Andy Feria
Andy Feria 23 саат мурун
Caleb Prescod
Caleb Prescod 23 саат мурун
Oh no no they upbrake
ItsNoahScott 23 саат мурун
The Thing
dolly sibdhannie
dolly sibdhannie 23 саат мурун
So juicy I looked the whole vlog 2 times
Dajon Brooks
Dajon Brooks 23 саат мурун
She’s weid
Caleb Prescod
Caleb Prescod 23 саат мурун
No they broke up no why I am disappointed of eddddddddd
estela romena
estela romena 23 саат мурун
The thumbnail..
Caleb Prescod
Caleb Prescod 23 саат мурун
That makes me so sad why
Emma 23 саат мурун
eww imagine giving birth to a litter of babies
Shannon Williams
Shannon Williams 23 саат мурун
Shove it up your ass! 😂😂 He sits at the table like a alone fool! 😂
Rahul Saha
Rahul Saha 23 саат мурун
6909987673 clhhu
silverserpants 23 саат мурун
Tie this chicks tubes already. 23 with two kids. Wonder if they got different daddies too? So gross. Your kids don't need a dad. My did a fantastic job alone. You are just a lusty bihotch. Close your legs and take care of your kids. That little girl got probs. Wonder why? Maybe cuz she gets a new day every other yr. Poor kids, that's what pisses me off. Fingers crossed the new dude don't knock her up again.
Caleb Prescod
Caleb Prescod 23 саат мурун
But so saddddddddd why did he do that it was her dream to get kids it was so sad
Caleb Prescod
Caleb Prescod 23 саат мурун
Why does he does not want any more kids that sad I hope the do not brake up
épiphanie 23 саат мурун
the dress was so ugly that even sandra agreed..
Lynn Joburns
Lynn Joburns 23 саат мурун
That was so good of u ,he was so relaxed after his panic attack due to your words of reassurance
Luana Meyer
Luana Meyer 23 саат мурун
Oh my goodness....9 lbs.?? I know that must have felt sooo good to be gone! What a sweet man. You can feel his kindness dripping off of him!! 😊💚💃🌊
Caleb Prescod
Caleb Prescod 23 саат мурун
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww they are so cute🙂
Hà Võ Thị Thu
Hà Võ Thị Thu 23 саат мурун
Cheesy Boi capree
Cheesy Boi capree 23 саат мурун
He's not a gamer 🙄
gavin riendeau
gavin riendeau 23 саат мурун
3:13 oh that's his tattoo 0-0
Sir Whip
Sir Whip 23 саат мурун
Is this guy the reason why africa doesn't have food Edit: bruh this guy definitely going to hell- his torture probably gonna be watching to food channel without food Edit 2: imagine with that big of a body how small of a micropenis he has lmao
Icy Bert
Icy Bert 23 саат мурун
This is America
Sherrie Walkey
Sherrie Walkey 23 саат мурун
They should have billed the guy that called about the zipper
Humayra Bhuiyan
Humayra Bhuiyan 23 саат мурун
Maggie Williams
Maggie Williams 23 саат мурун
I would have beat yo Ass I ain’t gone lie 😭
gavin riendeau
gavin riendeau 23 саат мурун
in the video picture i thought he got his arm chopped off
Baileigh Moscrip
Baileigh Moscrip 23 саат мурун
who licks cats besides her lol
Analese Anderson
Analese Anderson 23 саат мурун
All the way from Jamaica
Sha 23 саат мурун
Chantel is annoying asf. She is privileged, supported by her parents in everything. Her body is weird!
13angryBs 23 саат мурун
reminds me of Cheech and Chong -ET - Eddie Torres the Extratesticle kgpost.info/will/video/2IWd2nWi2pJ-iN0
Baileigh Moscrip
Baileigh Moscrip 23 саат мурун
i freakin hate my cats fur in my mouth i wouldnt friggin eat it lol
Mr. NotMe
Mr. NotMe 23 саат мурун
Those taste buds are susss
Sha 23 саат мурун
That’s the psychologist Dr Tiy-E from the real housewives of Atlanta! He looked familiar. He dated Sheree
Kim Milliner
Kim Milliner 23 саат мурун
I broke my back a few years ago, appendix was removed
Unknown _Subscriptions
Unknown _Subscriptions 23 саат мурун
She has a really beautiful singing voice
Idk Idk
Idk Idk 23 саат мурун
Rowan Hutchison
Rowan Hutchison 23 саат мурун
Legless lizards are freaking big! This is so stupid lol
Bert Style
Bert Style 23 саат мурун
Why are these videos so hypnotic. And she is so nice. I wonder if she is like that in real life???
Elllie's AG World
Elllie's AG World 23 саат мурун
finally a nice mom on this show that does not just care about winning
CrazyGaming 067
CrazyGaming 067 23 саат мурун
Jabba the hut's human form
Michael Gain
Michael Gain 23 саат мурун
Try to replicate up with all of your ballons
Faydene Reed
Faydene Reed 23 саат мурун
Who cares stay out of their life! Witch!
LEGO Games and more!
LEGO Games and more! 23 саат мурун
imagine if you had to go to school like this Every kid will mock you like Freak,snake
Mark Franco Vicente Bohorquez
Mark Franco Vicente Bohorquez 23 саат мурун
Vengo de parte de ciproshow
ACMommy26 23 саат мурун
I don't know why but I could listen to that little girl say 'sweetheart' all day! She is just the cutest thing!
N M 23 саат мурун
Rose is...amazing. Truly.
RedRedMCmusic 23 саат мурун
Nofita 23 саат мурун
I first came to US (las Vegas) with K1 visa back in 2012, and my husband (at the time fiancé) had a car with no AC 😅😂 it was so funny because we bought 2 bags of Ice from the Gas station to put in the car😂😂 I didn’t mind lol because where I came from also is pretty hot, and I didn’t have car. So having cars here is good enough, just roll the window down. I learned to drive with that car, drive it to work every day till I bought my own car CASH with my own money. 😆 such a fun experience.
LEGO Games and more!
LEGO Games and more! 23 саат мурун
3:55 I will kill my self from the mental,physical,emotional pain
debrahamz 23 саат мурун
Lord that thing was older than my brother I wanted to cry when he said 98 man
Marie-Louise Segerlöv
Marie-Louise Segerlöv 23 саат мурун
Don't they have dentist in USA????
kuromiwrldd 23 саат мурун
lilly jimenz
lilly jimenz 23 саат мурун
I have I additional to dri glu
Elozieuwa Mirian
Elozieuwa Mirian Күн мурун
Wowoooo, good job 👏 👍.
Syeda Begun
Syeda Begun Күн мурун
jenny proost
jenny proost Күн мурун
We just saw this in Holland on TV.
LEGO Games and more!
LEGO Games and more! Күн мурун
How the hell is he alive
Amelia Prevatt-Dillah
Amelia Prevatt-Dillah Күн мурун
Why will anybody on this planet dislike this......WHO! LIKE SERIOUSLY WHO! This is soooooooo amazing I feel so happy for the boy and thanks to the doctors who helped him!
Darlene Adamski
Darlene Adamski Күн мурун
This is so fake and stupid
Ariana Bosse
Ariana Bosse Күн мурун
That rat looked cute
Jaylon Stallworth
Jaylon Stallworth Күн мурун
Et phone home
ACMommy26 Күн мурун
Dammmmmnnnnnnn that is a lipoma and a half!! I love Dr. Lee, she is so wonderful with her patients! I understand the poor guy's fear, I am the same way with the dentist and I know how overwhelming the fear is! So glad to see that he has gotten rid of that awful thing that must have caused him non-stop anxiety!
AnnaBella McDonald
AnnaBella McDonald Күн мурун
Anechite Ecaterina
Anechite Ecaterina Күн мурун
R. I. P. Larry
John K
John K Күн мурун
Casey is the reason Earth is tilted 23.5 degrees
Marilyn Laurendine
Marilyn Laurendine Күн мурун
God has another Beautiful R.I.P
drunkenwench Күн мурун
So basically if he knew about her past relationships he would have slept with her... gross, selfish, deadbeat.
John K
John K Күн мурун
l guess he got off the bed again . There was a 7.5 Earthquake off Alaska
Raymond Sackey
Raymond Sackey Күн мурун
This is Stupid
Natasha Nicholson
Natasha Nicholson Күн мурун
Why the heck would you let a lizard go up into your privates?
Lizzie Gaming
Lizzie Gaming Күн мурун
They should put the patients to sleep no hate but it looks like it really hurts
Tony Chau
Tony Chau Күн мурун
Imagine Walking And Seeing Him Having Sex With His Car In His Driveway.
Alessandra C.
Alessandra C. Күн мурун
I know sis did not just put human hair inside her pillow cases -
Noahツ Күн мурун
What the fuck did in just watch
drunkenwench Күн мурун
She is so much more mature than this greasy imp. He’s not looking for love, just another novice sex tourist. Glad she saw through that and walked away. Queen 👸
patoteto2 Күн мурун
People saying she smart and stuff. This girl a gold digger
Ariel L
Ariel L Күн мурун
Search up blobfish after watching this
Cutie !!
Cutie !! Күн мурун
If that was me I would’ve sceamed through the whole city
Ethan Zimmerman
Ethan Zimmerman Күн мурун
Okay i get whatever the fuck is going on except of that god damn controller cuz jesus christ it looks like the prototype of a gameboy controller from the steampunk/extraterrestrial age. As a gamer i don't approve of this controller. *NOT GAMER.*
Dee Mon
Dee Mon Күн мурун
She makes it sound as though they're pokemon. "Oh man, I caught a shiny epidermoid cyst!" It's entertaining, I like it 😅