alaire seventy3
alaire seventy3 14 саат мурун
Good shit. #planeearth 🐻
Patrick Gauding
Patrick Gauding 14 саат мурун
Did Hunzi get a new job
Tara Murray
Tara Murray 15 саат мурун
Can Brad leave ba and join Matty?
CheshireDCat13 15 саат мурун
I want him to serve Gordon Ramsey.
ruben finau
ruben finau 16 саат мурун
the smell is incrediball
Derrick Boesel
Derrick Boesel 16 саат мурун
Audrey Landreville
Audrey Landreville 16 саат мурун
Why didnt you turn your bowl upside down instead of spooning it?
Raul Ruiz
Raul Ruiz 16 саат мурун
I would have added salt with the oax meat was simmering
J N 16 саат мурун
Single greatest show on the internet and anywhere else too - maybe of all-time.
Jayson Bassett
Jayson Bassett 17 саат мурун
I fucking love this show
El Gringus
El Gringus 17 саат мурун
Fuck he looks like Jack Black. He needs to do a video with him, so much comedic potential.
Joey Jo-Jo Shabadu
Joey Jo-Jo Shabadu 17 саат мурун
"325 is that Magic Number" yep, and so is 275!
Sean Brennan
Sean Brennan 17 саат мурун
Matty pretends that his food tastes way better than it actually is so he looks like a better chef
Joey Jo-Jo Shabadu
Joey Jo-Jo Shabadu 17 саат мурун
Fuck that is a HUGE Cleaver!
Max Pagan
Max Pagan 17 саат мурун
when this man started washing his armpits I had to pause & meditate before i could finish the video love u matty
oAPXo 17 саат мурун
What was that in the oven that they placed the pizza on???
Patrick Moschiano
Patrick Moschiano 17 саат мурун
This is great. I watched the entire thing. Love Matty. first time watching pta.
John Decker
John Decker 18 саат мурун
🚨Officer Burger, Pole Lease LA 🕵️Right Now We're Goin' Looking 🤢For These Lies, The SARS Flock 🥩Prolly Crammin' 😋Carcasses In Sacks, 📸We Gon' Micro Wave 🍝Dem Little Easy Macs 🖐️Hold Up 🧟They're Hidin' 🥩In The Bushes 🎅When 12 Hit The Spot, 🥛They Were Hiding In The Bushes 🆙I Been 🏋🏻‍♂️Movin' Weight, Yeah 🤳I've Been Doin' Pushes 🍔I've Been Selling Dope 🌴Yeah, I Been Smokin' Kushes 🕵️‍♂️Hold Up 🤢They're Hidin' 🍖In The Bushes 🍼Suckas Tried To Touch Us, 😷So We Left 'Em On Crutches 🧀Heard Dem Butches Snitchin' 🦇Tattle Tell 'Em Mother Fuckers 🦌That When 12 Pulled Up 🍯They Was Hidin' In The Bushes 🌠Cancri 🦠Swooped You 📶Up It, Bad Timin' 🌌I'm Two, Blocks Over 🤯Wit, Flashlight Shinin' 👽The K-9 Came 🤒Gotta Slide 'Em 🌵Yeah I'm Vegan 🐣My Style You Kept 🍳Bitin' Now You're Dyin' 🥦If You Ain't Gutter Gang 🧨Then We Don't Trust 'Em 🗺️If Roxa Hot, 💣Don't Trust 'Em, 💥Know Discussion 🦠The Pla-Stic AK 💹Is Snitch Rushing 👼B.A.E. Be Got It Loaded ☄️Just Texted You, Know We Comin' 🖐️Hold Up 🧟They're Hidin' 🥩In The Bushes 🎅When 12 Hit The Spot, 🥛They Were Hiding In The Bushes 🆙I Been 🏋🏻‍♂️Movin' Weight, Yeah 🤳I've Been Doin' Pushes 🍔I've Been Selling Dope 🌴Yeah, I Been Smokin' Kushes 🕵️‍♂️Hold Up 🤢They're Hidin' 🍖In The Bushes 🍼Suckas Tried To Touch Us, 😷So We Left 'Em On Crutches 🧀Heard Dem Butches Snitchin' 🦇Tattle Tell 'Em Mother Fuckers 🦌That When 12 Pulled Up 🍯They Was Hidin' In The Bushes
Anthony De Lise
Anthony De Lise 18 саат мурун
Yo is that matty t still available?
jimmy boy jbh
jimmy boy jbh 18 саат мурун
It was the piss everything out for me 😂
Kirsten 18 саат мурун
TheWeazell 18 саат мурун
Michelle's impression of Matty is spot on
Francesca Brunk
Francesca Brunk 18 саат мурун
If we don’t get a Matty Matheson pizza review by Dave I’m going to be offended
Scott Foltz
Scott Foltz 18 саат мурун
ratinthecat2 18 саат мурун
The mustache looks great, I hope your brother Mario is doing well.
JC JC 19 саат мурун
Note to self: Remember to turn the volume down just a dash before starting to view Matty’s videos.
Eric F
Eric F 19 саат мурун
view bots on this channel are real
Eric F
Eric F 19 саат мурун
i think you have a view bot friend... 150k views and only 350 comments??? okay lol
Pat Durkin
Pat Durkin 19 саат мурун
Thank God for Just A Dash
Brandon Bandelt
Brandon Bandelt 19 саат мурун
Someone please tell me what song is at 5:30
binkz 19 саат мурун
just whenn i thought it couldn't get any butter. season 2 comes out. great fucking job
Quinn Ross
Quinn Ross 19 саат мурун
Matty: Right after this commercial break Me: Will there really be a commercial break? KGpost: Ad 1 of 2
ash S
ash S 19 саат мурун
Justin Paquin
Justin Paquin 19 саат мурун
You have a weird mustache..... there... now come beat the shit out of me and then cook something great!
TOM MANNING 19 саат мурун
Chris DF
Chris DF 20 саат мурун
Gotta be honest those memes sound boomer tier
M Astley
M Astley 20 саат мурун
This is the closest I've ever been to tasting what's in a video
Joey Jo-Jo Shabadu
Joey Jo-Jo Shabadu 20 саат мурун
georgia bowhunter
georgia bowhunter 20 саат мурун
Cooking with Chris Farley. Love you Matty.
Securit 20 саат мурун
I knew I wouldn't regret watching this. Love you man.
William Black
William Black 20 саат мурун
everything you own is like 1.5 sizes to small.. im really worried about how tight that watch is..
William Black
William Black 19 саат мурун
Well.im very important..sooo lol
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 19 саат мурун
Anyone else just get a notification for this? Lol
sp10sn 20 саат мурун
Over the line at the end, Matty. Coming to my house with that attitude get you fixed up 🤜🤛
Stephanie Meunier
Stephanie Meunier 20 саат мурун
I love you Matty but adults don't have sex with children, they rape them. It's child abuse. PIZZA LOOKS GOOD THOUGH.
Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighter 20 саат мурун
Hot Dickens this was magical. Matty for the Win.
Justin Time
Justin Time 20 саат мурун
how come ive never watched his channel but im subbed....
ArcherOfTime 21 саат мурун
Matty needs to cook with Jack Black :)
Ultracity6060 21 саат мурун
And then, after you're done eating it... ...a little more olive oil.
Totally Filthy
Totally Filthy 21 саат мурун
Craig Dines
Craig Dines 21 саат мурун
stache where
David Lapointe
David Lapointe 21 саат мурун
Hey Matty, I love your Misfits tattoo.
Remi VIP
Remi VIP 21 саат мурун
Matty was made for overalls and no shirt. This is peak 2020 style.
Chris DF
Chris DF 21 саат мурун
Why does Marty keep having less facial hair this isn’t fair
Angel Cueva
Angel Cueva 21 саат мурун
"Should we maybe get you a couple of puffs?" 28:28 freaking love ya matty
Jester Tryna
Jester Tryna 21 саат мурун
Monica G. Davis
Monica G. Davis 21 саат мурун
Im awake now lol !
ash S
ash S 21 саат мурун
Bum Numba One
Bum Numba One 21 саат мурун
Polirsh 22 саат мурун
There was no fond in the pan when the sofrito went in and I'm upset
Okella Wood
Okella Wood 22 саат мурун
Bryan Tan
Bryan Tan 22 саат мурун
Love him and his food, but I’m not sure if I dare to eat it in this episode
Heidi Fredricks
Heidi Fredricks 22 саат мурун
That intro cracks me up every time 😂👍
Binary Buzz
Binary Buzz 22 саат мурун
how do 2.2K not like this? Crazy town.
Samantha VanCuran
Samantha VanCuran 22 саат мурун
merch please
Judah Kay
Judah Kay 22 саат мурун
Let’s go!!
A AJ 22 саат мурун
I didn't know Matty was due soon, do you know the gender yet?
Jose Guerrero
Jose Guerrero 23 саат мурун
michelle is bae.
Big Sexy
Big Sexy 23 саат мурун
We can just start calling Matty "King Toy" if it makes both of you feel better
fuckyou 23 саат мурун
I am sorry, but pizzagate was most certainly not debunked.
Rob Leaney
Rob Leaney 23 саат мурун
Getting closer to like 10million freaking views brother keep up the great work. Best home style cookery show in the whole world hands down.
Atomic Peacenik
Atomic Peacenik 23 саат мурун
Anyone else just get a notification for this? Lol
Jack 23 саат мурун
Would literally pay money for Matty to come to my house yell at my pizza skills and then beat me up
Loren Axberg
Loren Axberg 23 саат мурун
This is gorgeous and I don't think I'll be waiting for Thanksgiving.
Dave Bennett
Dave Bennett 23 саат мурун
Flat Earth
brewdogg77 23 саат мурун
I've been making a burger sauce similar to this for decades. Only I use spicy brown mustard instead of yellow.
Deville 23 саат мурун
Prince Goat Cheese
Prince Goat Cheese 23 саат мурун
I said this once and I'll say it again: MATTY IS THE JACK BLACK OF CUISINE!
meta.jpg Күн мурун
You know, "Battle Rope" is actually a way better name than "Tug-of-War" when you think about it. I mean, there's that whole "of" thing happening that doesn't really make sense, grammatically speaking: like, it's a war, okay, but then shouldn't it be "war-of-tug," because it's the level of tugging that determines the victor? A "tug-of-war" implies that "war" is the quality of the "tug" in question (i.e., not a tug of despair, nor a tug of disgust, but a tug of war), and that's not really how that works - it would have to be a tug of "warfare," maybe, or "warsomeness," if that's even a real word. But you know what definitely *are* real words? Battle. Rope. Battle-Rope. Who knew Matty was such a wordsmith?
William Rehbock
William Rehbock Күн мурун
Doing a big rewatch of this season and this is by far my favorite episode.
Dario Hall
Dario Hall Күн мурун
Im still waiting for "Chasing Flavors w/Dipdog ft. Benny Blanco X Dj Kenny Beats"
Dario Hall
Dario Hall Күн мурун
Deep cut onlyfans
ian coomer
ian coomer Күн мурун
Thats the fuckin difference, shepherd's pie is made with LAMB, Cottage Pie is usually beef or whatever the fuck. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧