Michael Wherry
Michael Wherry 21 саат мурун
Matt Bauder
Matt Bauder 21 саат мурун
RIP angel U
Bankroll Chris
Bankroll Chris 21 саат мурун
Kodak dont mumble
Kill Bill
Kill Bill 21 саат мурун
Jhymani Joseph
Jhymani Joseph 21 саат мурун
Mat C
Mat C 21 саат мурун
"It's A Kodak Moment"💯💯💯
Josh Tyler
Josh Tyler 21 саат мурун
2021 april
HBF 21 саат мурун
I know I’m the real devil,pull on niggas like bobo im da real steppa 😂😂if only dey knew who bobo is you understand “Lauderdale steppa”🔥🔥🔥🔥
nicolas ellison
nicolas ellison 21 саат мурун
road runnin tunnle vision i been speeding with no limit
Big Glee
Big Glee 22 саат мурун
txpate2009 22 саат мурун
Do y’all even listen to the lyrics
Bella Remijio
Bella Remijio 22 саат мурун
Living legend only 23 GOAT Fr
Brian Hendrickson
Brian Hendrickson 22 саат мурун
Nicolon Rosemond Mondelus
Nicolon Rosemond Mondelus 22 саат мурун
I love you my nago
FAT GLEECH 22 саат мурун
2021 Bumping nigga Jit jit
Donald Clark
Donald Clark 23 саат мурун
I miss this Kodak
Eminence 23 саат мурун
Glad you used the title before 6ix9ine did
Celestino Quintero
Celestino Quintero 23 саат мурун
That trump supporter was vibing tho
ZAMIR WILLAMS 23 саат мурун
This Sound Like Dj Mustard Beat
DeJuan Eubanks
DeJuan Eubanks 23 саат мурун
I love you
Amin Hamici
Amin Hamici 23 саат мурун
Sahil Nigam
Sahil Nigam 23 саат мурун
Bro can you please add this to Spotify. This shit hard
Forlondy Jean
Forlondy Jean 23 саат мурун
Forlondy Jean
Forlondy Jean 23 саат мурун
Pacbanz 23 саат мурун
“It’s like u gotta sell yo soul for them to pay attention”
Kenneth Caine
Kenneth Caine 23 саат мурун
Sister Josephine Comedy Watkins
Sister Josephine Comedy Watkins 23 саат мурун
Yo CJ 23 саат мурун
Anyone in 2021?
StreetSpeaker SCBD Official Page
StreetSpeaker SCBD Official Page 23 саат мурун
Last Nigga Said Fuck Me He Knockkedd Offf
RoseRoyce Күн мурун
Omg this gives me nostalgia ❤️❤️❤️
Woods Sylvain
Woods Sylvain Күн мурун
John Doe
John Doe Күн мурун
In light of recent trends, I would slide alone.
Armando Damian
Armando Damian Күн мурун
This song is the reason why I knew he got a vulture tatted on his face not an eagle or a bird like other ppl think 😎
Spiritual Soul
Spiritual Soul Күн мурун
That’s not Kodak
identities Күн мурун
This song is just a vibe "kodak they dont like to se you wiinnnnnin"
mwtm mwtm
mwtm mwtm Күн мурун
2021 baby
Angelina Guerrero
Angelina Guerrero Күн мурун
This song fire! I'm not a chico but they call me phillipe!💘💞💘💞
SunFlower Күн мурун
Cherie Dowd
Cherie Dowd Күн мурун
High and listening 🎧
John Hill
John Hill Күн мурун
Remo Cabaltera
Remo Cabaltera Күн мурун
when the featured artists are better
tvtime2121 Күн мурун
This song and “Clover Cage - Thorn In The Side Of The King” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you
Seraphikz Beats
Seraphikz Beats Күн мурун
he threw in when he eats the fish head hahaha
Grady Dunnican Jr
Grady Dunnican Jr Күн мурун
This song is literally diarrhea droppings
Grady Dunnican Jr
Grady Dunnican Jr Күн мурун
Yall know Soulja Boy is Kodak right
Grady Dunnican Jr
Grady Dunnican Jr Күн мурун
Bruh really now all of a sudden he took them fake Wicks out in the beginning but look at his face, that's not the same person stop falling in love with these celeb, industry plants and demons
Mouhamadou Bamba Diop
Mouhamadou Bamba Diop Күн мурун
Lil Durk
Lil Durk Күн мурун
Iam Hemi
Iam Hemi Күн мурун
Heard that man did his research 🔬😌
Brendan Dion
Brendan Dion Күн мурун
Who still bumpin in 2021 🤷‍♂️
Nico BERRIO Күн мурун
The beat song please?
JW killz
JW killz Күн мурун
This Is.... Idk
M Күн мурун
Big Steppah
Tamar Alexandra
Tamar Alexandra Күн мурун
Oooh be mine 🥵
K Күн мурун
4:00 Bow Wow challenge 😂
topdawg Thehustler
topdawg Thehustler Күн мурун
Yes lorddd song got me praying hard
Tez Күн мурун
So we jus gone ignore how fat Kodak reappeared at the end of the video???
Qunn Laflare
Qunn Laflare Күн мурун
Still here
Caterina Jean Martínez
Caterina Jean Martínez Күн мурун
This music video need to be done in a CVS Pharmacy or something picking up a bottle of Percocet
K Күн мурун
Whoever took this video 🤦🏾‍♂️
Desia Sydnor
Desia Sydnor Күн мурун
2021 I'm here 💗💗😍😍
kyle ridgeway
kyle ridgeway Күн мурун
My dawg out the pen and tucking living! I fucks with it! Keep this vibe homie! And keep your head up and your nose clean! You know how the CO’s be acting up when you down!
HenryAxel MirandaRamirez
HenryAxel MirandaRamirez Күн мурун
Strange to xx I'm fa
Latralis Chaney
Latralis Chaney Күн мурун
Yeah...Yak dropping 💣💥💣💥💣💥💣💥💣💥💣💥💣 on themm!!!!
uezerins Күн мурун
Naomi Monae
Naomi Monae Күн мурун
Man ppl got Kodak F'd up! clone where?!
Jay-The-Great _
Jay-The-Great _ Күн мурун
Who still listening to this
Shay Burns
Shay Burns Күн мурун
Y isn’t this this shit on Spotify😤
King252 King252
King252 King252 Күн мурун
What happen between him and jackbo
Celestin Pouchon
Celestin Pouchon Күн мурун
My fav artiste Cool 🔥🔥🔥🔥🧢
J C Күн мурун
Thanks Trump
Dame BeBallin
Dame BeBallin Күн мурун
April anyone🤟🏾
William Martin
William Martin Күн мурун
I'm guessing his favorite color is orange...
Quana Күн мурун
Y'all dumb asf. This isn't even kodak anymore. Like does he have a haircut or dreads? Obviously 2 diff people.
jackson wagoner
jackson wagoner Күн мурун
put it on apple music
Psalm West
Psalm West Күн мурун
Off the yak by young MA a diss to kodak
John White
John White Күн мурун
Gregory Hill
Gregory Hill Күн мурун
Kodak had "Blurr" Way before Pooh Shiesty
That guy
That guy Күн мурун
MYSS BB 333 Күн мурун
One of my fav songs