Megan Thee Stallion | RELEASED
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Megan Monday Freestyle 1
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F Cancer Q&A
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Megan Thee Stallion: Live in Lagos
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Жыл мурун
Stephen N
Stephen N 19 саат мурун
Uggh don't dance in flat shoes when your thick.
melxsiia 19 саат мурун
I week late opp
Zwivhuya Ramudzuli
Zwivhuya Ramudzuli 19 саат мурун
Leo Farka
Leo Farka 19 саат мурун
🗑 🗑🗑
27eun 19 саат мурун
BTS JUNGKOOK 19 саат мурун
Darvin Guetta
Darvin Guetta 19 саат мурун
Megan Diosa miracle Sparda 3099💚💚💚💚💚🥰🥰🥰🥰🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Layla Newton
Layla Newton 19 саат мурун
Choi Yoona
Choi Yoona 19 саат мурун
The intro😐
matt Gilson
matt Gilson 19 саат мурун
That was boring...I don’t get the appeal, outside she’s signed on to JAY Z label and has a LOT of push for publicity and spots. 🥱
Vanessa Marie Vitto
Vanessa Marie Vitto 19 саат мурун
Next version of Nikki Minaj 😍I love it 💋
Marcos Vinicius Martins
Marcos Vinicius Martins 19 саат мурун
what in the name of gta is this
Grizzly X. Mihara
Grizzly X. Mihara 19 саат мурун
thee best lyricist
Michelle Mgbeke
Michelle Mgbeke 19 саат мурун
Black girl who is “straight” I love my little curves ! Hahaha
Brayden Rodrigues
Brayden Rodrigues 19 саат мурун
Sorry for the late comment !!! but dam my sister love u Megan !!! =^_^=
terry maina
terry maina 19 саат мурун
Megan thee stallion queen of rap
Kennadi Yvonne
Kennadi Yvonne 19 саат мурун
You and Dababy songs hit bro
INVISIBLE HD 19 саат мурун
Veronica Cooper
Veronica Cooper 19 саат мурун
What is a touch me not?
Wen Junhui
Wen Junhui 19 саат мурун
Tracey Holland
Tracey Holland 19 саат мурун
Ok, Taraji in this video doing it for the O.G.'s, but is that Black China I see?!
Vyona Pierre
Vyona Pierre 19 саат мурун
“They still wanna know where Megan at” YALL I THINK SHE GOT THE JOKE😭😭
Xai Tarroza
Xai Tarroza 19 саат мурун
this is my most fav song of Megan so far.
andrea leigh
andrea leigh 19 саат мурун
😭 I’m a taraji Stan for liiiiiife
Valentin 19 саат мурун
Go off Miss Stallion 💋👅🖤
AndyOfTheCookieFactory 19 саат мурун
I am proud, lil Kim is Proud, Beyonce is proud, Jacquel is proud... What else can I say... #ThankUHoustonWater#
Prosper Benjamin
Prosper Benjamin 19 саат мурун
Kindergarten Raps
Sofiya Kaplan
Sofiya Kaplan 19 саат мурун
No one: My mind: Body yacthy yachty yachty yachty “eeh “ yachty “eeh”yachty yachty yachty yachty “yuh yuh” yachty yachty yachty yachty yachty yachty “eeh”
Altia Smith
Altia Smith 19 саат мурун
Brooklyn Arthur
Brooklyn Arthur 19 саат мурун
Hey girl
Harmony Wai
Harmony Wai 19 саат мурун
Livingggg bietchh!
Harmony Wai
Harmony Wai 19 саат мурун
Jacob Schwien
Jacob Schwien 19 саат мурун
If this gets as much radio play as WAP I’m throwing myself out of the car
Natonya Mack
Natonya Mack 20 саат мурун
Kelsy had on that same outfit as Meg...
socrown 20 саат мурун
AndyOfTheCookieFactory 20 саат мурун
iissathot 20 саат мурун
so much queens in one video i can't handle it 🤩 .
Alonna Carter
Alonna Carter 20 саат мурун
Qobotco rjeiieh 9owo web co odghd9 itshfos9c1gco jjhjvnnn jjbc jne4 j uh 3bd
Life Of Siiya
Life Of Siiya 20 саат мурун
anymous yt
anymous yt 20 саат мурун
Ann Nelson
Ann Nelson 20 саат мурун
Been to Houston twice my bro over there can remember goiing to astroworld in 78 u probably not even have been hear uet your oldest fan Ann..
Balada Siregar
Balada Siregar 20 саат мурун
Is she lipsync?
Banana Fish
Banana Fish 20 саат мурун
Belle Delphine’s weird sibling
donnie t
donnie t 20 саат мурун
I guess ima have to get this to a million by myself cuz y’all playing with my girl
한 그리 크렙 HUNGRY CRAB 20 саат мурун
I see Beyonce Choreography here
mango luna
mango luna 20 саат мурун
Yoo ok I know Megan is an anime fan.. soo I feel like the body part is a jojo reference and is going like "body ari ari ari ari" or "body yare yare yare yare"
B6 Franco, Dan C.
B6 Franco, Dan C. 20 саат мурун
Daniel Theodore
Daniel Theodore 20 саат мурун
Body ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody
Ann Nelson
Ann Nelson 20 саат мурун
Love shaking ma booty haha
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Legend B
Legend B 20 саат мурун
Katy Perry News
Katy Perry News 20 саат мурун
The fact that Justin Bieber made Yummy with repetitive lyrics that were annoying af, but Megan used repetitive lyrics but made an amazing song! Love you Meg💖
Mintysause 20 саат мурун
2:28 Is it just me or is that Woah Vicky?🤣💀
Little Skittles
Little Skittles 20 саат мурун
This song reminds me of the time I got stung by a scorpion. But that felt better. This is a forgettable scorpion sting to the eardrums. I'm heading to Walgreens to get some ear plugs in case I hear this while I'm stopped at the light
Reymart Baniaga
Reymart Baniaga 20 саат мурун
Yo I just heard a girl having a great time
Little Skittles
Little Skittles 20 саат мурун
where's the token caucasian woman? reverse racism should not be tolerated!
ÉBANO de santos_sp
ÉBANO de santos_sp 20 саат мурун
Altia Smith
Altia Smith 20 саат мурун
Little Skittles
Little Skittles 20 саат мурун
ain't my type. especially the personality! too slutty . not marriage material
Luke on games_YT RICH
Luke on games_YT RICH 20 саат мурун
Yad yad yad body yad yad
Prentice Harrell
Prentice Harrell 20 саат мурун
akachi英 20 саат мурун
Do your thing Joshua Pete 🙂
Luna The Moon Witch
Luna The Moon Witch 20 саат мурун
My favorite part is 2:30. Meg dances better than her own back up dancers there.
lovette ganda
lovette ganda 20 саат мурун
she´s so so cool i love her
Abi the thirteenth
Abi the thirteenth 20 саат мурун
I love you my Queen. I Stan this woman❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭👸🏾💯
Saz Srood
Saz Srood 20 саат мурун
Tomekia Mcneal
Tomekia Mcneal 20 саат мурун
Needs a Big Freeda remix version 👍
lil gawup
lil gawup 20 саат мурун
Let's be real here all the men are not here for the song
Madame Cheri
Madame Cheri 20 саат мурун
She talk about the same thing and sound the same no matter what beat it is..she got about another 3 yrs on the scene just like Fetty Wop...She is not signed to herself she is signed to a label. So just like any other artist who they invest in if them numbers dont add up then you no longer interest them..every song she sticking her tongue out...she goin get something caught on it
Sam Bess
Sam Bess 20 саат мурун
Is anybody going to talk about mullato and taraji p Henson is on here