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SNG 37 мүнөт мурун
This all well and good but I still HATE the fact that they changed Peter’s face. #notmypeter
Jeffy280 Jeff
Jeffy280 Jeff 40 мүнөт мурун
Is Pete in this one too?I want him to be in this one he is my favorite bc he is the first and best in my opinion edit:and I will be even more happy if miles is Spider-Man but Peter would still be in the game too
yahia alamro
yahia alamro Саат мурун
If they let us play as 2 spider man that will be awesome 😍🔥
roshiron 18
roshiron 18 Саат мурун
Holy crap I hope this was on easy/story mode. This is supposed to be a BOTW clone but with a stronger emphasis on combat. But the combat AI is atrocious.
Sky Gamer15
Sky Gamer15 Саат мурун
War624 Саат мурун
Insomniac Games Presents: A Tale of Two Brians Didn't know he played Sam in TLoU. That's cool.
Leyraud Brown
Leyraud Brown Саат мурун
I can tell he’s a fellow pothead ❤️
Nor_Lonelytaco Саат мурун
Ah yes the map is great
DaX Саат мурун
With this amount of spider man exclusive content Someone at game informer is definitely sleeping with someone at insomniac
kreion Саат мурун
He's a threatening menace or better said a menacing threat!
Aitarak 1981
Aitarak 1981 Саат мурун
#GameInformer Modern Warfare (2019) is good game, Call Of Duty should probably make a game about USS Vincennes (CG-49).
Test Channel
Test Channel Саат мурун
Copy paste
Xtatic_Games Саат мурун
I thought he would look like peter Parker because I just saw Cameron monogram as cal kestis and cal kestis is specifically designed to look like Cameron monogram
Ali Miri
Ali Miri 2 саат мурун
Salty xbox fans disliked this
KARMA XV 2 саат мурун
*I was expecting JJ not Santa*
Googe Schultz
Googe Schultz 2 саат мурун
roshiron 18
roshiron 18 2 саат мурун
OMG IT'S SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pavle Milan
Pavle Milan 2 саат мурун
J.K. Simons will always be the best in my opinion
Roberto Daniel
Roberto Daniel 2 саат мурун
Austin 2 саат мурун
Ok game informer relax, you don’t need to show us everything in the game. I’m already going to buy it. You’re just spoiling at this point.
Cortex Smortex
Cortex Smortex 2 саат мурун
Bruh i bet they are gonna show everything about this game and i hate that
Liam Thompson
Liam Thompson 2 саат мурун
Not only is this not the game, but it's not a game that ever existed. It would have been way too expensive to make something this beautiful actually run at the target framerate only to scrap the entire visual style. This is a CGI mockup of what the game might look like to get a green light from the publisher to go ahead with the project. Ubisoft studios are encouraged to do this such as with Assassin's Creed 3 so the lazy publisher side of the company can repurpose it as a trailer, with the stipulation that the audience is made aware that what they're seeing is not actually a game. But with this one, they lied and said it pre-alpha footage, which used to be illegal before companies got too big for a lawsuit to be worth the trouble
SoNeyt Boom
SoNeyt Boom 2 саат мурун
Awesome gameplay!! Great content!! Smashed the like!!! Have a nice day from SoNeyt Boom!
The Brown Knight
The Brown Knight 3 саат мурун
Lmao JJJ cant stand the dude, it was like a reflex
AZ Adventures
AZ Adventures 3 саат мурун
Omg gamer
FatalJapan 3 саат мурун
I now want to play a bum panhandling for change/bitcoin
Patrick Stern
Patrick Stern 3 саат мурун
Why isn’t he black you freaking Nazis?!
Pooper 3 саат мурун
Kid shut up
Darak Modovich
Darak Modovich 3 саат мурун
Ролик в 30 кадров,оу круто,Некст ген подъехал.
A8uella 3 саат мурун
The soundtrack for this game has me bumping so hard everytime
I'm felt so happy that Peter is also in this game
JPPRainbow 3 саат мурун
1:01 The spider-cat don't got smashed when Miles role's?
Nico Robin Cosplay-Kigurumi
Nico Robin Cosplay-Kigurumi 3 саат мурун
I hate Jameson
: 3 саат мурун
jpcoqueran 4 саат мурун
Bodegas and cats. Yea he's from Uptown haha
arieszona 4 саат мурун
0:37 J. Jonah is hilarious, he really dug deep to say the word "unhinnnnged" to express how much he detests Peter Parker Spiderman 😆🤣😭
Kevin Bryce
Kevin Bryce 4 саат мурун
I will be personally offended if I don’t get a comic book suit and a into the spider verse suit
Anthony Nadeau
Anthony Nadeau 4 саат мурун
his voice in english sound so gay
Amey Parab
Amey Parab 4 саат мурун
60fps looks so dope
Emilio Iniguez
Emilio Iniguez 4 саат мурун
Okay but that was nice when they both said hi to jjj😂
CUTIE PIE 4 саат мурун
Erna Wati
Erna Wati 4 саат мурун
Have fun with Spider - Man you know
Yung Prince
Yung Prince 4 саат мурун
It would be AMAZING if you could get like one of your friends or something and play as the Peter Parker’s Spider-Man
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 4 саат мурун
"That's not a cat... it's a flerken..." ~Talos, the Tamer, 1990
DesertFox73 •
DesertFox73 • 4 саат мурун
Soma was my favorite game of the last generation, it had my favorite game ending of all time and holy shit the transfer scene was just amazing. Honestly there are so many amazing moments, I love that almost every enemy is unique and creepy as well, that Levisthan in the abyss where you have to follow the lights was so intense, as well as the proxy in the server room basement, the monster in the wreck of the curie, and the Dr Ackers proxy you have to avoid as you go back and forth through the lab. I could talk all day about this game but yeah, it’s amazing.
He Who Laughs Last
He Who Laughs Last 4 саат мурун
JJJ still sounds like Bryan Cranston to me.
He Who Laughs Last
He Who Laughs Last 4 саат мурун
Why does Miles sound like Urkel?
anaphylaxis 4 саат мурун
“Wait, I’ll send in the drone” Throws epipen on floor
El Buen Roy
El Buen Roy 4 саат мурун
Very cool outfit
058 Mohd Irfan Hussain
058 Mohd Irfan Hussain 5 саат мурун
What's the BGM?
Jawaun Buckley
Jawaun Buckley 5 саат мурун
No Flex
No Flex 5 саат мурун
How do I ask this, did they tweak Miles to be more Latinx? I don’t recall him and his mom having those accents in the last game.
Daniel Delos Reyes
Daniel Delos Reyes 5 саат мурун
hey i knew the payload healed me
Héctor Manuel Vásquez Arosemena
Héctor Manuel Vásquez Arosemena 5 саат мурун
He did the roll when he landed in front of the store... HE ROLLED ALL OVER THAT POOR CAT!!!
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 4 саат мурун
Yo this game look SEXY 2077+ miles 🥰🥵💘😂MY WALLET NOOO
Saiganesh Jeyapandi
Saiganesh Jeyapandi 5 саат мурун
This made my day!
MegaDwashington 5 саат мурун
Bully Maguire to J Santa Jonah: "I'm gonna put some dirt in your presents."
rushaan shah
rushaan shah 5 саат мурун
Bro please upload the soundtrack of this game which plays in the starting of the video..please🥺😔
Leafs 1944
Leafs 1944 5 саат мурун
Looks like a good dlc not a new game
Xeric 6 саат мурун
Thank you for confirming to NOT buy this game. Swinging is still ugly as hell what kind of physics bullshit it that. When you go to swing he throw his line of web behind him and out of view but swings forwards in a weird arc that doesn’t make sense to that angle. The fact that he not only sustains but builds momentum with that angle is crazy! I felt so out of control with the auto swing ending, magical line shortening to skim buildings instead of hit them. They said they took certain “liberties” tk make sure it was a seamless and fluent experience like in the first one spiderman he does so much for me while all I do is hold 1 button. Is it really that hard to make lines of web grab objects in view? Unless this comes out on an amazong sale, no thanks insomniac.. you kinda fucked Spiderman up and bamboozled us with nice graphics. Spiderman 2 is still the swinging physics god.
Voltaic Fire
Voltaic Fire 6 саат мурун
Sam Lake really is a treasure. Now then, what's with the wooden ram?
SQXUD _ 6 саат мурун
Pre alpha was better than the real game
Its official now - Xbox players can play spider man Miles Morale , they just have to a buy ps5
Shoeske Higashikata
Shoeske Higashikata 6 саат мурун
i'm 100 percent gonna pause to take a screenshot
Butt Boys TV
Butt Boys TV 6 саат мурун
It would be funny if J. Jonah Jameson called Miles' Spider-Man the N-Word.
Butt Boys TV
Butt Boys TV 5 саат мурун
@Gameplay Walkthroughs Yeah maybe you’re right actually.
Gameplay Walkthroughs
Gameplay Walkthroughs 5 саат мурун
@Butt Boys TV sure just not funny
Butt Boys TV
Butt Boys TV 5 саат мурун
@Gameplay Walkthroughs Yeah I know cause Jameson kind of has racist/bigoted tendencies. I think it would be relevant.
Gameplay Walkthroughs
Gameplay Walkthroughs 6 саат мурун
Not funny just racist
A. T.
A. T. 6 саат мурун
If you're not gonna have J.K. Simmons, don't do Jameson at all
Gallifa Francisco Ricardo Adan
Gallifa Francisco Ricardo Adan 6 саат мурун
Me encanto que hablaran en español Miles y su mamá
okay EmJay
okay EmJay 6 саат мурун
Such a great guy. Good interview.
narcotics 4700
narcotics 4700 6 саат мурун
This game is more better than cuties
Brick_ Boy08
Brick_ Boy08 6 саат мурун
he rolls over the cat
scott jarman
scott jarman 6 саат мурун
its weird not hearing J K Simmons voice coming out of JJJ's mouth
Marko Lopez
Marko Lopez 6 саат мурун
JJ is the representation of what the irl liberals are in the spiderverse
It's Akile
It's Akile 6 саат мурун
The energy, definitely spiderMan
hoodedshadow7 6 саат мурун
Finally see James Jonah Jameson in person in the game, the last one was just him in podcast. And the entire game is all around in Christmas time nice. Just like Batman origin
Lezlight K
Lezlight K 6 саат мурун
i like how he has trash adjectives but when they break in he roasts them
G1N0 6 саат мурун
Nadji look like a guy in a superhero cartoon that's very good with tech.
khams 6 саат мурун
4:35 man flalis like mr. krabs walking
AsterBeats 6 саат мурун
Lol wtf is Blackhand voicing J. Jonah Jameson?
Phrög 7 саат мурун
I just wanna see spidey walk into Jamesons office while he is talking about him
BigBallerBrand BigBallerBrand
BigBallerBrand BigBallerBrand 7 саат мурун
Why is the release date so far away 🥺
SickADuck ,
SickADuck , 7 саат мурун
Looks like we're going shopping
ryan bustamante
ryan bustamante 7 саат мурун