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audi tatia sudhana
audi tatia sudhana 6 саат мурун
So they are not together anymore or something
treeriders 6 саат мурун
It’s so obvious they’ve broken up.
Gerda Gutmane
Gerda Gutmane 7 саат мурун
Oh god. It feels like you could start a cult.. and we all would follow :D This level of calmness and poise.
Matteo De Almasy
Matteo De Almasy 8 саат мурун
who is still watching this in 2020?
UnknownDreamz 8 саат мурун
Rest in peace Lord cat😭🐈
Oksana Kemarskaya
Oksana Kemarskaya 9 саат мурун
Hi Simon, I don't want ask "regular" questions people are writing here. But I really wonder about your meditation sources. Can you share your technique, please? Very much support you and Martina at this difficult time.
BlurBoi 10 саат мурун
Hello Simon and nice to meet you. 🙏
astrogirl 3500__k
astrogirl 3500__k 11 саат мурун
If I cooked with my mom there would be a lot of yelling involved. Advice don't cook with family members.
ASULA FILM 11 саат мурун
The chef is a gift to humanity but the couple is really childish and annoying. Nevertheless great quality
Nerd Strike
Nerd Strike 12 саат мурун
Just remember life is not a smooth straight road, sometimes we find potholes along the drive. Just remember keep moving a head and never look in the review at the turns you could have taken. Wish the both of you the best.
Mindy Stanley
Mindy Stanley 12 саат мурун
Hey do what’s best for you guys! Whatever that means. Thank you for all the years of wonderful videos. I’m so appreciative whether the videos continue or not. ❤️❤️❤️
Maiköl Verasson
Maiköl Verasson 13 саат мурун
Simon, I'm happy for you! What a great decision you made to care for yourself <3
dominique pellier
dominique pellier 13 саат мурун
Vous ne trouvez pas que vous en faites beaucoup ? Non ?....
Elaine Lat
Elaine Lat 14 саат мурун
I missed you both. Please do take as much time as needed. Practically the whole world is in chaos but I'd be lying if I don't say that the chaos has been revealing much that needs to be put in the spotlight. There are many things that had to be addressed in various aspects of our lives so I am still grateful despite the hardships I faced this year, from having to get minor surgery, to almost having our lives in danger because of a nearby volcanic eruption, to losing my job and then gaining another. So much has happened and through it all, I keep finding bits and pieces of myself that contain the strength I didn't think I have anymore. Please do take care you guys, I'm here for you.
Rocío la planta
Rocío la planta 14 саат мурун
this is so cool. I don't have a chronic illness, but I do have a condition: General Hypermobility (with some chronic tendinitis as a result), so even though I know everything is on a different scale for you, Martina, I feel I understand a tiny lil bit (I also have my own collection of braces, I really laughed when I saw that). But as prolly everybody who follow your channel, I had no idea that EDS even existed beforehand, so I really want to thank you for letting me know about it. And honestly? You guys are really inspiring. I didn't know Annika before, but I've been following the EYK adventures since... 2010? and I've always find you so freaking stylish, in this cute rainbow vomiting (?) kind of way. And yeah, your aids don't take any of that away from you. Keep on rocking, girl
Nicole Stacey
Nicole Stacey 15 саат мурун
Oh! Also, check out 'tea with a Druid' by Philip Carr-gomm - great meditation video. You're going through a spiritual awakening. These usually come about from a significant life event. You're doing the right thing, keep going :)
Nicole Stacey
Nicole Stacey 15 саат мурун
You're doing the right thing. Check out Druidry for spiritual/emotional guidance 💚 Druids use meditation as the foundation of their practice. The American Order of Druids have a very earth based practice. Lot's to research 🙂 Blessed be, Simon /|\ Walk strong in the way!
F S 16 саат мурун
I’m so happy for you Simon!
Elvis left the building
Elvis left the building 17 саат мурун
Simon embracing yourself can be challenging. Wish you peace with your journey 🌈🌈🌈
shan Sait
shan Sait 17 саат мурун
I miss the old Simon 😥
Cat Greenfield
Cat Greenfield 17 саат мурун
Hi, Simon! I have never been able so successfully meditate. My brain won’t turn off, I cannot focus, and the knowledge that I’m failing sets off anxiety attacks and panic breathing. Do you know anything that can help? Any resources on that sort of thing?
David Stevenson
David Stevenson 17 саат мурун
Glad to see you are doing well for now. I was wondering if you and Martina could share how things are going for the people that you have worked with in Japan....namely Dan? Is he doing well? Did I miss a vlog where you talked about this?
David Stevenson
David Stevenson 17 саат мурун
It was Dan right? The guy who was your videographer?
Matthew Heslor
Matthew Heslor 19 саат мурун
Hope everything is ok..❤️
doire aintu
doire aintu 19 саат мурун
bruh it's all g in the h as long as you don't announce you've joined scientology or some shit
burntcaramel164 19 саат мурун
Sending out lots of love to you and Martina. This vid made me tear up a bit as well as laugh at your funny moments. i hope to also get through my challenges with dignity and respect since this year has not been easy. Also, i was actually looking forward to your shirtless self :( hahaha but all jokes aside, thank you for this video Simon <3
doire aintu
doire aintu 19 саат мурун
Your voice during this video sounds kinda similar to binging with babish
The Chef Mechanic
The Chef Mechanic 19 саат мурун
Sashimi is more than just satisfying hunger. Its art.
Liza Redmon
Liza Redmon 21 саат мурун
Chi Ri
Chi Ri 21 саат мурун
Sexy food porn voice... OOOOO~~~OOOO! 😂 Blurrrrghhhh urghhhhh but now I want this particular style and type of ramen. I live in a city in So Cal that is surrounded by different styles of ramen shops... this one better be near me! 😤 It’s like, I can feel, I can smell, I can visually see the difference and specialness of this ramen. I need this in muh life urrrrghhhhh. Sorry, so many food noises I know. 🤣
Hamilton Bean
Hamilton Bean 21 саат мурун
Wow, what a great message. Super interested in your transformation and looking forward to learning more. Great ideas here too... THANK YOU.
Chi Ri
Chi Ri 22 саат мурун
Ohhhh my gosh the last segment when Martina went into crack szechuan voice mode about the brown sugar crust had me laughing SO much. It’s the simple little things like this that can make me smile and laugh so much. 😆🥰 I personally have not had the brown sugar pizza crust but I have had it on breadsticks. It’s been awhile so I don’t remember if it was from Pizza Hut or not but it was pretty delicious that’s for sure. Ughhhh now I want pizza lol.
Yes I do
Yes I do 22 саат мурун
Have u ever tried alphonso mango?
Chi Ri
Chi Ri 23 саат мурун
Haha oh man Simon, I can relate to your dislike for enclosed areas with no air circulation. And while eating hot food? Augh, I sympathize with thee lol! On the positive side I’m glad you two got to experience this delicious vegan food. It looks absolutely amazing. Sure, one has to endure a bit of the heat but what a treat you got to have! Delish! 🥟 🍜 👌
Chi Ri
Chi Ri 23 саат мурун
AUGH that HSP looks SO good. Hopefully they have some places near you in Canada now! Because if they don’t I reckon you better start a petition for this in your neighborhood haha! 😊 Also, Simon, this is a very random question but are you/were you into wrestling at some point? Haha I only ask because I’ve seen you make two wrestler references in videos. Caught and recognized both so it brought a smile to my face. 😊
Tuan Tran
Tuan Tran Күн мурун
I love how Japan recycle everything but they used a lot of plastic. They use plastic on everything
Gxxrx Күн мурун
Yes!!! I wish you all the best on your fated spiritual awakening journey 🙏 can't wait for the new content, because it's my beloved topic and I'm on my personal spiritual journey, too. It goes really deep once you're into it. It's such a great topic to do research about as well, but still we will never get to know fully about it, since it goes beyond our limited understanding. It's a self-discipline and self-improvement process and essential for your inner peace. Meditation brings so much awareness, calmness and health benefits! Chakra-Meditation can be perfectly integrated along with it and so on...
Bushdid911 Күн мурун
“Six pack in my mind” lol I need that 😵
Ismael A.
Ismael A. Күн мурун
I bet he is smoking a shiiiiiit ton of weed. He's too calm 😂
gabethenoob Күн мурун
I'm convinced he was body snatched.
Bee urundul
Bee urundul Күн мурун
Wow, I thought we were spoilt for supermarket size here in the UK. That Canadian store is epic! It reminds me of French or German supermarkets only on a much bigger scale!
Bee urundul
Bee urundul Күн мурун
Good to see + hear you are taking care of yourself Simon. Love Fudgy. Meditation is amazing, but I'm a real fidget so I struggle to meditate for too long. I need to get back into it. You have inspired me! Sending love from the UK! Take care
Bee urundul
Bee urundul Күн мурун
I wish I had a Japanese mall near me <3 and 100% with you on Hokkaido! Lots of adventures to plan for the near future! Love from the UK!
ellie nguyen
ellie nguyen Күн мурун
I like how Martina doesn’t share her food with Simon when he loses. But when Martina loses, she desperately wants a bite from Simon’s food 😂
TheCrnMage Күн мурун
Y'all eat like true Koreans. Respect.
Sophia Tongohan
Sophia Tongohan Күн мурун
watched this and listened well to martina while hoping meemers would look to the cam. :)
Luna Vox
Luna Vox Күн мурун
You good sir, have embraced 2020 just like I have. I've lost 90 pounds since last year and have decided "I have no control, and that's okay. I rise above, not sink below." It's very freeing when you take that mentality and strive for your happiness. I'm so happy for you.
MilkByCow Күн мурун
Me eating my convenient store sushi and supermarket kimchi and watching this like I’m fancy AF.
Lucas Vidal
Lucas Vidal Күн мурун
Watching back to this video, it's weird seeing Simon shaming Martina for not doing as much of the housework as he does. What happened with living with chronic illness, lifting to be able to carry her, climbing a ladder and all that?
Nathan Stark
Nathan Stark Күн мурун
why the aisles so thicc tho
Amanda Joki
Amanda Joki Күн мурун
Omgggggg hahahahahaa your reaction at the Deep N Delicious marble cake 😂😂 same girl, same
Arial Mar
Arial Mar Күн мурун
Wow, this is great.....I really love this video❤️❤️wishing nothing but the best for you both. continue doing you!!!!
Yugi Moto
Yugi Moto Күн мурун
love all the fake ass people on here saying " you have every right to keep this from us you don't owe us anything" and you KNOW FOR A FACT they would watch the video announcing something like they are breaking up or quitting ytube in a heartbeat.
Dark Ale
Dark Ale 10 саат мурун
@Tibly Art the "pitch" is the video title, leading to a video that doesn't say much and a pinned comment that basically says "actually we're not gonna tell you what really happened." it's literally clickbait
Can d
Can d 20 саат мурун
@Tibly Art their channel is simon and martina, that pitches a couple. It's not simon or martina
Tibly Art
Tibly Art 23 саат мурун
@Dark Ale no because they never mentioned or pitched anything, people simply noticed.
Dark Ale
Dark Ale Күн мурун
@Tibly Art This is more like if they invited me over to their house by pitching a special dessert that they have to share, and I enter and I see the cake, and my guest never mentions it or offers me a slice. Even if I were their friend I would be annoyed at the fake pretext.
Jennifer Green
Jennifer Green Күн мурун
You don't seem to understand what respect is. People on KGpost don't have to tell people every single detail of their life. They're not your friends or family.
kazooka chan
kazooka chan Күн мурун
I do hope you're journey and project is positive and successful. I love you and hope your life is full of joy and knowledge. Seriously Simon from the bottom of my soul stay safe stay you and please keep as much positivity in this life as possible
Rae DeFrane
Rae DeFrane Күн мурун
I also moved from Tokyo back to legal weed to cope with covid. Welcome back.
Michelle Nephew
Michelle Nephew Күн мурун
I know this is an old video but im binging episodes like crazy tonight. Any who. I live in Saint Louis Missouri North America and holy cow my house would be robbed in a second. Dudes regularly walk down the street at night and check car doors. Its caught on peoples surveillance cameras all the time. Heck at least once a month someone on the neighborhood page is reporting their car,scooter,bike,motorcycle was stolen. We also have home invasions and hostage situations -.- and the "best" part we don't live in the "bad" part of Saint Louis 🤣 However my inlaws live in cornfield country area and they NEVER lock their doors heck they leave their car keys in their cars
Molly Yin Ho
Molly Yin Ho Күн мурун
I relate to your journey Simon 😊 this year has been the toughest one by far 😩 but I’ve started meditation too and it’s really helping 😀 it’s crazy I’ve been following the channel for 10 years now and interesting to see the growth. Sending you well wishes !
JuriAmari Күн мурун
Take all the time you need Simon! I’m glad you haven’t lost your sense of humor. Meditation does wonders and I’ve been going to it more and more as this pandemic is going longer. As long as you and Martina are doing better, that’s all that matters! You’ve been up here for a while - recharge. We’ll still be here supporting you when you get back. ❤️
corrin Күн мурун
At least your happy and healthy, that’s the main thing keep on going my friend
Dipsy Күн мурун
Many hugs! And I hope the hand heals quickly! Also Spudgy is so cute ^^
Shayne Tango
Shayne Tango Күн мурун
Your voice during this video sounds kinda similar to binging with babish
Shelby Elizabeth
Shelby Elizabeth Күн мурун
I don’t know what’s going on but I love you Martina and I support you 100%. I’m not going anywhere. As long as you’re still here, so am I. 💖
Kate Күн мурун
Can you mediate with music or does it ruin it? Should you only be in silence
ukiyo Күн мурун
all these years after watching this video and i finally got to try tangsuyuk today...my soul has finally been cleansed
warm & fluffy socks
warm & fluffy socks Күн мурун
Wow, bro you don't look healthy. But if your good with that, your viewers will get used to the new you.
Peachh Teaa
Peachh Teaa Күн мурун
I mean.. no one is against you moving back to Canada and smoking a lot of weed.. Take care, Simon!
Miss Steak
Miss Steak Күн мурун
If only they knew what bussy would become in 5 years
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Күн мурун
Wishing nothing but the best for you. ❤️👍
Ikigai Күн мурун
You look like such a Toronto dude now!! Hope you guys find happiness <3
Kaitlyn Roh
Kaitlyn Roh Күн мурун
ah i am 16 and i sleep on one of these... sometimes i wake up w bruises on my hips and ppl think i’m abused... but it’s acc super nice during the winter
Heather7587 Күн мурун
This gives me major anxiety
youngminus Күн мурун
Stay safe and get well soon! Take care of yourself and your loved ones! I have been following you and Martina for so long and I just wish you two the best Love from Waterloo
Amanda Күн мурун
Omg.... I feel so much highness with Simon. Not weed lol but like he so chill and relaxed and just down right up in the air. As a empath this is amazing . Way to go Simon!!!!! 🙌🏻
tame112blood Күн мурун
Still funny Simon. Lol! Hope your hand feels better.
kawaiiluv lis
kawaiiluv lis Күн мурун
Why do I have sad feeling? I hope you are ok.
ohnoitscait Күн мурун
When life is sweet, we say thank you and celebrate. And when life is bitter, we say thank you and grow. There are a lot of signs I see that I won't speculate on, but I think I see them because I've been there myself. So please accept all the love and empathy this waaaaay old follower has to send! Transitions can be pretty brutal, and I've no idea what it must be like to do it under a public pressure to act or be a certain way. I can't speak for any other nasties, but I know this: life is a constant evolution. It's not Pokémon-we never reach our final form! Whenever one chapter finishes, it's an opportunity to start the next one, and I know you'll keep on turning those pages no matter where the story goes.
Sheila McDaniel
Sheila McDaniel Күн мурун
Thank you for vlogging
lovestolove93 Күн мурун
i was concern it was going to be a crazy serious video then Simon says grinding on myself and i start laughing. hahahahah
Iveta Stripeikaite
Iveta Stripeikaite 2 күн мурун
Best of luck to you Simon <3 You got this.
Aileen Cady
Aileen Cady 2 күн мурун
All aboard the zen Simon train!!!
happylobsterpatatas 2 күн мурун
At first I thought Simon got a heavy covid-19 or something worse...