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revin hatol
revin hatol 2 саат мурун
Jermaine Cole
Jermaine Cole 2 саат мурун
Had to come back to this after Ken got trolled today 😂 would love to see him become the permanent host.
Jermaine Cole
Jermaine Cole 2 саат мурун
Worth every dollar 😂
Logan Clarry
Logan Clarry 2 саат мурун
That move was straight SAVAGE
TheGodOfPez 2 саат мурун
RIP Alex. 💜
Mike K.
Mike K. 2 саат мурун
He’s okay as a host, but compared to alex trebek he’s pretty awful. He lacks the voice and charm.
Elliott Hill
Elliott Hill 2 саат мурун
0:55 this mans name was put on jeffpardy
Elliott Hill
Elliott Hill 2 саат мурун
1:03 who doesn't know this?
grapplergirl10 2 саат мурун
Please make Ken the permanent host. He’s the perfect fit.
Floymin 3 саат мурун
Deadwood - one of the few famous Wild West locales that didn't become a ghost town.
anonygent 3 саат мурун
I didn't know the answer or the reference.
RVguy 3 саат мурун
Ken Jennings has to be the new permanent host of Jeopardy! Nuff said ~
iiBallistic Panda
iiBallistic Panda 3 саат мурун
James holzhauer was pretty close to beating that, wow
Pureza Egan
Pureza Egan 3 саат мурун
Ken,,every time you said**Thank you Alex** It makes me tears😰😰😰 Love you,, and please don’t stop saying that..God Bless♥️
AlaskaBlueCat 3 саат мурун
For as long as Ken remains host, anytime a contestant doesn't know the correct question, they're going to write "What is H&R Block?" LOL
Eat Shit
Eat Shit 3 саат мурун
Eh they should cancel it. The show isn’t the same without trebek.
Andrea 3 саат мурун
I like Ken and all but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy seeing him get bullied here lol
HurriShane00 3 саат мурун
That was a pretty cool final jeopardy. Alex on his toes with the quick whip humor there.
Andy Mesa
Andy Mesa 3 саат мурун
Would've been better if he said FedEx, but still a solid troll.
60sTeen 3 саат мурун
Now, the hints in the clue “white collar”, “seasonal job”, 4 months a year... Everything Ken knew it didn’t strike him that tax work is limited, and seasonal? Fed Ex? White collared?! His brain had to be tired. But out of all the winners with HUGE amounts of money I’m glad Ken is the G.O.A.T.!
zellty 3 саат мурун
Big Hoss
Big Hoss 3 саат мурун
Not the smartest move trolling the host.
Matthew McCaskill
Matthew McCaskill 3 саат мурун
Yo I acutally got them all
Charles Deichman
Charles Deichman 3 саат мурун
Ok. Emily is really fine.
Jorge R
Jorge R 3 саат мурун
0:06 Welcome back. :)
wrlord 4 саат мурун
All class.
BaronSengir1008 4 саат мурун
The $1000 answer is: "The name of the creator of all Pokemon"
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez 4 саат мурун
Moments of silence For Alex Trebeck demise
Lex Tan
Lex Tan 4 саат мурун
"Thank you, Alex." That's going to trigger tears for quite some time.
Eli Cho
Eli Cho 4 саат мурун
Who’s here because of the recent troll made?
revin hatol
revin hatol 2 саат мурун
JUSTIN JERSEY 4 саат мурун
Abcde 4 саат мурун
Should have said Federal Express! That's what Ken said back in the day
Trenton Quarantino
Trenton Quarantino 4 саат мурун
Keep Ken. This just feels right.
lui lang
lui lang 4 саат мурун
I love how Ken thanks Alex at the end of each episode❤
Eric Jennings
Eric Jennings 4 саат мурун
It's as if the ghost of Sean Connery pops in to troll the new host of Jeopardy! 🤣
wee woao
wee woao 4 саат мурун
Ken is so unbelievably bad at this.
Gordon Schnick
Gordon Schnick 4 саат мурун
It's not the same without Alex. They should have ended the show.
Stream Kaboom
Stream Kaboom 4 саат мурун
Fucking casuals
Pixelchu 4 саат мурун
When he gave that answer, he knew he was already in Jeopardy.
Kevron Harris
Kevron Harris 4 саат мурун
When I saw Brian's answer, I was like, "Oh no he didn't troll on Ken!!!"
touchdown62 4 саат мурун
Ken took it all in stride.
Alex McIntyre
Alex McIntyre 5 саат мурун
Would have been funny if one of the contestants wrote FedEx
suiko2fan2 5 саат мурун
@0:22 if watch Ken's fingers tap the podium when Alex says she is right. His non-verbals showed he had the wrong response.
BL1ZZ8RDS 5 саат мурун
Historically *shameful* is Ken Jennings getting the new Jeopardy champion to mock him by saying H&R Block instead of the right answer
TeshawnEdmonds 5 саат мурун
That's gonna leave a mark or two.
Heavencloud 5 саат мурун
"just a bartender" who runs trivia nights all over NYC for the past 15yrs
Robert Sherman
Robert Sherman 5 саат мурун
Ken doesn’t have the voice to be heard night after night. If he were permanent host he would get old, real fast.
Sebastien Roland
Sebastien Roland 5 саат мурун
That was Nancy Zerg’s answer when Ken Jennings lost his 75th game back in 2005.
Justin M.
Justin M. 2 саат мурун
Bulma Bra
Bulma Bra 5 саат мурун
The Burt Reynolds of game shows
Sapphire Entertainment [Gemaconda]
Sapphire Entertainment [Gemaconda] 5 саат мурун
they’re making the best out of a bad situation
fegelfatso 5 саат мурун
Ken Jennings for Permanent Host!!!
Jake Follensbee
Jake Follensbee 5 саат мурун
This is weird
Ryan Dubois
Ryan Dubois 5 саат мурун
Calling it now, if Ken lands the host job it will become a meme to use this answer in FJ if you have no idea. This will be the first of many
ianh1984 5 саат мурун
with the occasional "what is fed ex" thrown in.
Life Tradeoffs Podcast
Life Tradeoffs Podcast 5 саат мурун
the thank you alex at the end always hits home so hard :(
Jim D
Jim D 5 саат мурун
GameShowHost1115 5 саат мурун
Ladies and gentlemen, Brian is now a member of the Ken Jennings fanclub!
P W 5 саат мурун
Ken is such a good host
Thomas Cremens
Thomas Cremens 5 саат мурун
5,082nd view 733rd like 130th comment
Diggity Digg
Diggity Digg 5 саат мурун
we do a little trolling
Mabel Yang
Mabel Yang 5 саат мурун
Brian is living the dream wow
CoffeeSnep 1453
CoffeeSnep 1453 5 саат мурун
I got denature from human bio, thanks Dr. Sudlau!
Chris L
Chris L 5 саат мурун
Just watched this today at dinner. What a savage.
Altruistic Machine
Altruistic Machine 5 саат мурун
It would be cool if he was the permanent guest.
Devin Graves
Devin Graves 5 саат мурун
It has to be motel 6, right?
Marney Olson
Marney Olson 5 саат мурун
Alex was totally into it.
Big Steve
Big Steve 5 саат мурун
Ken is literally the “Tom Brady “ of jeopardy for real.
aresef 5 саат мурун
Worth every penny.
Cam 5 саат мурун
Bring back trebek
mccabber24 5 саат мурун
Dudes hardly been on the job and he's already getting bullied lmao
dumbzombie24 5 саат мурун
I bursted out laughing when I saw this live 🤣
Kadeem Gomez
Kadeem Gomez 5 саат мурун
2004: What is FedEx 2021: What is H&R Block
Aaharon Miller
Aaharon Miller 5 саат мурун
Brian kind of sounds like walter whites chemist partner from breaking bad.
BlackJack2020 5 саат мурун
What is Fed Ex?
Emperor Caligula
Emperor Caligula 5 саат мурун
I'm a little sad no one got Caligula...
FiringallCylinders 4 саат мурун
Right??? I thought that era of Roman times was pretty well known.
Vitorio Pedrelli
Vitorio Pedrelli 5 саат мурун
Ironically, it was the only one I got
DancerGirl213 Lover
DancerGirl213 Lover 5 саат мурун
I kinda wish Ken gave us an "I wish you wagered more points" A nice Alex tribute
Adam's Rankings
Adam's Rankings 5 саат мурун
Ken in the thumbnail be like: "Oh so u wanna fight?"
Devo 5 саат мурун
Nice! I actually got this one!
Uncircuited 6 саат мурун
Mans nearly pulled an Alex Jacob and kept a straight face ngl
Zachary Machado
Zachary Machado 6 саат мурун
i dont watch much jeopardy. heck i hardly do, but can someone give me the intel of the meaning behind this joke?
Zachary Machado
Zachary Machado 5 саат мурун
@Sarah Anderson aaah. makes a bit more sense now.
The Annoyed Mr Floyd
The Annoyed Mr Floyd 5 саат мурун
I think it's the answer he didn't get which ended his run as champion.
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson 5 саат мурун
Ken Jennings lost his 74 game winning streak with his Final Jeopardy answer of Fed Ex. He should have answered H & R Block.
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 6 саат мурун
I like Ken as the guest host, he’s doing great, nobody will ever be able to be as good as Alex trebek was though,