Lucasfilm Games Sizzle
7 күн мурун
Sizzle Reel | Andor | Disney+
LEGO Star Wars Holiday Contest
Clone Wars Download: "Shattered"
Ronak patel
Ronak patel 21 саат мурун
Please Hindi dubbed Star Wars clone wars
mxrAntzboyz 21 саат мурун
Nazrul Aqmar
Nazrul Aqmar 22 саат мурун
JoeDotPHP 22 саат мурун
This guy is so great. The next 10+ years are going to be huge for him. So much skill and talent. He even went into a Christopher Nolan film where Hans Zimmer would normally be and hit it out of the park.
javier toro
javier toro 22 саат мурун
( spoiler alert) al final las femijedis consiguen abortos gratuitos subsidios y cuotas de genero en el alto concejo´´´´luego colapsa toda la republica
Axel 22 саат мурун
She Said dark vader
Crystal Esquibel storytime
Crystal Esquibel storytime 22 саат мурун
No one cares Star Wars is already ruined
ACE EDITS 22 саат мурун
if Jedi can survive falling from that height then mace should be alive
Laong Ln Line
Laong Ln Line 23 саат мурун
This trailer is so much better than 789
Ahron 23 саат мурун
Everybody at least had a single line in this trailer except Ezra.
D H 23 саат мурун
I swear that the guiding force of the skywalker tri trilogy was John Williams
Influential Beats
Influential Beats 23 саат мурун
“Nothing can prepare you...” *laughs in the plot leaks which were all true*
Rain Tuato'o
Rain Tuato'o 23 саат мурун
Oh God my Eyes!
spicy Күн мурун
POV: your looking for a comment from 7 years ago
Reacestro Күн мурун
First Born
First Born Күн мурун
I would sooner waste my time watching rise of shite walker blindfolded than engage with anything created by Justin Ireland. Only Daniel kibblesmith could and has come out with something worse than this turd sandwich
matthew lemus
matthew lemus Күн мурун
Finn > Rey
God Күн мурун
Good god, Pablo is unholy
Zvonko Tadic
Zvonko Tadic Күн мурун
Did anyone else just realize that this was from the offical star wars account?
Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious Күн мурун
reccomended im hyped for this, i didnt catch when it comes out, anyone know?
Денис God
Денис God Күн мурун
Lucasfilm Games ХУЙНЯ!
Tony Bone
Tony Bone Күн мурун
I'm so glad EA is no longer handling all star wars games
Speeding Atheist
Speeding Atheist Күн мурун
Justine Ireland is an open racist on Twatter. Congrats.
Bene Күн мурун
Finish what you started, finish 1313
Speeding Atheist
Speeding Atheist Күн мурун
Maybe you can buy a 3D printer and print some fans?
Sunrise Alex
Sunrise Alex Күн мурун
Star Wars Games are ressurected! :D Old Republic and Jedi Academy are Canon now! :D Ubisoft is making Canon game: my wish came true, thanks for listening! :D This is amazing news! :) I really cant wait to embrace all of the New games in the future on my Ps4 and 5. This is The way to play.
hazel goodshepherd
hazel goodshepherd Күн мурун
Ohhh so that chubby grey Pablo Hidalgo fella is in the Kathleen Kennedy hack job workshop camp, huh? No wonder he responded so negatively to a fan's reaction to Favreau and Filoni material. That makes sense. Dang, Lucasfilm. You really are at war, aren't you?
Jason Jennings
Jason Jennings Күн мурун
Although I don't totally agree with your idea, but im giving you a like for making this trailer badass
Sunrise Alex
Sunrise Alex Күн мурун
A suprise to be sure but an extreme one!! 😲 OLD REPUBLIC!!! 😳 JEDI ACADEMY!!! 😱 Lucasfilm games sounds great and nice as a replacment for Lucasarts. Cant wait to embrace all those stories and every upcomming new Star Wars games in the future! 💪🎮
Rasheedah Smallwood
Rasheedah Smallwood Күн мурун
BELLA Күн мурун
C3PO?.... Iron man just wasn't feeling it. 😂
Vincent Wijaya
Vincent Wijaya Күн мурун
Tbh, eps 8 and 9 had potential, only if they didn't ruin it >:(
1975supermike Күн мурун
The wokeness showing though nearly strait away.
Jake Hall
Jake Hall Күн мурун
Mom: we have Star Wars at home The Star Wars we have at home:
Kirby Griffin Memes
Kirby Griffin Memes Күн мурун
this just simply isn’t Star Wars anymore..
Lambolover290 0
Lambolover290 0 Күн мурун
Ooooooooooooooo Vader’s gunna be madddd
TheStutteringSpartan Күн мурун
We've come a long way in movie trailer direction since then
Area 503
Area 503 Күн мурун
Six years later youtube recommends this video to everyone!
Greer Күн мурун
It's not a real ship it's a studio
Patrick Hannon
Patrick Hannon Күн мурун
Obi-Wan: Well, it was worth a try Trying what exactly? boasting? Killing your own clones? I'm not *that* emotionally invested, but this scene does give me the wellies a bit
AL C Күн мурун
Even the prototype armour is beautiful
Sony Co
Sony Co Күн мурун
Too bad the movie was dogshit
Davy Pelletier
Davy Pelletier Күн мурун
What a disappointment
Pedro Alvarez Soto
Pedro Alvarez Soto Күн мурун
Espere 30 años una película serie o lo que sea actuando a un chileno representando a todo el mundo y con un final de serie llegando mi maestro luk hufffff llore los últimos 15 minutos, gracias Pedro gracias por un final 2020 tremendo.
Patrice Cauro
Patrice Cauro Күн мурун
It's too big.... How are we supposed to have a lot of time AND a lot of money to follow all these!!!!! It was already hard to follow already, but now....
Spiderman Cartoon
Spiderman Cartoon Күн мурун
I love star wars so much
Your Narrator
Your Narrator Күн мурун
i find it cute no cap
Finn5507 Күн мурун
What’s up with all this freakin’ hate?! I’m really excited for this!
Space Cowboy
Space Cowboy Күн мурун
Came to pay my respects
Cosmological 777
Cosmological 777 Күн мурун
Darth Johnson
Zach Lee
Zach Lee Күн мурун
fallen order really is their crown jewel in recent history
Tekkadan Reborn
Tekkadan Reborn Күн мурун
Republic commandos DLC remastered
Abhiraj Deore
Abhiraj Deore Күн мурун
No one could be leia as good as carrie
Ed’s mock’s and reviews
Ed’s mock’s and reviews Күн мурун
Great scene, Kenobi was so confused at first
Brendan Fitzpatrick
Brendan Fitzpatrick Күн мурун
Squadrons is so much fun. Go try it out if you haven't. It'll take a while to master, but it took me like 2 weeks and now I'm in love with the game
Larry Hinkle
Larry Hinkle Күн мурун
Chicks ruin everything.
Troy Pinson
Troy Pinson Күн мурун
Me: Watches video about Darth Maul KGpost: Recommends Star Wars: A New Hope "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi" scene
maskednil Күн мурун
How is the Likes more than Dislikes??? The comments says otherwise.
Kirby Griffin Memes
Kirby Griffin Memes Күн мурун
@Austin B woo math
Austin B
Austin B Күн мурун
Actually if you add all the comments and the dislikes its still less then the likes 👍 isn't math fun? 😃
don't wanna say my name nope
don't wanna say my name nope Күн мурун
"May the force not be with this one" Me, jan 2020
King Wasi
King Wasi Күн мурун
Bruh. The movie spoiled the whole trailer for me.
Sergio Alvarez
Sergio Alvarez Күн мурун
Fans:we want Kotor to be canon and have a clone wars/Rebels animation style series or live action series Disney:what’s that you want a Star Wars movie that doesn’t take place almost 4000 years but almost 300 years before 0BBY with teenage Jedi (majority woman) fighting space pirates/space cowboys I thought u would never ask get ready for production
Michael Squid
Michael Squid Күн мурун
Hunter looks like Rambo
D Күн мурун
I think this film was incredible.
Pdog 1107
Pdog 1107 Күн мурун
The best part is when he goes “C-3PO?”
Sí No
Sí No Күн мурун
1:16 I have already seen this guy but I don't know where
Daeduluus Күн мурун
God what a wasted opportunity the who Sequel trilogies were
Martin Kernberg
Martin Kernberg Күн мурун
Katherine Kennedy. Please stop with the steaming hot piles of Bantha dung your forcing down our throats. Please.
N Күн мурун
I miss this
Jace Wendzicki
Jace Wendzicki Күн мурун
This spoils the whole thing lol
Jerzy Strózik
Jerzy Strózik Күн мурун
mando is the bst prooove im wrong.\
The mad king Aerys
The mad king Aerys Күн мурун
Absolute dogshit. Rian is nothing but a little mong he sounds like a little girl. Giggling like a freak bet he's never even seen star wars and if he has he hates it.
Jerzy Strózik
Jerzy Strózik Күн мурун
uuuuu start uuuuu end >??????? nonononnoono
Kiss My Memes
Kiss My Memes Күн мурун
"Old not... you are"
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Күн мурун
This is cool and all but when’s the next game? There’s currently no new Star Wars games announced other than Lego Star Wars which isn’t made by EA.
Gordy Skymop
Gordy Skymop Күн мурун
Terrible movie. Atrocious director. A few wonderful actors.
Tuph Күн мурун
Yo! Lucio is a jedi!!!!
Roberto Martinez
Roberto Martinez Күн мурун
This is the way
E.L. Norton
E.L. Norton Күн мурун
Introducing a "hero" for...not quite sure who, but we give you...."Obi-Wanna-Krispy Kreme!
Connor Holwell
Connor Holwell Күн мурун
Afonso Amaro
Afonso Amaro Күн мурун
Justina Ireland can't write 🙃