HOLE.io with Polymer Clay
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Yuru 1B
Yuru 1B 21 саат мурун
Yo where is the netherite sword from Minecraft
メアリー 21 саат мурун
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique 21 саат мурун
make valorant things :)
Josias MASTER XD 21 саат мурун
Hola soy de México Adoro tus videos Like
Alexander Adasme
Alexander Adasme 21 саат мурун
Yes, we all for sure want a part 3!!
Rezky Julianto
Rezky Julianto 21 саат мурун
Part 3 please
Ella Schulze
Ella Schulze 21 саат мурун
15:32 sounds like REEEEE
Ella Schulze
Ella Schulze 21 саат мурун
Or a few seconds earlier
boi boi
boi boi 21 саат мурун
11:21 it's filled with fuel
Claire Alderson
Claire Alderson 21 саат мурун
I wanna see reactor, security, upper and lower engine
ignore 21 саат мурун
Hmm.. inb4 some kind of among us boardgame.
Ella Schulze
Ella Schulze 21 саат мурун
Plot twist: the Impostor is actually a good guy who is trying to stop the crewmates from deploying bombs on an alien planet.
Elias Dejesus
Elias Dejesus 21 саат мурун
P-1000 Fortnite spam p in chat if you want this to happen
David Rivera
David Rivera 21 саат мурун
Hey love your work its awesome NEVER LISTEN TO PEOPLE THAT SAY ITS BAD You have a talent BRO 👊
Chibi Jotaro
Chibi Jotaro 21 саат мурун
I hope he makes another one
ULTIMATE INFERNO 21 саат мурун
I think he left electrical out for a reason
SOur Moon
SOur Moon 21 саат мурун
Why haven I sub even though I have been watching him for a momth
Katherine Charlotte Ruiz Muñoz
Katherine Charlotte Ruiz Muñoz 21 саат мурун
Jonhjonh101 alves
Jonhjonh101 alves 21 саат мурун
I LOVE red dead redemption 2
Joseph Olazabal
Joseph Olazabal 21 саат мурун
O no You kill mrs banana
Jm B
Jm B 21 саат мурун
It's field with lady's having S3X with guy's
wack k
wack k 21 саат мурун
its so obvious he doesnt play this game and honestly its really cute :) im subbing once i finish this video
ignore 21 саат мурун
Turn up the voiceover volume:)
Kurt Anim
Kurt Anim 21 саат мурун
Please part 3 among us ship
MrTophead 21 саат мурун
Question: What is in the storage boxes? Answer: Where do you think the dead bodies go?
Carlo Straccialini
Carlo Straccialini 21 саат мурун
We gonna ignore that befour he put stuff on the clay street it looked like super smash bros logo
Itziary Sánchez
Itziary Sánchez 21 саат мурун
Vassili Gonzalez
Vassili Gonzalez 21 саат мурун
Make Iron Man
nickiethekoala 22 саат мурун
the can is for oil for the engines, the lever is for shooting trash off the ship. silly ClayClaim
LEGO King 2008
LEGO King 2008 22 саат мурун
Cafeteria medbay and upper engin
Courtney Barletta
Courtney Barletta 22 саат мурун
The gasoline container is filled with fuel for the ship
ANONYMOUS HACKER 22 саат мурун
Plot twist He drops it as soon as he's done
Hoofed Egg
Hoofed Egg 22 саат мурун
Can you make one of the maps from middle-earth shadow of war???? I think it would be cool :)
Margareth Carvalho
Margareth Carvalho 22 саат мурун
Oh my god
Poop Daniel
Poop Daniel 22 саат мурун
can u not make too much among us stuff gosh it just came out
Alberto Games de Jogos!
Alberto Games de Jogos! 22 саат мурун
Its'my Mário!!!!!
It'smeDylan 22 саат мурун
But I like this music
Greysin Tabb
Greysin Tabb 22 саат мурун
You make the best stuff, if I tried to match you, mine would look like a, a, I don’t know.
Erica Elkins
Erica Elkins 22 саат мурун
There are dead bodies in the boxes and the barrels are filled with the blood of the bodies that's why it has that red part on it.
Galaxy Cat
Galaxy Cat 22 саат мурун
I watched this at night XD LOL
Alexianna Stefan
Alexianna Stefan 22 саат мурун
You should make a gigantic one the size of an aquarium and put that and some fish in there and sell it that would be AMAZING AND MAKE A VID ON IT TOO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
imposta 101
imposta 101 22 саат мурун
In the boxes their are dead crewmate bodys
Lillian Ruiz
Lillian Ruiz 22 саат мурун
To add electrical, the reactor, the two engines, the security, and the Lunchroom and then you’re completely done. Maybe once you’re done with The shield then you can work on Polus.
Mr sea Banana
Mr sea Banana 22 саат мурун
The boxes contain blood of humans for experiments
Samuel Blanchet élève
Samuel Blanchet élève 22 саат мурун
ClayClaim makes this all look so easy
Blume 22 саат мурун
This is amazing
Romeo Gomes
Romeo Gomes 22 саат мурун
Time For Part 3 & 4!
Beaver Sir
Beaver Sir 22 саат мурун
Good job! I like this!
Juan Fernando Azpeitia Medina
Juan Fernando Azpeitia Medina 22 саат мурун
a prro traes el omnitrix es el mismisimo seuz xxxxxdddddddddd
الحسن 22 саат мурун
هو في إي و احنا مين و انتو مين و دول اي و دول اي
exotic butters
exotic butters 22 саат мурун
Idea Can you make a clay imposter killing a crewmate
Charles Byington
Charles Byington 22 саат мурун
Honestly fortnite is a fun game. It’s just the community. It’s like Minecraft originally.
Sir. Random
Sir. Random 22 саат мурун
This is a very poorly designed ship...
- Ducky -
- Ducky - 22 саат мурун
Once you finish this project you should definitely do a stop motion animation with it and the tick-tac among us characters. BTW: I’m almost at 10 subscribers, I would really appreciate it if you subbed
Amandita Smile
Amandita Smile 22 саат мурун
Plase build Polus and MiraHQ
Lil Đark
Lil Đark 22 саат мурун
I love your work 🤤
Stephany Fagundes dos Santos
Stephany Fagundes dos Santos 22 саат мурун
mar bonita
mar bonita 22 саат мурун
Among US
ExoticEggsBenedict 22 саат мурун
Imagine hating Gays, it's their life choise, I'm bisexual because I was gay, my choice, not yours.
Blew Berd2
Blew Berd2 23 саат мурун
Is it just me or does he look like Pewdiepie
Tyler Yoon
Tyler Yoon 23 саат мурун
upside down dogo
Sarah Wayne
Sarah Wayne 23 саат мурун
Meat. & veggies.
Kharisma JS
Kharisma JS 23 саат мурун
You have to use a gloves
Mylo Gabriel Carino
Mylo Gabriel Carino 23 саат мурун
Part 3.
Kaden Moore
Kaden Moore 23 саат мурун
My guy got big brains with the shields room
Minibear 3
Minibear 3 23 саат мурун
Pls finish that was soooo cool
Kathy Hickman
Kathy Hickman 23 саат мурун
For the boxes. They are gas, and they have different chemicals in the boxes and the other boxes that are like blue they have water in them but, the water has dye in it. This is just my thinking cause the red can is actually gas for the engines!! (Tip)
mundo da esther
mundo da esther 23 саат мурун
Incrível amei
Asafe Santos
Asafe Santos 23 саат мурун
The Brazil
Samuel Blanchet élève
Samuel Blanchet élève 23 саат мурун
I think inside the boxes there are vacuuming supplies for the second half of the body when you die.
IL_filmfan416 209
IL_filmfan416 209 23 саат мурун
Those things look kinda sus ngl
cari a
cari a 23 саат мурун
손재주가 좋으시네요
Boochtah Gaming
Boochtah Gaming 23 саат мурун
This is 1/58 scale
ZausS 23 саат мурун
This is amazing!
Squeaker Squad
Squeaker Squad 23 саат мурун
You should do naruto next
Gabriela Maria Oliveira
Gabriela Maria Oliveira 23 саат мурун
I just have to say oh my God I couldn't make a doll
Liah Garron
Liah Garron 23 саат мурун
15:37 You: “it would be a great way to kill someone” Me: * thinks of banana fish* Me: “I know right”
Udonうどん 23 саат мурун
11:32 i was so scared i though you cut your finger off
Rosie 23 саат мурун
I think there toxic wast from a different universe so it flots. (I’m commenting what I think is in the barrel)
Chef Kozi
Chef Kozi 23 саат мурун
Yay it's perfect
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