Lana Del Rey - Doin Time
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Lana Del Rey - Venice Bitch
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Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon Sampler
Lana Del Rey - Tropico (Trailer)
Justtobe7 13 саат мурун
Super weird video.
Rock The Night
Rock The Night 13 саат мурун
*I have been looking for the name of this song for a long time, I liked the music, but I didn't know the name of the song, I've had to download an app that could recognize the song being played, finally I've found it, greetings from Brazil and Canada to all.*
BlobBlubCheezy YT
BlobBlubCheezy YT 13 саат мурун
I was shook by the plot twist
Alexis Borja
Alexis Borja 13 саат мурун
I heard this song 1 and know this is probably my fave song 50 times i have heard it
Bill Schlosser
Bill Schlosser 13 саат мурун
Yes. Yes I will. Aching soul and all. But you will always be beautiful.
None None
None None 13 саат мурун
A witch is always transformed by a man who has made her that way 🖤
Anna Xristianna
Anna Xristianna 13 саат мурун
Where is her Grammy ?
YANDREEX 13 саат мурун
So sweet voice! You are special!
V M 13 саат мурун
Greatest living artist of our time. Period.
BlobBlubCheezy YT
BlobBlubCheezy YT 13 саат мурун
sophie esther
sophie esther 13 саат мурун
Ohhhhh I get it!!! When the sun's out, she's soft and sensitive like a cancer and when the moon comes out she's fierce and ferocious like a leo WOW GUYS I CRACKED THE CODE
em 13 саат мурун
POV- you're binging all of lana's music videos
miguel gonçalves
miguel gonçalves 13 саат мурун
Voltando aqui só pra comentar, LANA PQP TE AMO
clay_ costa
clay_ costa 13 саат мурун
os magros tem chance
The Gnostic Truth
The Gnostic Truth 13 саат мурун
Named the Chemtrails.
Nordic Asian
Nordic Asian 13 саат мурун
I'm literally obsessed with this 🥺❤
universo Moreira
universo Moreira 13 саат мурун
Eu te amo
Neyaa Davis
Neyaa Davis 13 саат мурун
I’m the only one that hears “Radio” within this song??
Paul Costello
Paul Costello 13 саат мурун
this will be remembered not by new brown-shirts of now but in a preceding generation who will look back and say "some of them cared enough to make a stand against the lies and the literal poisoning of their world they (she) RESISTED when resistance was not the fashion "
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli 13 саат мурун
I absolutely love Lana Del Rey, this song and especially this retro look.❤️ But I'm tired of all this covid-themend music videos, spreading out all the time.
audrey andel
audrey andel 13 саат мурун
remind me to come back in October when this is a DECADE old
Juanito Nito
Juanito Nito 13 саат мурун
Stay Fetch
Stay Fetch 13 саат мурун
I really don't understand why this had so much bad publicity. Like why? Its Lana doing her own thing!
Raúl P.
Raúl P. 13 саат мурун
a queen
GGGuest 666
GGGuest 666 13 саат мурун
2020: im a Brooklyn baby 2021: 2022: 2023; 2024:
Shay shay
Shay shay 13 саат мурун
poggers 13 саат мурун
this song was literally made for michael langdon
red pill
red pill 13 саат мурун
Glamorising vampyrism now... the ill uminati doesnt even hide their agenda anymore... yuck! poor LanaDelRey ,she will get loads of negative karma from her work for the dark. fame and fortune are not worth it your soul are priceless! always!
TheBallers131 13 саат мурун
Janet Sparkles
Janet Sparkles 13 саат мурун
not me being scared for her to slide down the O
dina sukurica
dina sukurica 13 саат мурун
Wow! Well done Lady Lana!
iluvcerealwhenimsad 13 саат мурун
I'm terrified of this era.
shundie1 13 саат мурун
I saw her live, I cried she is amazing live forget what you heard life changing
TheHappyCynic 13 саат мурун
A lot of illuminati imagery in this. Interesting choice.
red pill
red pill 13 саат мурун
For sure...After all Lana is one of the top banana- illuminaty puppets... lady gaga is second top banana... poor girls,they will get so much negative karma to clear out.
TERRI JOHNSON 14 саат мурун
O no wonder I feel all her lyrics in my bones.. I’m a cancer sun leo moon too lul
Clay Brown
Clay Brown 14 саат мурун
Beautiful woman with a Beautiful Voice ,Thanks
Feyzullah Yakar
Feyzullah Yakar 14 саат мурун
ı love playstation 2 games spartan total warrior clock tower 3 silent hill 3
Pouliepupille 14 саат мурун
Such lolita film aesthetic vibes, love it❤️
Pouliepupille 13 саат мурун
@red pill what program ? I am talking about the film adaptation from the novel Lolita written by Nabokov
red pill
red pill 13 саат мурун
i am glad they managed to brainwash you,thats what this video are for... good luck with your newly installed lolita program.
classic, romantic 2 your blue daimond eyes, music
classic, romantic 2 your blue daimond eyes, music 14 саат мурун
s3d 14 саат мурун
Alex jones brought me here
siouxperb5570 13 саат мурун
That's sad. Why would you be watching or listening to that shill?
i'mjustbored 14 саат мурун
Simply this is Lana before and after taking the vaccine
Karen Flor
Karen Flor 14 саат мурун
Can't stop listening to this masterpiece!
dadarkvador24 14 саат мурун
The fact that she is still releasing such magnificent showpiece is just exhilarating. I'm in love ❣️
Riad hkm
Riad hkm 14 саат мурун
17/01/2021 !! Any one here
Livia Lopes
Livia Lopes 14 саат мурун
Omg! This is AMAZING 😍♥️❤
Esteban_Jafet 02
Esteban_Jafet 02 14 саат мурун
3:10 me quede asi...👁👄👁
Jaydadoll Tv
Jaydadoll Tv 14 саат мурун
This song makes me wanna do a self care day and feel powerful again not depressed and stress
Sh ay
Sh ay 14 саат мурун
andreTHEelf 14 саат мурун
It went frim the Grey gabtsby vives to ametican horir story and livjg. for it
Atwood Leonard
Atwood Leonard 14 саат мурун
The stingy hook connolly remember because instrument clasically sparkle underneath a standing baseball. humorous, elegant gas
hobst tylr
hobst tylr 14 саат мурун
Turkey loves you 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
SkillzTurnItUp 14 саат мурун
red pill
red pill 14 саат мурун
DL Prod
DL Prod 14 саат мурун
Иванов Борис
Иванов Борис 14 саат мурун
287 млн. просмотров и всего пол сотни комментариев!? Интересно...
MatheusPs 14 саат мурун
Nicholas Hansen
Nicholas Hansen 14 саат мурун
i love lana but the camera work gave me motion sickness
red pill
red pill 13 саат мурун
@Nicholas Hansen this video contain subliminal programming... it can make you nauseous.. be ware-if you adore this video you are likely to get programmed with the lolita program.
Nicholas Hansen
Nicholas Hansen 14 саат мурун
I know it's supposed to be creepy... but is it really supposed to make you nauseous?
Cris De Almeida
Cris De Almeida 14 саат мурун
2021 Alguém?
gloomy cucumber
gloomy cucumber 14 саат мурун
я же не одна сейчас плачу под это?
Everson Silva
Everson Silva 14 саат мурун
Ms. Jess
Ms. Jess 14 саат мурун
J.L.💋 2021 -1-10
Sar M
Sar M 14 саат мурун
Who’s buying me a wolf t shirt at Walmart
imchilling 14 саат мурун
PUNK'N'PIZZA 14 саат мурун
When you come down from your cocaine high, after snorting it in the country club powder room, and realises your rich white girl life is depressing, so you run away and join a wolf cult *yes*
Gi Babe
Gi Babe 14 саат мурун
Liberémonos de la Matrix me trajo aquí. Like si a ti también. 🤙🏼
Alex 006
Alex 006 14 саат мурун
I’m proud to be an American 😍😍😍
andre lucas
andre lucas 14 саат мурун
This music makes me remind that bolsonaro gonna get out in 2022!
Queen Treasure
Queen Treasure 14 саат мурун
True artist thru and thru!!! On all levels
Badtingyi 14 саат мурун
Hello, everybody, welcome to my youtube channel,I love LANA too!
andre lucas
andre lucas 14 саат мурун
jennie alani
jennie alani 14 саат мурун
So fckin gorgeous
Not Straight
Not Straight 14 саат мурун
Lana del rey's songs has been my therapist
Eliza Booke
Eliza Booke 14 саат мурун
there she goes again with that mesh mask... girl
jonnyfendi2003 14 саат мурун
Now watch Taylor Swift come up with this shit for her next album and act like its new.....
freyja 14 саат мурун
“I am sorry blair, I am sorry for losing my temper the night you told me louis proposed to you, I am sorry for treating you like property, I am sorry for not waiting longer at the empire state building, I am sorry I didnt tell you I loved you when I knew I did.” -charles bartholomew bass
Pedro Rodarte
Pedro Rodarte 14 саат мурун
Llana del Rey Pedro rodarte music production producer is here for Lana 100
Luiza Diaz sousa
Luiza Diaz sousa 14 саат мурун
onde acho essa música,não acho no resso.
tokyodenizen 14 саат мурун
Alex Jones lots of love
siouxperb5570 14 саат мурун
Alex Jones is a certifiable liar and a conspiracy theory moron that thinks that not only are 'chemtrails' real, but he thinks they are actually possible.
Giovanni Gigliano
Giovanni Gigliano 14 саат мурун
Ci vediamo al tuo prossimo concerto in Italia ❤️
Mars Mars
Mars Mars 14 саат мурун
Baby, what's your sign? My moon's in Leo, my Cancer is sun
Иванов Борис
Иванов Борис 14 саат мурун
Великолепный клип.