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Jokio Blinkje
Jokio Blinkje 11 саат мурун
10:02 Graham's comment is not in line with the article. Graham says ''make 50% more than ..", the title reads "make 50% less than..". Say that those people earned 50% more than others, they would go from i.e. $100 to $150. But the other way around, if people who stay longer make 50% less money, they would go from $150 to $75. Therefore the difference between salaries is even greater than Graham illustrates, according to the article.
Renard Miller
Renard Miller 11 саат мурун
commenting for the youtube algorithm!
ibra udinov
ibra udinov 11 саат мурун
In order to make profits in the stock market, one has to have a good strategy and proper knowledge of how the holders manipulate the market.
Princess 11 саат мурун
Buy Vanguard low cost index funds in the next crash. Listen to Warren Buffet and buy the book common sense investing. Invest for long term and be patient.
macfrankist 11 саат мурун
Loved your story man. Im with you on that type of environment. I stopped teaching, not because of the kids, but for the stupid management that would always toss responsibility to the instructors so I have gonne into business for myself.
Celeste Da Rosa
Celeste Da Rosa 11 саат мурун
Your videos are great, but please stop doing those ugly faces 😂
Prashun 'PC' Chakraborty
Prashun 'PC' Chakraborty 11 саат мурун
I literally thought Graham used one of those gender swap apps.
Marko Torres
Marko Torres 11 саат мурун
Did you name the cat Graham Stephan Jr?
Steven Huynh
Steven Huynh 11 саат мурун
looks like summerlin? nice pickup
Kiwi Wandering USA
Kiwi Wandering USA 11 саат мурун
Millenials have the most amount of student debt tied to worthless degrees in soft sciences(at best). If you study crap, then you get crap wages/salaries. On top of that, they flock in higher numbers to expensive Liberal run cities where your money doesn't go very far. They also spend more money than any other generation on "experiences" so that they can post it on Instagram. My 28 year old sister in law was making between $40,000 and $70,000 in NYC over a five year period. She has no savings but did travel overseas 3-5 times a year and has over 60 bikinis. Boomers had more wealth because they were much more frugal in their spending habits and lived much simpler lives.
Abdalla 11 саат мурун
It's amazing to be gen z and learn
xShadz 11 саат мурун
The fact more people are going to college also delays there initial income earning by around 4 years or longer, which would contribute to why millennials aren't earning as much at the same point in their life. Especially with the decline in the worth of a degree.
DL OO7 11 саат мурун
kochinoo 11 саат мурун
I didnt learn anything from this.
Jhetner Borja
Jhetner Borja 11 саат мурун
Man I really wanna bring this type of content to the Philippines. I love your channel and I've been watching for over 2 years now and I'd love to create a similar type of channel but geared towards my country
Lajos Székely
Lajos Székely 11 саат мурун
Hmm, new watch ? What it is Rolex datejust or even Presidential ? Curious to know, thx in advance!
Iphone 69
Iphone 69 12 саат мурун
Ima do you the favor and not go to college :)
Langston Walton
Langston Walton 12 саат мурун
How do I know or how do I learn what stocks to invest in? How do I know when to pull my money out or leave it in?
Jacob Mastrogiovanni
Jacob Mastrogiovanni 12 саат мурун
Is this John Fish’s brother?
Jeremiah dunlap
Jeremiah dunlap 12 саат мурун
Dude you have good picture but 2nd hand knowledge
NotANut 12 саат мурун
So many segues into ads, it was so jarring
N.G.U. PradahOfficial
N.G.U. PradahOfficial 12 саат мурун
Because its financial Knowledge that will make you wealthy and rich not academically knowledge. Learn about money so you can make and keep more money. Dont get caught in the rat race.
Jakub Mika
Jakub Mika 12 саат мурун
So Millennials are crying that they are living paycheck to paycheck, while sipping a cappuccino from Starbucks?
Matthew Lessall
Matthew Lessall 12 саат мурун
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How To Steve
How To Steve 12 саат мурун
Great video, I also would like to mention that you can invest into yourself in 20's as in these years you have time and energy to learn new stuff. You can invest into a new course, skill or anything where you are interested and can increase your future income.
Bryan Sutton
Bryan Sutton 12 саат мурун
Job hoppers tend to be more loyal? That sounds like a contradiction.
Matthew Lessall
Matthew Lessall 12 саат мурун
She's available on Whats app: +1 2 5 3 5 5 9 0 6 8 8..
Matthew Lessall
Matthew Lessall 12 саат мурун
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Mugusta Bjeonklei
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Predator 12 саат мурун
College and education is a big waste. I am 20 and have a bachelor's degree in management. I have many options now but I can tell you college hasn't prepared me for real life. Education has made kids slave. Education has burdened kids and has given false hopes. A country should emphasize more on culture than on education. The moment education was seen as a right it started to get devalued. The bullshit how education is important and not admitting that certain cultures are superior than others have destroyed millennials. They have become degenerates who prefer word salad than to do something meaningful in life. As for gen z they are being red pilled hard on yt. Gen Z would likely drive millennials into the sea.
James Cosmas
James Cosmas 12 саат мурун
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Nick Mattio
Nick Mattio 12 саат мурун
The 2020 Zoom Call Cloud Digitazation has also put deflationary pressure on salaries in general especially in high cost metros, starting incomes for undergrads thinking they’re going to start at $50-60k now lucky to to find the same position at $45k, regardless of how much student debt they have
Based God
Based God 12 саат мурун
This advice gave my dog cancer unsubscribed
Graham Richardson
Graham Richardson 12 саат мурун
To my fellow Gen Z and Millenials: This is a note I have written to myself (a millennial) to read when I feel hopeless. It always helps me calm down and feel a bit better. Everyone’s situation is different, but maybe it will help some of you too. Brick By Brick: When it seems overwhelming, don’t try to do it all at once. Just focus on the 6 inches in front of your face. Step by step. Brick by brick. You’ll get there. Trust The Process: You WILL make it work, you WILL survive. Come hell or high water. Stupider people have done it before! Face Your Fears, and Control Them: In order to do that, you need to compartmentalize your worries about survival. Income, Spending, Savings, Investment: Actually put a certain day and time in your calendar each week and title it: “Financial Success & Survival: Income, Spending, Savings, Investment” That’s your time to worry about your financial survival and success. Make an agreement with yourself that you’re going to worry about money ONLY in that specific day and time. You will evaluate your plans for Income, investment, savings, spending (ISSI) matter of factly, develop a strategy to move forward, then for the week after, you will trust that strategy and stick to it. Don’t question it, and don’t worry about it until your next “ISSI” meeting. Each week, re-evaluate and correct course. That’s really all you can do. Anything else is needless worrying that doesn’t actually alleviate the core source of the problem. Don’t be afraid of failure. If you fail, you’re just going to go home and live with mom and dad. It’s not the end of the world, you’re not going to literally die. Don’t let yourself go into a spiral of “what if’s” when you get down. Write down your worries, the go one by one and define the best strategies you can take to alleviate each one. Putting my worries down on paper and staring each one in the face individually, I often realize they aren’t as terrifying and they were when they were swirling around in an endless loop in my head. Don’t let this analysis prevent happiness. Don’t be afraid to still let loose when you’re happy or excited, and allow yourself to dream. It will be what it will be, whatever it is, just ride the wave. That’s all you can do. And finally don’t be afraid to reach out for help even just venting about your problems can be a huge stress reliever! We can get through this together. Love you guys.
Idris M.
Idris M. 12 саат мурун
There are so many channels that should thank Graham for getting me to smash like buttons. I never did it before his video.
Olanrewaju Badejo
Olanrewaju Badejo 12 саат мурун
It amazing investing with mastertophacker on instagram
Bhaskara Kovvuri
Bhaskara Kovvuri 12 саат мурун
I haven't seen any KGpostr milk the like button as much a Graham bravo 👏🏽
Sheex 12 саат мурун
Yeah just promote anything that worsens education and encourages to spend on money without moral
Tella Smith
Tella Smith 12 саат мурун
Now I believe mastertophacker on instagram is real and legit they got me paid
Khotso Khanye
Khotso Khanye 12 саат мурун
3rd time I heard that loyalty doesn't pay, guess it's time.
Justin Devers
Justin Devers 12 саат мурун
Hey Graham what are your thoughts on a "rich person roth"? Is it even a decent investment? Or just a life insurance scam?
Shao Co.
Shao Co. 12 саат мурун
So if I invested 3000$ into an index fund, it grows per year and I can take my profit whenever? Which I assume would be best served by continuously reinvesting in the successful index fund?
Clara John
Clara John 12 саат мурун
I never regret investing investing with mastertophacker on instagram
newyam 12 саат мурун
There are other additional cursed barriers: -New or increased taxes than boomers (inheritance tax, gas taxes, sales tax, income tax, real estate tax) -Mortgage upfront payment is higher than decades ago.... -...for Real Estate that has become more expensive... -...driving out millenials from bigger cities into outskirts or expensive apartments... -...which decreases quality of live/costs more than it did before The odds are heavily stacked against our generation. But we have to navigate through it and still become successful. That‘s why your advice of „investing early“ is so important!
PMP1337 12 саат мурун
15:57 "Where do you spend like 10k in a month?" Graham lazerbeams Starbucks Cup
FN videos
FN videos 12 саат мурун
Here for the algorithm
Drone Ninja
Drone Ninja 12 саат мурун
@Mr. Money Geek , I was very pleased to hear that you got bank on PTON and even more rewarding I was happy that you showed concern for a real OG. To be more specific, yes 👍 I did get paid on AAPL and also on PTON. Truth be told, I've figured out how to get money out the Stockmarket good old boys ever time I go up against them. What do your stock line up look like today? Oh and by the way I tip my hat to you on that PTON good 👍 call thanks! OG-RB SPACE AGE TRADER
đầu tư với phương
đầu tư với phương 12 саат мурун
Money is printed faster than you can work for it. You are punished to work and save. Only solution is get loan with low interests and buy non traditional assets.
Wantsome 7676
Wantsome 7676 12 саат мурун
Gen X here I saw what my grandparents had and I see what Millenials have. I made more money at my high school summer job in the 90's than Millenials make now. I was bringing in $400 a week in 1995 at age 17. I watched an entire generation robbed of their wealth. I was living like a king in the 90's. My first job out of high school I was making $12 an hour. Within a couple years I was making $18 an hour. The president of the company I worked for only had a high school diploma. The company was bringing in $30 million a year in profit. I lost my line of work to China though. In 2005 I watched a mass exodus of factories leave for China. Entire industrial complexes disappeared over night. George Bush said we're moving away from manufacturing toward a service based economy. And this is what we have left.
Paul Stone
Paul Stone 12 саат мурун
I'm competing with 3000+ comments now to be seen....any point in commenting anymore? 😂
M.I. Matondang
M.I. Matondang 12 саат мурун
Thank god I am not millenial
Nomad Undercover
Nomad Undercover 12 саат мурун
As a person who had the opportunity to save and invest, I will say most millennials did not get that chance What Graham did with buying real estate and turning it into a small fortune, most millennials would be unable todo today, because asset prices are so inflated. This leads me to think millennials and GenZ will widely support socialist policies, particularly when it comes to rent and employment law. If you have any wealth at all, get a portion of it overseas, because in all probability the 'have-nots' are coming at your assets through a combination of higher taxes and regulation...
DaRkTeMp1234131 12 саат мурун
This is turning into an fulltime add channel is you keep this up
Daniel R Gersh
Daniel R Gersh 12 саат мурун
Best excuse ive heard in a while to click a like button.......... ill take it
Christina Annis
Christina Annis 12 саат мурун
What about Velocity Banking? Makes more sense
The River Life
The River Life 12 саат мурун
I’d smash that like button any day.
Epsilion The Bird
Epsilion The Bird 12 саат мурун
Here you go. For the algorithm
Allan 12 саат мурун
graham stephan - takes guts - so kudos to admit a place looks 'sterile!' hope the furniture warmed things up.
Robert Diaz
Robert Diaz 12 саат мурун
Way too many ADS. Way to many sponsors and pushing us to signup and buy somthing THUMBS DOWN 👎🏼
Weedy 12 саат мурун
Job Hoppers are viewed as unloyal by recruiters. They are unwilling to make an investment into someone who will likely leave within a year's time.
Ankita Jha
Ankita Jha 12 саат мурун
Millennials get paid lower than previous generations for the same work. So basically millennials are the women here.
ljpal18 12 саат мурун
Millennials are kinda old at this point
John Kossen
John Kossen 13 саат мурун
Millennials are absolutely not to be blamed, the issue is much more complex. We should first look at the system that we live in, capitalism (together with neo-liberal policies) have led to this situation. If you truly want change, then you absolutely need to look at the overal system and try to help change this, only then society can be truly helped. I live in the Netherlands where this is happening now as well over the last 4 decades of neo-liberal governments. Holland used to be a very social country, where everyone could earn a decent living, this is changing rapidly as well and in our country millennials are also "screwed" because of high student debt and high rents (they can't get mortgages). I am "lucky" as I am 46 years old and have bought a house at the right time, which is now worth 100K more, but for the new generations to come I absolutely feel that they are being betrayed by an unfair system. I agree btw that switching jobs will help, just as long as you are young btw as age discrimination will happen after you are 40 and above (as I have noticed already). Anyway keep up the great work!
h0tne0 13 саат мурун
But dat avocado toast tho.
Irving Gonzalez
Irving Gonzalez 13 саат мурун
How can someone be so smart financially but so stupid politically? It'd be funny if it weren't so sad.
AustinAirCo 13 саат мурун
What we are up against: put on your mask to walk into a diner, then sit down and take off your mask. Corona doesn't infect people sitting at a table. *who came up with these guidelines?* Oops something else just came up..... TBC.
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Kenny Lau
Kenny Lau 13 саат мурун
Job-hoppers are perceived to be more loyal? What?
Stephen Baxter
Stephen Baxter 13 саат мурун
According to a recent Intercept report there are 66,000 homeless people in Los Angeles. Why not take the time and effort to try to provide these people with homes such that over time they will have an opportunity to contribute to the success of the city ?
kentang hensem
kentang hensem 13 саат мурун
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Michele Ponte
Michele Ponte 13 саат мурун
I’m broke, statistically still a millennial, but I’m working for a better future
Meme master 3000
Meme master 3000 13 саат мурун
Iam a millennial lol
Kenny Frosh
Kenny Frosh 13 саат мурун
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Simon Bob
Simon Bob 12 саат мурун
Mark Kennedy
Mark Kennedy 12 саат мурун
I thought of investing in Bitcoin in 2018 but I was discouraged by my friend's, is if save now..?
Jeff Clark
Jeff Clark 12 саат мурун
You get to see unprofessional brokers but we still got lucrative and professional brokers out there for investor's.
Dimity Nn8
Dimity Nn8 12 саат мурун
@Димитрий Ñã Not because of ignorance but the rate of unprofessional brokers in stock market
Димитрий Ñã
Димитрий Ñã 12 саат мурун
You've got to see people get poor due to ignorance 🤨
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