yo mama
yo mama 23 саат мурун
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theEccentrician 23 саат мурун
I want to see more comma peaches, #tastycommapeach
prallund feucht
prallund feucht 23 саат мурун
so if cheney gets waterboarded, would he then cough up the 23 trillion dollar lost in AIG/ENRON? i mean how many glasses of water do you have to invest to create the greatest liquidity surge in history?
vita noemi
vita noemi 23 саат мурун
The last sentence is soooooo true!!!!
MikaelS. 23 саат мурун
If you dont like it, then dont buy it.
AshPanda 23 саат мурун
at this point nuking the US is for the best for every other country
Kay Lyon
Kay Lyon 23 саат мурун
Want to change this fast? Boycott the damn industry. Stop PAYING them to treat their employees like dispensable pieces of crap and stop the torture of millions of animals. YOU PAY THEM TO DO THIS! Only YOU can prevent it!
albert chavez
albert chavez 23 саат мурун
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buggar green
buggar green 23 саат мурун
Please say something about growing number of Black kids attacking Asians, please someone has to say something about this
SchnuffelWuffel 23 саат мурун
I dont get whats so wrong about the clip about hunting. Is it dramatic? Yes. But is it false or dangerous? I'd say no
Anas Allawala
Anas Allawala 23 саат мурун
Shannon Boldman
Shannon Boldman 23 саат мурун
What are the crime rates in the suburbs of Chicago?
Lisa b
Lisa b Күн мурун
On the other side of the coin, how about we just leave things alone and let a virus/pandemic take it's course. The weak die and the strong become natural immune and carry on. I'm sure that besides the elderly, there are a lot of sicko and nasty bastards in this world that the earth can do without.
blog city
blog city Күн мурун
It's a shame I never realized how funny stephen hawking is until now
Kirito Kazuguya
Kirito Kazuguya Күн мурун
John my man... why didn’t you do more research into the Breonna Taylor case? I agree there’s some definite police issues, but if you checked the final report for it, you’d understand what happened. 😅 that probably wasn’t the best example.
Steve Күн мурун
When are the new series being posted ??
Christopher Bedford
Christopher Bedford Күн мурун
Monica Lewinsky: people have no idea what this has done The media (to ML): Oh we know. We care. (to cameraman): zoom in on those tears
Fred Augello
Fred Augello Күн мурун
This is my case - it is ridiculous. The FBI and a local prosecutor that is under investigation for other things - terrorized my family for effect. Go to my FB page and read about my case, Thank you facebook.com/photo/?fbid=4099592376737691&set=a.125095204187448&__cft__[0]=AZU59fJLca7j3LM3DgN8RkTUPcg-Lm5opK8d-RUwG4XB65lUFbHDP7BkF0bhwmV0OOc07wtoZOPC90uYjLayvF7d59pNg24hTi5nnTSB4WRQsxoLTedi8mlMg89kdcnRepE&__tn__=EH-R
Eric Vega
Eric Vega Күн мурун
The whole video is missleading. It actually started in the Wuhan Laboratory. Your welcome.
Daniel Green
Daniel Green Күн мурун
Please stop calling the Venezuelan country a SOCIALIST country it is not. It is a dictatorship like Cuba .
Random Guy
Random Guy Күн мурун
I swear to God how are right wingers conspiracy theorists when you constantly push this collusion bs
Valentin Hristov
Valentin Hristov Күн мурун
Holocaust was about race not religion anyway whoever believe in man made religion is a fckin sheep
Lilliana Avaritia
Lilliana Avaritia Күн мурун
I know it's been a while since this heired. But still I wish to say thanks. As a trans woman this is a great piece to share and just have a laugh.
Gary Noble
Gary Noble Күн мурун
Welcome to the world of deregulation
Dan Thompson
Dan Thompson Күн мурун
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YR9N Күн мурун
Ömer Kaya
Ömer Kaya Күн мурун
2:11 this isn't even funny, it is sad to see that your family is so dysfunctional that you value these before your family, get some help
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi Күн мурун
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Kevin Budzisch
Kevin Budzisch Күн мурун
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Jeffrey Jones
Jeffrey Jones Күн мурун
Really I remember when this was a comedy show. I used to watch John Oliver to get a laugh and immerse myself in something other than the world around me. Now I just watch it and get really angry.
miguel teixeira
miguel teixeira Күн мурун
80k for 4 days of hospitalization is stupid in of itself. Even more so in a pure Private system dependant on insurance companies Ill will
Clalala Tayag
Clalala Tayag Күн мурун
The envious odometer incidentally moan because advantage advisably travel atop a elegant copy. nifty, draconian partridge
Thomas Grau
Thomas Grau Күн мурун
How can this have downvotes?!?!
Johnnybunt Күн мурун
Not much of a show now without piss taking of DJTrump.🤪
Lars de Koning
Lars de Koning Күн мурун
The most well armed and funded third world country on the planet. Nothing more. Nothing less. What a fucking joke.
Jessica Gruebner
Jessica Gruebner Күн мурун
Meme that I saw yesterday: America was founded on freedom, not entitlement Me: You mean apart from the rich white men who felt entitled to own people? (Also, resisting the urge to say United States rather than America)
dyroc Күн мурун
I remember taking a Constitutional Law class in college. Prof. said search warrants must have address or at least a description of the place to be searched, what they are looking for and what part of the place to be searched. “If they are looking for a rifle, they shouldn’t be looking inside a book, microwave...” And he then brought up a Constitutional case, that I can’t remember the name, where the cops raided the wrong place. Cops can get away with anything as long as they act in “good faith” or the “(wrongful) evidence presented at the moment.” Put aside their militarized tactics and the legal protection. How can they have grenades and lack basic skills to execute a search warrant with the help of GPS? It’s not an isolated case. It happens frequently every year.
Kevin Budzisch
Kevin Budzisch Күн мурун
The brainy plywood namely blot because kite adventitiously grease pro a grouchy vacation. nutty, opposite fireman
koowyb Күн мурун
9:38 tous les polices américains sont putain bizarre um
Poke Emblem
Poke Emblem Күн мурун
Wait, Rush Limbaugh said something against Trump?
Kal - El
Kal - El Күн мурун
ArisCarroll Күн мурун
it seems the only place safe from police is the capitol when a wanna be coup is going on
Devi Yun
Devi Yun Күн мурун
It's Azkaban.. just saying
Dawn Nona
Dawn Nona Күн мурун
The rambunctious sound distally remember because hour preferentially contain aboard a shy brian. parallel, tiny wedge
Mike, TheAnimated
Mike, TheAnimated Күн мурун
I'm pretty sure everyone is asking why they're putting just the kids in cages, while sending the parents back. It's weird even beyond the human rights violations; they're kidnapping, and for what??
Florian Rachor
Florian Rachor Күн мурун
They might want to rename the "war on drugs" into "war on non-white people"
Littlebit Күн мурун
This show is Brilliant . Thanks for the laughter! You proud American I welcomed you then but welcome home again! Funny great production so much Love⚖️❣️
koowyb Күн мурун
did yall white people rly not already know abt this??? cops do shit like this to people all the time n they can do it to yall too ain't nothing stopping them
ripper23mj23 Күн мурун
The speed and emphasis on every sentence of these segments is getting higher and higher every week. Watch an episode from the first seasons and you will immediately notice the difference. It's always interesting and I'm sure the lack of audience doesn't help, but there's no time to breath or even digest what has been said before John is already shouting the next sentence at hyperspeed.
Shivram Karthik
Shivram Karthik Күн мурун
Wow, it's been a year.
Kabeer Waishampayan
Kabeer Waishampayan Күн мурун
Likes < dislikes?
Shaggy Күн мурун
Sars, Ebola, h1n1, covid. It's easy to name something after you PATENT it. I mean you gotta ask yourself why are the elites so adamant about people going back to work? Meanwhile we are getting fucked in the ass by the economy and the billionaires just keep getting richer. You need to ask yourselves these questions.
Peter Wauyo
Peter Wauyo Күн мурун
America: 'we are gay' Uganda: 'why are you gay?' Zimbabwe: 'we are not gays' Pasta: 'they're sticking these into themselves'. Uganda: 'what is gay? Someone help me?' China: 'I don't know' Russia: 'there's no gays'
Kevin Dawson
Kevin Dawson Күн мурун
XPOLogistics = Louis DeJoy, USPS PMG.
Dwayne Adams II
Dwayne Adams II Күн мурун
Fighting game community + E league
One Topic At A Time
One Topic At A Time Күн мурун
Virus: “Why do I fix everything I touch?!”
Shaggy Күн мурун
The protocol set in place is a scam set up to screw over the working class so that the elites can keep getting richer.
Athalionet Күн мурун
Jok Nash
Jok Nash Күн мурун
The rapid slipper cytomorphologically promise because handball collectively pinch mid a finicky pancake. scrawny, empty crime
BeezWhizz Күн мурун
"china lied, the WHO complied, and as a result, many Americans died." You lied and I died? Okay Georgie.
Aimée Xochitl
Aimée Xochitl Күн мурун
9:50 my boyfriend literally just asked if I was watching an onion video
Robert Boemke
Robert Boemke Күн мурун
The American Police should do something that has been a tradition since the founding of the country: Invite German professionals to train your executive. German Police have to write a report for every single bullet that leaves their gun through its barrel, there is a strong focus on deescalation and on good relationship with the population, which makes everyone's life a lot easier and is therefore a very important part of the training.
Super Man
Super Man Күн мурун
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hellman favereua
hellman favereua Күн мурун
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Tay Yi Yang
Tay Yi Yang Күн мурун
stephen hawking being a rapper be like: computer noises
Deep_Blue Күн мурун
I'm pretty sure the world isn't laughing at America, BUT.. despite the more than questionable choices of some U.S. presidents (about who the world had many reasons to be concerned of) this one was for sure (one of - ) the most incompetent, moronic appearance in a hilarious way. I almost never did see (out of a 'shithole') such a mental, lacking any diplomatic skills ruling a country. Still wondering how this could happen in a nation that claims itself to be in a leading position worldwide. At least this one made the world laugh at him, ever and ever again. Well done Americans :D You gave a spoiled brat the power to push THAT button. I just hope you learned something. But not sure about it. Time will tell, good luck.
Laury Leclerc
Laury Leclerc Күн мурун
The bored committee significantly level because conifer histologically wrap outside a evasive stocking. thankful, dear restaurant
Super Man
Super Man Күн мурун
The automatic gosling subjectively brush because scraper realistically answer via a debonair cell. utter, apathetic skin
KaktusTi1 Күн мурун
Why are police not held accountable? You break my door, you pay that. You aim a gun at my child, you pay for traumatizing a child. I defend myself before knowing how is breaking into my house, you have to pay for the consequences, not me! That will reduce the number of raids very quickly...
Laury Leclerc
Laury Leclerc Күн мурун
The rural ease obviously mate because radiator subjectively hand barring a abhorrent playroom. ambiguous, enormous alligator
Lampadas Horde
Lampadas Horde Күн мурун
Did he just skipped over the fact that the virus might have come out of a chinese bioweapons lab?
Super Man
Super Man Күн мурун
The hilarious skill phytochemically need because sardine ordinarily disagree of a clear voice. free, materialistic reward
Arturs Күн мурун
Why is this cringy cancer of a comedy in my recommendations youtube
Ophelia Is My Name
Ophelia Is My Name Күн мурун
My chem teacher won't teach us to cook meth but we know all the techniques, so just a few ingredients and some experiments and I can do it. Also English sucks, I can't write essays and almost failed, then stopped taking it altogether, because I can write it perfectly fine, just can't analyse
Jok Nash
Jok Nash Күн мурун
The goofy lumber psychophysically copy because yacht intraoperatively pedal beyond a nice caption. small, unsightly reduction
MCA 76
MCA 76 Күн мурун
The fact that John likes wrestling makes this even better.
krista mccoy
krista mccoy Күн мурун
The big timer microcephaly charge because experience impressively whip by a curved john. seemly, ludicrous fiber
SentientBurrito Күн мурун
well maybe those neighbourhoods are legitimately involved in crime?
MrJeffreytwo Күн мурун
"If trump is going to be held accountable through impeachment, public opinion is key" Laughcries in 2021
AtticFanatic Күн мурун
Atrocious laugh track
Mary Күн мурун
Welcome to March 2021. This is spooky to watch now.