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Guilherme Lemos
Guilherme Lemos 17 саат мурун
Metade desses views são todos meus
Jasmine Gonzales
Jasmine Gonzales 17 саат мурун
happy birthday Mac 🤍
ronald broersma
ronald broersma 17 саат мурун
When this Drummer travels at the speed of light, time dous not slow down, because that is simply not possible within his authority , therefore the speed is obligated to increase up over the lightspeed limit, witch is also not possible in the authority of space time mechanics of this universe. This paradox has no other option then to implode all matter and energie into timed time traveling in time . Witch is called a Donald Ray.
ToyaKnowsBest 17 саат мурун
These commercials sure know how to ruin a good time.
Slick Fawn
Slick Fawn 17 саат мурун
happy birthday king... i could cry right now but i already am
althy 17 саат мурун
hi, im back again
Tiimay T
Tiimay T 17 саат мурун
Happy Birthday 💕
Lisette Palomo
Lisette Palomo 17 саат мурун
happy birthday <3 thank you forever.
Cloudy Boyy
Cloudy Boyy 17 саат мурун
Could we please get a Mabiland tiny desk 🥺
Horatio Douglas
Horatio Douglas 17 саат мурун
I lost it at "Home Edition"!!
R D 17 саат мурун
Uninspiring. Off key. Virtue signaling. Next act!
Vernon Keene
Vernon Keene 17 саат мурун
Miss my boy Mac! Keep coming back to this classic💪🏾💪🏾🙏🏾
Marcos Rahangao
Marcos Rahangao 17 саат мурун
Plot twist - The guitarist was the guy who hate his first second song .
Dara Gaines
Dara Gaines 17 саат мурун
Love you Mac💜
Anonymous 010
Anonymous 010 17 саат мурун
Alvin is jelous
SALIM SBPROD 17 саат мурун
kxngx_bby kxngx_bby
kxngx_bby kxngx_bby 17 саат мурун
samet demir
samet demir 17 саат мурун
ilk şarkı tarkanın fındıkkıran şarkısının aynısı kusura bakma seni çok severim ama gerçek bu
Kenneth Mewis
Kenneth Mewis 17 саат мурун
Irene Mastail
Irene Mastail 17 саат мурун
Wished he would play “Golden Wings” 😢
Ty Johnny
Ty Johnny 17 саат мурун
It's so sweet when you can close your eyes and trust the artist you are listening to, to take you on a journey with their music! Jazmine is truly a gem!
The_Memester 17 саат мурун
Happy birthday Mac
BIG ED TRACKS 17 саат мурун
Happy Birthday Mac 🤍 you are truly missed.
purple green
purple green 17 саат мурун
Catherine Howe
Catherine Howe 17 саат мурун
You can really see and feel her pain in moon song :(
Jose Cruz
Jose Cruz 17 саат мурун
Happy birthday mac. Rip King
samax amen
samax amen 17 саат мурун
Pharoahe is one of the best emcees to ever touch the mic.
Esperanza Algarra
Esperanza Algarra 17 саат мурун
Desde Colombia ellos si son artistas! cantan y bailan increible tienen el don de un artista de verdad se nota que les gusta lo que hacen! Son muy lindos!🤗
Edinson Campos Salas
Edinson Campos Salas 17 саат мурун
Happy birthday, legend
O. RUIZ 17 саат мурун
Soara LS
Soara LS 17 саат мурун
Tutto ok quelli che mettono il pollice in giù?
Guilherme Batista
Guilherme Batista 17 саат мурун
Happy birthday mac ❤
I'm Fullstop
I'm Fullstop 18 саат мурун
Im here celebratin' mac's 29th birthday. Always miss u mac ♡
Wyatt M
Wyatt M 18 саат мурун
At least a few hundred thousand of these views are from me. My bad.
James Ben Koehl
James Ben Koehl 18 саат мурун
Love you follow your heart alaska Hawaii 💜❤️ hearts
The Blueberries
The Blueberries 18 саат мурун
Great Stuff!
Paps BuddahBaker
Paps BuddahBaker 18 саат мурун
Will come back to this forever... still doesn’t seem real. Rest in paradise, Mac
THom Vallegeas
THom Vallegeas 18 саат мурун
Simply amazing....
Corbin Holbrook
Corbin Holbrook 18 саат мурун
Happy birthday Mac! Fly high!
Emmanuel Speaker
Emmanuel Speaker 18 саат мурун
Gracias a la vida que me hizo descubrir la música de Lila Iké que buen trabajo
Bom Boming
Bom Boming 18 саат мурун
너무 좋다 콘서트 가서 방탄이랑 놀고싶다이아이익!!!
rollership 18 саат мурун
this sounds so good the vibes are melting the edges of my body!!
Elske 18 саат мурун
This is not like a tiny desk video at all! still nice tunes
Hugo Paez
Hugo Paez 18 саат мурун
Too bad he was on Epstein's flight logs SMH
Alia 18 саат мурун
What a queen. Very inspiring! Thank you
Leon Silva
Leon Silva 18 саат мурун
melisa karataş
melisa karataş 18 саат мурун
i have been here ! and i have been aching !
Nathan Hayward
Nathan Hayward 18 саат мурун
I literally cried during the first song, it was so beautiful
Sticks On deck
Sticks On deck 18 саат мурун
happy b bday thanks for vibes left
Johann George
Johann George 18 саат мурун
Impeccable, from how well the set has been designed to how tight the band sounds!
zeusjynx 18 саат мурун
happy to see you guys nice to meet you in 2021!
Saide Ay
Saide Ay 18 саат мурун
11:04 the way she looks ...
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia 18 саат мурун
I wonder what hes saying I hear boody, police, dont get money
Povilas Opulskis
Povilas Opulskis 18 саат мурун
Happy Bday Mac !!
JustynIsSoForeign 18 саат мурун
It’s all love. Miss you Mac.
Dam Droi
Dam Droi 18 саат мурун
muy bueno y singular! Tal como lo fue Zappa en su momento. Novedoso y diferente. Me encanta!
Alberto Trigo
Alberto Trigo 18 саат мурун
is autotune what I hear?
5 Red Dice Ent.
5 Red Dice Ent. 18 саат мурун
Good job and it sounds nice thanks Amen from SOLITUDE FUEGO DA G and JEHOVAH Amen from SHAWN SMITH Amen.
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith 18 саат мурун
I am LITERALLY addicted to this CD.
Greg 18 саат мурун
How 1.6k people come on here and hit the dislike button is beyond me.
Emilio Solla Music
Emilio Solla Music 18 саат мурун
Excellent idea to bring Antonio to the Tiny Desk, didn't know this video! Just one thing NPR people: the set list is wrong, the first tune he plays is "Déjate Sentir" and then "Airegría".
Alberto N.
Alberto N. 18 саат мурун
So far so good for Tiny Desk...cameras, lighting, autotune, scenography, sound engineering... no thanks!
A 18 саат мурун
Say my name. RIP Sandra Bland
Ilikeyouverymuch2 18 саат мурун
I'm even having a huge trouble singing while playing the guitar. He's a true genius
Us 18 саат мурун
Love yourself Relay2537
38ktgold 18 саат мурун
get Omar Apollo in here! I’d love to see them collab btw ❤️
Melenie Romero
Melenie Romero 18 саат мурун
“We don’t need nothing but today”- Jan 19th 2021...happy birthday King ✨💸
Arlyn Napenas
Arlyn Napenas 18 саат мурун
you look like Maisie Williams <3 I love you so much mxmtoon!!!!!
Jeremy Acton
Jeremy Acton 18 саат мурун
David Roback is back. :-D Daniel is not quite as pretty as Hope Sandoval but this is like Mazzy Star from another universe.
Brandon Green
Brandon Green 18 саат мурун
Happy birthday Malcolm
rodrigo alves
rodrigo alves 18 саат мурун
legends never die, happy bday mac
Brandon Green
Brandon Green 18 саат мурун
Happy birthday Larry
Micah Salberg
Micah Salberg 18 саат мурун
Would have been 29 today. RIP Mac
Fate 18 саат мурун
This is so f*cking good.
Senorsaystoomuch 18 саат мурун
So good
brina omi
brina omi 18 саат мурун
Can we take the time to appreciate the supporting singers. They really held it down.
Jorge Castro
Jorge Castro 19 саат мурун
Happy birthday Mac 🙌🏼
Kareem Jeffries
Kareem Jeffries 19 саат мурун
big smiles
Dylan Rego
Dylan Rego 19 саат мурун
today is your birthday, i miss you Mac, thanks for make my life more beauty 💚
Gemoraxinus 19 саат мурун
Bring them back to do their kindred album pls <3