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Samurai Jack's Finale Is Awful
3 жыл мурун
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steve p
steve p Саат мурун
Galvantula 2015
Galvantula 2015 2 саат мурун
Terror cards how did I not notice that after watching jojo
CKFORBES 2 3 саат мурун
I feel like Jake isn't dead, I feel like Finn is happy because of Brownym feeling like Jake is still alive, and out there. The two bro's went their own ways, and Brownym & Finn are on an adventure to find him. Jake is probably relaxing somewhere, looking at the sunset.
Teacher JohnZee Allen
Teacher JohnZee Allen 3 саат мурун
Jonathan Frakes is a famous actor, well known for his roll as Commander William Riker. That voice is unmistakable! 😃
Rohan Clare
Rohan Clare 3 саат мурун
What do you mean jake is right on his chest
Collin Falling
Collin Falling 3 саат мурун
Awww he's dancing with jake :'(
Pickle 4 саат мурун
I find green knight cool
The Demon ZedRies
The Demon ZedRies 4 саат мурун
Sweet pea has one of finns swords
Xenomorph 6 саат мурун
Maybe Simon back before the mushroom war watched the Fionna and cake tv show and that memory affected ice king making his own story of the tv show
نواف علي ناحي الحربي
نواف علي ناحي الحربي 7 саат мурун
This is just a kids cartoon what are talking about
hamter 8 саат мурун
"I'm aware I mispronounced guillotine" me who pronounces it the way he did: 👁️👄👁️
Joanne Van Der Vegt
Joanne Van Der Vegt 9 саат мурун
I think jake made a monument for jermane and finn cuz they could of died to protect Jake.
Cory Sargent
Cory Sargent 9 саат мурун
So wait what is this? Is this the original series?
Não sou Patriota
Não sou Patriota 10 саат мурун
one last unanswered question, who's Finn Dating?
Dylan Jade Owen
Dylan Jade Owen 10 саат мурун
Lol fin with sweet releas then theres fin with garbera
Alright Joseph
Alright Joseph 10 саат мурун
Play the video at 1.25 speed and he'll sound like he's talking at normal speed
10 Hawell
10 Hawell 11 саат мурун
I would prefer Simon and Betty both die inside Golb, tell Finn "we have everything we need here, and we have something to do..." and the scene as they disappear into a closing golb, together, with the crown and together wish for the crown "keep them safe" showing Finn, Marcelina, Gunter and the rest.
insom j
insom j 11 саат мурун
King Wesley
King Wesley 13 саат мурун
You outright ignore evidence at multiple points and only acknowledge evidence that supports your opinion and then validate doing so. You're validating invalidation. What. an. idiot. This entire video is invalid dude. You don't deserve an opinion on something you don't validate.
Taylor G
Taylor G 13 саат мурун
the pink hands are princess bubblegum's I believe and the person on the stone duck is marceline the rune symbol is an M on top of an A which would stand for marceline abadeer and it would make sense that her backpack setup would be similar to simons and the red shoes look like hers she is probably searching for PB after the ice thing captured her
Ritualistik Textures
Ritualistik Textures 13 саат мурун
Jake lives in dog years, he dead mane
Tyler Morgan
Tyler Morgan 14 саат мурун
Theory: Ixcano is one of the primal monsters before time and his OP ability is to stretch to a ridiculous degree that diminishes with every new spawn, thus explaining why all the pups and future dogs have strange anomalous abilities
CalebWithAC 14 саат мурун
I don't see why you dislike minecraft so much, there's nothing to actually dislike on a surface level playing of the game.
King Wesley
King Wesley 14 саат мурун
1:35 is pretty invalidating to people with amnesia. Do you not understand head injuries or does real life just seem too unrealistic to you? "A massive disservice to his character"????? He's a fuckin asshole. That's his character. He doesn't have a good design or character in the first place, which is the point. Just because you don't like how something sounds doesn't make it impossible or unlikely. If Adventure time has taught us anything it's that permanent injury isn't something to be taken lightly. Look what happened to Susan. If that isn't evidence enough idk what is. not to mention literally half the characters in the show remember almost nothing. Either they deny it all or suffer some form of mental disability.
King Wesley
King Wesley 13 саат мурун
Man I was sugar coating my first response, you people are just in denial. You can't possibly fathom something you can't understand or relate to so you deny every piece of evidence that supports it. He didn't "just" get a concussion. He suffers severe brain damage in a personality altering way. People in real life have had the same thing happen FOR NO REASON. If you woke up with amnesia tomorrow in a place you didn't know, as a person you don't know, you'd develop some quirks too. The injury doesn't invalidate his story, in fact, his "story" wasn't much of one to begin with. He was a shitty person and then left. Whoopty fucking doo welcome to the other shitty fathers club. But that's not what happened. Just because you can't understand or fathom reality doesn't make it not exist idiots.
CalebWithAC 14 саат мурун
The joke about vanilla no mods is referencing diamond being rare (unless you're playing modded in which most recipes use diamond) and jake is throwing them in lava implying he's rich
itryen 14 саат мурун
I can't believe it's been so long since Adventure Time ended... I have an Adventure Time shaped hole in my heart and i don't want pay a subscription service for the sequel.
Cody Klews
Cody Klews 15 саат мурун
As a German speaker, it’s an interesting how much of this I was able to track given how similar those languages can be
Sylvio Gouveia
Sylvio Gouveia 15 саат мурун
Sabe oq acho engraçado é q a jujuba , não ficava com o fim supostamente pq ela era muito mais velha q ele , mas no caso a Marcelina é milhares de anos mais velha q ela , enfim hipocrisia
M3M3LORD 16 саат мурун
5:17 Riker from Star Trek TNG is Finn?!
Radio Star
Radio Star 16 саат мурун
Id love to see a series about finn and bronwyns adventures
Radio Star
Radio Star 16 саат мурун
Finn now ealks around shirtless He has reached maximum chad level
John Laughlin
John Laughlin 16 саат мурун
if there's supposed to be cycles of comets where do these comets keep coming from?
Co11in__ 17 саат мурун
Is it possible that a “magic world” could be defined by the amount of present madness and sadness in it?
Res 17 саат мурун
Maybe we can see a series about the pups sometimes
MofoKage 18 саат мурун
I gonna guess that Finn is 25 or 23. Also, I see that some people think that Finn and Browyn are a couple and I don't even have words to say.
Total Creative Gaming
Total Creative Gaming 18 саат мурун
However in away the adult Finn from the original Adventure Time show would technically not make much sense now, due to the fact the Finn only has one intact arm now... unless the Land of Ooh has advanced technology that could possibly grow back Finn’s missing limb
Cole Booker
Cole Booker 19 саат мурун
I didn’t even make the connection that it was Finn when I first saw the episode
Footbol Helmoot
Footbol Helmoot 19 саат мурун
I interpreted LB’s line differently. The center of the seashell could be considered its end, and “smallest door” could mean least important or seemingly insignificant. So: “At the end of the long journey, through the door of least significance, comes great abundance” With this interpretation, the line could be referring to the journey covered by the episode
Uncle Iroh
Uncle Iroh 19 саат мурун
Ah yes i too remember growing up watching Adventure time im glad to see that finn is now a man but im sad to hear that Jake could be gone
Krevix Tc
Krevix Tc 20 саат мурун
Fin's retirement
AstroluvMina 20 саат мурун
Could it be that princess bubble gum is in the cell and the person looking for princess bubble gum is marceline the mountains on the scope isnt actually mountains it says M. A. Marceline Abadeer. the red boots and the black / blue pants tho
Random Human ツ
Random Human ツ 20 саат мурун
Joaquin Catala
Joaquin Catala 20 саат мурун
Moco in spanish mean boger
Jamel Palmer endless cryptozoologist
Jamel Palmer endless cryptozoologist 21 саат мурун
I think he is in his prime maybe 25 or at least in his 20s
Miriam Ramos
Miriam Ramos 22 саат мурун
What happened to finn's hat???
Diamond Tacos
Diamond Tacos 22 саат мурун
Jake is immortal When he died on Mars Lincoln gave him immortality for his own life
Kevin Fedex
Kevin Fedex 23 саат мурун
I did not like the video
Trabis The idio
Trabis The idio Күн мурун
It's a wireless controller bahaha
عبودي ديم Abboud Deem
عبودي ديم Abboud Deem Күн мурун
Fine is alive !!!
Rico Rojas
Rico Rojas Күн мурун
Lol bubblegum is straight lesbian while marci is bi big time
Mř SaMuel
Mř SaMuel Күн мурун
It's pewdiepie
GamingwithSakhar Күн мурун
Someone make a edit with mice on Venus and fin getting out of the van
Keanu Kaleikini
Keanu Kaleikini Күн мурун
Bruh I wanna watch this but im 👆 😳👆 b-b-b-b-broke 👇😂👇
Yseson _
Yseson _ Күн мурун
Vagabond Finn is in following with the heroic legend cycle of Ooo, Billy became a vagabond as well on his Bike
The Demon ZedRies
The Demon ZedRies Күн мурун
Is the Swedi candy person that helped him, Is it a fucking furry?
LP Cobra
LP Cobra Күн мурун
Those two statues are most likely finn’s and Jermaines. I think this because the broken rock has the names Finn and Jermaine on it.
comic Jdog
comic Jdog Күн мурун
Bald finn
Tyler Swanson
Tyler Swanson Күн мурун
Is that Jakes kid?
Yssa Delos Reyes
Yssa Delos Reyes Күн мурун
i dont watch this show much but i love the story:)
EduardoD BZ
EduardoD BZ Күн мурун
Na she’s fucking finn I have problems
Reeii_ Eeii
Reeii_ Eeii Күн мурун
Finn is just probably on his 20s or 30s
DrippedDrop Күн мурун
it’s no longer Jake the dog and Finn the human, it’s Bronwyn the dog and fin the human
Mr. Context
Mr. Context Күн мурун
What if the shapeshifter is made from the mushroom bomb, and it’s blood and venom has the same properties of the chemicals in the mushroom bomb, because that’s what created it. Kinda like a zombie situation thing.
Emilia Zhang
Emilia Zhang Күн мурун
Without that breadmaker, Finn would've arrived at Ooo dead.
adamisajoker Күн мурун
For those who don't know, Jonathan Frakes was William Riker in Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Keks Krieger 44
Keks Krieger 44 Күн мурун
Bothers me abit more that all the fish eating pteranodons go after humans which would be way out of the pray size Even more unlogical then the pteranodons out of jurrasic park 3 that they just didn't dive under the gate that goes over the river lol
Emilia Zhang
Emilia Zhang Күн мурун
I think Finn grew up to be an okay kid/teenager because of BMO, more so than teenage Jake/ Card Wars Jake /Jay T. Dawgzone. Mo made BMO to take care of his son and to "give love". Also BMO has a grand imaginative circuit which tends to lean towards playing hero (hence him being a sheriff, detective and "Angelface") which may have edged kid Finn towards the heroic lifestyle and prioritising helping others. BMO entering Finns' life at that time probably contributed to the character we met at the very beginning of Adventure Time. I also bet BMO babysat Finn when Jake went off to play Card Wars or hang out with Tiffany (whenever those stuff happened).
Jeb Ramos
Jeb Ramos Күн мурун
1:12 Marci: Uhhhhhh PB: (Looks like she has seen it before)
Jake survived (Alien) Finn reinirated (english is my second language so i wrote it wrong 🤦‍♂️ so yeah when you die and be born again).
Formless Monkeys
Formless Monkeys Күн мурун
god i wish all shows got an end like this. not exactly like this, but it's... an end. It doesn't leave you enraged. You appreciate it. ...It doesn't make super robot monkey team hyperforce go episode *53* the most searched term in relation to it.....
Formless Monkeys
Formless Monkeys Күн мурун
"Mental gymnastics of the sapphic variety" made me CHOKE
Mantas Plah
Mantas Plah Күн мурун
It feels like i saw this just yesterday
Godlysunfury Күн мурун
2:05 ok am I the only one who thinks she just made two different mouth noises
Khajiit. Exe
Khajiit. Exe Күн мурун
Vampires and tarot cards are bound to spark a jojo reference
Pegasus Puff
Pegasus Puff Күн мурун
8:04 especially for infinity train
Formless Monkeys
Formless Monkeys Күн мурун
some of the words you say here are great now that obsidian is out
Daniel Chua
Daniel Chua Күн мурун
I miss old adventure time😢
Plaided Beanie
Plaided Beanie Күн мурун
B r a i n D a m a g e
Parker Woods
Parker Woods Күн мурун
Seeing the wazzup dog again has me thinking about how they could be a less evolved party god
aries dayle
aries dayle Күн мурун
I personally find James II to be my favorite hyjinx episode just because of its inherent chaos and shows the world just relaxing.