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blessingfochris 26 мүнөт мурун
Q: Create an equation with a solution of Black Clover A: Naruto + My Hero + Attack on Titan = Black Clover
Sater 55 мүнөт мурун
6:23 its not that the injury was too severe. Sure if Titan Shifter suffers too much trauma they will die, but in this case it was most likely that she lost the will to live upon hearing the king utter luck of gratitude followed by lifetime of misery dealt to her by that man. It was explained before that Titan Shifters can control their regenerating powers but they work only if given Shifter wants to live if not they will succumb to their injuries like any normal human would.
gacha. gamer827
gacha. gamer827 Саат мурун
but how would there be enough eri to make those bullets
Jason Strau
Jason Strau Саат мурун
Where do you guys read these, I have been wanting to read them as they come out but I don't know where
Luke MoonWalker
Luke MoonWalker Саат мурун
This is not really accurate, Ymir didn't die because the spear wound was fatal, she decided not to heal because despite bearing 3 of his children Fritz still saw her as a slave and not as a wife, Fritz was a clueless scumbag who lucked out having a slave still serving him after using her as prey for hunting, there's no redeeming in this character, especially after he forced his daughters into eating their mother to inherit her powers.
Arham Nahata
Arham Nahata Саат мурун
neito monoma is the best candidate to be a teacher and a undercover hero as he can copy the quirk of his students and fight with them to train them as he is doing to understand the quirk of Eri .....also a very interesting character...he is more liable to be section b homeroom teacher and shinso being class c which is new class with students who came into UA with quirks which have other uses than raw strength like shinso himself...making the current course of UA more better in future by accepting all variety of students not by favoring raw power quirks but also quirks which need wits more than just raw power...also copy quirk is so interesting it just being like a weak version of all for one that it needs a separate chapter where all for one needs his quirk and by succeeding he can just copy anybody's quirk without even touching them like some sort of quirk awakening where copy quirk is awakened at op heights by all for one once he gets the quirk...its like easy for him to awaken quirk at this time as he wants because the amount of experience he has had in using, mixing, manipulating, quirks has span over a century its fits to have a small arc where afo needs power of neito maybe he fails or maybe if he succeeds he can copy ofa in future ....**remember dr.ujiko telling shigaraki that everything will be within his grasp including ofa's power...Its just a crazy thought i think can happen i mean why not...ujiko can copy quirks but maybe not to that level like he has failed to copy ofa so maybe neito's quirk could be a major plot shaker in the series
Bettini Lorenzo
Bettini Lorenzo Саат мурун
6:24 Am i the only one who thinks that that soldier is Armin? I mean if you watch the episode all the way there is a trailer for the next one and in there you can see the colossal titan Idk just a theory
Crystal Brown
Crystal Brown 2 саат мурун
One for all is deku dad inko told him to take izuku quirk and now he’s slowly dying so his quirk is fading and deku is getting his real quirk
Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido 2 саат мурун
If we are on the topic of this “Next Generation” there is also a strong possibility that there might be a third generation, What I mean is there could be a next mha series with the og class 1-A’s and maybe even some 1-B or some other mentioned characters kids or at least a few of them along with all new characters. I also have the feeling that Eri would be the home room teacher for this generations 1-A
I AM IRONMAN 3 саат мурун
“Mistakes makes you perfect” The person who freed the pigs:-
NoobPlaysFortnite 3 саат мурун
Yo, if wren doesn’t do justice to Eldians, Ima be pissed!
Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez 4 саат мурун
Anybody know how long was the time skip?
Kuuna. 4 саат мурун
sasha dies, zeke and eren are half brothers. zeke gets captured by levi. levi puts an explosive to zeke, zeke detonates it and levi almost died saved by hange. zeke got saved by ymir (founding titan) ZEKE AND EREN has to touch so eren can see the founding titan. eren was gonna go tell ymir to euthanize all eldians but ymir took over eren and unfroze all of the wall titans to stomp on everything except paradis island. annie gets unfrozen. eren is no longer attack titan, he became the founding titan. latest manga chapter showed ymir was controlling erens future since he was a child. mikasa was only obsessed and protective over eren bc the ackerman clan was all about it. erens a host and mikasa was a parasite to him. titan wielders only have 13 years because of the 13 other slaves snitched on ymir freeing the pigs. ymir goes into a large tree finding the titan power. king fritz see her power and had children with her. failed assassination of fritz led to ymirs death. fritz ordered their kids to eat ymir’s dead body to pass down the titan power. that’s all i know. enjoy😈
CODM Aiden
CODM Aiden 4 саат мурун
What about the curse of Ymir? Since it's a curse that she stated for future titan shifters there shouldn't be a reason for her to die after 13 years right?
Roku 4 саат мурун
The real enemy of humanity in AoT is a pig. Who would've thought
Summer Kat
Summer Kat 5 саат мурун
Wow I loved this episode, the only things that makes me kind of upset is falco :(
Akihiroシ 5 саат мурун
Touch the enemy with your feet then like-
Leigh Jansen
Leigh Jansen 6 саат мурун
Eri will rewind overhaul and overhaul will become a hero and get revenge on shigaraki..
Delta Wolf
Delta Wolf 6 саат мурун
Also I love your vids
Delta Wolf
Delta Wolf 6 саат мурун
Wait so she died by getting pierced in the heart but (Spoilers sorry) Eren got shot in his head his head literally exploded but he became a Titan
Truly Meaningless
Truly Meaningless 6 саат мурун
Reiner: I'm the cause of your mothers death Eren: We're the same Reiner: Oh that's a reli- wait what?
Jasmine Escalaw
Jasmine Escalaw 6 саат мурун
Can I stop seeing retarded comments about how ymir is an idiot and they would've used the titan to escape? Y'all have to remember that Ymir is 10 years old, a slave her entire life, taught nothing but to think and act like a slave, serving others. You think in that situation, Ymir thinks she would have a choice? No. So stop blaming her. i bEt mY 3 yR oLd siSter iZ SmarteR
Cameron Collins
Cameron Collins 6 саат мурун
Could AFO have used decay on the fourth guy if he had it stored then he could use it
Intergalactic Gaming
Intergalactic Gaming 6 саат мурун
RIP Willy That’s all
Cameron Collins
Cameron Collins 6 саат мурун
Do we know who added the strength quirk I to one for all because going by the quirk singularity theory it had to have been somewhat recent since it’s an insanely powerful quirk
Intergalactic Gaming
Intergalactic Gaming 6 саат мурун
It’s the MAIIIIIIIIIID!!!!!!!!!!!!
Earthound weeb
Earthound weeb 6 саат мурун
Ymir: Is a kind soul that cares for others regardless Also Ymir: Fucks up anyone who gets in her way with her power No seriously wtf tho
LeAnne LINDER 6 саат мурун
Most likely they are going to go good.
Kurt Louise Bagacina
Kurt Louise Bagacina 8 саат мурун
Willy:But i do not wish to die Eren:yes.
Cheyenne Haga
Cheyenne Haga 8 саат мурун
What is the name of the 1st one!!!!!!!!
Soldier 8 саат мурун
So who is the bad guy at the end?
D` King Y_K
D` King Y_K 8 саат мурун
"Legitimately Thicc Thighs" Every man's weakness
Peony Wu
Peony Wu 8 саат мурун
Brooooooo you can go and suggest this amazing idea to the script writers!!!!!
Mew 152
Mew 152 8 саат мурун
Touya needs some skin care, like those colored manga panels do a better job of showing his shitty skin.
Amey Alissa Barron
Amey Alissa Barron 9 саат мурун
Her story was one of the most tragic and saddest than any stories of Attack on Titan. Her life being tortured and enslaved even in the afterlife. Her wish was someone freeing her from her hellish slave life and soul. Eren is the Attack Titan who fights for freedom, of the wishes of Ymir who longed for it. When Eren embrace her, tell her that isn't a god or slave but just a human with free will as asking her to help him out from using the power to protect everyone from the same fate she suffer. Eren doesn't see Ymir as their Founder or God but a lonely girl who suffer more than anyone thing. Ymir chooses to help Eren for 'destroying' the humanity who declare her as God or Devil than human along with Eldians in Paradise by her own will. She's not a evil person, she's a misunderstood character with the most tragically sad story. The only truth in their world is that people who can cruel, greedy, and horrible like King Fritz or the Marleyans who couldn't stop using the past on the Eldians are the real enemy and monsters, not her or Eren
NinjaGirlPlayz YT
NinjaGirlPlayz YT 9 саат мурун
Cod Swim
Cod Swim 9 саат мурун
Ok this NEED's to be labeled as a fan spin off story in the title. A theory is based on some type of accumulation of evidence...this obviously isn't
J 9 саат мурун
this is bollocks plz take a look at the difference between the king who have her being hunted like an animal and the one she came back for after turning into Titan. they are dressing different way when one is crowned the other not and the guards equipped different loadout. obviously the one who hunts her down is Marley, the one who married her is Eldian king. or the theory is the one who enslaved her is a lord ruled also by eldian king.
Turtle Quirk
Turtle Quirk 9 саат мурун
Wtf 🤨 Just because someone’s clothes are different in one panel to another does not mean they are a different person. The Eldian king during Ymir’s entire life was King Fritz, no one else. The reason his clothes were different is because the Eldian tribe had grown in wealth due to Ymir’s Titan. The panel you were referring to with a crown is King Fritz after a TIMESKIP. The timeskip is made obvious by the fact Ymir is visibly older and in the manga the king says “you’ve done well” (or something to that effect), implying that Ymir has been helping the empire with her Titan for a while. If you’re not a manga reader, then you could’ve just taken me at my word in the video rather than making crazy assumptions based on pics 🤨
Pigeon 10 саат мурун
So when eren couldnt transform during experiments ymir was slacking on the job
WaterTribeWeeb 10 саат мурун
damn, mans really made a whole anime while i was just listening and organizing my pokemon cards XD
Emperor B.A.Y Side
Emperor B.A.Y Side 10 саат мурун
Winter Hero Academy
Glitchyboi 10 саат мурун
Anybody notice that GETEN has the SAME BOOTS AS SHOTO'S HERO COSTUME
Night_fire72 10 саат мурун
Come dance with hell
sherlock deduccion
sherlock deduccion 10 саат мурун
looks like daredevil
-Mari- -Gold-
-Mari- -Gold- 10 саат мурун
*says “Dabi”* Subtitles: “Got it!” *Dobby, Derbie, Debby, etc.*
Myles Moore
Myles Moore 10 саат мурун
can you do the promised Neverland also?
Celestial fox102
Celestial fox102 11 саат мурун
I am slightly upset that you shipped izuku and the worst girl in the series but eh whatever still great movie
Celestial fox102
Celestial fox102 11 саат мурун
I meant video not movie whoops
Nikola Karapejevski
Nikola Karapejevski 11 саат мурун
i have 0 sympathy for the reiner, marleans and other mainlanders. After seeing the 3 seasons from the beggining and all that suffering that paradies island went trough, i hope Eren purges them all
Nikola Karapejevski
Nikola Karapejevski 10 саат мурун
@ROJHAE THOMAS you must be fan to hitler
ROJHAE THOMAS 10 саат мурун
The eldians were the ones that ruined the world.
TheOhbori 12 саат мурун
Werecat Author
Werecat Author 12 саат мурун
shirakumo is basically kid goku with that bostaff, cloud, and attitude
Butch Soliman Nulud
Butch Soliman Nulud 12 саат мурун
Forgot to mention Mr. Hoover - Bertholdt’s father was mentioned during Leonhardt and Braun scene.
Bruno Millalaf
Bruno Millalaf 12 саат мурун
It’s not even out yet...
Strawberry Bagel2006
Strawberry Bagel2006 12 саат мурун
Dabi: Well I have all these scars and my dad's a burning abusive pile of garbage. Shigaraki: I killed my abusive *father,* weakling. Shoto: I literally exist to beat up a good man. Dabi: SO DO I! Shoto: YEAH WELL HE DEEMED YOU A FAILURE! Dabi: YOU TAKE THAT B- Toga: My parents kept trying to make me "normal" hmph. Bakugou: My Mom constantly hits upside the the head. Dabi: Hey pomeranian. Look at me. Shoto: My Mom- Dabi: Our Mom- Shoro: -threw water at my face. I WASN'T BORN WITH THIS SCAR! Deku: My dad works far away... I never see him. Dabi, Shoto, and Shigaraki: My Dad beat me. Tsubasa: My grampa made me into a nomu. Kota: I was orphaned at a young age then the person who orphaned me almost murdered me. Uraraka: We're super poor... Shoto: My Mom's- Dabi: Our Mom's- Shoto: -in a mental hospital because of my old man's abuse got too much for her mental state. Endeavor: I AM TRYI- Dabi: Just shut up. Also, Chapter 190. Kurogiri: I died as a teen then was made into a nomu to be basically a mom to Tomura. Shigaraki: Wait wha- Bakugou: So who has the worse childhood? Shigaraki, Dabi, Kota, Shoto, Tsubasa: I DO! NO I DO! N- Eri: Um... Everyone but Eri: She wins.
gvcrispy 01
gvcrispy 01 12 саат мурун
My hero academia chapter 297
ia Young
ia Young 13 саат мурун
Were do I read the manga?
ia Young
ia Young 13 саат мурун
Were do i read the my hero academia manga?
ia Young
ia Young 13 саат мурун
Were do I read the manga ?
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo 14 саат мурун
*when he hugged his dog, it instantly dropped dead.* I'm so sorry for laughing, I-- 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chris Walter Lundy
Chris Walter Lundy 14 саат мурун
You know,fanfics are usually pretty bad,but this? This is actually really good!
Turtle Quirk
Turtle Quirk 14 саат мурун
Thank you!
I M 14 саат мурун
Okayyy now put s 4 ep 1-5 explained all together lol
bruce Snell
bruce Snell 15 саат мурун
Energy bending
gedaxx13 15 саат мурун
2:29 Bakugo and Todoroki combined.
Gorgei1234 15 саат мурун
spoiler alert i warn u dont get mad sasha fucking dies :(
Hattan AlShutaifi
Hattan AlShutaifi 15 саат мурун
I hope they retained darker creeper and grim elements and implications from manga to anime
4thena 15 саат мурун
"without even stopping once, he kept moving forward"
4thena 15 саат мурун
just another day for the survey corps....
brooklynn's life of fun
brooklynn's life of fun 16 саат мурун
when overhaul wanted to erase someone quirk me:just get eraserhead and make him never blink problem solved
ItsReddd 16 саат мурун
If Ricco had a KGpost channel, he should have one million subs just so he can name himself Lemillion.
Hornea Razvan
Hornea Razvan 16 саат мурун
March 27=bnha season 5
Pv PH 16 саат мурун
The Warhammer titan is just likes medieval armor
Alex Howard
Alex Howard 16 саат мурун
I don't see the point of 1. Using the manga to spoil plot points for the anime and 2. Not giving spoiler warnings. The anime left out these excerpts to create mystery and you just go "BY THE WAY IN THE MANGA." I literally cannot stand AOT manga readers who do this.
alida flus
alida flus 16 саат мурун
rafeh ali
rafeh ali 16 саат мурун
Im a hacker
Àine Neary
Àine Neary 17 саат мурун
I dont think this will happen but the rest of the yakuza are probably just in prison since they were not as dangerous if they were to get out they could break kai out considering the only thing that got in there way before was Deku and Mirio but Mirio does not have a quirk any more so would Deku him self be able to take down the yakuza
Korelon 17 саат мурун
This didn't age well
Annisa H. Imron
Annisa H. Imron 17 саат мурун
Is there anyone that notice the itching ear move that Eren does when he talks with Rainer? Or the fact that Zeke doesn't get trapped along with Pock & Pieck? Yeah, I can't wait for next episodes
•C r x n c h i i•
•C r x n c h i i• 17 саат мурун
Plot twist manga spoilers ahead Overhaul broke out of Tartarus in chapter 297
AMONG USSS YEAAA 17 саат мурун
I feel bad for Eri
Toph Todoroki
Toph Todoroki 17 саат мурун
Just started the video, but I would say blowing up an apartment complex crawling with children and civilians is not fair game.
michael Lorde
michael Lorde 17 саат мурун
Reneir smiling and starting to enjoy life Eren :ptsd go brrr
Siddharth M
Siddharth M 17 саат мурун
All Might: You must never tell anyone about one for all Deku: *AND YOU GET ONE FOR ALL AND YOU GET ONE FOR ALL*