im really struggling right now
8 күн мурун
I have a problem
29 күн мурун
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What I Got For Christmas 2020!
Giving Myself a SHOCKING Makeover
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Krissy Enchanted
Krissy Enchanted 10 саат мурун
Thank you for making this video, it helps me so much because I am going through something very similar
hazki 11 саат мурун
Girl stop apologizing for being human! This is the 1st video I've ever watched from you and I've subscribed Because you're so relatable! I really hope it gets better for you!
Hanan TK
Hanan TK 12 саат мурун
you lost so much weight! mashallah!
K Jayanth
K Jayanth 14 саат мурун
Nice video keep it up make more related videos
Trevor N
Trevor N 14 саат мурун
I love you so much Morgan. I wish I was a close friend aghhhhh you deserve to be happy! You have such a loving family, and friends you need look at that more. We ALL love you girly, why you think we always come back and to continue supporting you. ALSO YOU HOT AFFFF BBIITTTCCCCHHHHHHHH LOVE YAAAAAA SIS ❣️🥰
Vanessa V
Vanessa V 15 саат мурун
Morgan dear. You’re depressed. You need to find yourself a good doctor and the right meds. 🥺💕💜🧡
Vanessa V
Vanessa V 15 саат мурун
Ahhh you Said no to the sunglasses that really suited you 😶
Vanessa V
Vanessa V 15 саат мурун
Morgan you don’t have to give away stuff to gain happiness. I really Wanna give you a covid Safe hug Right now 🥺
Vanessa V
Vanessa V 16 саат мурун
Morgan you could actually step up your therapy game - go 2-3 times a week. As in depth therapy. Maybe moving in with someone else would be good for you too. 🙏 you got this!! And honestly even if you don’t - that’s ok. You don’t have to be fine. You can feel all the feels and still be a great person. You’re actually growing right now - your soul - your self awareness - you re all growing. This is your path to becoming you. The real you. And I’m grateful you’re being so open and vulnerable about it. 💜
Blue 16 саат мурун
I think holding on to things good or bad is normal. I think a lot of people are going through it right now. Some days I turn in the worst version of my school work ever and some other days I act out and stay in bed and end up calling myself a garbage human. I have no clue what’s happening lol, I’m just here.
Eszra Falcontail
Eszra Falcontail 17 саат мурун
I get it and I feel for her but.....when people replace the word GOD with the word "universe" 🙄. The universe was created by a consciousness...this was God. Some people just get to manipulated by all this new age "the secret" stuff that doesnt have room for mistakes, pain or any form of negative outburst which is just human. We are loved anyway and we get a new chance every second of the day. Also: get out of LA
Irie Romero
Irie Romero 17 саат мурун
My boyfriend broke up with me 4 months ago and got a girlfriend WITHIN A MF MONTH :( Things are still so horrible and I cry myself to sleep every night. Literally hating life so much 😃 We are still friends and talk regularly though. He was my first literal everything and I am still madly in love with him, which does make me a lot more sad knowing he doesn't feel the same. But honestly this video made me feel a lot better about it. I need to accept that things change and people move on. My life may feel like it's over but maybe it's just starting. I have always hated myself so maybe this is my time to just focus on myself. But if he decides to get back together with me for the FOURTH TIME LMAO, damn right I'll say yes
Kate Lizabeth
Kate Lizabeth 20 саат мурун
*TO THE PEOPLE THAT LIKE THIN MINTS, SAMOAS (The coconut cookies with the chocolate drizzle), AND TAG ALONGS (The chocolate peanut butter ones) AND I BELIEVE THOSE PLAIN VANILLA COOKIES WITH THE CHOCOLATE DRIZZLE OVER THEM, ARE ALL SOLD AT WALMART AND GIANT AT SAFEWAY AND MOST GROCERY STORES!! THEY ARE EITHER SOLD AS NAME BRAND KEEBLER COOKIES OR GENERIC STORE BRAND AND THE GENERIC STORE BRAND ONES ARE LITERALLY ONLY 99 CENTS A PACKAGE! Like literally a package of thin mints is only 99 cents and so on. So get them from Walmart or somewhere similar if you have the chance and enjoy them year round!!!*
Diana Marlene Lemus Figueroa
Diana Marlene Lemus Figueroa 20 саат мурун
I swear you are so freaking beautiful like I can g even and I feel every single word you said it gets very hard at times and it's true you never know what someone else is carrying but you also have to prioritize YOU it's hard but not impossible my lovely ❤️
Junior Arias
Junior Arias 21 саат мурун
I need to drink with Morgan ASAP 😭💀
Victoria Dickie
Victoria Dickie 21 саат мурун
If it makes you feel any better my high school ex that I thought I was IN LOVE with married my cousin, but not the same cousin he started dating after we broke up. That’s right, this dude dated three people in the same family. Oh and their marriage didn’t even last a year. Not sure what he’s up to these days. 😂
Saud Alsanad
Saud Alsanad 21 саат мурун
I freakin love u
Hailey Cook
Hailey Cook 22 саат мурун
Yall should have been always and forever The iconic love story
I'm Mom
I'm Mom 22 саат мурун
From a mental health case manager who works with people feeling lonely and isolated OFTEN: You need to get a fun part time job, consistently volunteer at the same place, or join some sort of community group to meet people you can connect with and befriend in LA. If you’re still struggling you should try to make a list of acquaintances you’ve made and your reasons for not getting close to them and see if there’s any correlations that might connect back to a isolating behavior you have.
Sabrina Seavey
Sabrina Seavey 22 саат мурун
Lynzi Stringer
Lynzi Stringer 23 саат мурун
Please be my best friend ✨
my REAL big family
my REAL big family 23 саат мурун
No actually you put those on and you get like 12 points hotter js
Katie Altieri
Katie Altieri Күн мурун
I absolutely love how vulnerable you get and you don't show the "perfect life" You are so real! I hate that you have to deal with mental health struggles but you are so inspiring and make me feel better when I'm going through similar issues
Dead Orbit 4
Dead Orbit 4 Күн мурун
I think this is the sweetest thing I've seen this year
NS Күн мурун
girl I relate to this so much. depression is so hard.
lb_ Күн мурун
Morgan has forever giving me lesbian vibes in the Best possible way...
Madeleine Kokiri
Madeleine Kokiri Күн мурун
I have some advice that honestly has helped me learn to love myself.. when I never did before. Whenever you catch yourself making even the tiniest self deprecating comment, say out loud "No. I am not ___." Maybe replace it with something like "I'm just being silly. I'm having an off day. & It's okay." Even if you don't believe it at that moment, rewiring what you say out loud about yourself to be more positive (or even just less critical) truly helps, even if it takes a long time. It's OK. One step at a time. 💕 I'm here for you, I love all of your work. Thank you for being you.
Madeleine Kokiri
Madeleine Kokiri Күн мурун
Hello angel. 💕 I just want to say that I am going through the same painful transition, && I promise it gets better.. I am just holding out for a few more months, I know things will change.. I am proud of you, you are not alone. 🌹 Thank you for helping me feel less misunderstood, too. Much love. 💜
Mariah Arciniega
Mariah Arciniega Күн мурун
Morgan you look great babe !!😭💖💖
Stephanie Jakubek
Stephanie Jakubek Күн мурун
Morgan you are literally STUNNINGGGG
KristaLee Raffaelli
KristaLee Raffaelli Күн мурун
Maybe you should write a book!
KristaLee Raffaelli
KristaLee Raffaelli Күн мурун
I wanna be your friend!
J Freeman
J Freeman Күн мурун
Marcus hasn’t aged at ALL 👏👏
KristaLee Raffaelli
KristaLee Raffaelli Күн мурун
Also Morgan. You're fucking normal okay. Idk if you know that but you're beyond normal. You're exquisite most humans are fucking unconscious (not self aware AT ALLL) dumb asses! You're self aware and smart and I just wish I could make you feel more confident in yourself cause you're a star
KristaLee Raffaelli
KristaLee Raffaelli Күн мурун
You're a beauty.. your sensitive soul radiates good vibes much farther than you think you could imagine! And this inspires me, how brave to just put your shit out there, I'm glad you have!
esmeralda Күн мурун
morgan is a queeeeeen
SagitarianGypsy Күн мурун
U should move from La....ur not that bishhhh anymores yano
SagitarianGypsy Күн мурун
I wish I could give u a hug!!!!! I love u!! Ur great and I wish I had a friend like u lol...not creepy at all! 🤪😝🤗🙌
Ruth Torres
Ruth Torres Күн мурун
I just want you to know I’ve felt exactly what your going through several times and I’m only 26. But good times are coming! Your energy is beautiful and will attract good people around you! 💖
PeachyJacky Күн мурун
Your a very sweet, kind hearted, humble person Morgan, It breaks my heart when I hear you trying ur very best to push urself to appreciate life everyday and find purpose within urself. All I can say is that what if, just my personal opinion, the emptiness u feel in ur heart and soul, or the missing piece within you is Jesus. I know other people will say other things, but just think about it, It’s not a coincidence that Every single person knows the name of Jesus weather they believe in him or not, I mean, even you say out of ur own mouth God this or God that, he’s there, patiently waiting for you to open ur heart to him 🤲 💟 I Just Pray you at least give him a chance and just see if anything happens or anything changes in ur life, you’ll be Amazed how much ur Eyes, Heart, and Soul will see and Truly feel 🤍✨I tell you, it’s just soo eye opening, Refreshing, and a Breaking Free inner feeling!!! 💫 it’s Truly Amazing, you got nothing to lose Morgan, but Everything to Gain 💝🌟 Praying for You and Everyone who comes across this comment. I Promise, I Normally don’t do this text message thing, but who knows, maybe God gave me the Courage to do it for a reason 🙏😉
Bree Strong
Bree Strong Күн мурун
I feel you dude. I've been stuck in a new state since the pandemic started and have no friends still. I'm super lonely. I'm going to dinner and the movies alone now. It shouldn't be this hard... But maybe just a trial I have to endure to become better. I know you'll prevail, Morgan. You ARE a great person and the universe will always care for you. I send you love , distant friend. Thank you for posting ! Helps fill my void
Sara Dugger
Sara Dugger Күн мурун
I feel this on so many levels. Thank you for sharing. I totally understood everything you said. One thing you said about it it zips it doesn't mean it fits. Yes, I finally excepted that about me. You're beautiful inside and out. Sometimes we just have to talk it out and cry. You did it and you don't realize how you're helping others too with vlogs like these. Thanks 🖤
Kaleigh Brady
Kaleigh Brady Күн мурун
I feel as though we are friends now since you told us so many personal experiences
sunny karaline
sunny karaline Күн мурун
You have such a glow about you! I love it!
Sarah Delcastillo
Sarah Delcastillo Күн мурун
Love you morgan ❤️🥰
aid c.
aid c. Күн мурун
That guy is an Ahole I hope karma gets him :/
Esther Hamalka
Esther Hamalka Күн мурун
99% of men cant handle funny and strong personality women. Men like weak' little' easy' quick target women. 😇
Chaitali Sarkar
Chaitali Sarkar Күн мурун
I can feel you... It's not easy to go through depression
aola wili
aola wili Күн мурун
“I’m getting rid of things, I have too much clutter” “Should I get a pool for my room?!”
Irasian Күн мурун
Oo I have a question! How long after you guys broke up did it take for you to become friends again? Or did you stay friends?
sarah psuedonym
sarah psuedonym Күн мурун
its okay to be not okay when things are fine!! you don't need a bad situation to justify your feelings! it's them chemicals in your brain meat!! reach out!!
sarah psuedonym
sarah psuedonym Күн мурун
for all of you out there with ze mental illness and going to college, get in contact with your disability board and your professors. Even if you can't get a pass from your college, professors are pretty understanding if you just communicate what's up. sincerely, a depressed bitch in a top ten college
aola wili
aola wili Күн мурун
Are you still friends with Trinity?
Ruth Mont
Ruth Mont Күн мурун
Omg the lemon part killed me " future of UCLA"
Dayna Drygeese
Dayna Drygeese Күн мурун
This was the most entertaining shit ever lmaoo
Rachael Proffitt
Rachael Proffitt Күн мурун
Love you in the red dress!!!!
Kai Monstaaa
Kai Monstaaa Күн мурун
I love you Morgan!
Ziggy Күн мурун
Its called depression. You need to talk to your doctor honey you may need to get a prescription for medication that will help with that. It could be a chemical imbalance. I understand all to well. I have suffered from this for all to many years. I take a medicine and it had me balanced out now. Smile, it will be all right!!!
Mallori Schwab
Mallori Schwab Күн мурун
Morgan you look so good!!!
Kate Alex
Kate Alex Күн мурун
I am a hugeeee believer in friendship soulmates!! Way more than relationship soulmates ❤️
Kathleen Devers
Kathleen Devers Күн мурун
Dude this shit never makes sense.. be as honest as you can with your dr. You are NOT stupid at all.. you are so emotionally intelligent and so empathetic and so fucking strong. Also that red dress looked BOMB on you👏🏻👏🏻 the color looks so good w your skin and eyes
Rhiana G
Rhiana G Күн мурун
Wow hits you up at 3 am after going to prom with someone else. I'm shook that you are still friends lol. I have a gay ex boyfriend too lol
alexandra silverstein
alexandra silverstein Күн мурун
Id be throwing up after that many shots. They are going to have bad headaches.
Kathleen Devers
Kathleen Devers Күн мурун
I’m thinking about you girl. I hope you’re climbing out of this dark season. I totally get it. The cool thing is that’s you’re aware of this happening and making effort to not sink further into it and to better your life. Also that SoulCycle instructor sounds awful what the fuck is wrong w her??
alexandra silverstein
alexandra silverstein Күн мурун
I had a gay boyfriend once lol 😂
Alex Gorron
Alex Gorron Күн мурун
Morgan, I wish that guy that did that to you so much bad karma.
yvonne armijo
yvonne armijo Күн мурун
Thank you again for being real, open, and honest! living alone with not a clue in the world what you’re doing with your life is so overwhelming. Love watching your videos makes me feel normal!
🌻 Күн мурун
Uhh.. that virginity story is awful... that's so sad I hope she's ok
Ange Marie
Ange Marie Күн мурун
This is the best version of uncomfy I’ve ever felt. Yes please!
The Good Americans
The Good Americans Күн мурун
Girl get some room Mates and stop being sad and alone. And go to church.
Tere. Sa.ntillan
Tere. Sa.ntillan Күн мурун
Just so you know I saw this video on asexuals and this straight woman is married to a gay man . I’m just sayin ... lol jk guys
Madison 52518
Madison 52518 Күн мурун
Morgan is so gorgeous!
Ella Arenstein
Ella Arenstein Күн мурун
is it just me or is Morgan looking amazing! 💜
jenna silver
jenna silver Күн мурун
I love you morgan
Tani Dancer
Tani Dancer Күн мурун
i bought a one way ticket to Hawaii too lol
Sierra Flammond
Sierra Flammond Күн мурун
omg girl you look amazing at breakfast<3 beautifullllll. i think you're amazing and i love your videos. along with shane and ryland's videos too! fav youtubers! stay strong lady. you got this. i struggle too, for sure. and i relate to you on so many levels. we got this!
Samantha Kight
Samantha Kight Күн мурун
Loved a guy all of high school, told him multiple times I like him. He told me he liked me too but never dated me. Once out of high school we got intimate for the first time one day and then the next he was like here's my girlfriend. That day made me not like him anymore. I also realized what to look out for in someone, definitely became more reserved about confessing interest in someone after that.
craig lamping
craig lamping Күн мурун
I love your ability to be open and raw!
Holly McCabe
Holly McCabe Күн мурун
I have never related to something more in my whole life. I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way but you sharing this video helps me ❤️
leah lullaby
leah lullaby 2 күн мурун
I literally felt the same exact way last week, I’m just now starting to feel better, you ain’t alone, love you!!
Matt Dettling
Matt Dettling 2 күн мурун
Oh god not another straight white financially privileged girl complaining about her life like anyone actually really cares.