SHAKUR ALMIGHTY 6 саат мурун
Leonardo Rhyn
Leonardo Rhyn 6 саат мурун
on the low who else thinks that this sounds like PND x Drake collab?
Gibbz 4rm KMG
Gibbz 4rm KMG 6 саат мурун
When the 🐐 speaks .... just listen . #Ovo
Gadiel Cedeño
Gadiel Cedeño 6 саат мурун
You’re Mine* Still? 🤓
Carlosmonkey45 7 саат мурун
i miss her man....fuck
Andrew Gomez
Andrew Gomez 7 саат мурун
Why does this sound like the lucid dreams x juice world beat .. 🤦‍♂️
Chelsey Mendez
Chelsey Mendez 7 саат мурун
Man, this was a let down considering it’s too fire artists, this was the best y’all could do??? Nah, this ain’t it, y’all need to get back in that booth and try again. OVO sound??? Sounds depressing af, I was expecting some sexy shit from y’all, this shit sad. Like, “don’t want no more boo-hoo faces... they say times heals.” Bruh, no. I can’t believe y’all came together and thought a “I can’t let go” song was gon be it. I’m sooooooooo disappointed ☹️ AND THAT BEAT WAS LAZY AF! WHO CAN DANCE TO THAT?!?!
Bokang Teboho
Bokang Teboho 7 саат мурун
Drake is king 👑❤
Chris Karell
Chris Karell 7 саат мурун
Such a vibe
King 1v1s
King 1v1s 7 саат мурун
My boy drizzy on his shit
Stiff C
Stiff C 8 саат мурун
Drake cost so much, I salute every feature I see. I’m promoting it. I like it too fr.
Norman Smith
Norman Smith 8 саат мурун
Ghad Speed
Ghad Speed 9 саат мурун
Drake don’t care about being the best, he just wanna put out 🔥 🎵
tawanda Jerry
tawanda Jerry 9 саат мурун
This song is a problem
Michael 9 саат мурун
Shape of my heart sample?
Cheyne Taffe
Cheyne Taffe 9 саат мурун
Before 1 mil like if your before
Namdee 10 саат мурун
I wasn’t looking for your secrets they just came to me And they contradicted everything you claim to be 😩🔥🔥👀
Len Len
Len Len 11 саат мурун
Damn every comment is about drake verse the dude that owns the song is not even being mentioned y’all is cold for that 😂
Mg Sandman
Mg Sandman 11 саат мурун
the beat is copied off Lucid dreams smh 🤦🏽
Onyx Zoe
Onyx Zoe 11 саат мурун
No feels and sounds basic and common...but OvO can feature anything and all the people will ring around the rosie 🌚 it's like Drake tests the public 🤧 then laughs at how easy it is. Once you make it you're set. KEEP SHINING EVERYONE 🌞
A'Kacia McDaniels
A'Kacia McDaniels 11 саат мурун
can we get a video
demetrice jones
demetrice jones 11 саат мурун
This nigga Drake said “Pretty face, pretty tempted But pretty taught me ugly lessons Pretty had me givin' more than I was gettin' So if pretty don't come with somethin', well, then I dead it” How tf this shit this accurate ??
A'Kacia McDaniels
A'Kacia McDaniels 11 саат мурун
lol all this drake talk 🤣 like yung bleu ain’t been did his thing
Aiyee Nalracse
Aiyee Nalracse 12 саат мурун
Yeah (I'm workin' on dyin') I'm upset Fifty thousand on my head, is disrespect So offended that I had to double check I'ma always take the money over sex That's why they need me out the way What you expect? Got a lot of blood and it's cold They keep tryna get me for my soul Thankful for the women that I know Can't go fifty-fifty with no hoe Every month, I'm supposed to pay her bills And get her what she want I still got like seven years of doin' what I want My dad still got child support from 1991 (one, one, one) Outta town (town), people love to pop a lot of shit then come around Word to Flacko Jodye, he done seen us put it down Niggas askin' if I'm cool I'm upset (set, set) Hunnid thousand on my head, is disrespect (disrespect) So offended that I had to double check You tryna check? This is real life, niggas think we playin' chess So what's next? Jump up out the bed like I'm possessed I go out on tour and I say I'm drinkin' less End up gettin' loose and gettin' pictures from my ex (ex, ex, ex, ex) SMS, triple X That's the only time I ever shoot below the neck (skrr) Why you keep on shootin' if you know that nigga dead? (Skrr) That's the only kind of shit that gets you some respect Got a lot of blood and it's cold They keep tryna get me for my soul (for my soul) Thankful for the women that I know Can't go fifty-fifty with no ho (ayy, ayy) Every month, she don't even love me, she just puttin' on a front (front, front) She gon' try and settle outta court and make a run Then gon' ask me how I'm doin'? I'm upset (set, set) Half a million on my head I can't accept, yeah 'Least it makes me feel like someone tried they best, yeah Want to waste a half a million, be my guest Made me wanna buy a vest and a TEC (grr) But I'm blessed, I just checked (checked, checked) Hate me, never met me in the flesh (flesh, flesh) Say she got some things she gotta come here and collect That shit is in a box to the left, to the left (left, left, left) Got a lot of blood and it's cold They keep tryna get me for my soul (for my soul) Thankful for the women that I know (that I know) Can't go fifty-fifty with no hoe
Muhammad Shah
Muhammad Shah 12 саат мурун
I feel better knowing that hugging thing happened to Drake too
R.I.P DUNK 12 саат мурун
Cesar Vega-DeSimone
Cesar Vega-DeSimone 14 саат мурун
Love drake and ovo. Mindfully, I stay loyal to Abel and XO!
Cesar Vega-DeSimone
Cesar Vega-DeSimone 14 саат мурун
Kevin_gamer 22
Kevin_gamer 22 14 саат мурун
Let’s see who do it better
Kevin_gamer 22
Kevin_gamer 22 14 саат мурун
Ready for a TikTok on this song
TRAGIC KING 15 саат мурун
Drake lowkey stole durk style onis🤔
Bentley Bentley
Bentley Bentley 15 саат мурун
LottoGang Presi
LottoGang Presi 18 саат мурун
The message of the day is " HOES ANT SHIT" 😂 say it wit me
Keylian Fleming
Keylian Fleming 18 саат мурун
Crazy how much hate in the world you come to a whole video to hate instead of support something what is this world going to smh
demetrice jones
demetrice jones 18 саат мурун
Scary how close to home this song hit for me
Angel Pineda
Angel Pineda 19 саат мурун
Top ten moments before disaster
Jamie 19 саат мурун
Hip hop saves lives y'all, I legit died ten minutes ago, my alarm went off on my phone & this song started playing then I felt my soul re-enter my body & I'm back with my peoples! BLESSED! HIP HOP SAVES LIVES Y'ALL
Hayden’s yolo !
Hayden’s yolo ! 20 саат мурун
Bleu killed this too
Lil Nx
Lil Nx 20 саат мурун
drake:when I die put my money in the grave drake son:m upset
Matt Lazer
Matt Lazer 20 саат мурун
Honestly the remix with drake mess the whole song up. But the stimulus pack is nice for bleu.
Dah_young_ Prodigy
Dah_young_ Prodigy 18 саат мурун
Paid Killa
Paid Killa 20 саат мурун
Official Tony Antonio
Official Tony Antonio 20 саат мурун
Everybody who heard that hugging line said “bruh hell yeah” after he said it 🤣
Mir da Brat
Mir da Brat 20 саат мурун
It’s *Mine but ok
Jesse Gomez
Jesse Gomez 21 саат мурун
Bro slapped this with a k 👌
TheRedRoom 21 саат мурун
🤔 It's straight they could've did better compared to the usual music.. the song sound like a good outro
BG Nino
BG Nino 21 саат мурун
Here Before A Million!! Straight Heat!! 🔥🔥
kickbeez 21 саат мурун
is that the cleanest lineup of 2020?
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 22 саат мурун
I’m i the only one that hears juice wrld “lucid dreams”
Dave XXL
Dave XXL 22 саат мурун
Is everyone gonna ignore this sounds like the beginning of lucid dreams??!
Joshua Neal
Joshua Neal 22 саат мурун
As soon as I heard Bleu’s voice I was like yeah I’m not listening to this and ffwd to Drake
Joshua Neal
Joshua Neal 22 саат мурун
Sound like beta Fetty Wap and Pop Smoke 🤮
Anthony Martinez
Anthony Martinez 22 саат мурун
Drakes verse got me so good I needed this song
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 22 саат мурун
y’all are talkin bout drake but this guy yung bleu is fire af I’ve never heard of em but thanks drake for putting us on lmao
BossedupDeso 22 саат мурун
Drake stole lil Durk flow 😭🤣on this song
ion wanna talk
ion wanna talk 22 саат мурун
Dats tuff
Devin J.
Devin J. 22 саат мурун
Anybody else here lucid dreams 🤔?
Smexy Trvp_God
Smexy Trvp_God 22 саат мурун
That’s one sharp lineup
Cashew TheNuttyFinesser
Cashew TheNuttyFinesser 22 саат мурун
This sample the sting sample. Lol they didn’t learn from juice WRLD fuck up
GliZZy 1400
GliZZy 1400 22 саат мурун
Drake sounds different
Aisea Fuapau
Aisea Fuapau 23 саат мурун
For those who say Drake out-barred Pusha and also say the Story of Adidon only talked about Drake's son obviously didn't listen to all the bars in Adidon. It's funny to watch all these Drake stans try to downplay the Story of Adidon. Adidon left a mark permanently on Drake's career and he'll never be considered the greatest of all time by the rap community because of that song.
Lee Lavid
Lee Lavid 23 саат мурун
*Too many soft ass men in these comments*
You fatting Kant
You fatting Kant 23 саат мурун
This reminds me of Juice WRLD. Rest in peace 🥀
Leyah Brown
Leyah Brown Күн мурун
B Nu
B Nu Күн мурун
I dedicate this to whom I been dealing with the past 4yrs
mangesani Күн мурун
Kali sana..
Iquique Vargas
Iquique Vargas Күн мурун
Ashamed to tell my friends how much I do for you, cause they know that you would never do the same for me 💯 😢😤
N.J.A.E Күн мурун
Sounds like who ever produced the beat sampled/ looped juice WRLD lucid dreams ...still love it tho!👑💪🏽
Ci Ci
Ci Ci Күн мурун
Love love Yung blue
Fetti Da Don
Fetti Da Don Күн мурун
I thought this was future for a minute. Shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪💪
ItsJugu Күн мурун
y’all are talkin bout drake but this guy yung bleu is fire af I’ve never heard of em but thanks drake for putting us on lmao
Patrick R.
Patrick R. Күн мурун
Wild how everyone gotta a side chick or side dude these days. It didnt used to be like that, as much.
Darius Carlton
Darius Carlton Күн мурун
Drake stole durk whole damn flow and sound with his verse
Donae Blackmon
Donae Blackmon Күн мурун
Sounds like that old bleu Ive been wanting back💯💯💯
Tweezy Brew
Tweezy Brew Күн мурун
Drake is the goat of the new school
Frantz Audige
Frantz Audige Күн мурун
I dont know why, but I clicked this vid knowing I was gunna like this guy. Despite never knowing of him beforehand. Gotta say, for a random ass click. I'm not dissapointed
REVEN6E Күн мурун
I still see your shadows in my room
Daniel Mason
Daniel Mason Күн мурун
Can’t lie I’m getting lil durk vibes from drake
Steffan Brown
Steffan Brown Күн мурун
This shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa Күн мурун
YOUNG LA Күн мурун
I just did a remix to this 😭😭😭 please watch this kgpost.info/will/video/14XXxpSpmJikor8
Jayjusbecoolin Күн мурун
Drake talkin 💯💯💯
DeijaLashawn Harris
DeijaLashawn Harris Күн мурун
damn that was fast asf blue just posted like 3 days ago how drake said to let us know they had something they was cooking up they slammed tf outta this
Savenification Күн мурун
Ft. Lil Baby
Banjiixxx just vibez
Banjiixxx just vibez Күн мурун
Banger 👌🏾🎶👌🏾🎶