The legacy of the Flint water crisis
Preserving the republic
6 күн мурун
The history of Section 230
13 күн мурун
Fighting back against internet lies
60 Minutes archives: Le Carré
60 seconds with Viola Davis
60 Seconds with James Corden
It's a Long Way to Furudu
Living into your 90s
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Chris James
Chris James 45 мүнөт мурун
We know the game and and what is going on crazy
Dylan Chandler
Dylan Chandler 45 мүнөт мурун
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Connie Twible
Connie Twible 53 мүнөт мурун
philomela 56 мүнөт мурун
Every interaction is a test of dominance for him. His egotism is so juvenile and lame. Such a broken record.
William Baxter
William Baxter Саат мурун
Sorry snowflakes trump isn't going anywhere
T Bone
T Bone Саат мурун
Fokken coooks,brainwashed by #TRUMPISATRAITOR. Tat is sad
Leslie Fleming
Leslie Fleming Саат мурун
Whoppie is an EGOT. Love me some Viola but she is not the first Black woman,
Jack Steven
Jack Steven Саат мурун
If the problem is Electoral College voting system, why would congress fix it?
John Nostrand
John Nostrand Саат мурун
Welcome to the Atkins Diet of conspiracy politics.
dong king
dong king Саат мурун
its called 'nodding' not 'shaking your head yes' lol
Vince Warren
Vince Warren Саат мурун
13:38 apparently she knows more than the president 🤦‍♂️ does she get briefed each and every morning? What a fake.
Crowbar44 Саат мурун
The first 7 seconds of this video, lol. Man, its gonna be so awesome to watch so many media outlets just shutdown and/or fire "journalist" (as they call themselves) cause the Trump hate train will either stop or slow waaaay down. Better learn to code! The leftist media machine MUST find a new bogyman now. Which might be a tad hard considering the house, senate, and Presidency are all controlled by democrats now. They will have to eat their own which is exactly what people like myself have been saying all along would happen eventually. You idiots who started all this cancel culture crap might soon realize that ones you cancel all the people you disagree with that it will come around to get you. This whole thing has created a monster that has to have an enemy ALL THE TIME no matter what and now we are seeing it finally bite the people who started and embraced it all and I must sadly admit.....its a sad beautiful thing to watch.
Jame Kerrigan
Jame Kerrigan Саат мурун
Dude you are to much jail for you
Kimmie Ivens
Kimmie Ivens Саат мурун
TERM LIMITS. TERM LIMITS. TERM LIMITS .....FOR THE LOVE OF GOD .....TERM LIMITS. THIS IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WHY WE NEED TERM LIMITS. This is video and I can still smell the stench of vile disdain for the common worker oozing from her every lie. The bile in my stomach rages and is angered by her deeply stewed hunger to remain in power. Pelosi hungrily feeds on the thrill of being seen and heard in a seat of leadership. She craves complicated webs spun tightly around justice choking it under her control enjoying the suffering and until she decides to lift some tiny part away in what appears to be a merciful help it's then we are allowed to see the monster she is - she doesn't care who suffers as long as she gets her way. She doesn't care if it's legal, or lawful, or even sane...just as long as she gets what she wants. Babies dying in the cold because their parents evicted due to no jobs and rent and food....she doesn't care at all about that only that Trump was impeached 5 days before his job ends. Takes her 3 days to get an impeachment but 9 months to get a $600 stimulus check approved. Solely on her the Americans wait because she doesn't care about Americans. She cares about power and shutting up whoever stands in her way of it. She is the way of socialism....she is going to be the death of our way of life in our Republic of Democracy if we let her continue to rule as she has in the last year. If anyone can get this crazed lunatic out of her office and out of her position, I implore you on behalf of all Americans, please do it.
M G Саат мурун
Chicom brad
No more Republicans
No more Republicans Саат мурун
Maralago smash. Come on down. Bring tar and feathers.
Jack Steven
Jack Steven Саат мурун
The root of the problem is Electoral College.
Amenyo eugene
Amenyo eugene Саат мурун
I taught they found Nothing after the investigation about the Russian interference?
chalabegebeya Саат мурун
Worest president ever
Matthew Catanzaro
Matthew Catanzaro Саат мурун
This blows my mind even after all the evidence against this evil tyrant he refuses because of his ego to admit he's an evil tyrant that needs to be locked up for the rest of his life
scott williams
scott williams Саат мурун
Noel Casler on KGpost Can explain Trump’s behavior. I suggest search that name on KGpost
Oplite greco
Oplite greco Саат мурун
He was an overweight man and ate pounds of pasta, what an idiot
Keigh Leigh
Keigh Leigh Саат мурун
jeezee the fraudster is dangerous
Demonitized Саат мурун
Ray Charles made a new account
Nick M
Nick M Саат мурун
The poll watchers must have the best eyes in the world. The can check for irregularities from the other end of the room? I kept waiting for the unbiased journalist to ask this question, but sadly wasn't surprised at all that he didn't.
Trialbystone17 Саат мурун
There have been Popes younger than this dude.
Lucas Nauan
Lucas Nauan Саат мурун
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can’t stop laughing at this man LMFAOO, dude is the most ridiculous and embarrassing individual that ever walk the Earth
alexandra störbrauck
alexandra störbrauck Саат мурун
It is so easy to see thru Trumps bs. When his Trump University scam came out, Trump called the trials corrupt, when he didn't win an Emmy for season 3 Apprentice, he said the voting is rigged, when he didn't win the popular votes in 2016 he yelled fraud. And many other times as well, he follows a pattern, he always does that, when things wont go his way.
UncleBob Саат мурун
This guy Jack Ma is Missing.. Where is he now?
loveea other
loveea other Саат мурун
but if it were planned then how did trump incite it from his speech?
dashifoo Саат мурун
wow I just finished watching a video that a CIA lady teaches you how to spot a lie. yes Ma is a liar.
Blindspot Spotter
Blindspot Spotter Саат мурун
This guy, GA Sec. of State Raffensperger is a national hero for doing nothing more than telling the truth. The ultimate "truth-to-power" yet Rush Limbaugh is walking around with a Presidential Medal of Freedom. Whadda mess!
Jefferson Саат мурун
Why didn't you deliver the impeachment papers right away Nancy? We don't want him as president one more day so we wait 2 weeks for the next step. It doesn't make sense Nancy. You proof their point it's all theatrics.
Brandon Rosado
Brandon Rosado Саат мурун
He is the next Ray Charles 🤩
I have this thingking that many of the immigrants have made USA a great country like Ben Ferencz..long live old boy..God Bless you..
The man was worth more than his highest ever weight in gold
paxwallacejazz Саат мурун
Here's what I think is true about the Beatles is that they were all good but John had genius. Also the the whole was greater than the sum of it's parts.
mark moran
mark moran Саат мурун
Where's your laptop Nancy?
David Douglas
David Douglas Саат мурун
A Flawless masterpiece. Sopranos will never be topped. hopefully im wrong.
Phillip Hillhouse
Phillip Hillhouse Саат мурун
BlackWolf6420 Саат мурун
Money doesn’t have to explain itself
Jeffrey Ellsworth
Jeffrey Ellsworth Саат мурун
hello Nancy. How are you still having a job why do you have a job you are so terrible
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Саат мурун
I woulda shot them all. Terrorist. MAGA should be branded as a terrorist group
Richard Fox
Richard Fox Саат мурун
The Commander in Cheat is GOING TO PRISON. He must be prosecuted for this.
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Саат мурун
Why tf is tmz comments closed in all videos
Desiree Jahdai
Desiree Jahdai Саат мурун
Naaah b.s I bet you never heard back till this day... Greetings from USA 🇺🇸
KeegzUtube Саат мурун
This man is on another plain of human....
TurboGOLF 2 саат мурун
Elon Musk is shaking his head, because he is knowing the question, before shes‘s asking
John Spivey
John Spivey 2 саат мурун
The beginning of stop Snitching
tsurumiku taro
tsurumiku taro 2 саат мурун
Opera legend Luciano Pavarotti died with 18 million euros of personal debt, according to Italian media reports. The famous tenor's bank accounts were 11 million euros in deficit and he owed another seven million in unpaid loans, said the daily La Repubblica on Sunday.Oct 21, 2007.
Joey Barron
Joey Barron 2 саат мурун
Nancy Pelois yours a joke you must hate it that your alone and he has a woman who loves him and the us people. The us people Hate you cause you strong arm them
Joey Barron
Joey Barron 2 саат мурун
She will reep the seeds she sows...
Steven Austin
Steven Austin 2 саат мурун
11:37 - Nancy is 80 YEARS OLD!!!! WOW! She's looking very well for 80!!!! I always thought she was maybe 65 or 70 tops!
Joey Barron
Joey Barron 2 саат мурун
She and Hillary Clinton both have been lining there pockets for 20 years.. you old bag.
Joey Barron
Joey Barron 2 саат мурун
What war crimes has nacy committed. The 2nd Amendment says we can remove you in the house of representatives by force if need be. That's why the Framers gave the right to bear Arms.. u Nancy Pelois will be a joke in History. I promise you. And that day. You will request a pardon. He is the Commander in Cheif. Nancy Pelois is commiting instatut a Coup and
Steven Austin
Steven Austin 2 саат мурун
Nancy says she DOES compromise, well done for admitting you bow down to whoever be it antifa, blm etc etc. totally SPINELESS!!!! (9:31)
Cosybear S
Cosybear S 2 саат мурун
Who was the Election Board Monitor who noted the scanner counts as stated at 4:40 in this video? Need concrete evidence, not just hearsay.
Bruce W
Bruce W 2 саат мурун
Horrendous job by Lesley Stahl. Calling those thugs protestors rather than terrorists and not addressing McConnell's unwillingness to deal for months on end. Pathetic. She's certainly experienced enough to know better.
Spiritual Being
Spiritual Being 2 саат мурун
I'm learning this for the first time.
Joey Barron
Joey Barron 2 саат мурун
I know my right and those were people working for here
Joey Barron
Joey Barron 2 саат мурун
Read the US Constitution if the US people want you Gone the 2nd amendment says we can match on the capital and have you all removed...
Joey Barron
Joey Barron 2 саат мурун
Why you so scared about your laptop. You were selling out to China.
Ker Yang
Ker Yang 2 саат мурун
The establishment is afraid, because the American people is at the point of overthrowing Congress and Senate. Just remember the establishment will come after both left and right.
Kenneth Singh
Kenneth Singh 2 саат мурун
If she speaks this way of her president how could she ever maintain an unbiased posture. Such an embarrassment as a speaker and human. She is a violation to the branch of legislation as she is not impartial.
Joey Barron
Joey Barron 2 саат мурун
Nancy Pelois is a joke and she is a sell out like Hillary Clinton. There is a impeachment on u and Biden
Joey Barron
Joey Barron 2 саат мурун
She wasted time on a nine day tax paying waste of money. Let's Audit there Books
james w
james w 2 саат мурун
I believe the election was 100% rigged I seen the evidence. 60 Minutes don't know what they're talking. 60-minute is part of the deep State central banks.
james w
james w 2 саат мурун
And that woman in purple was convicted for a crime she did few years ago. She went to jail
Pigas du holm
Pigas du holm 2 саат мурун
I’m not American, so I don’t know much about senators or representatives. Why do so many people dislike pelosi? Both left and right...
Gregory Dahl
Gregory Dahl 2 саат мурун
This confirms that ballots were in the containers on the bottom shelf of the table . Funny , those guys talking think it clears them , but it condemns them .
Sweet Lil Devil
Sweet Lil Devil 2 саат мурун
"Islamic law says women should dress modestly, but it's up to them women to decide how they dress *and to face the consequences if they choose wrong"
JustaWoman 2 саат мурун
How embarrassing and mostly sad that we allowed this man destroy democracy.
Brendy Aguilar
Brendy Aguilar 2 саат мурун
The private spinach utrastructurally suspend because art indirectly plan atop a frequent alligator. absurd, fallacious spark
Mohamed Omar
Mohamed Omar 2 саат мурун
She does not want to go and leave the opportunity for other new generation that have to be thoughtful, loyal, active with all parties , inventive ,ambitious, passionate about seeing his country first not his party and always try to appear to the people through the media happily in order to reflect the positive energy to the people and to tell us about the positive things they have done recently and what are their plans for the future And what are the ways in which they can support the new generation who will become the men of the nation in the future! .. Pelosi always reflects negative energy and her speech does not touch the difficult financial and psychological conditions of the people , she forgot that there is a pandemic and some people in bad situations that need to see peace, love and hope in order that we can get out through these recent events and this pandemic in good health and with minimal damage, But not what Nancy does. All her meetings are It is a revenge , some of which are to attack others and conflicts and spread negative energy And all of her speech carries words that disperse the viewers and works to make the people split into parties and become more fanatical to the parties instead of making the first concern about the country and its stability and they teach us in school do not throw gas on the fire, is there anyone who notices that if she will describes someone always will be biased on putting him in groups or deal with him is entirely based on the actions of the group or party to which he support and not based on the actions of him only Individual
A VISHAL NIVASH 2 саат мурун
0:13 , is he crying
Michelle 2 саат мурун
ICantFindMyKnutts 2 саат мурун
This guy can give everyone 2 billion and still have a lot of money left
Alaiddin Emre Özyurt
Alaiddin Emre Özyurt 2 саат мурун
You go back home to mommy. This guys humour and „roasting“ game is from the 60s😑 15:36 tbh I saw his interview. Biden got some pretty tough questions
saitej g
saitej g 2 саат мурун
Republicans have to understand they can be loyal to their own republicans but not to trump who is a pest to America democracy.
Pallabi Dutta
Pallabi Dutta 2 саат мурун
20:41 well that is exactly how people think about the interviewer i believe! And as for julian, the comment section says a lot.