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Wheel Picks My Nail Art *shocking*
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Scott Bennet
Scott Bennet 18 саат мурун
me before watching the video: oh no, this isn't nail art, is it? D:
Kirusnika Sathasivam
Kirusnika Sathasivam 18 саат мурун
Your KGpost channel name is one of a kind it is tealarious
Catherine Maxwald
Catherine Maxwald 18 саат мурун
Who else is waching in 2021
Lexi But Better
Lexi But Better 18 саат мурун
Actually centers are accepting dyed hair now. Still don’t have to donate but it’s good to know.
Anna Franklin
Anna Franklin 18 саат мурун
my nails are mashed bc of the drugs im on :c
Cheyenne Vogelsang
Cheyenne Vogelsang 18 саат мурун
Damn called me STRAIGHT OUT with the nail-biting ☠☠☠
Blossom Spring
Blossom Spring 18 саат мурун
ok simply let me try: BEEYYYYNN!!
tegan jwdb
tegan jwdb 18 саат мурун
even tho you said dont try this at home on most of your videos i did it i put the same rainbow chrome all over my ace and i took a pic and posted it then i did a full face of makeup and i used a fake metal looking eye shadow and i put it on my eyebrows as a filler i used a rose gold for highliter all over my face and a copper for my bronzer and i looked like a balloon
beth, i guess
beth, i guess 18 саат мурун
i understand the issue you rose about not idolizing the 60's/70's but what people are focusing on are the styles and designs that are so famously 60's and 70's: which were styles created and embraced by marginalized groups. reducing those styles down to the human rights violations that happened back then takes away from the timeless style and power that those marginalized groups had. <3
Theresa Gustafson
Theresa Gustafson 18 саат мурун
Cristine should do a nail tutorial while drunk😂😂
Andrea Celine Villasan
Andrea Celine Villasan 18 саат мурун
When she said "Mon petit chat" I understood that! and now I can say that my 2yrs of learning French has finally paid off
Holy Moly Ravioli
Holy Moly Ravioli 18 саат мурун
The 'bai's are so funny. 😂
Seaunicorn 18 саат мурун
this vid almost made me fail my test because i was late for class but not to late for my test but i ended upp with the last questen being half done and half not done lollllll
Una Mujcic
Una Mujcic 18 саат мурун
Katia Z
Katia Z 19 саат мурун
As a French person : not so bad! I understand all the video ^^
Ekra Ali
Ekra Ali 19 саат мурун
i am libra too 😁❤️ i am born in 11 October . we both have same zodiac ❤️❤️❤️
daljeet 19 саат мурун
Any Indian fans here
Chloé gttn
Chloé gttn 19 саат мурун
hahaha wow your accent are so cuuuuute!! im French from Quebec and actually you are better than some people I know!! And your video is totally not offended. Good job :) And seriously I don't even know why things have a gender... :')
Chelsea Hall
Chelsea Hall 19 саат мурун
Unni Krishnan.A
Unni Krishnan.A 19 саат мурун
The disco dust looks better.
Olive Butler
Olive Butler 19 саат мурун
i love this girl
Lujain 19 саат мурун
Sieair RAW
Sieair RAW 19 саат мурун
I NEED that pink creme color omg 😍😍
Annimari Härmat
Annimari Härmat 19 саат мурун
18:09 *cough cough* CHARLI *cough cough*
Big Head
Big Head 19 саат мурун
I'm in 2021
K-pop multifandoms
K-pop multifandoms 19 саат мурун
I have unsubscribed beacause you told to in the discpription Just kidding i have not unsubscribed
Libi Marchenkov
Libi Marchenkov 19 саат мурун
tinyscrams 19 саат мурун
cristine doesn't like allure LMAO- this was ??????????
katelyn DH
katelyn DH 19 саат мурун
Her nail polish is not gel, right? If not pleaseeeee make gel!
Stay Pétillant
Stay Pétillant 20 саат мурун
occams razor
occams razor 20 саат мурун
Ben: Why would you eat that? Christine: TrOoM tRoOm ToLd Me To
CallmeAsh 20 саат мурун
When she said WaTerMeL0n I said SUGAR HIGH
OhWhale 20 саат мурун
I’m a trans woman but holy shit did my girl Hormones make me have baby fever. I also really want a cute family with my lesbian partner. It’s probably gonna be hell having kids, but whatever.
Juicebox Backup
Juicebox Backup 20 саат мурун
**my hand slowly comeing to my mouth** Christine: "Stop biring your nails!" Me: ...
xStellar ඞ
xStellar ඞ 20 саат мурун
I guess Cristine made nail art without just putting a holo taco, using nail vinyls and nail gradients.
Infaroyya al karimah muhamad
Infaroyya al karimah muhamad 20 саат мурун
From simply to Simp. 😂
Sarah McKinnon
Sarah McKinnon 21 саат мурун
Well.. if this doesn't take me back to grade 5 French, I dunno what does. I wish I kept it up after it stopped being mandatory though lol
SIMPL3XITY 21 саат мурун
Is anyone else disappointed that we haven't heard what the other 2 projects are yet? And it's probably because the pandemic threw a spanner in the works for those projects? Sigh
Taz Noble
Taz Noble 21 саат мурун
Straight Ben's brother single????
Cheryl Bugby
Cheryl Bugby 21 саат мурун
The days she did nail art
Liyaann Matt
Liyaann Matt 21 саат мурун
Ева Алексовска
Ева Алексовска 21 саат мурун
I love painting my nails but i have a problem an actual obsetion with bending my nails fouward i can't get over it it makes me feel satisfide and that is why i can't paint my nails (also sorry for the bad spelling endlish isn't my first launguage)
*• Im Aqsa •*
*• Im Aqsa •* 21 саат мурун
Lina Bean
Lina Bean 21 саат мурун
You think French is hard try german
Zoey Miller
Zoey Miller 21 саат мурун
Zyler went after menchir
Aubrie Stewart
Aubrie Stewart 21 саат мурун
What is Ben's favorite nail art that you did on him ???
Laura 21 саат мурун
Why does the troom troom guy remind me of Shayne Topp
Nikola Zorgevica
Nikola Zorgevica 22 саат мурун
Cristine: don't do what i'm gonna do at home, not that you can anyways because you don't have 14 weighted blanketS Annie from 4th grade math textbook: *TrY mE*
Amira wignall
Amira wignall 22 саат мурун
Cristine:is this a bowl? Me:WELL I DONT KNOW MAYBE ITS A BLENDER!😂
Heather 22 саат мурун
Unless you have the same masks, the mask manicure is matching for one day and then you need to wash the mask...that's too much effort for me 🤣
Mei KažeMarš
Mei KažeMarš 22 саат мурун
I love how when Cristine said “I’m looking at you, stop biting your nails” my hand LAUNCHED back. How did you know 😀...???
Confused Person
Confused Person 22 саат мурун
cristine: ‘Tell me something I don’t know’ Me: ok. a wasp never gets lost because they look for landmarks to they can find their way back if they get stuck in a car or something
Dakota Salinas
Dakota Salinas 22 саат мурун
Go to one of those salons!
leen tabanaj
leen tabanaj 22 саат мурун
Are you sure that simp is for simply 😂💔
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 22 саат мурун
she looks so good in short hair 😳
Julia Leksashova
Julia Leksashova 22 саат мурун
So for some reason I haven't watched any Simply content for the past year or so, and a few days ago I had a sudden urge to rewatch old videos. Now I moved onto the new onesa and wow! How much Ben changed! It's so cool seeing him being so comfortable and open on camera comparing to how he used to be a few years ago :)
Confused Person
Confused Person 22 саат мурун
Oh my gosh this comment section is making me so much smarter
Lyla Whiteman
Lyla Whiteman 22 саат мурун
little does she know without the thumb the pink nails spell simp xD
Jerf Fuzz
Jerf Fuzz 22 саат мурун
U need to mix all ur overnight oats togetger
Dakota Salinas
Dakota Salinas 22 саат мурун
Skin just glowing!
Lily Poopsy
Lily Poopsy 22 саат мурун
I hate mail polish
*• Im Aqsa •*
*• Im Aqsa •* 22 саат мурун
Whos matt
wiktoria ambroziak
wiktoria ambroziak 22 саат мурун
Even Suga want her to make this video
Torsten Noack
Torsten Noack 22 саат мурун
This video made my day, I laughed with you so hard !
This Is Me
This Is Me 22 саат мурун
You should do a recommendation video on nail polishes because that jelly color you used was everything. (Your shades are better though ahh)
B33lz3bub_B$c 23 саат мурун
When you get exited because Holo Makeup and you wonder "how did you miss this when the video came out?" And then Cristine reads out the ingredients list and you realise that you had seen this video before and you rember I had seen this video, and that I was and still am highly allergic to propylene glycol... so now now I'm sad again 😂
I like your hair
Alejandra W
Alejandra W 23 саат мурун
I’ve missed you
Anjie Rantin
Anjie Rantin 23 саат мурун
Lucas Alex
Lucas Alex 23 саат мурун
I can't stop recommending *Fredbradleyhacker* on insta my disable account was restored by him
Lucas Alex
Lucas Alex 23 саат мурун
I can't stop recommending *Fredbradleyhacker* on insta my disable account was restored by him
roZa 7
roZa 7 23 саат мурун
7:30 العرب إلي يتابعون: هلو 👁👄👁؟!
Jelena R
Jelena R Күн мурун
Every Maniac Girl needs a man like ben, just keeping up with theire shit
Unicron12 pretty13
Unicron12 pretty13 Күн мурун
im not trying to be mean im just saying i feel like they like menchie more then zyler
Xana Күн мурун
You should do the bananas but the middle part of the banana is clear with the small banana things 😂
Victor Vazquez Montero
Victor Vazquez Montero Күн мурун
That article was not the best lol.
cqvio doli
cqvio doli Күн мурун
The fact that when Cristine doesn’t do that hand pose her nails just say “simp” is killing me
Jerf Fuzz
Jerf Fuzz Күн мурун
Why can’t u Juarez get married alreadyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
michael Күн мурун
just ordered my usual super glossy taco so i don’t bite my nails
Ezra Goggles
Ezra Goggles Күн мурун
I love that first mani she did. I saw it on Instagram. I think it was called the skittle mani. Anyway I redid the mani & I like it. The polishes used were OPI & it’s cute. Cannot wait to see what Holo Taco & OPI are coming out with this year!