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Lamborghini God
Lamborghini God 5 саат мурун
Merry Early Christmas
Madi Lee
Madi Lee 7 саат мурун
Ring I have 2 battery I charge full but it always discharge the right side battery first. (My Right hand facing camera lense battery side) It didn't do this in the beginning it would switch when it's time for each side to take a turn. Now If the right side is discharge it switch to the left but as soon as I put the right side back on after charging it switch to the right again. It's acting stupid, but it works perfect in capturing video. Do you know what might cause this?
Ram Strikk
Ram Strikk 19 саат мурун
When stacking 3 together, do you attaxh each one to the next one or a screw through all 3? Becuase the screws provided only go through the short side.
It’s Sam
It’s Sam Күн мурун
tjyxels Күн мурун
a turkeyyyyyy
Gacha Rascal
Gacha Rascal Күн мурун
Awe wow! That’s so adorable!
FloridaGurlForLife Күн мурун
Connor Aisbitt
Connor Aisbitt Күн мурун
Dude you should of tuck him inside free turkey for thanks giving
Laura Gianfranceschi
Laura Gianfranceschi Күн мурун
I guess this turkey is taking Revenge for his turkey friends.
Detrick Күн мурун
I bet he locked the doors too😂
Earthworm-Filled Stomach by Choice
Earthworm-Filled Stomach by Choice Күн мурун
Jesus Christ loves you
Jada Jackson
Jada Jackson Күн мурун
happy thanksgiving Lol.
T. Rose
T. Rose Күн мурун
Shirl Epps
Shirl Epps Күн мурун
Shouldn't the turkey be the one running! Lol
Lamborghini God
Lamborghini God Күн мурун
kevin e-anaba
kevin e-anaba Күн мурун
Nicolas Taylor
Nicolas Taylor Күн мурун
You make the best video
H͜͡e͜͡u͜͡M͜͡i͜͡i͜͡A͜͡m͜͡o͜͡r͜͡ Күн мурун
Bahaha why did he run tho....do turkeys attack?😩🤔
Makenzie Nelson
Makenzie Nelson Күн мурун
We eat them for thanksgiving maybe they just wanted to turn the tables
Blanca Padilla
Blanca Padilla Күн мурун
Happy Thanksgiving 🦃everyone......
Daphne Lattimer
Daphne Lattimer Күн мурун
Turkey: "Let me in there, Man! They're going to eat me!" Man: "Not today, Tom!" Turkey: "What a cluster pluck!" Man: "Watch your fowl language! I have a kid in here!"
Ashley Donohoe
Ashley Donohoe Күн мурун
Turkey just wanted to wish them a happy Thanksgiving
Jaxxy J
Jaxxy J Күн мурун
He just came over to say “Happy Thanksgiving!!” 🦃
Carol A. Essed
Carol A. Essed Күн мурун
It's Thanksgiving! Come here, turkey...
Mme2Chic Bouvier
Mme2Chic Bouvier Күн мурун
Most of America is running to a turkey. Funny!
I don’t get jokes
I don’t get jokes Күн мурун
Cujo but with a turkey
Nassima Күн мурун
Edwin Rivera
Edwin Rivera Күн мурун
dude...is free and fresh turkey and you run away from it...i guess you were on your way to the store to buy a frozen one.
Cody McDonald
Cody McDonald Күн мурун
He acted as if a lion was chasing him 😂
Cole Jo
Cole Jo Күн мурун
is it illegal to steal your neighbors turkey because you weren’t able to get one?
Airplxne Plxys
Airplxne Plxys Күн мурун
Samantha mother of cats
Samantha mother of cats Күн мурун
He’s like “ur people killed my brethren for ur stupid holiday, I’ll make u pay”
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson Күн мурун
He just wanted a ride to.
Kevin Rodriguez
Kevin Rodriguez Күн мурун
0:45 dirk-girl.com
gn lilu
gn lilu Күн мурун
lmao 😂
Cookie Gamer
Cookie Gamer Күн мурун
Swiper no swiping
Social Sense
Social Sense Күн мурун
Dude saw the turkey and jumped in his car hahaha
scafgal Күн мурун
I live in southern BC Canada (where all the hot springs are). We have wild turkeys walking the streets every fall as well. Good entertainment!
Aleks Cvejic
Aleks Cvejic Күн мурун
OMG Ha ha
ThatsSoLizz Күн мурун
😂😂😂 it’s the gobbling for me!
Kara Ott
Kara Ott Күн мурун
This was so funny
Kayla René
Kayla René Күн мурун
Turkey: gahahahhahsgsjsnaiahahab Man: *wanna see real speed?*
Krystal Silva Bogosian
Krystal Silva Bogosian Күн мурун
How adorable
Kayla René
Kayla René Күн мурун
Took u long enough to answer
Dark Sister
Dark Sister Күн мурун
Maybe he has a pet and needs a pee pad
Rida Bonita
Rida Bonita Күн мурун
Lol he swiped that paper
Faydene Reed
Faydene Reed Күн мурун
So wrong why are people such criminals these days! We should be helpful to each other! My neighbors would never do this! Alabama is King!
Stephane L
Stephane L Күн мурун
He was like Jack (De Niro) in "Meet the parents"
Mina Aarla
Mina Aarla Күн мурун
Uh we want to know what happened! Lol. Wtf
jydeinden Күн мурун
haha I can totally see the dog be like "yes I did! let me in! " :D :D
Carlos Stephen
Carlos Stephen Күн мурун
In the Marine Corps we used to sleep up in the mountains listening to coyotes howling all night. They got so close to us, so often that it got to the point where they didn’t worry us anymore.
Manay Tiwari
Manay Tiwari Күн мурун
I will take Picture of your Car License, and I will find you... LMAOoOOOOOOoOo
Catrina Hartz
Catrina Hartz Күн мурун
Elizabeth Hair
Elizabeth Hair Күн мурун
when we lived in England my parents used to let our dog out so she could do her business. They went to bed then heard a pitiful whining from outside - our poor dog was sat frozen on the doorstep. She was bundled up in a blanket and didn't budge until morning !!
•anime lover•
•anime lover• Күн мурун
*kid*Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza guy-dances
murphy murf
murphy murf Күн мурун
Omg so cute
ii_willow_ii Күн мурун
Me : pets bobcat Bobcat : eats my hand Me : awww look it is kind #catlover
skylark Күн мурун
"Did you ring the doorbell?" YEAH! It's friggin raining out here!
NeoMorph WTH
NeoMorph WTH Күн мурун
Doggo: “Hi, can Pooch come out and play today?”
jimgag2 Күн мурун
A few years ago, I was walking through Washington Square Park in NYC. I observed a man playing chess with his dog. I Commented about how intelligent his dog was. The man looked at me and said “aww he’s not so smart. I beat him two out of three games”.
Sebciot Күн мурун
Cute but what he is doing upfront alone
MMARK00 _ Күн мурун
Imagine the fox taking out the trash I mean if it can read the news it can do the chores @KoreaMostWanted
Spiritjourney44 Күн мурун
dmv Lily
dmv Lily Күн мурун
1:23 that woman is drop dead gorgeous
cindy maulden
cindy maulden Күн мурун
sweet dogs
Sarah Morley
Sarah Morley Күн мурун
This is adorable 😍
V H Күн мурун
Isnt the same if she would have called him thru whatsapp video call and dad sounded super annoyed
My Gypsy Hermitish Tarot
My Gypsy Hermitish Tarot Күн мурун
aaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...Oh...my....gosh! I love it! She doesn't..... :O)
lickitysplit roberts
lickitysplit roberts Күн мурун
I love all dogs so bloody much
Mary Macklemore
Mary Macklemore Күн мурун
If you run towards a coyote yelling they’ll run off.
I hate google
I hate google Күн мурун
Henlo I'back hunman!
ghostmanromeo uk
ghostmanromeo uk Күн мурун
I can't install mine. My doors too thick. The thread falls short. Is there not a longer screw adaptor available? If not it looks like it will be going back, a shame really.
Evan Cacchiotti
Evan Cacchiotti Күн мурун
WOW! Where do you live?
Bill Gardiner
Bill Gardiner Күн мурун
Fox News !!!
Alchemica Blackwood
Alchemica Blackwood Күн мурун
Why does EVERY security ad portray white males as the bad guys?
Amber Sullivan
Amber Sullivan Күн мурун
All i can think of The fantastic Mr. Fox reading his newspaper.
stenbak88 Күн мурун
This is so sweet
RAD D Күн мурун
This is definitely someone in a bear costume