Volt 37 секунд мурун
Calli: Suffering from success
hartley hare
hartley hare 12 мүнөт мурун
Cupcake Kitten
Cupcake Kitten 12 мүнөт мурун
Imagine Calli playing revenant. That would be fitting
queenmiku 39
queenmiku 39 21 мүнөт мурун
貴方はカッコよすぎる。 信じられない。 私は初めてこのカテゴリーの曲を聞きました。 このカテゴリーはこんなにもクールなのを知りました。
Adam Ray
Adam Ray 22 мүнөт мурун
Man, it sounds so badass. Thanks for the hard work Calli, we know you give it all because of your passion.
jack mayor
jack mayor 43 мүнөт мурун
Apex is so addicting for me lately, I don't know why
Ashley Schfer
Ashley Schfer 55 мүнөт мурун
I played about 14 games but the game wasn't fun for me because I died so fast. I would shoot lots of people but never got credit for killing anyone.
Arthur Jeffery
Arthur Jeffery Саат мурун
One question, why crypto for her first game like hes the hardest legend to master xD. Cute tho
Arthur Jeffery
Arthur Jeffery Саат мурун
That's the cutess thing ever
deknof Саат мурун
damn this was so much fun ^^
Eestiboo Саат мурун
Damn I wish you were good at rapping lmao
Bloody Heartland
Bloody Heartland Саат мурун
I can get behind mom's more violent side for sure.
frostlemoncake Саат мурун
I love happy gilmore!
Alvaro2004 SPEDA
Alvaro2004 SPEDA Саат мурун
イーサンカンドル Саат мурун
lilblkrose 2 саат мурун
I didn't get the chance to hear this song yet until I heard "vtubers" getting angry over this song. Anyways, now that I listen to it, this song is very bopping though. The art and video is beautiful too. [commentary over this "controversy"] The lyrics are very tame, though? There's more "offensive" songs compared to this that talks down more degenerative towards a general populace? Guess difference is the lyric is available to read or it's just the people who already had problem with her beforehand just looking for excuses to get angry.
Exeedra 2 саат мурун
1:32:03 I have never seen such frightening silent rage as this before, like...damn! QnQ
Bretnach biorn
Bretnach biorn 2 саат мурун
i keep coming back bro, this song just dont miss
suburbanmanifest12 2 саат мурун
Poo dee tee tweet
Ehre genommen Jhon
Ehre genommen Jhon 2 саат мурун
Baba 24:16
Arnulfo Mendez
Arnulfo Mendez 2 саат мурун
The closed captions are red, this might be old news, but when I saw it my mind was like WOW
Yamata no Oroshi Kirin
Yamata no Oroshi Kirin 2 саат мурун
haachama is now woke
smoothbrain 3 саат мурун
The amount of times I’ve listened to this song within the last week is likely unhealthy, but goddamn I can’t stop, all times of the day I’ll start thinking of the melody and around 30 seconds after I’ll have the song on loop
Angelo Descordo
Angelo Descordo 3 саат мурун
There weren't that many hilarious facial expressions this time around but the dialogues were still witty and the laughs were plenty. Not to mention that your dad nature has at last been fully exposed, father! Search your feelings, you know it to be true... big ups to the translator and I can't wait for the next volume!
kirbo 3 саат мурун
Bom de mais •-•)👌
Lalo 3 саат мурун
4:51 Chat: Can we play catch? Calli: NO!!! 😠 One day Dad will play catch with us. One day...
ぺんぎん仙人 3 саат мурун
Great Hound II
Great Hound II 4 саат мурун
14:48 I got my first real six string Bought it at the five and dime Played until my fingers bled It was the summer of 69
Cracozyabra 4 саат мурун
NGL dad's looking kinda cute ever since he came back with that milk
Amulin阿木林 4 саат мурун
40:40 stretch
Rescal 4 саат мурун
German in the chat Dieser Kommentar Bereich ist jetzt Eigentum der BRD
Overly Fatman
Overly Fatman 5 саат мурун
After the asmr session everything seams loud even on 2% volume
Ashkael 5 саат мурун
26:23 1:19:54 Love, the me that’s killing youuu
Miguel Penders
Miguel Penders 5 саат мурун
Honestly if she works on her aim she can be very good at the game
various1544 5 саат мурун
Absolute gold mine of a stream. The last time I laughed this hard this much was the last reading stream of volume 1
Allan Noe Muñoz
Allan Noe Muñoz 5 саат мурун
16:13 Ahh ni Omg cat! 💀❤
Mr. Lime Apple
Mr. Lime Apple 5 саат мурун
I'm From germany :P
Forest Spirits JDM
Forest Spirits JDM 5 саат мурун
stop calling me a deadbeat >.<
kutkuknight 5 саат мурун
God I love her so much
hartley hare
hartley hare 5 саат мурун
9:35 1:48:48 1:34:48
Lurking Research Laboratory
Lurking Research Laboratory 5 саат мурун
I would simp for vtuber mom.
carolina barrera pinto
carolina barrera pinto 5 саат мурун
Alguien viene por el cricro?
Lexington the Lion
Lexington the Lion 5 саат мурун
It's a beautiful piece, and like most of Calli's work, it evokes a lot of conflicting emotions in me. On the one hand, we celebrate finding happiness and reflect on it contentedly, but on the other hand, the knowledge that it's about to end is a dagger to the heart.
Wilson Reyes
Wilson Reyes 5 саат мурун
This is probably the best song you've made so far.
Zophyr 6 саат мурун
Hallo Karl, ich bin ebenfalls Karl
Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari 6 саат мурун
Dieser titel macht keinen sinn.
iBatt 6 саат мурун
0:33 Gura the Fool xD
Otonashi Izumi
Otonashi Izumi 6 саат мурун
Officially the first time I've had to stop listening to a song because I was vibing to it *too much*. This is a relatable banger with lyrical genius in it as well!!
Freaker Faker
Freaker Faker 6 саат мурун
Why Red? Kinda Sus
xGSUltiSpiritx 6 саат мурун
...heh.. hehehe... HEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LMAOOOOOO It's been a long time since I've read a manga, but I might actually have to check this one out I'm only up to the 40 minute mark but I love it lol
EXC design
EXC design 6 саат мурун
I´m from Germany and tell all of u: The German Grammatic is very stressful. :D Keiner mag es zu deklinieren oder zu konjugieren. ^^
Dragon Army
Dragon Army 6 саат мурун
thats so sweet. I love seeing people learn german xD (im from germany so sorry for my bad english)
TNinja44 6 саат мурун
Yo this sounds like a Rwby Op i love it
Akaru 6 саат мурун
Ich gebe dir gerne meine Seele
Nicox 6 саат мурун
By the time you do that final read-a-long of the volume 3 of this manga, I wont be surprised if you make a cameo inside the manga because of how much influence you brought to it. Even much more this time
CloudyCatGod 6 саат мурун
Watching her dubut rap and then watching this is insane
Georg Schwingerchen
Georg Schwingerchen 7 саат мурун
Ich bin ein normaler Mensch. Ich sehe ,German’ und klicke auf das Video
Ryzen 7 саат мурун
2:31 you're welcome
MaskofFayt 7 саат мурун
Cali in songs: I'm a murderous badass with the hip child lingo Cali in reality: dies first in every among us game
Auna Eunie
Auna Eunie 7 саат мурун
Damn. This is me hoping that one day calli can sing for persona/smt series. This is amazing.
M4r3k 7 саат мурун
Fade 7 саат мурун
From lonely skyscrapers to running the show. Your talent was always destined to take off like this. There's no way a star as bright as you would simply fade away. You still have oh so much shining to do.
Baum Ast
Baum Ast 7 саат мурун
I am in Germany no. And I think u are good for the beginning. XD
Arb Niero
Arb Niero 7 саат мурун
This stream was so much fun, I had a grin plastered across my face the entire time I was listening to it. The manga itself is pretty funny but having dad herself reading it just made it perfect
Arc 7 саат мурун
As someone from Germany I really enjoyed that content. Thanks! Also her German pronunciation is really good :o
Andrei 44
Andrei 44 7 саат мурун
Deutsch im Titel: Alle Deutschen:Dieser Komentarbereich ist nun deutsches Stadeigentum
bitfarb 7 саат мурун
I finally got my cd today! Oh man, it's a banger all the way through.
Twistedvine 05
Twistedvine 05 8 саат мурун
it is such a masterpiece, same as always i guess
Joe 8 саат мурун
Raven 92
Raven 92 8 саат мурун
when I first dicovered this manga I was a guy ... now I'm a trans girl ... Coincidence? ... I THINK NOT (no but seriously talk about irony)
Raven 92
Raven 92 7 саат мурун
PS: fortune teller= best character PPS= Takashi's Mom= Waifu
Rejected Kermit
Rejected Kermit 8 саат мурун
I lost count of how many times I've rewatched this lol, I love the song and the art in this mv. Amazing as always Calli!
Kristiana Steinberga
Kristiana Steinberga 8 саат мурун
This is what i see all the day... And I like the game PAPERS PLEASE
Tagheoshor H
Tagheoshor H 8 саат мурун
Help Calli I can only seem to hit the replay button! The power of GUH compels me so...
beebo 8 саат мурун
this song fucks
jo0osh 8 саат мурун
that goes hard that
Fantay 8 саат мурун
I myself as a German can sometimes not speak German properly lol German is sometimes such a difficult language
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez 8 саат мурун
Funny enough I went and watched the first part of her reading this before her doing this one.
Boon Simmons
Boon Simmons 8 саат мурун
When they make a hololive persona mashup game, this will be its theme.
drzero7 9 саат мурун
1:01:55 Either the actual author of this manga, or the English Translator, or both, are deadbeats and watches Calli.
Daisuke Yami
Daisuke Yami 7 саат мурун
The actual author actually retweeted this stream. And the translator was in the chat and he's a 2 months member.