I Hate Reading
9 ай мурун
The Most Underrated Game Ever
I Don't Like the Dentist
Жыл мурун
The History of my Hair
Жыл мурун
My Time at "Camp Operetta"
Жыл мурун
An Uncomfortable Trip to the UK
Ari's Birthday Party & New Friend
Locked out of my House
Жыл мурун
What my trip to Japan was like
2 жыл мурун
Being the Best/Worst Ever
2 жыл мурун
My Experience with Sports
2 жыл мурун
Things that Happened While I Grew up
Ari's Birthday! (again)
2 жыл мурун
Trying to Get Into Fitness & Health
How to Make Life More Interesting
Injuries & Being Sick
3 жыл мурун
Random Thoughts (Part 2 Edition)
Living with Ari
3 жыл мурун
Things I Feel Guilty About
3 жыл мурун
My Childhood Stories
3 жыл мурун
My Opinion on Traveling
3 жыл мурун
What it's Been Like to be on YouTube
My Random Thoughts
3 жыл мурун
Parent Stories
3 жыл мурун
Things that Freak Me Out (part 2)
Happy Birthday Ari!
3 жыл мурун
Why I Don't Have a "Face Reveal"
Why I Love/Hate Reality TV
3 жыл мурун
Ruining Everything w/ DrawWithJazza
My Instrument Experiences
3 жыл мурун
Things that Freak Me Out
3 жыл мурун
Combining Pokemon w/ theodd1sout
My Dog Stories
4 жыл мурун
Winter & My Traumatic Skiing Trip
ooooooo surprises!! (feat. ari)
Flirting & My Stories
4 жыл мурун
My Opinion on Halloween
4 жыл мурун
My Horrible Nightmare Group Project
Drawing Alola Pokemon w/ theodd1sout
My School Stories
4 жыл мурун
Thesaurus.com is Kinda Dumb
4 жыл мурун
New Member of the Family!
4 жыл мурун
Crazy Substitute Teachers
4 жыл мурун
SpeedArt Vlog: Pokefusion Haltariux
I'm too Awkward for My Own Good
The College Struggle
5 жыл мурун
My Hero's Journey | JaidenAnimations
FNAF 4: Dan & Phil Animated
5 жыл мурун
Speedart: Pokefusion Blazerade
5 жыл мурун
Q&A #3: What are my Inspirations?
Frozen Yogurt Freak Out
5 жыл мурун
Speedart: Pokefusion Sylvoroark
To the Moon (Piano)
5 жыл мурун
I'm Totally a Skating Pro
5 жыл мурун
Speedart: Pokefusion Dragonine
5 жыл мурун
Q&A #2: What animal am I?
5 жыл мурун
How to be Stupid
6 жыл мурун
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Medley (Piano)
Speedart: Mudkip Evolutions
6 жыл мурун
Speedart: Torchic Evolutions
6 жыл мурун
Speedart: Treecko Evolutions
6 жыл мурун
Dough D-D-Dear
6 жыл мурун
I Hate High Heels
6 жыл мурун
Hide and Pee
6 жыл мурун
Sneaky Advertisements
6 жыл мурун
JaidenAnimations Intro!
6 жыл мурун
LapisLazuli Animations
LapisLazuli Animations 2 саат мурун
Did 15:14 scare u or is it just me and IS THIS ACTUALLY IN THE GAME
Braden Cronin
Braden Cronin 2 саат мурун
That town tone and was amazing
spuddley's fan club
spuddley's fan club 2 саат мурун
Not gonna lie there battle music kinda bangs tho. Then yeets a rat into space
Natural Harmonia Gropius
Natural Harmonia Gropius 2 саат мурун
I love the fact that Jaiden was a Pokemon fan like me
The real Kolpila
The real Kolpila 2 саат мурун
Aren't Pokemon movers so convenient?
Stinky stinker 69
Stinky stinker 69 2 саат мурун
wait how did she get a scizor? i thought you had to trade a scyther with a metal coat to get one?
The 3 Andersons
The 3 Andersons 2 саат мурун
Beilyn Brandt
Beilyn Brandt 2 саат мурун
Hey Jaden do Elsa believe in the two gum myths ? I don't but but you can always get do it in dolls.
Rambunctious Renegade
Rambunctious Renegade 2 саат мурун
Me listening to this and playing Minecraft...
Shadowclaw Products
Shadowclaw Products 2 саат мурун
Lel i dont care for even thicc needles
Shadowclaw Products
Shadowclaw Products 2 саат мурун
Oh and I think I got them removed cuz one time I was forced to go to the dentist and they pulled 2 teeth out
Shadow 2 саат мурун
Jaiden: theres a mewtwo raid Me: **suffering in pain becuz i've played pokemon go for 3 years and never caught a mewtwo**
Jacob Kohr
Jacob Kohr 2 саат мурун
Little Boy used Attract! A Critical Hit! It's Supereffective!
Adam Garcia
Adam Garcia 2 саат мурун
a few after 15:7 just gave me chills
The 3 Andersons
The 3 Andersons 2 саат мурун
Heyy small jaiden
Savino Pasceri
Savino Pasceri 2 саат мурун
from my life i can confidently say i can never be burnout, i just give up
Kevin Kinder
Kevin Kinder 2 саат мурун
Yup. Bad dentist. I was blissfully unconscious when I had my wisdom teeth pulled.
Archie Reid
Archie Reid 2 саат мурун
She She She She said Pokemon Sun and Moon were garbage Im upset
Cheesecake 48
Cheesecake 48 2 саат мурун
Me: finds a peice of hair just on the floor vibing Also me: *dang it Jaiden*
Megan McDonald
Megan McDonald 2 саат мурун
Wait why is Majima and Kiryu with Mama Jaiden?! Are you also on the Yakuza Train? XD
TheAp397 2 саат мурун
this made me cry
Levi Deluco
Levi Deluco 2 саат мурун
The ending is deap
Jack Jumper
Jack Jumper 2 саат мурун
Most Pokémon that are below level 10 do not actually need to be damaged to be captured. Your starter Pokémon almost always has a status move hit him with that and then throw a ball at them most the time you can catch them within three balls
Adam Garcia
Adam Garcia 2 саат мурун
porygon2 is a monster
Lenora J
Lenora J 2 саат мурун
By the way for people who don't know why she was split into two because she lost to elite four first try, she gave herself a retry.. I didn't see the livestream but I heard that happened I also tried getting a shiny eevee in pokemon sword and named it milk after milk the jolteon it took me a ton of eggs, but I just got it and soon gonna evolve it into a jolteon, I loved milk from this and now shall have one in my team currently.
_Ductape_ 2 саат мурун
Hey, my brother got a stitch on his chin... But he got it on a plastic slide when another kid, like, pushed him or something.
raf kwan
raf kwan 2 саат мурун
jaiden not to be rude but when i battled liza and tate my pokemon where abot level 56
Gabriel Labrada
Gabriel Labrada 2 саат мурун
I dare someone to write down every single word in the video
Marco V Gamer
Marco V Gamer 2 саат мурун
Failure is so cute
Cristiano Ferreira
Cristiano Ferreira 2 саат мурун
This is so much better than the anime holy crap
RORRY KASTNING 2 саат мурун
wow out of the 25 mil people who watched this only 500K liked
Luke See
Luke See 2 саат мурун
Do a Pokémon omega ruby nuzlock
Lara Halaguena
Lara Halaguena 2 саат мурун
Omg, do you watch danganronpa? The blood is pink in one part
Testa 2 саат мурун
7:09 im not judging but im a rhythm gamer and he isn't playing on the hardest difficulty. im sorry.
Desmond Friend
Desmond Friend 2 саат мурун
blood rain or whatever sounds like a modern youtuber just going helo in a monotone dead voice that makes you think a robot really wants to play minecraft
apenas um desenhista e só
apenas um desenhista e só 2 саат мурун
hi jaiden! i'm from Brazil and the sub-titles is on, but something curious, there SO MANY COMMENTARYS FROM THE PEOPLE WHO SUB-TITLED THE VIDEO, and what you say too, but well, what we can do right? the internet is the internet and has people without responsibillity
Lance Andrei Santiago
Lance Andrei Santiago 2 саат мурун
i got angry when playing roblox tower of hell and hiting my ipad ;~; 👍🏻
Hushdusk 2 саат мурун
The dark and creepy edits makes me remember ddlc
Elise Mann
Elise Mann 2 саат мурун
Ugly Rat
Ugly Rat 2 саат мурун
how dare u make me cry-
Matteo Cunningham
Matteo Cunningham 2 саат мурун
Jaiden: I used to have terrible tantrums as a kid. also Jaiden when the "Ari's birthday" file crashes on her after 2 weeks:
Katelyn Delatorre
Katelyn Delatorre 2 саат мурун
Amibo festival looking out the window of new leaf be looking like at least you had a point were you were the best game.
Moira Hirschfelt
Moira Hirschfelt 2 саат мурун
that jump scare though o((⊙﹏⊙))o. it scared the poop out of me XD.
[DJ Club] SansTheSkeleton
[DJ Club] SansTheSkeleton 2 саат мурун
I know im late but im one of those snow penguins because the winters here in Ohio (which is the state i live in, even no one asked) are cold as hell..well hell is hot so i should've said as cold as Alaska but still you know what i mean.
tiffany steele
tiffany steele 2 саат мурун
this song really hits home for me
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 3 саат мурун
Oh my god that got dark😐
Purple Panda
Purple Panda 3 саат мурун
I’m Asian
Adrian Dean
Adrian Dean 3 саат мурун
I've had hives before and since you've said stress I was busy with plenty stuff that weak but I got rid of the hives myself
juliesimpson17 3 саат мурун
did anyone notice PAPYRYUS from UNDERTALE in the background of the MOUNTAIN of spaghettis? no? Just me?
Noelle Rogers
Noelle Rogers 3 саат мурун
Swifty 3 саат мурун
“Nothing can stop me” Jaiden
Grayson1107 3 саат мурун
Can you do pokemon Shields
Jaylen Knight
Jaylen Knight 3 саат мурун
6:12 my finger got cut and its hurts. Look theirs blood comming out! Why doint you understand what im saying you're jappenese too right?
Madelyn Walker
Madelyn Walker 3 саат мурун
Your so good at animating Jaiden! I lov ur videos and dont over work bc then its not fun. Amazing job!
Blue y sus amigos Alderete
Blue y sus amigos Alderete 3 саат мурун
This comment is not related to the video, but is related to the channel. I was checking Jayden's channel (because why not) and I noticed a video is missing. That video is Minecraft w/CallMeCarson! And I know why... *R.I.P Jayden doing the club penguin dance*
Fancy_ Frog1912
Fancy_ Frog1912 3 саат мурун
jaiden: oh hello shroomish im gonna name u onion shroomish: why is this crazy lady picking me up and calling me onion
Groudon 3 саат мурун
*T E X A S S M A S H*
MHA tuber
MHA tuber 3 саат мурун
You should play breath of the wild
alepic202 3 саат мурун
What's the name of the music theme at the ending?
Emelyn Alvarez
Emelyn Alvarez 3 саат мурун
if i ever tried this challenge and saw a juicy burger or steak i swear my mouth would be watering in an instant
Tristan Houtz
Tristan Houtz 3 саат мурун
There are so many amazing and encouraging analogies in this video
I love sneks
I love sneks 3 саат мурун
10:08 I litarilly screamed
SPSsparkles 3 саат мурун
such a cute dog
Brooke Playz
Brooke Playz 3 саат мурун
Jesus, jn watching this in 2020 and this still makes me worry jaiden is my favorite KGpostr and it just seems like she is gonna work till the day she dies.. ;<
Brian Soto
Brian Soto 3 саат мурун
Doggo 159
Doggo 159 3 саат мурун
not anymore lol
In The Kitch-Jenn
In The Kitch-Jenn 3 саат мурун
In The Kitch-Jenn
In The Kitch-Jenn 3 саат мурун
You MONSTER! 😭😭😭
TheAp397 3 саат мурун
once i found some hair in my under wear i think it was my moms so that was weird
Xerotx 3 саат мурун
I was wondering if you could do a Pokémon heart gold or soul silver nuzlocke?
jamie byrne
jamie byrne 3 саат мурун
im reading animal farm rn in school
Ray the beast
Ray the beast 3 саат мурун
Marcel Goldner-Katz
Marcel Goldner-Katz 3 саат мурун
I feel like Jaiden's self-deprecation has become cringily excessive.
Can Mcdu
Can Mcdu 3 саат мурун
Todays episode of cooking with jaiden
Fan Fabulous
Fan Fabulous 3 саат мурун
Here’s a tip for going in a group project Make a whole project by yourself on whatever you doing and then create the real one with the ppl in ur group and if they are complete a holes and don’t do nothin grab the one u did by yourself and use that then say the ppl in ur group did frickin nothin
Fazbears Plush
Fazbears Plush 3 саат мурун