 саат мурун
0:35 Roblox players with robux be like:
Gatito Popa
Gatito Popa 3 саат мурун
un michi xd
un michi xd 4 саат мурун
Whitty suena a las láminas de mi casa callendose-
SOPHIA Bib 4 саат мурун
Topu'utko ilk
Tracey Yandell
Tracey Yandell 4 саат мурун
Extras: when you finally pass the beat drop of THAT SONG with good enough health then the game crashes, when ppl call the boyfriend "cam" and finally M.I.L.F.
Boy Friend
Boy Friend 4 саат мурун
Skbeep bop baaaaap
MidnightUnicorn Unicorn
MidnightUnicorn Unicorn 4 саат мурун
I liked the sans part that lasted for a while
Some Guy
Some Guy 4 саат мурун
When there are two reds in the lobby
Samantha Beriguetemedina
Samantha Beriguetemedina 4 саат мурун
claire bowes
claire bowes 4 саат мурун
Awesome video. Keep it up!
Emirhan ROBLOX
Emirhan ROBLOX 4 саат мурун
Henry stickmin
Mia Mom
Mia Mom 4 саат мурун
You are in slow motion
Jenny Tun
Jenny Tun 5 саат мурун
Little Jimmy
Little Jimmy 5 саат мурун
0:22 lose your mind health.......
Buse Serap Can
Buse Serap Can 5 саат мурун
I Just feel pain while watching ıt
Ariel Vela
Ariel Vela 5 саат мурун
Omg witty was boyfriend
wastedofie 5 саат мурун
*IDEA* Can you beat Friday Night Funkin without playing half the sections? Essentially, you play one section but you dont play the next section. Then you play the next section but not the next section. Cycle repeats.
Sofia Maureen Tagorda
Sofia Maureen Tagorda 6 саат мурун
I didn't know there's was a fun sized whitty
Gabby 6 саат мурун
I'll rank the songs in my opinion by your week ranking: Red Snow: 3: Cocoa I think that this one was kind of an apology from MILF, as even in Hard Mode it has a bit of an easiness to it. However, I kind of don't really have strong feelings for this one. 2: Winter Horrorland This one's great, it even has English lyrics! Is it just me, or do I kind of get a little bit of a "The Nightmare Before Christmas" vibe whenever I listen to it? 1: Eggnog This one's my favorite out of Week 5. It has a fast, happy feel to it like how you're supposed to feel on Christmas! Also, I kind of get goosebumps at the duet part. I really really love this song, and it's one of my most favorite FNF songs in my opinion. It just makes me feel...happy! Daddy Dearest: 3: Bopeebo Yeah, I know it's supposed to be the first song you play after the tutorial. However, it's pretty boring when you master the song. But I won't blame the creators for making it easy. 2: Dad Battle Now we're getting spicy! It's a really fun challenge to play, but for some people it's a bit too easy on Normal Mode and a bit too hard on Hard Mode. Overall, it's great. 1: Fresh This one has got to be everyone's favorite, right? It has a relaxing feel to it, and it's not too hard and not too easy! Just right for anyone who plays. Watch out for Dad Battle, though. Hating Simulator: 3: Senpai Here we get a generic Anime Dating Simulator feel, with a cute and lovely atmosphere, and happy duets. I like this one, just not as much as the others as it can get a bit boring to play. 2:Thorns Everyone loves this one, and I see why. It has a totally spicy beat, and a fast feel that emphasizes the fact that Boyfriend is literally rapping to save Girlfriend and his body. I kind of thought it was overrated at first, but it grew on me. 1: Roses This one just SLAPS. I love this as it kind of states how mad Senpai feels after losing to Boyfriend. And the challenge has really got me into this, too. As you proceed through the song, more and more arrows come until the recovery section starts. Can we just admire the fact that Boyfriend just roasted Senpai with a single "Bop beep be be skdoo bep?" Pico 3: Blammed These songs were REALLY REALLY hard to rank as they all are so freaking good! Blammed was put here because I felt the least for it. That doesn't say much, though, because the beat is on the top of Spiciness Mountain. I asked my brother, and he said this was his favorite (I think). This one definitely deserved more, but I have more feelings for the other two. 2: Pico This song is like a break from the insanity of Week 2, as it provides some easiness to the player. This song is at this spot because everyone loves it. It's so iconic, it's Pico's very own theme song! 1: Philly Nice I really loved this one. It's my most favorite song of FNF in my opinion, because the beat slaps! I loved all parts of this, from the bass to even the background noises in this song! In fact, today I noticed that I wasn't really trying to win, 90% of me was just having fun! Mommy Must Murder: 3: MILF I'm sorry for putting it here, it's so very good and it deserves more. It has a REALLY spicy beat, and it's so much of a challenge, too! I didn't even realize how hard that one part of the song where Girlfriend's Mom goes totally fast was until I played it. Very good, just once again the others are better. 2: Satin Panties I felt really happy when playing this. It starts off easy, then gradually gets harder, like all weeks do. It's just so beautiful to hear those flawless duets of Boyfriend and Girlfriend's Mom. 1: High What is this with me absolutely adoring the second songs of weeks? This one takes the perfection of Satin Panties to another level, as the duets become even more goosebump-inducing for me. Besides the duets, I love the spicy beats of this song, too. It's just perfect. Spooky Month: 2: Spookeez What a fun little Spooky Monthy feel this song has! It's like Skid, Pump, and Boyfriend are just...having fun together! I love how Skid and Pump sound exactly how they do on Spooky Month, and this song is so hard, making it this fun! Jeez I almost got blue balled until near the end, where it has a recovery space with long-held notes and easy-to-follow patterns, making you go from the bottom of the bar to the top. 1: South HOLY CRAP THIS IS SPICY! Skid and Pump are really spitting bars now! I like how it keeps its spooky atmosphere, adding the screeching violin noises from those scary movies. Slaps very hard and spicily, 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10 Bonus: Back Alley Blitz: 3: Lo Fight Oh man, I liked this one! It even has Boyfriend start the song! There are better songs, I don't hate this one. Sorry I keep saying that. 2: Ballistic Everyone was driven insane by this song's difficulty! Whitty's gone so spicy, his fuse lit up (haha, sorry again)! This song is so hard, there was a baby mode where it doesn't count when you miss. But who needs that mode? We're not babies, are we? 1: Overhead I like this one more because it slaps! I feel like Ballistic has got this one underrated. It has a challenge that's at least possible, and it keeps it's spiciness. Also, I like the cool poses Whitty does. Thanks for looking at this extremely long comment.
boyfriend 6 саат мурун
B I G O L D B U N N Y . E X E
I Simp
I Simp 6 саат мурун
the intro lmaooo
Charles Haime
Charles Haime 6 саат мурун
stickmantheanimater 6 саат мурун
1:46 he's drunk (○_> ○)
tiago 6 саат мурун
Sam van Delft
Sam van Delft 6 саат мурун
Sareth Tes
Sareth Tes 6 саат мурун
Cidosilva Silva
Cidosilva Silva 6 саат мурун
Edi Mihai
Edi Mihai 6 саат мурун
agreed completly nearly
¿Spooky? 6 саат мурун
Why does minus whitty in the thumbnail looks like he's pulling out the middle finger
Japanese Countryball
Japanese Countryball 7 саат мурун
0:58- 1:16 Canadians when they rap
Natsuki 7 саат мурун
Clay Whitty can’t hurt you. He doesn’t exist Clay whitty : 0:47
Galaxian Crush
Galaxian Crush 7 саат мурун
I cant rank them they are so equally good(
Natsuki 7 саат мурун
Therapist : long bf can’t hurt you. He doesn’t exist Long bf : 1:00
Maria Do Carmo
Maria Do Carmo 7 саат мурун
Gordon Jiang
Gordon Jiang 7 саат мурун
5:48 watch the left arrow
Melike Ozcelik
Melike Ozcelik 7 саат мурун
1:30 isn't a mod it's just a game on Roblox and the game is called funky Friday if you wanna know
Ethan Chavez
Ethan Chavez 7 саат мурун
Alexander Diaz
Alexander Diaz 7 саат мурун
Alguien mas escuchaba el sonido de las teclas XD
Idreese Hamdan
Idreese Hamdan 7 саат мурун
the funniest thing is that it keeps switching difficulties.
Idreese Hamdan
Idreese Hamdan 7 саат мурун
Aqualizer 7 саат мурун
Tall BF Tall BF
Boyfriend 7 саат мурун
İ i-i-i ai a o
Elisabete Cruz
Elisabete Cruz 8 саат мурун
Tricky madness but eveyrtime u hit a note a diffrent skin mod is used
FIRE POWER 8 саат мурун
Game Over 0:13 this is hardest notes . GG , boy friend
Oliwier R
Oliwier R 8 саат мурун
mine has froze on browser version
FiveFires 8 саат мурун
6:09 🤣🤣🤣
Augustus Roblox
Augustus Roblox 8 саат мурун
I agree with the first attempt with week 2 because I always lag
Talking Ginger
Talking Ginger 8 саат мурун
1:30 *Now that makes sense* *Roblos*
laih._. é
laih._. é 8 саат мурун
eu chamo de rolê aleatorio
Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones 8 саат мурун
I’m sonic the hedgehog I must conquer Whitty because he stole chili dog
Эмин Петрушка
Эмин Петрушка 8 саат мурун
Brendan Cotton
Brendan Cotton 9 саат мурун
Hood Gamer
Hood Gamer 9 саат мурун
This song sucks tho
wrldeditzrylee 9 саат мурун
Easy mode you suck
Nat Aud
Nat Aud 9 саат мурун
(: 0:00
Nat Aud
Nat Aud 9 саат мурун
This has some Easter egg. Lets see how many it has!
Nat Aud
Nat Aud 9 саат мурун
the amazing world of gumball! 0:41
Nat Aud
Nat Aud 9 саат мурун
(: 0:00
Team Jones
Team Jones 9 саат мурун
••Planty Sneaky••
••Planty Sneaky•• 10 саат мурун
3:46 and worst of that NSFW ART!!
الحسون البري Chardonneret sauvage
الحسون البري Chardonneret sauvage 10 саат мурун
Tempie Saine
Tempie Saine 10 саат мурун
My fav is the clay mod
— Jisoo.!
— Jisoo.! 10 саат мурун
Is there such a battle in the game?
·pinkberry· 10 саат мурун
Can you beat fnf and you cant click left or right :3
Irene Pires
Irene Pires 10 саат мурун
The fake GF : ⚫🔻⚫
Stealth_Assassin 10 саат мурун
wheres the roblox skin mod
AMONG US 10 саат мурун
Ребят кто русский 0:28 со за мод?
Steven Ferber
Steven Ferber 10 саат мурун
0:12 quago yt did this to us