Respectful Rowland Arel Master
Respectful Rowland Arel Master 7 саат мурун
Congratulations to everyone who is early and found this Comment”🏆
Adam Fanning
Adam Fanning 7 саат мурун
Dustin should have stood orthodox when he was teaching brian
XycoTV 7 саат мурун
Loved the fighting spirit to finish those 30 reps!
Biff Steel
Biff Steel 7 саат мурун
Brian looks great - lean & strong. Cheers
Jacob Freeman
Jacob Freeman 7 саат мурун
I feel like there was a bit of legit tension in the beginning. These dudes tired and n edge would be scary. Lol
abiri abdullah
abiri abdullah 7 саат мурун
Man this is a dream Duo. Two of the nicest people from two different sports. Hard not to like them.
KaijuProductions 7 саат мурун
Imagine going to the gym and 4 of the strongest men in the world are throwing around a 25 kilo plate 🤣
Jacen Abbott
Jacen Abbott 8 саат мурун
this isn’t hafthor...
Ricardo Catastrofe
Ricardo Catastrofe 8 саат мурун
Brians arm game is my goal for legs lmao.
UngaBoy 99
UngaBoy 99 8 саат мурун
I lift like this at the local commercial gym and people look at me like I'm insane. lol Only the strong would understand the difference between lifting for modeling on a stage and lifting for brute strength.
Sam D
Sam D 8 саат мурун
You should try crossfit, that would train your strength and endurance
Étienne Gagnon-Desmarais
Étienne Gagnon-Desmarais 8 саат мурун
Looks great Brian. Do whatever it takes to get another title!
Damian One
Damian One 8 саат мурун
Dustin such a nice guy
sexualchocolate78 8 саат мурун
Listening to X while lifting. RIP.
Michael Smyth
Michael Smyth 8 саат мурун
Shaw threw like 4 punches, kept using any excuse to talk instead of trying to throw anything lol.
C Alsop
C Alsop 8 саат мурун
A “little heavier” dumbbell? I couldn’t snatch that with 2 hands and a crane!
ex-vegan 'logan'
ex-vegan 'logan' 8 саат мурун
Don't weights have feelings too like plants.... IMMA IRON RIGHTS ACTIVIST NO 1 CARES ABOUT HOW WE EXPLOIT IRON... UUUUUUUWAAAH
ex-vegan 'logan'
ex-vegan 'logan' 8 саат мурун
I would HUMP The dumbbell if i were Brian SHAW
ex-vegan 'logan'
ex-vegan 'logan' 8 саат мурун
Facked check
ex-vegan 'logan'
ex-vegan 'logan' 8 саат мурун
Tak it EZZ izz not A BBBQ
Robert Gammett
Robert Gammett 9 саат мурун
Brian being confident about an event isn't something I've seen in years, the last time he was this confident he took first and then third. Something great might be coming
Rangel Grancharov
Rangel Grancharov 9 саат мурун
Time for number five i think
Sam_ S
Sam_ S 9 саат мурун
That DMX playlist :(
Michael S.
Michael S. 9 саат мурун
Just follow your own advice about goals and you will be at your best. You don’t start out with the goal of being WSM. You set small daily goals. I think your best is good enough to bring this home. Also, you proved at first Shaw Classic that you win if you just have fun.
Vincent Robinson
Vincent Robinson 9 саат мурун
Amos Tecumseh
Amos Tecumseh 9 саат мурун
great workout 💪
CrypticFPS 9 саат мурун
Just a question even though it might be stupid. But picking up things from the ground and not squating aint it supposed to be bad for ur back?
Thomas Rosendahl
Thomas Rosendahl 9 саат мурун
What it takes to be the former world strongest man, Shaws last title was in 2016. Shaw has the pure strength advantage over Novikov, but all the other areas Novikov is way beyond Brian. So what would it take for Shaw to win wsm 2021, a god damn miracle.
Sleazy Challenger
Sleazy Challenger 10 саат мурун
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to serve a waiter at the restaurant.
John Redcorn
John Redcorn 10 саат мурун
Just a matter of time before Oberst wins WSM
Kollin McKenney
Kollin McKenney 10 саат мурун
I would love to see you and Tom stallman go head to head in stones last man standing style. They say Tom is the best in the world but I think you still own the stones.
Joseph Anderson
Joseph Anderson 10 саат мурун
Brian looks as good as I've ever seen him in his entire professional career!
M G Koch
M G Koch 11 саат мурун
6.8 😯
5p4rtan 11 саат мурун
Never seen a more uncoordinated athlete, lmao.
mikerobs1 11 саат мурун
looking in good shape Brian. I kind of believe the future strongmen will be a little leaner with a touch more mobility. Obviously keeping the strength and beating strongman records...etc
chsstagemanager2012 11 саат мурун
Brian is the only guy that actually locks out every rep in training
Tango_man_down 11 саат мурун
Wow Dana is training with the Diamond?
kaas leeuw
kaas leeuw 11 саат мурун
Keep it up Brain!! massive respect for the effort u put in!!
Nick Brozel
Nick Brozel 11 саат мурун
Something about the big vein in Brian’s forearm that screams worlds strongest man
shrekone 11 саат мурун
Is mateusz healthy?
Conal 11 саат мурун
Youre home alone it 3 am u wake up randomly u say hello is anyone there and from down ur dark hall way you hear 7:15
Auerkallio 12 саат мурун
Brian Shaw is a black belt in Tae Kwon Don't.
Hey sup guys?
Hey sup guys? 12 саат мурун
Why is Brian shaw in the middle? Lol
Alexander Bakker
Alexander Bakker 12 саат мурун
Man I giggled way too hard at the ground stuff 😂
Drew Clapp
Drew Clapp 12 саат мурун
Brian is looking cut
Mateo Restrepo
Mateo Restrepo 12 саат мурун
Shaw's looking leaner
Bryan Cox
Bryan Cox 12 саат мурун
Shazam couldnt find the intro song😮
DropsOfBlood 12 саат мурун
That was amazing strength between all of you In that event.
A Findlay
A Findlay 12 саат мурун
There is a coumpany in the UK makes a 2" pin specifically for adding more plates to the stacks, ships world wide. It's called gym-pin can find on instagram. Very handy 😁 also cheeky discount code 10% off if you use code BEAR10 (it's my friends code he won't mind me sharing 😂)
Jerry Willow
Jerry Willow 13 саат мурун
I saw Mark Henry do this oh, back in 2013 ,at the Columbus Ohio Arnold Expo, he had a challenge, the dumbbell was packed in a crate, and all you had to do was just grab it and pull it out of the crate and then drop it right back down into the crate, Mark Henry put up $10,000 of his own money, nobody could do it Mark Henry did it was no problem whatsoever several times prove that it wasn't fake powerlifters was coming up strong men competitors were coming up nobody could budge it
gnperdue 13 саат мурун
Aside from looking really cool, and so maybe offering a psychological advantage, how does the grip shirt help? The presses are amazing, BTW. Just unreal strength.
Matiix 13 саат мурун
man his biceps is like dustin whole torso
Matiix 13 саат мурун
5:57 dem legkick ahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha
N N 13 саат мурун
6:40 recommendation please do that at your own home gym. You can pay for repairs yourself. These machines are designed for weight limits.
Angel 13 саат мурун
Brian murdered that sandwich!!! I have never in my life seen a 🥪 that huge, and damn they both did good honestly!! 👍
Atlanta Atlanta
Atlanta Atlanta 13 саат мурун
Playing DMX in the background much respect now you ready for another title
Jason H
Jason H 13 саат мурун
Love how nice you are with the tips w the extra weight then the stack that 99.9 percent of us can never use
SmithCommaBenjamin 13 саат мурун
Brian's chances are good this year, but nothing is certain. Caron and Alexski are really major forces right now. Win, lose, or draw, I know Shaw will leave it all out there
Jarno Nitrauw
Jarno Nitrauw 13 саат мурун
You should make that countdown with the voice of Colin Bryce then you get in the world strongest man vibe
XxTalosxX 14 саат мурун
Sounds like he was listing to the adrenaline workout playlist on Spotify
Elcordinho 14 саат мурун
the face Brian makes at 5:32 is hilarious :):)
Bo 14 саат мурун
"Every single day counts, and I'm MAKING every day count."
George Soreass
George Soreass 14 саат мурун
"whats that in kilo's?" I like how he doesn't care about pounds
Rage9580 DirtyIrby
Rage9580 DirtyIrby 14 саат мурун
This dude is a MONSTER 💪🏼🇺🇸
brandon talmadge
brandon talmadge 14 саат мурун
I would get them all out of the screw down cases as they can damage the cards. The cards stick to them and it ruins them.
dedjens 14 саат мурун
DMX coming through those speakers, love it!
Alen Green
Alen Green 14 саат мурун
Holy Moly 127 Kg Dumbbell for reps.
John D
John D 15 саат мурун
He looks really pumped for WSM. Last year he was excited and it just went wrong, this year he has a point to prove. Looking forward to it.
John D
John D 15 саат мурун
You know it's serious when Brian starts grunting.
Tyler Navejas
Tyler Navejas 15 саат мурун
The 22 dislikes are all Eddie and Oberst making multiple accounts
TheGhostof Versailles
TheGhostof Versailles 15 саат мурун
Dude you still have a good 5-6 years left
santosh undi
santosh undi 15 саат мурун
Best of luck
Zorc 15 саат мурун
The only one that can compete in the dobble dumbell medly should it come back it Mateuz K. But it would be fun to see it happen, it's a good event and not one you see that often otherwise :)
You Idjit
You Idjit 15 саат мурун
Where can I watch WSW live
B3h4ppy 16 саат мурун
that self confidence reminds me of that one time Brian was saying "yeah,i think that time is unbeatable" and Thor came and smashed it xD i hope it doesnt go that way again with Novikov and his amazing dumbbell skills :)
soedercraig 16 саат мурун
Where can we find that weight plate attachment? Our machine on station only goes to 200 😐
jylo voss
jylo voss 16 саат мурун
dude u got more ript u have a lot less body vett than last time brof
The King Of Jotunheim
The King Of Jotunheim 16 саат мурун
Hes doing it like its nothing
Noodle_Ra 16 саат мурун
Brian in that sparkly shirt looks like a villain from The Running Man.
Dylan S
Dylan S 17 саат мурун
Much love Brian! When it slows down for you again- let’s get Jujimufu in your gym for a full circuit on each of your gym implements!