This Is Big...
Ай мурун
I Lost My $55,000 Pokemon Card...
We Still Have A Problem...
4 ай мурун
The Truth...
5 ай мурун
Joahana Milan
Joahana Milan 9 саат мурун
Wait you live in Texas
yaboi_ DEMON
yaboi_ DEMON 9 саат мурун
My guy just siad we corni if we dont believe him
VMAXTRAINER 9 саат мурун
Waw I love it
OwenNandos 9 саат мурун
The Pikachu VMAX looks to have a huge print line across the card. Its right at the top of Pikachu's head and across his right ear, spanning just above the left ear. Let me know if you guys can see it too at 17:16
Didier Dominguez Palacios
Didier Dominguez Palacios 9 саат мурун
i have one
O MEGA 9 саат мурун
Will good old Gary be back in your vids?
Josie vanMatre
Josie vanMatre 9 саат мурун
Can I get one my nephew would love it
Jack 9 саат мурун
Me having a 1st dragonite 👹
Didier Dominguez Palacios
Didier Dominguez Palacios 9 саат мурун
😎you are cool😎
Funky Fluffy
Funky Fluffy 9 саат мурун
How much of this seems too good too be true .. hmmm
nguyen minh hoang
nguyen minh hoang 9 саат мурун
were you an attorney at some point, why dont you just sue them
Ye Ye
Ye Ye 9 саат мурун
My fav card is the sealed charizard lol i dont have one
America Best country ever
America Best country ever 9 саат мурун
My daughter watches your videos, and loves watching openings. Could you send her a card with a little note? She is only 4. I'll pay for everything. Not sure if you will read this.
Phil Riphagen
Phil Riphagen 10 саат мурун
love this - been digging out my old cards and found some goodies in a solid condition i even have a few sealed promos so v tempted to send them off to get graded
Mark Young
Mark Young 10 саат мурун
Where else can you get 6 packs for $20?
Cristian Rodriguez
Cristian Rodriguez 10 саат мурун
Keegans-_- 2002
Keegans-_- 2002 10 саат мурун
How much does it go for
Raul Ruiz Rivera
Raul Ruiz Rivera 10 саат мурун
Change the name to over a million
Mark Young
Mark Young 10 саат мурун
What’s wrong with Steam Siege?
Jack Fleet
Jack Fleet 10 саат мурун
Zang! 👍🏻😂😂
Ayjay Gee
Ayjay Gee 10 саат мурун
Gary was playing chess while everyone was playing checkers
Didier Dominguez Palacios
Didier Dominguez Palacios 10 саат мурун
i need ex
William Ready
William Ready 10 саат мурун
Yet my mom buys me a pack per month lol
TKSJalapenodude500 10 саат мурун
Eg Cringe
Eg Cringe 10 саат мурун
Aaron Albert
Aaron Albert 10 саат мурун
print lines on the fatty
GanZee 10 саат мурун
my jaw was on the ground the entire time!
Coffee And Pokémon
Coffee And Pokémon 10 саат мурун
Can not find these AT ALL EVER!!!
Riccardo M.
Riccardo M. 10 саат мурун
6:00 Shortcut
Joshua Covert
Joshua Covert 10 саат мурун
Bro, why don't you just ask becket to cover up the score? I'm sure if you provide them with something and told them why that they'd work with you. You are a valuable customer promoting them to a million people
Hue Man
Hue Man 10 саат мурун
Please tell me you have a stack of gold and silver somewhere and you’re not relying on the collector value of these cards to carry you through this economic crisis. Lol
Than3Dane 10 саат мурун
Hey Folks, I have a question, if you after many years got into contact with the person where you back in the day forgot/lost your whole collection of the first pokemon cards (I remember back, those 17 years ago, I tried retrieving it). However, the person responds back to you pretty much asap, saying that he remembers you and the fact that we spliced cards back then. He would try taking a look at the old ones (his parents) at next oppourtunity. I'm thinking there could literally be diamonds hiding among my old cards, they were in plastic laminates in a mapped folder. I tried getting further info about the lot & directly stated it makes me quite excited, jokingly said I was afraid they had already been put up for sale on the high value market. Got no response. Send another message asking if he remembers if they had been mixed up after all these years, or am one really so lucky that they are they still seperated? Still no response. Should I get a hold of a lawyer? xD
Dallas Moss
Dallas Moss 10 саат мурун
20:56 looms like groot
Casper Aasgaard
Casper Aasgaard 10 саат мурун
i got a giant holografic pikachu
tom edney
tom edney 10 саат мурун
For the love of god Leon fly to California to pick it up 😂
We're INK
We're INK 10 саат мурун
Your thunderstorm box was missing 3 booster packs!
PaleRiderYT 10 саат мурун
Bro he’s shaking dude
Gaming Lucario
Gaming Lucario 11 саат мурун
I pulled it In the bathroom XD
Ninja donut
Ninja donut 11 саат мурун
The sad thing is that i had rare gx, ex, and more😔
PRNSU 11 саат мурун
Is it his ? Or the guy that went to pawn shop ?
Nicholas Cotter
Nicholas Cotter 11 саат мурун
I love your channel but I urge you to understand how much privilege you have and how your package issue with USPS is likely the result of the Trump administration’s intentional cuts to USPS , for the very explicit political reason of inhibiting mail-in voting. A) over 220,000 people have died from COVID as of writing this. And this is the worst unemployment rate since the Great Depression, the brunt of which has been born by poor and working class people. Also, an estimated 30 to 50 million people are estimated to be evicted in the coming months, because the senate has refused to pass bills passed by the house to enact a longer eviction moratorium and provide rent relief. Points being, you’re congressman has way more to worry about, and less privileged people to worry about, then a wealthy white guy who lost his Pokémon card. I don’t mean that to come off as overly negative but you reference your congressman not being of much help and joked about their reelection prospects because of their not helping you with a Pokémon card, while people in Texas and everywhere are losing their homes. B) You made multiple jokes about the inefficiency of USPS but they are a life line to poor and moderate income people and vital in this upcoming election. The reason for their gross inefficiency during this pandemic is intentional cuts to their funding, overtime and staff and the refusal of the senate to give them the funding they need to deal with the current postal demand/the election. C) WOTC Pokémon card collecting is reserved for wealthy people. That’s a fact. The point of entry for these boxes is insane and no low to moderate income person could buy or justify buying WOTC products, let alone expensive newer sets. Point being, you have to be loaded to be doing this. This hobby is a huge privilege. I’m glad you got your card back but there are far more important things than a missing expensive Pokémon card that has gone missing for a wealthy guy. I know you do great work for NAMI, but this video just rubbed me the wrong way given what’s happening right now, and your jokes throughout. You’re going to be more than fine whether you get that card or not and trying not to lose hope over a Pokémon card is absurd when other people are fighting to stay hopeful so they don’t die.
Óli Jakobsson
Óli Jakobsson 11 саат мурун
Charizard is the fav!
Shawn Edwards
Shawn Edwards 11 саат мурун
These stores are remodeled every few years,and the floors are also stripped yearly and re coated. This is completely bullshit. Lmao
MrDragon 909
MrDragon 909 11 саат мурун
I’ve been watching this channel along time and if I’m sad or if I’m bored I watch your videos and it gives me happiness
Joel Lucas
Joel Lucas 11 саат мурун
I did something lik this come see
TOMACE31 watson
TOMACE31 watson 11 саат мурун
MrDragon 909
MrDragon 909 11 саат мурун
If been watching this channel along time and when ever I’m sad or I’m bored I watch your videos and it gives me happiness
Hoang Tan Phan
Hoang Tan Phan 11 саат мурун
You can not wait for 540 days 77 weeks 17 months 463,000,000 seconds
MUSIC KINGDOM 11 саат мурун 1:Share 2 your social media twice 2:Copy and paste list into comments of your 3 favourite songs on youtube. 3:Leave your best joke in the comments. 4:Sit back and watch Pikachu take over the internet and know you helped cause it, like Corona, but funny.
Mudie Magic
Mudie Magic 11 саат мурун
I had the exact same markings on my packs today! Still pulled decent secret rares 🤷🏻‍♂️
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez 11 саат мурун
Not wearing gloves, probably got nacho hands and gave it a 8.5 surface
Magnus 11 саат мурун
usps is trash no cap
Owen Jacobs
Owen Jacobs 11 саат мурун
Can somebody who knows more than me, tell me why the Voltorb had an “e” on the end of it
Erick Diaz
Erick Diaz 11 саат мурун
I got the card on 10/19/2020
On the fake one says 6+
J4di Rivera
J4di Rivera 12 саат мурун
My favorite pack art is the gryados
Rani singh
Rani singh 12 саат мурун
I have pokemon surprise for you
Franklin J Molley
Franklin J Molley 12 саат мурун
Thanks for the Repacks mysterious Nikky.
Ameen Ali Syed
Ameen Ali Syed 12 саат мурун
My heart was beating like Pikachu gave me thunderbolt,will you regrade that from bracket?(charizard
Sondre 12 саат мурун
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Sondre 12 саат мурун
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Sondre 12 саат мурун
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Franklin J Molley
Franklin J Molley 12 саат мурун
Are you credible, if so id worry if i were you. Who does that, claims to have miraculously found a booster box or was sold one, then shows signs of tampering with those booster packs and the glue marks are signs of opening and repacking them, while keeping the best cards. Seriously, you dont check your shit when you drop a few grand on a boosterbox, you gotta be a scam
Jeff Zazueta
Jeff Zazueta 12 саат мурун
What’s that card worth?
Sondre 12 саат мурун
Keyword: Big Big gang
Dustin Wiggin
Dustin Wiggin 12 саат мурун
Wow Ive never seen fakes that close guess even fake quality dropped over the years, lost all the good fakers haha.
Sondre 12 саат мурун
Keyword: Gold gang gang
Joey 12 саат мурун
Charizard my guess will be a bgs 7
Sabbath M
Sabbath M 12 саат мурун
Sort of sounds like Duke Nukem playing with Pokemon cards.
Rubik’s Kitty
Rubik’s Kitty 12 саат мурун
Dbacks444 12 саат мурун
idk why but have been getting into these. recommend getting a pedicure would be more appealing when its all zoomed into card/fingers.
sidharth. v
sidharth. v 12 саат мурун
Can anyone tell that what is the use of this cardboard pls. I am from india, pls tell guys
ZatroxCZ 12 саат мурун
@Leonhart where do you usually buy pokemon cards?
Monica Ibeck
Monica Ibeck 12 саат мурун
Oh cool I have two of those nidokings
Zara Pachuau
Zara Pachuau 12 саат мурун
I love Unlisted leaf!
Mario Auclair
Mario Auclair 12 саат мурун
Hi Leon
Monica Ibeck
Monica Ibeck 12 саат мурун
That groundon also has a star in its own name so that means it’s way rarer because that star mean it was written by one of the most famous Pokémon illustrators of all time and he only wrote a few
Arjun Singh
Arjun Singh 12 саат мурун
Wouldn’t you lose the signature if you got it BGS graded?
Mysteries Lie
Mysteries Lie 13 саат мурун
6:03 Me when I get a perfect score on my Pre-Algebra Test. *Utterly Shocked*